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Our philosophy lives within the words Live Love Relax. It is our Vision to bring massage and well In depth training in
John F.

Advanced Massage Therapy Practice located in North Austin
Live Love Relax is North Austin's best massage therapy practice. We have been testing our methodolgy for over 10 years and helping people live their best life. Helping North Austin get out of pain and reduce anxiety for the past 4 years. We are a local mom and pop business that is proud to be woman and minority owned.

¡Se Habla Español! Ba


2 OPENINGS - Licensed Massage Therapist!

- 1-4 yrs experience
- TX massage license + insurance
- Flexible hours
- Clients ready to fill your schedule
- Mentoring available
- Staff discounts
- Rolfing + Acupuncture available

Starts ASAP:

* Tues, Wed, Thur, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays
* Shifts available: 9am - 2pm, 1pm - 7pm,
* Pay starts @ $26.00 - $33.00 per hour + tips
* Mentoring & training available to further enhance your techniques.

*_*_*_*. PLEASE Share / Repost to reach those who are interested and available

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Live Love Relax | Massage on Google 03/31/2022

Live Love Relax | Massage on Google

NOW offering Acupuncture Sessions! Check out the New Client Special - click link below :)

Live Love Relax | Massage on Google SAVE $60 - 90min for $99 - New Client ACUPUNCTURE !

Timeline photos 03/05/2022

Allow us introduce you to Jillian, Alejandro & Andrew! ⁠

These 3 magical beings have been on a Galactic journey to bring Light and Healing to the earth and its inhabitants for over a decade & counting.⁠

It has been their joy to support, share, hold space for and witness one another through the years. Their spaciousness allows for others to truly be themselves.⁠

🌟Their light and healings are to be experienced. ⁠

They embody what we want for each of our clients at LiveLoveRelax Massage + Wellness; Safety to heal & process, To discover how the difference manifests in their physical body, On their journey to be their authentic selves.⁠
Andrew is now taking New Acupuncture and Tuning Fork Sessions - See you soon!⁠
We look forward to sharing time with you soon!⁠
☎️Call / Email to BOOK Today!⁠
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Timeline photos 03/05/2022

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 03/03/2022

Dr. Andrew J Pollak, L.Ac⁠

He is licensed in Colorado and Texas as an acupuncturist and clinical Chinese herbalist.⁠

A trained sound engineer and published recording artist, Andrew also applies the planetary orbital frequencies onto the meridian map to fuse acupuncture with tuning fork therapy via the Acutonics tradition.⁠

He holds a Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM) from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM) from Southwest Acupuncture College of Boulder.⁠

He is board certified by the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and holds a Diplomat of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs from the NCCAOM.⁠

Dr. Andrew is a big fan of cats, crystals, coffee and anything creative, especially the visual and performing arts. An avid traveler, Andrew loves to learn about people and culture through immersive stays abroad, from riding the Trans-Siberian railway across Russia to open water diving in northeastern Brazil.⁠

Currently, Andrew translates quarterly case studies and current research in acupuncture and moxibustion from Japanese to English for the North American Journal of Oriental Medicine (NAJOM).⁠

He leads yearly acupuncture study groups with senior acupuncturists and researchers in the Tokyo area.

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Your Event + Massages = Happy People🥰⁠

That's the Live Love Relax equation! ⁠

+ WE have a couple of different Massage Nooks for you to pick from to match your specific vibe⁠
+ Each has a different feel AND they ALL create a relaxing & inviting atmosphere for your clients to feel welcomed and cozy⁠

After working hard to set up your SXSW event, your Staff and clients deserve some much needed time & space to breathe 😍⁠
❣️We fit into just about any space⁠
❣️Our set up is smooth & easy⁠
❣️We have several Massage Nooks to pick from⁠
❣️Recipients are always excited to receive from us⁠
❣️Everyone walks away feeling renewed & refreshed⁠

Make this one to celebrate & Book our on-site chair massage services today💃🏽⁠
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Nook by ⁠

