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Crazy / Sexy Closets

Unleash Your Inner Fashionista! Learn how to to identify & optimize your personal sense of style. A Have a Closet full of stuff you don't know how to wear?

See some trends and wonder 'How would I wear THAT?'
Do you have a distinct idea of what you like/don't like but not sure if this is a 'style?'
Do you get inspired, buy make-up, and then have no idea how to use it? Let Crazy / Sexy / Cool Closets come to the rescue! Closet Consultations:
- Identify and optimize your Personal Sense of Style
- Learn what you should keep, what to donate/consign, and w

Kim Kardashian Reveals Why She Has a Dress Code for Employees - E! Online 12/31/2022

Kim Kardashian Reveals Why She Has a Dress Code for Employees - E! Online

OMG. Just what the world needs, more KK clones. Minimalism makes life easier? A neutral palette only? Aw hell no! Just please Kill me now. 🤣🤣😱 forever ❤️💕🔥🔥🔥

Kim Kardashian Reveals Why She Has a Dress Code for Employees - E! Online Kim Kardashian explained why her employees follow her minimalism style. "Once everyone was on board and thought it would be easier for them," she said of their uniforms, "I was like let's do this."

We Have Reached Peak ‘Exercise Dress’ 08/22/2021

We Have Reached Peak ‘Exercise Dress’

I mean, just NO. Seriously all these cute young girls are giving up already and resorting to ‘mom’ clothes (aka ‘boring American tourist’ look) 🤣 Lord help us.

We Have Reached Peak ‘Exercise Dress’ Tired of sweatpants and bike shorts — not to mention all the targeted ads — women are gravitating toward sporty, stretchy skort-dresses for everyday wear.

Quarantine Made Me Long for Painful High Heels 03/14/2021

Quarantine Made Me Long for Painful High Heels

“I want sequins, I want painful beauty treatments, I want lamé,” the writer Lauren Collins said wistfully.

Quarantine Made Me Long for Painful High Heels Suddenly all those old fashion torture devices are looking awfully good.

Leggings Take a Victory Lap 11/15/2020

Leggings Take a Victory Lap

“We are frightened, we are hiding and our bodies feel deeply vulnerable. But privately, indoors, we’ve never been freer.” 🥰💪🏻💯

Leggings Take a Victory Lap Everyone is still wearing leggings during the pandemic, including Kamala Harris.

The Phantom Handbag 07/16/2020

The Phantom Handbag

So true! I mean, who am I really without my big tote bag?! 😂🤩😎

The Phantom Handbag No one needed a bag when we were stuck in lockdown. Will we ever embrace the accessory again?

How to Look Good on Camera, According to Tom Ford 04/12/2020

How to Look Good on Camera, According to Tom Ford


How to Look Good on Camera, According to Tom Ford A master class in lighting for your next video conference.


Happy ! 🍸❤️🌏 Getting ready to go out is always the best part - even if you have nowhere to go ❤️❤️❤️🍸🍸🍸😷😷😷

Can a Piece Be Too Iconic to Wear? A Vogue Writer Considers the Struggle 02/02/2020

Can a Piece Be Too Iconic to Wear? A Vogue Writer Considers the Struggle

YES - I can relate to the do or die sentiment as I have so pieces that I bought in my 20s and lovingly saved only to have them disintegrate with age. Most of these were vintage and already aging or maybe even not that expensive but just SPECIAL and made of materials that don’t age well. (None of us really do honey 😂) Now in my 40s I’ve been wearing all the ‘good stuff’ because small luxuries should be tasted and felt next to your skin EVERY DAY. Sometimes when I buy something really amazingly sparkly and vintage-y a younger shop girl will say admiringly - ‘where will you wear this?’ And I respond ‘darling, EVERYWHERE!’ The world is your stage! ❤️🤗🤩🙌🏻🥰

Can a Piece Be Too Iconic to Wear? A Vogue Writer Considers the Struggle The item in question is a Fall 1995 silk blue Gucci shirt . . . worn by Madonna.

Fashion? They’re Over It 11/18/2019

Fashion? They’re Over It

I SO relate to this. My go to style right now is in my closet: a slip, leggings, boots, and a soft, Cozy sweater ❤️🤩💍❄️

Fashion? They’re Over It For plenty of shoppers, dodging trends is a trend. 10/08/2019

Get $20 off at Charlotte Tilbury

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤩🤩🤩🤩 Charlotte Tilbury gave me an exclusive offer to share with my friends, so i'm treating you to $20 off off your first order! 09/30/2019

How to Buy Clothes That Are Built to Last

Sustainability is ALWAYS in fashion. 🔥✨🤩 🥰⚡️ The environmental impact of our clothing choices extends far beyond our closets and buying fewer items that are more durable can lower the impact on the planet. Here’s what to look for when shopping for clothes. 09/08/2019

Doing It on Their Own

In praise of staying small: Better creative control, something close to work life balance, less corporate BS. Yes please! ❤️🤩💕⚡️👏🏻 An unemployed designer who headed a fashion house can wait for another opportunity or just get on with it. Here are four big names going the small route. 07/14/2019

Are 8 Out of 10 Women Really Wearing the Wrong Bra Size?

I’ll never forget the time I came out of a dressing room and nothing fit. It was a vintage store and I commented that some things were likely altered so just didn’t fit my body. The sales girl, with a straight face says, “no, maybe it’s your body.” I was so dumbstruck I just laughed. How absurd. Of course I never bought anything in that store again😂

Much the same thing is happening with bras. We are constantly being told we are wearing the wrong size, or think we are the wrong size. If you get measured properly you will find out your size. And you will have to try different bras and different styles because it’s the BRAS that don’t fit, not you. ❤️💕

Let’s stop this madness.

