Kristin Hutzler, South Austin Birth Boot Camp Instructor and Doula

Kristin Hutzler, South Austin Birth Boot Camp Instructor and Doula


Another Birth Boot Camp class!
Childbirth education is super important. We are so thankful for our amazing teacher, Kristin Hutzler, South Austin Birth Boot Camp Instructor and Doula.

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Looking for a Birth Boot Camp Doula in Austin???⁣⁣
Jessica Pincombe & Kristin Hutzler are AMAZING! ⁣⁣
You can connect with them right here on Facebook 👇

Kristin Hutzler, South Austin Birth Boot Camp Instructor and Doula
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It’s #WorldDoulaWeek!

I’m thankful for all of the doulas supporting pregnant, laboring, and postpartum women. Doula work truly is an act of love and selflessness.

Currently with the Covid-19 restrictions in place to keep the community safe, doulas all over are coming up with creative ways to support their clients virtually during this critical time of need.

Kristin Hutzler, South Austin Birth Boot Camp Instructor and Doula

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Katherine Michelle
Mom's Circles staring in March. Looking for a way to connect with other moms? Feeling like you're the only one going through the new mom phase? Join us for some fellowship and to chat with other moms! Wed, March 11th 9-10 am; Monday March 16th 10-11 am; Thursday March 26th 10:30-11:20 am.

Birth Bootcamp Series: Home Birth and Birth Center Class Tuesday evening March 10th-31st starts at 6 pm. Reach out to Kristin Hutzler, South Austin Birth Boot Camp Instructor and Doula for more information

Thursday, March 26th, 6:30-7:30 pm: Workshop: Postpartum recovery and care

Tuesday, March 31st Pure Barre Workshop on Pregnancy and Postpartum Changes and Recovery!

Prenatal Yoga and Postpartum Pilates classes will start at new times and days in March. Stay tuned for details!

Join us for all the fun and information! Can't wait to see you there. Go to our webiste to sign up for classes and workshops!

Hello! I am a certified childbirth educator and doula through Birth Boot Camp. It is my passion to e

Operating as usual

Photos from Kristin Hutzler, South Austin Birth Boot Camp Instructor and Doula's post 11/26/2021

So very thankful today and always for the work I am privileged to do in serving mothers and their families on their birthing journey. This month has been full of amazing stories and unique experiences. Two different journeys that ended wonderfully with strong mamas welcoming their baby GIRLS into the world! Miss I and Miss F were born healthy and beautiful ❤ Thank you, Lord, for the amazing miracle of new life!


PSA: Babies don’t care about our holiday calendars or scheduled events nor should they!!!

Check out the links in this post for more great info 👇🏼

Is that induction medically necessary, or are people just pushing it because it’s a holiday weekend coming up?
It's here! The holiday season is upon us. 🍂 🍁 🍽 🥘 📯 A time of gatherings, joy, friends, family, food and more food, and also a season of labor inductions.
Around the holidays in the United States, the number of inductions of labor soar - undoubtedly not due to necessity, but quite often because of pressure from a provider or what is convenient for them and their schedule.
TRUTH: Babies do not know it’s Thanksgiving. Or Christmas. Or any celebratory event.
Get the facts so that you can make informed decisions about your body and your baby. Letting labor begin on its own is usually safest for pregnant people and babies. You should not feel pressured to induce without medical necessity.
Below are some helpful links surrounding induction:
~ Saying 'No' to Induction:
~ Cytotec Induction and Off-Label Use:
~ Small Pelvis? Big Baby? The Truth about CPD:
~ The Evidence for Induction for Low Fluid:
~ The Evidence for Inducing Labor for Going Past Your Due Date:
~ The Evidence for Induction for Suspected Big Baby:


As your body changes during pregnancy, be sure to get appropriate guidance and education on how to stay healthy, balanced and pain-free! Hays PT is here for our community and always willing to chat.


My first "HOMECOMING: Life with a new recruit" (newborn/postpartum) class at Luminary this weekend was so fun! The youngest attendee, Miss V, was the perfect model and even discovered her love of a ring sling ❤ baby-wearing and it's types, benefits, and safety is on of the MANY many topics we cover in this workshop! This class can be taken before or after baby arrives so be on the lookout for future dates. Ask me about doing this one in the privacy of your own home!

