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09/18/2017- Today marks my one year of doing Fé Fit. It has been such an amazing change for me. I'm wearing sizes I never dreamed I would ever wear again. My flat tummy was a dream I dared not to have after having kids, but is now a reality.
Day 1. 1 Year
Weight 193 163
Waist 40 33
Hips 47.5 39
Rt Thigh 26.5 22
Lt Thigh 26 22
Rt calf 15.375 14.5
Lt calf 16 14.25
Rt bicep 13.25 12
Lt bicep 13.25 12
Is it possible to get the stretched Corinne does at the end of her total body workouts clipped to a small video in the Stretch section online? Just will make the online only workouts that don't have stretches easier
Holy crap Corinne. Total Body Sweat is no joke.

The goal of Fé Fit is to encourage and empower mothers to get fit and stay healthy, both for themselves and for their families. www.fefit.com

So what's with the name? It’s pronounced “fay," and it's about strength in being a mom. Fe is the periodic symbol for iron, one of the strongest elements on our planet. It is also one of the most abundant products available in a natural resource. It has a natural strength about it, yet it also has the potential to transform into so much more. That’s why we named our brand Fé Fit. Fé Fit represents

Operating as usual

Meet Melonie DeRose: Founder & Chief GOAL Digger – SHOUTOUT COLORADO 02/09/2021

Meet Melonie DeRose: Founder & Chief GOAL Digger – SHOUTOUT COLORADO

Shout out to our sister company and the incredible work they do empowering women!

Meet Melonie DeRose: Founder & Chief GOAL Digger – SHOUTOUT COLORADO Local Stories Meet Melonie DeRose: Founder & Chief GOAL Digger February 9, 2021February 9, 2021 Leave a reply We had the good fortune of connecting with Melonie DeRose and we’ve shared our conversation below. Hi Melonie, is there something that you feel is most responsible for your success? It’s...


Empact Bars


Empact Bars


Empact Bars

You really 2020’ed this up. - Get the 2020 out of here. —#empactbars

mindofgeorge.com 09/15/2020

The Truth About Entrepreneurship With Women w/ Melonie & April - Mind of George

mindofgeorge.com Every single one of us has valuable stories inside of us to share. The Journey Enjoy the journey, you have the story to tell, but if we’re rushing it all the time, which I tend to do in my own life, then you miss the story. You miss the lessons. The tactical thing that I …


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Tell me something good that has happened in 2020!


Empact Bars

Shout out to all the women who haven’t felt okay lately, but you get up every single day and refuse to quit. You got this!


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Empact Bars

I had so much fun talking about my passion of helping other women on the Abundantly Clear Podcast! Thank you Malorie Nicole for having me! If you are trying to figure out how to tap into your passion, check out the episode below!



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Empact Bars

Name 3 FUN things you are going to do this summer!


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“If I stop to help this man, what will happen to me?' But by the very nature of his concern, the good⁣
Samaritan reversed the question: 'If I do not stop to help this man, what will happen⁣ to him?”― Martin Luther King Jr., Strength to Love⁣


As a brand, as a family, as party of humanity, we stand for empowerment and equality. We believe the Rule of Law is one of the greatest attributes that distinguishes our great country—only second to our capacity for LOVE. Our capacity to focus out. ⁣

We believe that loving your neighbor is not dependent on who your neighbor is. ⁣

One of my mentors noted that “[w]ithout the law, there is no justice and without justice, there is no liberty. To put it another way, without the rule of law, there can be no democracy and no civil society.” ⁣

That law must be applied equally and consistently. Period.⁣

As part of our social contract with each other, there is an unwritten, higher ethical code that we all strive for.⁣

Our world and country has battled not seeing people as different than us, as “the other.” As less than human. That’s not humanity. That’s not practicing love in the way of God, regardless of your specific religion, or in line with a higher ethical standard. ⁣

At Empact, we believe we are defined by our willingness to help others. To focus out. To not make this about us. ⁣

It’s one thing to help someone on the side of the road, it’s another to ask why the road is still so dangerous. ⁣

May we seek to share in the suffering and struggle of all people, no matter the circumstances. May we ask: What will happen to them? So WE may all practice LOVE.