(from article) Dr. Burbage said the issue was not that people were simply wearing an incorrect size but that they often didn’t know how to check for the best fit. “Women are going to be different sizes in different bras,” she said. “I might have three or four different bra sizes based on what bra I’m wearing and what manufacturer that comes from.” Retailers are fixated on a pervasive statistic that says 80 percent of women are buying the wrong bra. Why? 06/19/2019

Refer a Friend Program

And just something to sweeten the deal...❤️💕💖💕💖 I don’t get paid for this - Brynn is a friend and I have a whole closet full of her bags. Her stuff is the BOMB. All handbags are Made in Chicago, IL | Contact us at 773-278-1668 Jewelry provided by Jules and Susan Elizabeth Designs Lifestyle Images by Evan Stone Photography and Jingyu Lin Photography | Product Photography Evan Stone Photography 06/19/2019

Brynn Capella | Leather Handbags, Made in the USA, for Everyday Life

If you don’t know Brynn you are missing out! All of her bags are deceptively small - in that they look real small but fit ALL of your necessities (ie makeup, cell, and all the other mandatory junk we carry around!) And 100% REAL Italian leather that ages well and not that Vegan crap (no offense but I spent $200 on a ‘vegan leather’ jacket that shredded to bits just by hanging in my closet! Landfill is NOT sustainable people!) anyway just buy one of her amazing bags, or two or three, you won’t regret it! ❤️😍💖⚡️🕺🔥 Brynn Capella, based in Chicago, creates a beach inspired, city approved luxury handbag and accessory line. Never over-hyped or over-styled, her Italian leather USA-made bags are beauty meets versatility, making you wonder how you ever lived without one. Shop our latest collection of crossbody bags,...


Fashion Coward - SNL


A commercial advertises a clothing store that sells bland clothing for women. Subscribe to SNL: Get more SN...

02/25/2019 11/22/2018

DEFENSE Essential Glow Moisturizer SPF 30 | Paula's Choice

Holy SPF! This stuff is the BOMB. Makes your skin super moisturized and glowy. Will make you love putting on sunscreen. I have to buy this stuff in bulk it is SO good! ❤️💥🔑💕💖💯🔆 Instantly hydrate and illuminate plus give your skin antioxidant environmental defense and mineral-based sun protection.


Over 35? Stop applying under-eye concealer like a Youtuber!

There is something so soothing about You Tube make up videos. This woman is amazing for those of us on the other side of 35 😂

As you get older you just can't get away with applying as many products under the eye area as you can in your 20s. I know I'm generalising in this video by s... 09/07/2018

Holy Cottontail! The Pl***oy Club Is Back Again

Don’t judge but I’m actually kinda excited about this.... Holy Cottontail! The Pl***oy Club Is Back Again A defiant time capsule surfaces, smack in the middle of country.


Crazy / Sexy Closets's cover photo


In the mood for...Holiday Disco Fever. 💃🏻🕺🌈🍾👄 10/30/2017

How to Cut Your Own Sidebangs

OMG this totally works - I have botched my bangs too many times to count, but this time I followed these instructions and no correction trip to the salon needed! ❤️👌💃🏻 Welcome to my tutorial! The goal today is to take dull, drab hair and transform it with some sassy, flirty sidebangs. This super easy method takes all...


Finally - it only happens every 5-7 years but Fall Fashion is something to get excited about again! 08/09/2017

Brooklyn Decker Takes Us Inside Her Massive Closet

Girl after my own heart - YES to fluffy, impractical feather coats, EBay stalking, slashing and tailoring your dresses, and DIY shoe-painting (I use nail polish VS Sharpies). for off the rack.... :// She reveals her favorite red carpet outfits, her motivational workout tees and more 07/10/2017

Target Got Rid Of Some Major Brands

My local store is already being remodeled and it is pretty damn exciting - they are even merchandising the home sections so they look like actual rooms that you can buy from. And the new clothing lines look pretty sweet too - maybe it will really live back up to 'Tar-jay' 😂❤️ We don't even know what to do with ourselves.


Anyone who knows me I'm NOT sporty spice. Very rarely would ever wear 'gym shoes' outside of a gym - unless they are velvet or satin or something pretty amazing. Hence THESE. Omg dying. Gonna def be rockin' these this summer! 04/25/2017


GAME changing. Just WOW, and this idea was just sucked out of my brain. The world's first operating system for your wardrobe. 04/03/2017

Omg cutest toddlers EVER. This much style so young should be illegal LOL


Wasn't excited about the at all this year, but the Fashion is off the chain y'all! Here are my FAVES so far... 08/28/2016

Stitch Fix | Try a Personal Stylist!

You haven't tried this you are REALLY missing out! SO addictive, especially if you hate shopping and LOVE getting presents in the mail.

Use my link! Get your own personal stylist. Hand-selected women’s fashion shipped free, straight to your door. Try on at home risk-free. 07/25/2016

What the Most Stylish Women Wear 9 to 5: Fashion Buyer Catherine Lerer Anderson of Brooklyn’s Bird

FOBU #! I totally have that (fear of being underdressed). ❤️❤️❤️ “The crazier, more exciting thing brings me a million times more joy.” 04/17/2016

Crazy Sexy Closets We all feel better when we look better! You know when you are really in your groove - when your jeans fit perfectly or you are having a great hair day - yeah that. You walk a little taller, smile a...


Thank Gawd pajama chic is in this season. I've been wearing slips as dresses and camisoles as tank tops for years! I'm takin credit for that trend y'all.


A beautiful Friday afternoon with my fellow fashionista Mini Moons working with our personal shopping client!


Obsessed with Red Lips....

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