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We LOVE Adamo Nail Bar! Thank you for your support and partnership of our efforts here in California and Mexico! You have been on our hearts and we have been praying for all of you a lot these last few weeks. Keep up the good work! Again, we love and miss you guys so much!
Adamo Nail Bar is one of our partners out of Texas. They are doing incredible work, check them out!
Awesome day with Adamo team putting together Valentine Sets! Loving our new TRU all Natural Skin Care line!
Great working with Saturday! It was a blast!
Big thank you to The lovely ladies of Adamo for making the trek down to South Austin to help host an incredible party yesterday! Everyone was thrilled with their services and supporting the goal behind Adamo! Thank you for sharing your love and keep on going!! Lots of love always. Xoxoxo
Just got home from women's retreat weekend to this! Thank you for the swag...can't wait to hear the results in a couple of weeks!

Nails with purpose.

Offering a fresh take on the nail experience, our nail bar offers best-in-class services in a fun, radiant, and uplifting environment. Built on an atmosphere of love and empowered women, we believe in creating opportunities for all. Under the umbrella company The Adamo Group, a 501(c)3, we are committed to using our small talents to make a big impact on the fight against human trafficking. All rev


When we (The Adamo Board) decided it was time to pull back on all that we were juggling as an organization, and reassess our priorities, things were emotional. It felt a lot like failure, the struggle to rest was real! But the dawn of a new day brings us gratitude for what we were able to accomplish and what is about to transpire.
To sit down and analyze our wins and our losses (and learn from both) is humbling but reflection and reformation gives us positioning to withstand the next seasons we will face with more knowledge, more experience, and more empathy than ever before!
I hope you never despise humble beginnings, because when stewarded with faith and humility, they will always blossom into unbelievable breakthroughs!


Do not be afraid!

Timeline photos 01/07/2020

We can't change the past, we can't control the future but we CAN remain present and take steps from right where we are today to make an impact in the lives of people who need love the most. Take what you DO have and take a small step of action.

When overcoming our past failures and mistakes we must remember "all we have is now".

Timeline photos 01/06/2020

Have you ever reported suspicious activity to the trafficking hotline?


Odds are you have seen signs of a human needing help and have not. We need to do better though y'all. The worst thing that is going to happen if you report information and it turns out to be nothing is nothing. The best thing that can happen is that a life will be rescued and saved.


Once I was at a massage spot in Ca and at check in I realized there were three little kids sitting in a back room where it appeared they werent supposed to be seen. At check put they were still there. They had no toys, no activities, no electronics, they were just sitting at this table. When I inquired about them the receptionist started seeming paranoid and unresponsive to my direct questions. As I left I called and gave the information to the hotline it took less than 5 min. It may or may not have been a trafficking situation but when I laid down that night, I closed my eyes knowing I did not turn a blind eye. We must do better for one another.


California- is an incredible organization working their tails off to bring restoration and justice.

Texas- see the link in our bio for more information for what we are facing in the Lonestar state

Timeline photos 05/13/2019

There are many differences in each woman's story but one common theme continues to pop up in the stories of survivors... their mothers impact (or lack there of) played a vital part to their understanding of their self worth. The world needs moms who love their children and even reach outside of their own *birthed* children and spread love and truth. This simple act can change a child's life, reducing their risk of trafficking.

Whether someone celebrated you or not you make a difference and you are seen by the next generation who will be the world changers fighting s*x trafficking one day. Tag a mom you know needs celebrating and we will pick one winner to receive and Adamo Pamer Pack 💕

Timeline photos 05/04/2019

✋🏼 stop ✋🏼

You want to do something to stop trafficking?

Hug your child if they are next to you. Heck squeeze them if you can!

Pray for the parents of missing children to be reunited with their babies.

Pray that the missing children in your community do not fall victim to the schemes of traffickers. That a shield protects them and guides them onto the path of freedom and restoration.


Timeline photos 05/02/2019

Is the sun rising or setting?

We believe in every sun rise being an opportunity to {Educate•Empower• Enable} survivors of trafficking through job training programs. We believe in and for women who have survived s*x trafficking and abuse.

