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All Saints Tattoo


Are you open to doing a cover up? I have a joker on my forearm that I've wanted covered up for a while now. I like bold colors, or even all black tattoos. I'm open to any and all ideas you may have. Some ideas of my own are; simple geometry, a hamsa, a gorilla head, anything that uses saturation of color and is tasteful. Maybe even combine a basic simple geometry inside a hamsa. Well if you have any other ideas, feel free to let me know. I'd like to book something soon. Thanks in advance!
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😮👻 FRIDAY 13TH TATT! Did you know today tattoo parlors offers discounted tattoos in honor of Friday the 13th? Yes! Artists will often offer “flash” sheets (like the ones below) which are pre-drawn tattoos customers can choose from today.

➡️ All Saints Tattoo in Austin is offering them. Check out their IG:
It's the tattoo world's Black Friday. Today many tattoo shops around town are doing their Friday the 13th tattoo specials! All Saints Tattoo and Dovetail Tattoo East are just a few places that are offering some great specials! So if you've been itching for some new ink, don't sleep on these deals.

If you're looking for more places to get some ink, try our list of some of the best tattoo shops around town.
Are Friday the 13th tattoos happening for November?
Never even thought of getting a tattoo around here, have had many through the years, but then I see some lady crying that her tattoo that she paid 31 dollars for (although great work - her words) was a little off.... wow! Well you just earned some business from me, what a tool! See you soon hope we can figure out a bitching addition to my skin!
What does 1-800-BOARDUP do on a Friday night in Austin, TX? Why, we go to 6th street guessed it—board up windows!! Glad we could help out All Saints Tattoo with their need.
How long is the libe right now lol
Love my first tattoo. Austin G made it just what I wanted. Great shop. Clean. Friendly. Discuss pros and cons of what some one wants.
I was in town visiting my daughter ( who already has several tats). I read many reviews and looked at lots of photos and decided on All Saints Tattoo on Sixth Street. So 3 generations descended on the shop (me, my daughter and granddaughter). Quickly greeted and felt welcome, even though not their usual customers, I’m sure. They listened to what I wanted- something delicate, colored, Texas wildflowers. I showed them several pictures and thought I didn’t want the black outline. But they discussed it with me so I understood the importance and purpose of the outline and said they could do very fine line. Which I knew was possible because I had viewed many of their gorgeous works. They designed me my own bluebonnets, Indian paint brush, and evening primrose bouquet with a dainty pink ribbon. Totally verified what and where I wanted it. Made sure I was comfortable. It turned out wonderful. I’m totally delighted. The shop made us all feel welcome and at ease. Very clean with lots of pics of work on the walls. I know this is long, but as a senior citizen getting my first, I’m so happy already planning my next tat when I visit Austin. It was also my granddaughter’s first and she was nervous and made comfortable and very pleased with hers. We all were.
An Artist owned, Texas Based Supply Company offering High quality machines and tattoo supplies.
Thanks for your time. TJ Strey, Big Daddy's Tattoo Studio, College Station, Tx
Badass parlor, staff is hella talented.

All Saints Tattoo in downtown Austin Texas on 6th Street. We can tattoo anything from traditional to portraits and everything in between! Best in town!!

All Saints Tattoo is located on historic 6th St in downtown Austin Texas. We specialize in everything - traditional, black and grey, Japanese, color, portraits, watercolor - you name it and we can do it! Walk ins are always welcome as well as a custom design from our talented artists who are some of the best tattoo artists in Austin. The tattooers here are some of the friendliest and most knowledg

Operating as usual


It’s almost here! The ONLY Friday the 13th of 2022! As always we will have over 600 original designs only available at All Saints Tattoo! Link in bio for pictures or See you soon!


Classic and timeless - tattoos by Graham Harrington. Walk-ins Mondays 7pm til 12am, Wednesdays 12pm til 12am and appointments on weekends. @grahamharrington @grahamharrington @grahamharrington @allsaintsatx and occasionally at @allsaintstattoonorth #skullandsnaketattoo #skullandsnake #classictattooing #traditionaltattoos #traditionaltattooer


JENNA SEA trapping those tats Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 12-7pm Jenna Sea]] Jenna Sea]] Jenna Sea]] @allsaintsatx and sometimes covering at @allsaintstattoonorth #venusflytrap #venusflytraptattoo


Do Ye have Faith in the Force? STAR WARS DAY Wednesday May the 4th 2022 - Star Wars tattoo specials all day with over a hundred super dope SW designs available ONLY at All Saints Tattoo, and at both locations! Grogu? Word. Mandalorian? Word. Boba? Word. The Falcon? Word. Jar Jar? Word to herb, we got them all. First come, first serve, walk-ins only, you can see the pre-priced designs on our website (link in bio) wait what? Pre priced? WORD. You like it? There’s the price. Boom. That fast. You’ll be making the Kessel Run in fu***ng 11 parsecs ok? So hold on to your Jedi tunic, tuck in your padwan rat tail and we will see you on the 4th. #starwarsday


