Alyssa Nikole Photography

Alyssa Nikole Photography


Me han estado.llamando.mucho de este número q se le ofrece quienes son?????

I am a natural light wedding and portrait photographer based in Austin Texas. I believe everyone sho I'm a photographer in the Corpus Christi Area!

I love to challenge myself and I love to try new things! Contact me at 361-946-5604
[email protected]

Operating as usual


Happy Earth Day!! Probably my most favorite day of the year. This planet provides every single thing we need to survive and strive, taking care of her is like taking care of your mother or your home. Please please think hard about that. Caring for the planet that God provided for us is a better tradition than producing tons of waste.

So I’m sharing 5 tips to reduce your waste over on my stories!! If you have any questions about where I get things or what I use, please ask me!!


Heading to second shoot a wedding today with my girl @jessica_devoss but finishing up this wedding this weekend! They were such a joy to be around on this day can’t wait to share more.

I can’t wait to get it to you @justine.msalazar should have it by Sunday!! 🙌🏼


Kinda funny story behind these gorgeous invitations. When I asked my girl @hayoitsjen to create these I kinda forgot to mention it was for a same sex girl couple so the names were Ella & Samuel & I was honestly just gonna be cool with that but she suggested adding the “a” to the end to make it Samuela and I seriously love it so much! If that isn’t the most beautiful name you’ve ever heard then 🤷🏻‍♀️ lol

Shout out to that amazingly talented creative soul @hayoitsjen shes literally the best guys!! I truly believe invitations set the tone for your wedding, it’s like a little sneak peek into what your wedding vibe will be like, also who doesn’t love a beautiful suite in the mail?

Photographer: @alyssanikolephoto
Stationery: @hayoitsjen
Venue: @theevermorevenue
Event Design & Planning: @alexagenesisevents
Florals: @peonybliss
MUA: @makeupbymirandaeblakeman
Hair: @sarahbeehair
Dresses: @all.about.the.dress
Rental: @180rentalanddesign
Models: @schuylerwarnell & Raquel .
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I can’t believe I’ve been shooting weddings for over 7 years now. It never gets old, every single year I get the best clients and it feels like the first year all over again. Photographing families and friends celebrate love is the absolute best. I never forget how lucky I am.


Shot a different stock of film for this, one I don’t usually use and I am SO happy I did. Check out these colors!! ugh melt my heart ✨


Happy international women’s day!! Here is to us standing strong side by side, fearless, & motivated! #internationalwomensday


I’m so stoked for this wedding on Saturday!! Omg the cutest couple ever is getting married and I get to photograph it! Look how freaking adorable they are.
#corpuschristi #corpuschristiengagement #corpuschristiengagementphotographer #corpuschristiwedding #corpuschristiweddingphotographer


I legit just listed so many items for sale on FB marketplace bc I am READY for RV living and the minimalist life. So many items that once had value but honestly we don’t use at all anymore. I know other people could get some use out of them so that makes me happy. Also filled 3 bags to take to donate. Hallelujah.

Basically I’m as happy as Avie is in this photo! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Thanks for these memories @jennamcelroyphoto


Dreaming about this day with this set up and this cake. 😍 I loved everything about this gorgeous design.

Florals: @valerie.wolf


Hey! I’m still here and alive, I just unintentionally took a week off from posting bc I get super overwhelmed by constantly having to share. If you didn’t know already I’m a pretty introverted person so sharing about my life and even work is something that I have to constantly work thru and push myself to overcome.

Like with everything in life, this app comes with lots of pros and cons. Pros mostly outweigh the cons for me but sometimes I let the cons get to me and have to take a step back to really focus on what my main goals are.

I don’t know about you but it’s nice to admit that I’m not perfect, I’m not always 100% in all aspects of my life and honestly this app isn’t in my top 10 priorities but the people that I meet, and the conversations that I have through posting on here is what I stay for.

Love every single one of you. Remember life isn’t perfect, no one is. Behind these little squares are real people with all kinds of struggles. Those are the people that I connect with the most.



Another favorite double from this gorgeous engagement in Telluride from our trip last year. Btw this couple met us there, as in drove 20 hours from Corpus to for an engagement session, would have to say it was 10000% worth it!


So excited to have a weekend away with this guy! First time away from Avie so it’s a little bitter sweet but it was long over due. Sometimes you just need time to reset and love each other without the day to day distractions.