We took April to breathe, to rethink our direction and point of focus, we stood still and remembered that HE ALONE is God, April was a month we pressed in to Prayer like we haven’t been able to since we started, we rested and now... It feels so amazing to start with fresh perspective, new vision, and a renewed heart for the call to stand alongside so many great organizations fighting for justice in the live of our survivor sisters.

It’s been tough to not have all of the answers but What we have learned is that all we need to do is “the next right thing”. Come on y’all, you may have messed up today but tomorrow you can start fresh by doing the “next right thing”! Get ready y’all because it’s just the beginning ❤️

Timeline photos 04/04/2019

Life is messy, stuff is hard, projects take longer than expected. Grace covers it all, make sure to give as much as you need and then a little extra ❤️🙌🏽🙋🏽‍♀️

Timeline photos 03/06/2019

Our hearts and minds are on a central location in California over run with addiction and trafficking, we have an opportunity to help heal the hearts and lives of women who need community and resources. Will you partner with us today to get professional job training and resources to women in who need to know they are seen, loved, and worthy?

Thank you to our California team and donors like & who put fighting trafficking their community at the top of their priority list. You are making a difference and lives will be transformed by your partnership and prayers.

Can you spare a minute to help Carrissa Bradford? 03/04/2019

Please help us keep the beauty industry safe and reliable. Regulation in this industry is so beneficial to the health and safety of you, the consumer. Sign the petition here

Can you spare a minute to help Carrissa Bradford? 7780 signatures are still needed! Say No To HB 1705 - Texas Barber and Cosmetology Abolishment :Signature Goal 100K


What's all the noise about?

It's now or never, help us ❤

Timeline photos 01/30/2019

We LOVE gathering ladies and strengthening our tribe! This Saturday,February 2, 2019 Adamo is hosting our first event of the year🎉

Gather your favorite gal pals and join us for {G A L E N T I N E S} 11-2

🎶 live music
Free products
👯‍♀️ amazing ladies
🥂mimosa bar

Tickets at the link in our bio💗

Timeline photos 01/28/2019

Have you heard of ? Their incredible nail technology is giving ladies the hottest nail styles without having to grow out their nails, without chemicals, and without all of that dust!!! Adamo is proud to offer this incredible nail system that lasts up to 3 weeks and causes no natural nail damages!?! Book your appointments today online ❤️

The focus on human trafficking is shifting 01/23/2019

The focus on human trafficking is shifting Hundreds of women in Kern County are being sold like inventory every month. Last year, Kern County Human Services identified 139 children who were s*xually exploited, 101 children were found to be at risk – overall, the department investigated 82 cases. Doug Bennett, founder of Magdalene Hope,...

Timeline photos 01/23/2019

To hold the hand of a survivor during the process of her restoration will never be taken for granted. The honor we feel with each story that is shared is not able to be equated in dollar signs. We believe in the work we are called to do whole heartedly. Not just in January but every day, every week, every month we get down on bended knee and ask for support for these women from beyond what we can do on our own. Giving a woman an opportunity to believe in herself again through {education}, {empowering} her with community, and {enabling} her with state licensed trades is the key to final freedom

Partner today, purchase a ticket to our Galentines event, donate online, or book a service at and give support to survivors of trafficking and abuse to build a life outside of the commercial s*x Industry

Timeline photos 01/21/2019

🎉Join us for “Gal”entines y’all🎉 Our goal for this event is to gather women in who want to impact our city, together, with your favorite gal pals. We are going to have a

🥂 bar
💗guest speaker
🥐Delicious brunch
👯‍♀️mixers to meet new sisters

And it all goes to support an amazing cause! mission is to {educate, enable, & empower} survivors of trafficking and abuse by offering scholarships for state licensed training programs. Our goal is to raise $250,000.00 to build & cover the cost to operate Adamo Nail Lab for one year, including 40 scholarships for survivors to attend a state licensed manicurist training program prepared to walk them from rehabilitation to restoration.