STAR WARS DAY is one month away! Is your chain mail shirt ready?New Star Wars Day flash to come, as always, and all the classics still available, of course! Both shops, great deals on fun designs - yub to the fu**in nub! #starwarsdaytattoospecial #maythefourthtattoo


Friday Day Crew represent! Frank Ball and Carlos Ybarra doing walk-ins only til 7pm! Run up and get gatted by these Le Proffesionales and say hi to Mo while you’re at it! @frankball @whitelightersociety @artofmoss #walkinsonly #alldamnday


Jenna Sea 12-7pm Mondays thru Thursdays! Walk-ins always available at All Saints Tattoo! @jennatattoosatx @allsaintsatx #walkinseveryday


SXSW is officially over, but ain’t nobody left yet! Tattooing hard all day til midnight walk-ins ONLY! And the streets are fu***ng OPEN! It’s like it never happened…a distant dream… #sxsw2022 #sxsw @artofmoss @angel_d_vato @whitelightersociety @allsaintsatx


It’s FREE apprentice tattoo time, with none other than Maxine Ball! @stateofthearch Maxine Ball] Yes! She tattooed your dope eyebrows and now she’s gonna tattoo your hide! It’s these free assed designs ONLY for now, and no Cheaply Cheaperson, you can get ONE tattoo at a time. To get a tattoo you must make an appointment directly with Maxine. She will only be doing them on certain days at certain times so hurry the f**k up already! These free apprentice tattoos will probably turn out real nice cause it’ll be done by Maxine (she did draw and hand paint all these designs) just keep in mind that these are free practice apprentice tattoos and you are the ink guinea pig. Now hit Maxine up and you can brag that you got one of her first tattoos ever! Maxine Ball] #futuretattoosuperstar #apprenticetattoos #freeapprenticetattoos


Howdy y’all! Sweet cowgirl tattoo by Graham Harrington at All Saints Tattoo downtown @grahamharrington Graham does walk-ins on Mondays and Wednesdays 7pm-12am and appointments all week, as well as sitting in up North @allsaintstattoonorth now and again. He has many freshly drawn tattoo designs for you to take a gander at, mosey on by and hitch your - ok, ok, I’m down with the cowgirl analogies- GET TATTOOED BY GRAHAM HARRINGTON cause he’s fu***ng awesome. Boom. Mic drop. @grahamharrington #cowgirltattoo #traditionaltattoo #traditionaltattooing #traditionaltattooer


OPEN 12pm til 12am walk-ins all damn day! Frank Ball and Jenna Sea 12-7pm @frankball @jennatattoosatx Nico Moreno and Graham Harrington 7pm til 12am @nico_moreno_tattoos @grahamharrington it’s a fine day to get tat stabbed, dontcha think? See you soon! #walkinsalldamnday


Friday Day Crew REPRESENT! L-r Frank Ball, Carlos Ybarra and Mo Money @frankball @whitelightersociety @artofmoss here til 7pm doing walk-ins only! 7pm til 12am walk-ins only with Austin and Nico @austintaylortattoo @nico_moreno_tattoos walk on in! See you soon! #daycrew #daycrewrepresent #tattoocrew #sickassfools


Traditional tattoo by Graham Harrington @grahamharrington Graham is booking appointments and also doing walk-ins on Monday and Tuesday nights. Contact Graham directly to check on his availability @grahamharrington @allsaintsatx and also at @allsaintstattoonorth #traditionaltattooer #traditionalartist #traditionaltattooist #traditionaltattoo #traditionaltattoos #eaglesnakeandskulltattoo


BEFORE and AFTER micro bladed brows done by Maxine Ball Maxine Ball] at our North location @allsaintstattoonorth Maxine also does tooth gems, permanent makeup as well as beauty marks and freckles! She gonna make you look so damn good! By appointment only! Contact Maxine directly to book some time at Maxine Ball] #microblading #microbladingeyebrows #microbladingbrows #toothgems #toothgem #frecklestattoo #beautymarktattoo


Medusa tattoosa by Frank Ballusa Frank Ball] Frank is at the shop TODAY Friday and Saturday doing walk-ins only! Slither on in Frank Ball] @allsaintsatx #medusa #medusatattoo #medusatattoos #medusatattooart

Photos from All Saints Tattoo's post 02/08/2022

GUEST ARTIST ALERT!! All the way from Toronto Canada, Janet Chunky @janetchunky will be tattooing here til Sunday! Janet is doing appointments and walk-ins, as well as walk-ins only this weekend at the North shop Saturday 12-7pm and Sunday 12-6pm @allsaintstattoonorth DM Janet directly for appointment availability. See you soon! @janetchunky @allsaintsatx #guestartist