We are in Fredericksburg!! If anyone has any suggestions leave them below 👇🏼


Ahhh!! The day has come!! These two are featured over in style me pretty’s front page!! I am so happy to share these two with you guys bc their wedding was one for the books. I loved meeting these two and celebrating their life together!!

Head over to my link in bio to see this perfect day!

Thanks for all of the vendors that made this amazing day happen!!
Photography Alyssa Nikole Photography
Planning Eventives Destination Weddings
Venue Playa Fiesta @ Playa Fiesta


Boudoir Mini Session interest!
Hey guys!! I’ve been wanting to get a boudoir mini session day going for those of you who maybe have been wanting to get in a small session.
My idea is to rent out an Air Bnb or natural light studio for a full day, hire make up and hair stylist and have a group of girls hanging out all day with dranks, snacks & sweets. It will be a relaxing and easy day spent with each other, bring your sisters & your best friends! & we can make it a little party.
I will have a separate room where you can change and I can photograph you in private and after you can hang out again!
We all need a little pampering and girl time!!
Let me know if you are interested by dropping your email below and I will send you some info! I will only take a limiting number of people so first come basis.
More than likely take place on a weekend in Austin. If I have enough interest I will create a date and rent a spot!!
DM me for any questions✨ #ipreview via


These gorgeous colors dancing around together. This image I created is making me so happy, but that light is the real show stopper. Back lit from the left side as the sun was setting over the dunes plus the white sand acts as a reflector and creates this gorgeous soft light all around the frame. Mmm this is what I would call a yummy image.
Photography tip: Always looks for natural light reflectors, and use the sh*t outta them.


Ahh! It feels so good to get this wedding delivered 2 whole weeks ahead of schedule! 🙌🏼 why? Bc it’s one less thing to worry about, & I get this sense of calm and happiness knowing @ashley_q92 will be so excited!
I also have a really cool client gift in the works that I will be sending to all of my future brides that I am SO EXCITED to share, but for now just know it involves watercolor! 😍😍
Can you guess what I’ll be doing?

Photography @alyssanikolephoto
Floral @wbfloral
Venue @memorylaneeventcenter
MUA @jessicaroopatx
Bridal gown @serendipitybridalaustin
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Happy Valentine’s Day!! Spending the day tending to a sick toddler and loving every freaking second of it, bc I won’t take any of it for granted.
My dad has always said Valentine’s Day was stupid bc we should celebrate love every day. He’s right. Love hard every single day not just today.
Now it’s time to close this app for the rest of the day and be fully present for my sick toddler and baby daddy.

Photo by @jennamcelroyphoto


I’ll take both mountains and beach any day. When people ask “where would you rather live? Mountains or beach” like both bitch wtf 😂 I NEED both in my life okay?! Brb gonna go try to convince jc to move to Puerto Vallarta so I can be close to @eventivesdestinationweddings & drink margs on the beach all day.


Just throwing this out into the universe!! I shoot boudoirs ladies and I love them! Something about making women feel sexy is powerful and beautiful but most of vulnerable. Being vulnerable is the only way to meet your truth self. Working thru the fears you may have and realizing that the scarier something is, the more you need to do it. It’s scary for a reason, facing your fears will help you grow exponentially.
I’m working thru my own fears and learning to put my self and work out there more than ever bc I believe I can make a difference in peoples lives.


The sun danced around her belly like a warm blanket.

Craving simplicity in my life, I’ve been watching tidying up with Marie Kondo on repeat to inspire me to get all the clutter out! It’s just one step closer to our living tiny dream!


Before every engagement shoot I try to get to the location at least 30 min prior to the shoot even if I’ve been there multiple times before just so I can look around & find areas that I haven’t utilized yet. This is a perfect example of the gem I found at Mt Bonnell.

I love the contrast from the rocks and her dress. I love how he is gently guiding her down the rocky stairs making sure she’s safe always. It’s the moments in between that I love the most.
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Oh Avie, how you make us laugh. You are constantly keeping us on our toes. You love making faces with dada and cracking up when he copies you! You do this thing where you put your hands to your mouth and laugh like you can’t contain the excitement. It’s the sweetest thing in the world. I love you my little peanut.


Yoga before bed has become a nightly habit along with a homemade face wash, coconut oil pulling & reading a chapter in the current book (rn it’s the subtle art of not giving a a f**k) it’s basically my self care time. I have come to love it & I wanna add some more self care habits to the routine.