Timeline photos 02/06/2022

On our first date...⁠

We met up at a wine bar, talked for hours and went dancing after. ⁠

There were many things that brought us closer together over time, and sure our love for massage is the obvious one. 🥰 ⁠

🌟Some of the other things we did during our early years was go up into the mountains of Colorado.⛰️⁠

We spent many nights camping and going to the hot springs.🏕️ We traveled all over the state in search for rest and relaxation. We met all sorts of people in the mountain towns. 🏡 Saw the rain of golden aspen leaves during the fall. 🌲⁠

Colorado was a magical time for us filled with many great adventures, wonderful memories and a relationship for the ages!⁠
🙏We are so to have had time together there to explore, grow, learn, relax & experience the beautiful things of Colorado and how that allowed our LOVE for each to grow as well.⁠
Our time in Austin has been⁠ its own adventure. Living in the Lonestar state has offered us room to grow, personally and professionally. We started our journey as Wedding Wellness and have since evolved to encompass a bit more of our beliefs. ⁠

And so Live Love Relax was born, less than a year after our daughter turned 1👨‍👩‍👧 ⁠

We have been blessed to have met each other and made our way here🥰 So that we could bring years of education, a lifetime of experience and a slice of the divine to you - we are AND to continue this part of our journey together here in where the Stars at Night are Big and Bright!⁠

☎️Call / Email to BOOK Today!⁠
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Timeline photos 02/05/2022

Love .. Love.. Love... ❤️❤️❤️⁠

Love... takes many shapes and forms⁠

Love... travels through time and space⁠

Love... knows what it wants and conspires⁠

Love... makes you be a better person⁠

Love... is not blind, it makes you see the best in people⁠

Love... makes you drunk⁠

Love... makes love songs make sense⁠

Love... makes you take your temperature ⁠your so hot⁠

Love... when shared it is never divided, only multiplied⁠

Love... knows no bounds⁠

Love... is Love⁠

Lots of Love... From Jillian and Alejandro

⁠☎️Call / Email to BOOK Today!⁠
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Timeline photos 02/04/2022

🌟This is us🌟 ... behind the scenes at one of our photo shoots over in the Hill Country a couple of years ago with the amazing ⁠

We have been in Texas just over 4 years now and we are happy to say that all our hard work has been paying off during this past year and we are continuing to exponentially grow. We are growing our business together & building that dream together, every single day! ❤️⁠
We love it here in -- and we are for the wonderful & supportive community that has grown with us over these few years. This community that supports a local business like ours & trusts in our knowledge and the inherent, natural gifts of our, & our staff's, healing hands. ⁠
🌟 Here's a lil' back story on us ---⁠
Jillian and Alejandro met at a massage clinic in Boulder Colorado over 10 years ago. Soon after meeting they realized that they share a passion for the clients well-being and ease of movement in their body's. Their alignment of perception & reality call beyond their therapeutic practice and into the realm of personal growth and conscious every day living. Having a daughter together materialized their desire to manifest a sustainable world built on communication and intention, which is part of their everyday living; so it's the way we Live, Love & Relax & what we try to infuse, delicately, into our client's lives.🌟⁠
If you know anything about us, you know that we absolutely love what we do, especially when it's about helping another human being feel better in their physical bodies, heart & souls.⁠
It's February - the month of ⁠
So we wanted to share with you all how much we love our work, our clients, our families and each other.⁠
Love is contagious -- Pass it on !⁠
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📸: ⁠

Timeline photos 01/30/2022

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 01/29/2022

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Timeline photos 01/27/2022

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 01/08/2022

Myofascial Release can help in so many ways!💙⁠

By getting to many layers within the body, MFR helps to hydrate each layer while unsticking them from each other so you can gain greater mobility on a muscular to full body level.🌀⁠

🦋After an MFR session you can expect: easier joint movement, less pain & more mobility! This specialized technique allows for trapped energy to surface – bringing your body back to a place it’s familiar with where it can feel comfortable again.⁠

All this can lead you back to the path towards living your best life because you now can Feel the Difference & know the difference in your body because you have more awareness and more room for you to be you🥰⁠
^Book a massage today and start feeling better!

