XELPHAhealth is a medical software platform that offers solutions in the storage and analysis of cli

XELPHAhealth is a medical software platform that offers solutions in the storage and analysis of clinical and operational data in a secure environment. Our software helps in managing and analyzing healthcare facilities workflow from the time the patient walks in (scheduling), to the documentation of the patient’s visit (assessment, lab, medication and discharge orders et al), to the time the patie

XELPHAhealth updated their phone number. 09/12/2022

XELPHAhealth updated their phone number.

XELPHAhealth updated their phone number.

H.pylori threatens Nairobi residents. What can be done to stop it 09/26/2019

H.pylori threatens Nairobi residents. What can be done to stop it

H.pylori threatens Nairobi residents. What can be done to stop it News,Gossip,Sports and Entertainment from Nairobi.

Pharmacies to have running water and toilets in new rules 09/26/2019

Pharmacies to have running water and toilets in new rules

Pharmacies to have running water and toilets in new rules During operating hours, the business will be required to be conducted under the continuous personal supervision of a pharmacist or pharmaceutical technologists at all times.


Humans have a lot more in common than we might be inclined to believe. In fact, more than 99 percent of our genes are exactly the same from one person to the next. In other words, the diversity we see within the human population—including traits like eye color, height, and blood type—is due to genetic differences that account for less than 1 percent. More specifically, variations of the same gene, called alleles, are responsible for these differences.


The mysterious science of pain

The mysterious science of pain.


One person dies by su***de every 40 seconds and for each death, there are more than 20 su***de attempts. Every death is a tragedy for family friends and colleagues. Stigma surrounding mental disorders, lack of awareness of su***de as a major health problem, and a taboo in many societies to openly discussing it, means many people contemplating su***de are not getting adequate help. If you believe that a friend or family member is suicidal, you can play a role in su***de prevention by pointing out the alternatives, showing that you care, and getting a doctor or psychologist involved. WHO in collaboration with global partners, will launch the 40 seconds of action campaign to raise awareness of su***de around the world and methods of prevention. Campaign efforts will continue throughout 10 October on World Mental health Day, with su***de prevention as this year’s theme.


An electrocardiogram, also known as an ECG or EKG, is a painless, simple test that records the electrical activity of a person's heart. Scientists have trained an artificial intelligence tool to predict s*x and estimate age from electrocardiogram readouts. They suggest that, with further development, the tool could soon be helping doctors to assess the overall health of their patients. "Being able to more accurately assess overall health status may help doctors determine which patients they should examine further to determine if there are asymptomatic or currently silent diseases that could benefit from early diagnosis and intervention," Dr. Kapa explains.


Individuals with higher optimism tend to live longer and also have greater odds of living 85 years and more. They have better cardiovascular health—even after risk factors are controlled for, stronger immune function, and lower levels of stress and pain. Choose to be optimistic..it feels better!


In a 2015 survey, 80% of the respondents were convinced that women had better multitasking abilities than men. New research has revealed that gender makes no difference in a person's ability to multitask.


After researching the Ebola virus for over fifty years, Dr Jean Jacque Muyembe and his team have announced a new cure that has proved effective in curing 90% of Ebola patients when symptoms are reported early. Speaking to Focus on Africa's Esau Williams, Dr Muyembe defines the discovery as "the achievement of a lifetime".


You blink and zoom in!


July 31, 2019, Nairobi – The Cabinet Secretary for Health Sicily Kariuki has inaugurated the National Cancer Institute Board of Directors directing it to initiate a nation-wide lifestyle modification campaign. It is estimated that 47,887 new cases of cancer are detected and 32,987 people die annually and approximately 3,200 new cancer cases among children below 18 years. The 5 most common cancers in the country include: Breast, Cervical, Oesophageal, Prostate and Colorectal cancer.


Mount Kenya University, one of the largest private universities in Kenya, has now joined institutions offering public health programmes as the government moves to address a severe shortage of the medical professionals. Some of the conditions a university has to meet ranges from having enough lecturers and technicians to standard laboratories. Council chairman Simon Kimani said the university has now an opportunity to train more professionals.


Laughter is an instant vacation.


New research confirms that shifting mealtimes to a smaller window, earlier in the day can aid weight loss. It also reveals that weight loss from this type of meal schedule is likely due to appetite and hunger hormone reduction, rather than calorie burning. Eating only between 8:00 a.m and 2:00 p.m curbs the appetite.


How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime

Childhood trauma can occur when a child witnesses or experiences overwhelming negative experiences e.g. abuse, neglect & violence. Learn more on how it impacts your health in the long run.


Half of the world’s population now lives in cities. By 2050, two-thirds of the planet will be urban dwellers, and 90% of the shift will happen in Africa and Asia. This trend means that focusing on urban development that benefits health is more important than ever.


Our eyebrows define our faces and our means of communication, but they also serve a much more physical and significant purpose—they protect our eyes. Our eyebrows' main function is to prevent sweat and water from entering the eye and also shield our eyes from the Sun. So while we slowly evolved to lose most of our body hair, our eyelashes and eyebrows remained.


Dr. Patricia Bath was an American ophthalmologist, inventor of the Laserphaco Probe for cataract treatment in 1986 which she continued to perfect and later patented in 1988. The tool was used during eye surgery to correct cataracts, an eye condition that clouds vision and can lead to blindness.