📚 Educating women into state licensed trades (I.e manicuring)💪🏽 empowers them to build a life outside of the commercial s*x industry, & community enables them to dream & believe in their self again. Partner with us today, purchase your tickets we can’t wait to see you there 💗

🤷🏽‍♀️can’t make it? Show us you love by sharing this post with your audience and we will send you a complimentary pack of stickers 💗

Timeline photos 01/17/2019

❌we won’t stand for slavery.

❌We won’t turn a blind eye to injustice

❌we will not be silent

❌s*x is not for sale

❌humans help humans

Partner today. Action cures fear. Be brave, be the change.

Timeline photos 01/14/2019

Everyone is raving about our TRŪ hand & foot care line. It’s all natural vegan friendly. Our line is super basic, containing only the necessities;
4 cuticle balm

With these 4 steps your hands will be clean, vibrant, & hydrated, free of those hurtful hangnails. All products are available online in just one click.

Proceeds generated by TRŪ are used to build scholarship programs for survivors of trafficking and abuse to attend manicurist training programs. 💅

Timeline photos 01/11/2019

Believing in yourself is the first step toward achieving your wildest dreams. At Adamo, we don’t just believe in ourselves we believe in the potential of EVERY.single.WOMAN that we get to walk along side during their journey to freedom! We believe in the power of educating|enabling|empowering

Timeline photos 01/07/2019

is so crucial to y’all. We know it’s easy to keep to your busy routine and not notice the girl in the Nail chair next to you but honestly, ya never know! Survivors often tell the stories of going to get their nails done even while in “the life” in order to keep looking good for the clients they would later be forced to serve.
So next time you are sitting there trying to get your “self love” time on, give a little love to the lady next to you by letting her know you see her and WANT to know her story!

Timeline photos 01/05/2019

Cleanse. Purchase online on our webshop, you won’t regret it, and it makes a difference in the lives of women who need opportunity to thrive outside of the commercial s*x industry. Link in bio!

Timeline photos 01/04/2019

The average age of a survivor of s*x trafficking is 13. This blows our mind, it keeps us up at night, it propels us to never give up on our sisters who are clinging to the hope of rescue. We believe that together, we can {educate} {enable} & {empower} these women into a life they can be proud of. ⠀
When you book a social (private party), single service, or purchase retail from Adamo you are helping us reach our goal of $250,000.00 which will cover the cost to build and run our program for 1 year, giving scholarships to 40 survivors of abuse & trafficking. ⠀
Help us give these women the hope of earning a state licensed trade that they can build a life with outside of the commercial s*x industry.

Timeline photos 01/04/2019

The average age of a survivor of s*x trafficking is 13. This blows our mind, it keeps us up at night, it propels us to never give up on our sisters who are clinging to the hope of rescue. We believe that together, we can {educate} {enable} & {empower} these women into a life they can be proud of.
When you book a social (private party), single service, or purchase retail from Adamo you are helping us reach our goal of $250,000.00 which will cover the cost to build and run our program for 1 year, giving scholarships to 40 survivors of abuse & trafficking.
Help us give these women the hope of earning a state licensed trade that they can build a life with outside of the commercial s*x industry.

Timeline photos 01/03/2019

Every day we get to share our mission we are shocked at how many people haven’t yet realized exists in our country .... RIGHT NOW. Well, folks it’s true, everyday in our country there are citizens of the U.S being sold and not just for work... also for s*x! Can you believe that? Well, it’s true! People in the U.S (and around the globe) purchase other human beings in order to satisfy their needs devaluing the individual for sale and proving to them that their life has a $ on it. 💔

At Adamo, our hope is that by building community around survivors of abuse & trafficking, we can {EQUIP} them with state licensed trades, {ENABLE} them to laugh without fear of the future and {EMPOWER} them to be strong and dignified 💗

Whatever 2019 brings we are going to bring L•O•V•E

Timeline photos 01/01/2019

is 💗 This month we are committed to having those conversations about how to spot it, where to report it, and what you can do to fight it. Book today for a with at our

Timeline photos 12/29/2018

We will see you next year!!!! Thank you to all of our clients who made 2018 a year to be thankful for!💗 visit us next year Wednesday-Saturday and look for new adventures on social media💁🏽‍♀️ stay in touch and Facebook to join our newsletter visit us on our website❤️

Timeline photos 12/28/2018

Just because it’s 😷the season😷 doesn’t mean you have to dry your hands out with those generic hand sanitizers. Purchase TRŪ cleanse on our webshop today and experience why it’s everyone’s new favorite rinse free sanitizing solution!