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Timeline photos 01/07/2022

Let's talk technique!💃🏽⁠

Our therapists at LiveLoveRelax Massage + Wellness incorporate Myofascial Release (MFR) techniques into our sessions because we believe this type of bodywork helps our clients get more pain relief, quicker while simultaneously bringing their awareness to the area of chronic pain. ⁠

We have found that this combination of MFR technique & awareness practice helps guide our clients to recovery quicker through sessions and their own focused attention practice in between sessions. This technique can be slow and easy and doesn’t have to be painful to be effective! ⁠

When dealing with learning & communicating with your Nervous System we believe that Less is More. If you’ve had a session with 1 of our therapists before Please leave a comment below to describe in your own words your experience - thanks!❤️⁠
^Book a massage today and start feeling better!

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Timeline photos 01/01/2022

Happy New Year Y'all!🦋💫⁠

If last year wasn’t a year where you were able to get on top of some self-care tools then let’s make 2022 the year for Self-Care!❣️⁠

We always give our clients suggestions on different types of self-care to do outside of sessions to keep the momentum of positive change happening. Sometimes that looks like Tennis Ball Massage (TBM) where we show our clients how & where to use this tool to help their bodies keep chronic pain away in between sessions😁⁠

Other times that looks like Melting over the Melt Method foam roller to communicate and teach your body how to Yield, Let Go and Relax. This amazing tool can make such an amazing difference in the structural and communication pathways to your brain on relaxation and letting go! ⁠

Comment below if you're interested in our Self-Care Classes of 2022💙⁠

☎️Call / Email to BOOK Today!⁠
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Timeline photos 12/31/2021

The New Year is nearly here and we're reflecting on !🌟⁠

How do you do Self-Care? What does it look like for you & your body? What is your favorite self-care technique? ⁠

We love sharing about self-care tips and how they can each help you learn how to relax, release tension & holding patterns & just increase your general outlook on life because you just feel better in your body on a more regular basis. ⁠

Today we want to share some Tips on How-to Use a Tennis Ball for your Neck +Shoulders🙆🏽‍♀️⁠
This is a major area that client's ask for treatment on. We’ve found to be pretty much 98% of humans' problem area – Because lets face it we all spend a large amount of our days & weeks on a phone or a laptop to do our work. ⁠

So here ya go➡️⁠

▪️While lying down on the ground, place the ball on your upper back between your spine & shoulder blade and hang out here for about 2-3min executing deep inhales + exhales. ⁠
▫️With every exhale focus on allowing your body to melt over the ball, helping it to let go and lengthen. ▪️This will help with releasing tension in the upper back, neck and Trap area. ⁠
▫️Repeat 3 times/week for 4 weeks & let us know if you can feel a difference in your upper trap / neck areas.⁠

🌀Interested in taking a TBM Self-Care class with Jillian ? Comment below to let us know & we’ll add you to the list!!⁠

Please share any comments or questions below - thanks!💙⁠

☎️Call / Email to BOOK Today!⁠
[email protected]

Timeline photos 12/30/2021

Introducing Lilly!🌞⁠

She's a new-ish member of our Team here in the Live Love Relax Office. You most likely have seen her face upon checking in & out of your appointment or communicating with her to schedule a session with us⁠

Lilly is such an amazing addition to our team & so easy to be around. Her mindfulness shows in her tone and language🌱⁠

How are clients are treated outside of the treatment room is just as important as how they are tended to during each session. Lilly values this and holds space for each client during their time in our office. We hope that you will always feel welcomed and taken care of with the Live Love Relax Team❤️⁠

Fun Fact✨⁠
In her free time, Lilly enjoys painting, writing poetry and spending time with her cat Ryuji.⁠

Announcing LiveLoveRelax - Our Story

Our entire philosophy is held w/in these three little words.
It is our Vision at LiveLoveRelax to bring content and services that inspire a feeling of well-being and connection to awesome places, organizations, the community at large and to oneself.

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Mental Health - Self-care - Energy Medicine #2
Mental Health - Self-care - Energy Medicine




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