Anointed Hands Heavenly Touch Massage & BodyWorks

Anointed Hands Heavenly Touch Massage & BodyWorks


I’m screaming all the way back to Texas, Happy Birthday to one of the most hard working, friend, mentors, business owners, go getters, nothing can hold me down women I know!!! DeAndre Yvette Gary, I pray that God continues to show out on your behalf!!!! Your tenacity and strength always amazes me! And I honor you because of how you honor others, regardless of their actions! Happy Birthday and I’ll see you once we get back!!!!🎂 🎉
SN: If you have never had a massage by her…you should be booking an appointment Anointed Hands Heavenly Touch Massage & BodyWorks!
Waiting on my next client like….post op care and body contouring… yeah, I do that too!!! Not only do I do it but I was trained by the best to ever do it!! DeAndre Yvette Gary you are the goat!!!
Anointed Hands Heavenly Touch Massage & BodyWorks
So Kimberly E Gamble with Dished by Kim did it again! She made this hibiscus lemonade and whew!!! It is so good, light and refreshing. And it keeps me under my carb and sugar intake. We will definitely have these available at Anointed Hands Heavenly Touch Massage & BodyWorks!!
What types of product/treatments do you do for body wraps? Since some are wet treatments, what are the options to keep the client warm?
8 cakes and 19 dozen cupcakes… all I know is Monday I will be on that massage table at Anointed Hands Heavenly Touch Massage & BodyWorks! I can’t do this much longer in this apartment.
This is still true to this day! Massage is really not a luxury! It’s a necessity! I can really tell the difference when I don’t go now! The name is so fitting! Thanks for being amazing and anointed! Now go set your appointments guys! Checkout all of the services provided! Anointed Hands Heavenly Touch Massage & BodyWorks
This was a year ago and Mondays are still for Anointed Hands Heavenly Touch Massage & BodyWorks! The only difference is that now I’m a part of the team!!! Come see us!!!! Yesterday, I got a massage and a sauna detox wrap! DeAndre Yvette Gary, girl you are the truth!
One of the things I look forward to are the hands that the Lord blessed DeAndre Yvette Gary at Anointed Hands Heavenly Touch Massage & BodyWorks with!! It was necessary!! Massages are necessary!!!
Couldn’t let today end without saying Happy Birthday to my “25” year old friend DeAndre and business partner!!! She is celebrating all month!!!! Come see her at Anointed Hands Heavenly Touch Massage & BodyWorks for the best massage work ever!!!
So today, I just want to acknowledge one of my most frequent customers for 2020. It is imperative that we give honor where honor is due! Marcella Paula Wood thank you for always supporting Poindexter Confections, in everything we do. For your dedication, you have received a credit for a dozen cupcakes and a complimentary foot detox from Anointed Hands Heavenly Touch Massage & BodyWorks for walking up all those stairs to get those orders, lol! Thank you again!
My massage therapist is simply amazing to say the least! This girl here has really changed my life! She had to work extra hard after all those cakes on Sunday but she worked out every kink. You need to just contact DeAndre Yvette Gary at Anointed Hands Heavenly Touch Massage & BodyWorks and see what I'm talking about. You won't regret it!
Part of protecting my peace is consistent self care. So today and every Monday I visit a life saver, my massage therapist! She is the bomb! I work with my hands constantly with my cakes and she gets every kink out of my shoulders, back and arms.. You should take a visit to DeAndre Yvette Gary and take care of your only get one! She also does body conturing, body wraps and has numerous other services. You should try for yourself! Anointed Hands Heavenly Touch Massage & BodyWorks

Massage therapy & Bodyworks
Swedish, hot stone, warm bamboo deep tissue massage, melt away sauna We specialize in helping people recover from automobile accidents, sports injuries, and workplace injuries.

We can help reverse injuries caused by repetitive motion, poor posture, and poor lifting habits.


Don't delay your treatment, just delay your payments. Get you qualified and schedule your sessions today!!


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It's cold and flu season. Ear candling is a natural and holistic approach to battling seasonal issues that affect the ear, respiratory system and beyond.

Try an ear candling session. Safe, painless and relaxing.

Proposed Benefits:

Helps clear blockages from too much ear wax, colds, flu and ear infections

Blockages as a result of swimming, diving, surfing and air travel   

Sinus problems, infections, headaches and migraines due to auricular pressure   

Slow lymphatic circulation

And more....


Body Positivity over here! In all phases, shapes, colors and sizes.



Our motto is: Revamping the creations of Heaven by the touch of Angels on Earth.


I mean, visual inspections are sometimes just better....

Sunday funny

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This is a tag team effort! We do our part, you have to do yours. To see change, YOU MUST CHANGE.




Anointed Hands Heavenly Touch Massage & Bodyworks would love your feedback 10/18/2022

Anointed Hands Heavenly Touch Massage & Bodyworks would love your feedback

Anointed Hands Heavenly Touch Massage & Bodyworks would love your feedback Post a review to our profile on Google



Schedule your customized contour session today. Link in bio


Look and feel your best!


No pain, immediate results possible in a single session.
*Individual results may vary


Currently serving at Event 1 of 4 for the month of October.

We service all types of events!

Corporate and individual services available. DM to inquire more!!

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One of the most popular non invasive treatments on the market.


At any phase!! Life is all about changes and we appreciate every phase of it.


Don't ask me why I'm crazy, looking crazy or cussing and fussing when you see me at my office. 2.5 to 3 hours of this ish every morning, and 2 to 2.5 every eve is nerve wrecking.

When I reduce my services to Austin to 3 times per week, please understand this is why!!


All of our treatments are non-invasive. Easy enough to be done on a lunch break


Can somebody send me coffee? Energy? Cold eye packs? Food?

I'm on the struggle bus this morning with bags under my eyes.

Tired Tuesday


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and if you don't love it, who will. Self love is our favorite kind of love


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This cake is so doggone good




brought these to me as a token of celebration and appreciation.

Is been often said "Go where you are celebrated and not just tolerated"

Thank you!! These set the mood for the rest of my day....


It doesn't hurt. I promise. Most clients say it feels like massage!

Try a session. We get amazing results


Get started today!




We are here to help you through the process.


Transformations exist with body contouring.
Click the link to schedule your transformation session today.


No worries, no needles here. We use a Virtual Mesotherapy method that is delivered without breaking the skin.

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If only my knees would cooperate
This could be you!! But you haven't signed up for our body contouring class!! Learn the art of body contouring, spa trea...
Endulge yourself in total relaxation while we pamper you in a variety of services.  Full body massage include scalp, fac...
If God is no respecter of persons then neither am I. Judge free zone over here.  What's good for the goose is good for t...
This isn't EXACTLY how treatment is rendered but this lil beauty loves to get it in however she can,  including lying do...
Even the giggles become content! Massage brings all kinds of reactions!!#massage #massageTherapy #massagetherapyinstruct...
Me and my church homies  @just_1kiss @katmbowers
Mommy had a surgical Makeover? Ease her worry and help her recover faster, stronger and finer with our Post  Op Package....
Hear ye hear ye!!It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!! Put your post op care in trusted hands.... these hands.. Ano...



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Austin, TX

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