Timeline photos 12/13/2018

We have TONS to be thankful for in 2018! We did not hit all of our goals & we were far from perfect but we have incredible supporters like you who help make it possible for us to do the work we do and to learn as we grow!

We are dreaming big for next year, for there to be even greater opportunities to rise by lifting others! Thank you for standing with us in prayer and supporting Adamo, giving us the tools needed to provide opportunity for women who need it most 💗.

Timeline photos 12/08/2018

does your nails at Adamonailbar tue-sat book your appointments at the link in bio

Try our new System a Nail extension service proven to last up to 3 weeks!

Timeline photos 12/02/2018

All of will be covering the cost of your childcare during your mani/pedi services. Grab your favorite girls and get to the for the most unique nail experience in

We do private parties, corporate events, and single service appointments. All proceeds generated by and help grant scholarships for manicurist training to survivors of s*x trafficking and abuse

We open again on Tuesday 💗 book at the link in our profile or by call/text 5127778511

November 30, 2018 11/30/2018

Happy y’all! You made it to the . Be sure to book your next nail appointment at the airstream with next week online or by call/text 512.777.8511. We are testing an amazing product and I wanted to share a little sneak peak 🙌🏽 So far I am L O V I N G IT!!!

November 30, 2018 Après Nail System; CND Shellac product testing tutorial; nail enhancement; traveling nail bar;

Timeline photos 11/27/2018

Thank you so much to everyone who has placed their orders! We are extending our cyber deal until midnight west coast time🎉 We can’t wait for you to fall in love with remember to use the code “warrior18” at check out (link in bio)💗

we have so much to be for this time of year.. the top of that list is you!!!

with size

Timeline photos 11/26/2018

Get your merchandise online! Everything in our shop is 30% off for use the code “warrior18” and give gifts that create opportunity for women in our country who need it most❤️.

Timeline photos 11/24/2018

Pumpkins 🎃 put away! Christmas 🌲 up, tell us how your favorite holiday tradition and win a free !!!

Timeline photos 11/20/2018

We scant wait to meet you 💗 come see this week to get ready for

Timeline photos 11/16/2018

When gets ahold of you 💅 see our story for why this picture is more than nails!

Timeline photos 11/15/2018

are here!!! Don’t be caught with nasty nails🤷🏽‍♀️ and will be in the trailer tomorrow and Friday🎉💗🙌🏽 so grab your favorite ladies and book your appointments now! (Link in bio)

Timeline photos 11/13/2018

Does the weekend have you nails like💁🏽‍♀️.....?

will be in the in all week long! Book at the link in our bio 🙌🏽🎉💗

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Tickets available at the link in our bio. Bring your friends and let’s change lives together while having fun and making...
Seriously! Y’all know how much I love a good party! Join us for our 2nd annual Siorèe benefiting local and national orga...
Tickets on sale now for the 2018 “fall back in time” 80’s Siorèe benefiting survivors of human trafficking in the U.S an...
🎉Have you heard🎉 we are hitting the road •••We are so excited to announce another incredible opportunity to partner with...
#Repost @hiveaustin・・・We have a winner!!! Congratulations @nictugs..We teamed up with some of our favorite Austin busine...
Come see us this week @hiveaustin Wednesday and Friday! Booking Link in bio ❤️•••#Repost @tombachik・・・I recommend a week...
Adamo Nail Lab is ready for new students Apply Today!
TOMS MARKET come & see us, shop incredible vendors !!
I want you to come to @thedomainaustin #domainnorthside @raven+lily is launch their #spring line and giving a  free #man...




10415 Old Manchaca Road
Austin, TX

Opening Hours

Thursday 10am - 4pm
Friday 12pm - 7pm

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