(photo taken and posted with permission from the amazing new parents)


I am personally so incredibly thankful that my little family found our way into midwifery care with our last two babes. These women tirelessly support birthing families with SAFE, holistic, personal, and loving care. Please reach out to learn more about the differences in the medical model of care vs. midwifery model

In 1900, roughly 95% of births were at home. By 1950, 95% of births were in hospitals. To accomplish this, the idea was promoted that midwives were untrained, unhygienic, and unsafe. Thankfully, when families started to question the medical model of birth, they learned differently, and that low risk birth is our specialty! Though we are thankful for modern medical care, OBs, and hospitals when they are needed or desired!


BABY SNUGGLES are essential for bonding, wellbeing and sooo many wonderful things for both parents and babe. Join us in this upcoming class for a deeper discussion into "the golden hour" plus the ongoing benefits of skin-to-skin with your new family member!


The first 5-week birth class series at Luminary is in the books!!! Feeling so blessed to have met these amazing folks and be a small part of their birthing journeys ❤️ I now cannot wait for our reunion and to hear all of their amazing stories!

Timeline photos 09/01/2021

I’m so excited for this team up! Hays County is so blessed to have these two providing PT services for pelvic health, fitness, and general wellness. Contact them for your physical therapy needs, y’all. You will thank me later! 😉💪🏼

We are so excited to be able to grow our collaborative practice and welcome Dr. Russell Hutzler to our team! We are grateful for this growth and ability to offer patient centered care and his expertise at the clinic. If you are ready to train smarter and stronger, DM us today!


Class starts in 2 days!!! We are almost full but there is room for 1 more couple! If you or anyone you know is searching for a couples home & birth center birth class, please send them my way. 😁 Join in with us at Luminary Birth and Wellness Center


Happy National Rainbow Baby DAY!!!
I was so honored to attend a rainbow baby birth earlier this month (see previous post!)
Please share a pic or the name of your own rainbow baby(ies) and give them an extra kiss today! Thanking our gracious Lord for these beautiful lives and each of their stories.
photo credit: Sadie photography

Photos from San Antonio Nurse Midwife's post 08/22/2021

Happy guess date today, sweet baby A!!!

My heart feels so blessed that I had the honor of being part of the incredible birth team that supported this beautiful mama on her journey to meet her son. This L&D nurse knew she wanted a different experience this time for herself and for her baby. She intentionally surrounded herself with a team that she knew and trusted and who trusted HER and her body. It was utterly amazing to see this story unfold firsthand and see this super woman come into her full strength as she roared her son into his father's hands. For the full birth story, head to her page @travelnursenina on insta.

If you would like more info on how to equip yourself for an empowering, personal, and incredible birthing journey, please don't hesitate to reach out! You deserve to be honored, listened to, encouraged, and championed as you bring new life into this world.
photo credit: Sadie photography


This. So much this!!! ❤️🤰

Y'all. This is so important.


The countdown is on! Join us on this journey to knowledge, empowerment, and excitement for your AMAZING birth! Register at this link:
Message me with any questions or for further details.



It's World Breastfeeding Week!

This week we celebrate all the women who work tirelessly to breastfeed their babies, and the teams of people who support them.

Our Breastfeeding: The Ultimate MRE class is a great way to start your breastfeeding journey off right! Visit to learn more.

Luminary Midwifery Care, serving mothers and families in your area. 07/27/2021

Luminary Midwifery Care, serving mothers and families in your area.

I am so excited to begin a teaching partnership with Luminary Birth and Wellness in San Marcos, TX! I will be bringing Hays County the Birth Boot Camp classes specifically tailored for families planning to have a birth center or home birth. These couples classes are 5 weeks long and will be on a rolling schedule to be offered as frequently as needed. It is an amazing blessing to help families on their birthing journey and even more so when educating in such a BEAUTIFULLY perfect space. If you would like more info on Luminary Birth and Wellness Center, click on the link within this post.

Look for the post to the 1st upcoming class shortly! Please spread the word if anyone you know is planning to birth at home or a birthing center and they are in need of some preparation, encouragement, and empowerment.

Luminary Midwifery Care, serving mothers and families in your area. Home Birth Midwife options in San Marcos, Buda, Kyle, Lockhart, New Braunfels & Austin. Plus, pre-conception, pre-natal, & breastfeeding support.


Let's talk about labor pain for a bit. The number one reason why women want an epidural is that they're afraid of the pain of giving birth.

Pain is almost always associated with injury, but labor pains are *not* from an injury. Pain from an injury is a signal to your body that something is wrong that needs fixing, but there's nothing wrong with your body when you're having a baby.

Labor pain is purposeful. It tells you when to change positions, when to get up and move, and even when to push. Unlike pain from an injury, you can inhibit the amount of pain you feel through a variety of techniques, techniques that don't inhibit your body's ability to feel or to work.