Newborn Health :Giving premature babies in Samburu County a better chance to survive and thrive - Amref Health Africa in Kenya 07/16/2019

Newborn Health :Giving premature babies in Samburu County a better chance to survive and thrive - Amref Health Africa in Kenya

Newborn Health :Giving premature babies in Samburu County a better chance to survive and thrive - Amref Health Africa in Kenya “………..when you come to the hospital and the doctors tell you that …

Strict X-ray, CT scan rules over cancer risk 07/16/2019

Strict X-ray, CT scan rules over cancer risk

Health facilities may be subjected to more stringent rules before using X-rays and other radiation equipment because of the risk of cancer.

Strict X-ray, CT scan rules over cancer risk Law would prevent development of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons.


Many people prefer warm showers to cold showers. However, some studies have shown that using cold water may be beneficial to physical and mental health. Taking a cold shower can increase the body's metabolism making a person feel more alert, triggers the body's immune system & boosts one's moods. Physical therapists that specialize in sports have suggested that taking a cold shower can quickly relieve heat exertion and reduce inflammation & pain. The research suggests that the water does not necessarily need to be cold for the entire duration of the shower for the person to experience positive effects. A person can start by taking a warm shower and then switch the water to cold for a brief time.


People Fixing the World: Patient power

People fixing the world..


A champion gymnast with Down Syndrome becomes a model and breaks stereotypes. Chelsea Werner participated in the Special Olympics United States National Championship and won it four times and won the World Championship twice. She was discovered due to social media by the company We Speak, an agency that operates with the motive of promoting body positivity and inclusion in the modeling world. From her first photoshoot, Chelsea has emerged as a global sensation, people admire her and she became a ray of hope for many parents with children diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Photos from Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University's post 07/09/2019

A TrueBeam linear accelerator for cancer treatment


Nerve transfer surgery offers an exciting new option, offering individuals with paralysis the possibility of regaining arm and hand functions to perform everyday tasks and giving them greater independence and the ability to participate more easily in family and work life.
13 adults with complete paralysis benefited from a nerve transfer surgery during an intervention research. Dr. Natasha Van Zyl and her colleagues recruited 16 adults with an average age of 27 years who had experienced Spinal Cord Injury to the neck less than 18 months before the study, mostly as a result of traffic accidents or sports-related injuries. Two years after the intervention, the young adults could feed themselves, brush their teeth and hair, put on makeup, write, and use electronic devices with help of intensive physical therapy.


Studies have shown that meditation practices can have a significant, positive effect on mental health and how well our bodies respond to stress.

First anti-HIV gel enters trial phase 07/03/2019

First anti-HIV gel enters trial phase

A gel developed in Kenya that can kill the Aids-causing virus is entering a critical trial phase, with at least Sh200 million spent on it in the past 11 years.
Patented in 2007, UniPron has been found to not only act against HIV but can also be used to protect against pregnancy by killing sperms and as a lubricant.
The drug developed at the Institute of Primate Research (IPR), a State agency, is now set for the final human clinical trials, according to principal investigator Peter Gichuhi Mwethera.

First anti-HIV gel enters trial phase The gel developed by Kenyan scientists is set for final human clinical trials.


Brazilian scientists conducted a study on mice and found that strength training can reduce liver fat and improve blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimate that diabetes caused 1.6 million deaths in 2016 and that high blood sugar levels played a role in 2.2 million deaths in 2012. The scientists analyzed the effects of strength training on the liver tissue and found that exercise reduced liver fat by 25–30% and lowered the number of proteins that caused inflammation.


Phosphorus is a mineral that the body needs to perform a range of essential functions. The body uses phosphorus to keep the bones strong and healthy and also helps to remove waste and repair damaged tissues. Most protein-rich foods are excellent sources of phosphorus - chicken, turkey, pork, eggs, seafood, nuts, seed & low fat dairy products such as yogurt and cheese.


Researchers from Columbia University have found a way of using 3D printing technology to simulate human scalp skin and thus allow new human hairs to grow. They can then transplant the new hair to the scalp of people experiencing hair loss.

New Study: The More you Hug your Kids, the More Their Brains Develop 06/28/2019

New Study: The More you Hug your Kids, the More Their Brains Develop

Love works in mysterious ways.

New Study: The More you Hug your Kids, the More Their Brains Develop To borrow a phrase: love works in mysterious ways. We are born to love and, as it turns out, love


Sweet sweet codeine: What happened next? - BBC Africa Eye

Codeine cough syrup's main ingredient is a mild opioid narcotic, making it a target of abuse for people seeking narcotic highs.


The Ministry of Health wishes to assure the public that the Ministry has put in place necessary measures to ensure availability of vaccines in the country.

Developed in Kenya, improving healthcare globally.

Healthcare providers at our core, Xelpha’s founders met at the junction of medicine and technology.

Through their work with patients in numerous resource-limited environments from South Sudan to Western Kenya all the way to the USA, they identified an underlying thread impacting the quality of healthcare being provided: information.

The quality of decisions made in healthcare - whether by providers or by patients - are limited by the quality of information factored into those decisions. In resource-limited places, there is a healthcare informatics gap, stemming from a lack of access, accuracy, completeness, efficacy, organization, and liquidity of information, resulting in poor quality healthcare.

With the belief that healthcare should be accessible to all people globally irrespective of geography or economy, our founders developed a solution to facilitate engagement with the metrics of a healthy life.

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