Dino taco time! By Frank Ball @frankball Frank is at the shop tomorrow (Saturday) doing WALK-IN’S ONLY from 12-7pm #dinotaco #dinotacotattoo


FU***NG OPEN! Rain, snow or icepocalypse we are there! Take that, post office! No mail today but you can get a tattoo!!Thanks to Frank Ball and Graham Harrington, aka The Ice Warriors, for braving the weather and showing up to tattoo! Walk-Ins ONLY! See you soon! @frankball @grahamharrington @allsaintsatx

Photos from All Saints Tattoo's post 02/02/2022

Graham Harrington and Nico Moreno at the shop 7pm til 12am! Walk on in! @nico_moreno_tattoos @grahamharrington @allsaintsatx #walkins


Read it. Know it. Live it. Austin Taylor @austintaylortattoo is BOOKED booked I say! It’s not you, it’s him ok? Too many people want a taste of his Tat Magic but he can’t tattoo the world’s population at the moment so hold your breath til March. Can’t wait for the Austin Taylor Tattoo Magic (patent pending)? Austin does SMALL non sleeve non portrait tattoos as WALK INS ONLY Fridays and Saturdays 7pm-12am. Yes! Walk-ins! Only! And chances are strong that your non sleeve non portrait tattoo is Walk-In Worthy (trademark submitted) anyway. There are size and detail restrictions to WIW tattoos, but the only way to find out is by coming in and asking Mr Taylor in person. He will see you Friday promptly at 7pm @austintaylortattoo


Photo of Austin Taylor @austintaylortattoo taken by @rsmoulinie


Open regular hours Friday and Saturday 12pm til 12am, doing walk-ins ONLY both days! Friday 12-7pm with Frank Ball and Carlos Ybarra, Friday 7pm-12am with Austin Taylor and Nico Moreno. Saturday 12-7pm with Frank Ball and Carlos Ybarra, 7pm-12am with Austin Taylor and Angel Serda. See you soon! @austintaylortattoo @frankball @whitelightersociety @nico_moreno_tattoos @angel_d_vato @artofmoss


Snake n’ rose n’ dagger n’ half fu***ng off! Sailor Jerry tattoo by Frank Ball @frankball we only have 2 DAYS left for the half off Sailor Jerry Special, Thursday & Friday and Frank Ball will be tat slanging on both days 12-7pm doing halfsies SJs and all other kinds of walk-ins. BTW Special ends at 7pm on Friday at the Downtown shop!


Sailor Jerry tattoo by Frank Ball Frank Ball] we are still doing the Half Off Sailor Jerry special for 2 more days, and Frank is working both days! 12-7pm today and 12-7pm Friday, come get an OG Frank Ball tattoo for half the duckets, Special ends 7pm FRIDAY at our Downtown location. Frank Ball] @allsaintsatx


Oh SNAP it’s almost over! Only til Friday to get a half off Sailor Jerry tattoo, then Saturday back to regular assed prices, so hurry the f**k up!! Wednesday - John Sokol, Frank Ball, Jenna Sea and Nico Moreno - Thursday - Jenna Sea, Frank Ball and Nico Moreno - Friday - Carlos Ybarra and Frank Ball. Get it!! @frankball @nico_moreno_tattoos Jenna Sea] Jenna Sea] @whitelightersociety


OPEN TODAY! 12pm til 6pm with Carlos Ybarra @whitelightersociety and Graham Harrington @grahamharrington tattooing walk-ins only! We will be closed tomorrow so follow, or get dragged by, Lady Krampus to All Saints Tattoo for some walk-in action, we are also doing Half Off Sailor Jerry tattoos today as well! Happy Krampmus Eve!


Stuff a stocking or two with sweet tee’s and dope gift cee’s - we got ‘em at both locations today, tomorrow and half-a-day Friday then it’s up to Santa’s will to get them s**t and Santa gonna give ‘em socks. F**k that. Give a tattoo for Xmas and they will always remember you til the day they fu***ng die. So hurry your ass and also get yourself a tattoo, got 1/2 off Sailor Jerry’s til the 31st! #stuffastocking #withatattoo

All Saints Tattoo

All Saints Tattoo is located on historic 6th St in downtown Austin Texas. We do walk-ins all day everyday, and walk-ins only on the weekends. Our artists are available for appointments Monday to Thursday, please contact the shop directly for appointment availability. Our tattoo team is the best in Austin. They can do anything! Fineline/single needle, portraits, pet portraits, geographic tattoos, traditional Japanese and traditional American tattoos, finger tattoos, lip tattoos, they do it all! Thanks again! Jon Reed, owner and operator of All Saints Tattoo

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514 E 6th St
Austin, TX
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