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What are you most excited about for this Summer?


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A couple of years ago, I learned about the MURPH Challenge workout in honor of LT. Michael P. Murphy. If you haven't heard his story, I invite you to look him up.

This is the third year I have done the Murph Challenge on Memorial Day and I wanted to share it with you because it's meaningful (and it's also a killer workout that I don't think I can do more than once a year!) If you can get through this workout without any modifications, you are a total badass! I didn't have the weight vest on and my hubby had to assist me with the pull-ups, but totally worth it and I am more sore today than I have been in awhile! Good luck!


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Empact Bars

Summarize your last two months in one word.


Empact Bars


Empact Bars

Today, tackle the big things first. I’m constantly reminding myself of this as things pile up on my “to do” list and carryover for weeks, even months. So change it up today and start with those things, or remove them from your list, because continuing to carry them forward will just perpetuate the feeling that you never have time to get them done! #goaldigger #empactbars


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What is something you have learned about yourself during this time?


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Empact Bars


Empact Bars


Empact Bars


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Happy Monday! What is your one-word INTENTION for this week?


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What is one new hobby you have picked up during this time?


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I need new recipe ideas for cooking. What's your favorite quarantine meal (pls post recipe also!)


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Get your fitness on with me today with this free workout! Comment below once you are done! :)

It's only about 20 minutes...totally doable! And it's all about strengthening your core! Get it girls!



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During this quarantine period, it's not easy to stay positive.
I have had many days where I am down, lethargic, and unmotivated. This is unusual for me. Usually I'm positive, optimistic, and happy-go-lucky.
A good friend of mine— @kpflugerscott shared with me a great strategy to help with this: each day think of one unexpected blessing for that day. I have been doing this since last Friday and it has been awesome.
One day we had a brilliant rainbow here in Denver, yesterday I played with a lightbright (remember those) with my daughters in the dark and it was SO fun.
This is just a simple way to capture those moments and reflect on them, rather than allowing the negative to dominate.
So what is one unexpected blessing you experienced yesterday (or today)? Notice how it brightens your mood a bit!


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When the quarantine is over, where is the FIRST place you will go?


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What's Your One Word Check In for Today?


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We've come so far. Would you do this? We all want it, right? #bunsofsteel. No VHS required. #tbt #fefit
Proud to support our teachers, who spend more time in the day with our kids than we do. They are role models. And are sh...
Define Your Waistline Day 12 (final day)! Reverse Lunge with a Rotation Step back with your right leg into a reverse lun...
Define Your Waistline Day 11 (almost there): Standing Oblique Work Stand with both hands reaching overhead. Extend your ...
Define Your Waistline Day 10: Plank Work Begin in plank position and pull your right knee toward your chest and then you...
Define Your Waistline Day 9: Weighted V Sit Variation 3 (of 3):This time try the same weighted V sit from Day 7: (bent l...
Define Your Waistline Day 8: Weighted V Sit Variation 2 (of 3):This time try the same weighted V sit from Day 7: (bent l...
Define Your Waistline Day 7: Weighted V Sit Variation 1 (of 3):First try holding the modified (bent leg) V sit while hol...
Define Your Waistline Day 6: Press Up With a Twist:Lie on your back and extend your feet in the air. Lift your hips off ...
Define Your Waistline Day 5: Windmill Hold a small weight in each hand. Extend your left arm over your head and leave yo...
Define Your Waistline Day 4: Hip Lift and “Wag the Tail”!Start with a forearm plank. Begin to raise your hips while cont...
Define Your Waistline Day 3: Plank Kick Through with Clap Start in plank position! That's a mouth full! Kick your right ...


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