Our classes lean heavily on providing couples with the tools to master the pain of labor. We teach you how to mentally conquer the fear of pain, and what techniques to use to physically manage the pain of labor and birth.

Remember, your body was *made* to give birth, and it is not broken. You have a strength and power in you that is waiting to be unlocked!


This is so good. Prepare yourself AND your partner to advocate for the birth you desire. Educate yourselves, know your options, hire a doula, and find the right care provider and birth place that supports your desires and preferences. Birth matters. To moms, their babies, and the family unit.

What steps did you take to have the birth you desired? Share tips with other parents here. My posts are not to elicit fear, but to promote awareness about birth and your options. Do better for yourself!!! BEFORE you get pregnant, before you go into labor, before all the things.


Still appreciating and loving on all the mothers out there today!!! Mom’s need honoring yesterday, today and every day 💗

To the mothers who came before us, to the mothers who we choose but aren't born of, to the mothers who have living children, to those mothers who have suffered loss and have angel babies in heaven, to the mothers who have adopted children, to the mothers patiently waiting for their chance, and to the mothers of fur babies, Happy Mother's Day. Whether this day is one of celebrations or of loss, know that you are seen, you are loved, and you are appreciated.

Photos from Birth Boot Camp's post 05/05/2021

What a great day to celebrate!!! 🎉 Tag your midwife or one that you know and show her some love today 💗


I love this post from a fellow doula over in my home state of Louisiana! Education can drive out so many fears surrounding birth and lead to an amazing experience no matter the circumstance you may find yourself in.
Are you ready to empower yourself and your birth partner for your birth? I may know a childbirth educator with a summer class coming up!'s me. the childbirth educator is me! 💁‍♀️📚
See event for details.

Most people have fears about birth.
Most of these fears stem from not being knowledgeable about birth.

The majority of information people have about birth come from movies and other people's birth experiences.

In order to tackle these fears you need to ask yourself what it is that you are really afraid of?

What about a homebirth scares you?
What is it about a natural birth that scares you?
What about your birth makes you full of fear?

Whatever it is that you fear, you need to educate yourself on it.

This is how you beat your fears. The more educated you become, the less fear you will have.

Take a birth class, read articles, read books, contact your HCP, doula, or midwife, and become educated instead of fearful.


As wraps up, I want to leave this infographic below to be shared. I am so grateful to be doing this work and it is such an honor to walk alongside families during such an intense and intimate time.
For those that I have served, THANK YOU for allowing me the privilege to get to know you, witness your journey, and hold space with you.

For those interested in my services, please reach out! Consults are always free. I will be posting my Spring/Summer availability later this week.


Update #3:
I am finished with recertification with Birth Boot Camp for the 2021-2022 year! Woohoo!
I am remaining up-to-date and will be offering childbirth classes and the "Siblings at Birth" class this year. Contact me for more info!
This also means that I am able to provide my updated proof of certification to our area birthing centers and hospitals that are only allowing certified doulas to attend births in their facilities.

Certified Friends of Breech Babies - Better Birth Blog 03/26/2021

Certified Friends of Breech Babies - Better Birth Blog

Update #2:
I have completed certification and have officially become a "Friend of Breech Babies" to expand my knowledge base for the families I serve!!! I am super excited about this and the support I can now confidently offer my current and future clients

Certified Friends of Breech Babies - Better Birth Blog Certified Friends of Breech Babies Certified Friends of Breech Babies Here is a list of professionals who support pregnancy and birth that are certified with Better Birth as Friends of Breech Babies. See anyone on this list for personalized, local help with a breech baby. California Estelle Ventura....


It has been such an exciting month! Since it is , what better time for me to give a little update on what has been going on with my doula work?!
First, I am so honored to be able to say that I was part of testimony at the Texas State Capitol in support of House Bill 158. Representative Shawn Thierry introduced this bill to allow Texas Medicaid to cover doula services and childbirth education for its participants!!! No matter your stance on the passage of this bill, we can all agree that it is SO EXCITING that the term "doula" is now being heard and defined in legislative committees. Maternal health is being addressed! I am hopeful that these acknowledgments and testimonies (backed by the scientific evidence) will broaden our reach and definition as essential birth professionals.
ALL women deserve support, empowerment, and advocacy in birth. Maternal health matters so much to our communities as a whole and Texas is finally taking some baby steps into the right direction. Hallelujah!

*stay tuned for update #2 in a following post!*


Austin, TX

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