What’s your self care routine?


One of my favorite parts of the wedding day is the bridal party shots. Weddings are one of the only times you can bring all of your people together to celebrate you!! It’s so special to capture that for your future self. Loved how intimate these girls were and loved capturing their friendship!


Mel has the warmest, kindest, passionate hearts I have ever known. She has been thru hell and back & came out of it the most badass strong independent woman I have ever known. I am so honored to call this woman my friend and basically older sister. I love you Mel. I love that you found a love that I look up to. I am so happy that you are happy.


I’ll always remember the way your hand gently touches my back when we are standing together. The way you reach over and kiss my forehead soft and sweet. The way you reach down and whisper in my ear “I love you”


Shooting downtown puerto Vallarta is like being in the movie Coco but in real life the colors are so incredible. Can’t wait to go back to visit @eventivesdestinationweddings bc I miss her!! If you missed my stories she sent me a bottle of champagne to celebrate these two and their wedding getting a front page feature in Style Me Pretty. So thankful for opportunities to meet kind humans in this industry.


One of my favorite things about my job is that I often shoot in places that I love going to even when I’m not working. This state park is 15 min from me and we are there every chance we get. I’ve explored it, hiked it, swam it & got lost in it (literally lol @jc do you remember that?) so when I choose it for sessions I have specific spots in mind and this part did not disappoint. So freaking in love with this area & cant wait to utilize it more this year.


❤️ V A L E N T I N E ‘ S G I V E A W A Y ❤️

Yay! I love doing a giveaway. The way I show love is 💯 by gift giving. It’s my favorite EVER. And I thought how can I best serve people? Hmm giving away my talent for free sounds about up my alley. So here I am offering this amazing thing and I hope you know how excited I am to choose a winner and get the ball rolling on it! So y’all know the drill to enter...
1. Follow me @alyssanikolephoto
2. Tag someone you think would benefit from this amazing offer aka they are engaged (each comment is an entry)
3. Tell me your favorite color and ice cream! (This is crucial)
That’s it! Winner will be picked on Feb 3rd! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 #ipreview via


If you just started following me, you might not know that I am obsessed with double exposures. I shoot film so it’s very easy for me to get a double or even triple (haven’t been ballsy enough to try a triple yet) exposure and not know what the heck it’s gonna look like till you get your scans back & holy sh*t when I saw this my jaw dropped. It was exactly what I had imagined and hoped for. It is truly one of the most gorgeous photographs that I have ever taken.

@shelleyelena mentioned something this week in her stories about how it was so fun to see that thing that was going around about encouraging each other but she made a point that made so much sense.. she said we never stop to encourage and love our own work. & it’s seriously so true so in light of that I am gonna toot my own horn a little and say DAMN. This is a hard shot to get if you no nothing about double exposures so just so proud of myself for nailing this shot. 😂


“and I was born the moment I fell in love with the world because I knew somewhere, someone like you existed in it.” -r.m. drake


So thankful for humans that crave adventure as much as I do. Thankful that they hire me to capture their adventures & thankful I get to call this my job.

Hope everyone is mindful of the amazing people & opportunities in their lives today & everyday.

Do me a favor & name something you’re grateful for!


So trying to be fully transparent with you and wanted to do an update on whole 30. I am now on day 8. & if you do the math from my last post you know I *should* be on day 11 😂 okay so basically by day 3 of first trying whole 30 I woke up super nauseous and literally felt like I was detoxing from drugs. I craved pizza and something sweet and I could not get my mind off of it. It was literally like I was a junkie and couldn’t take it anymore. Soooo I ordered a pizza and a brownie and finished. It. All. Immediately after I felt sick to my stomach. I realized that the pizza and brownie gave me maybe .02 seconds of gratification and also was really disappointed with myself and started to realize I was using food as an emotional clutch for lots of things. So I started back up on Thursday fresh and here I am finished with one whole week.

I’m still craving sugar and grains but I ask myself this simple question, “Will you get any satisfaction from eating this food?” & usually the answer is maybe a little, but not much and then I’ll be left disappointed that I didn’t follow thru with what I set out to do.

Day 8 & I feel really tired, I have a constant headache from detoxing. I’m literally triggered every time I see desert or pizza. I had a dream last night that I was eating pizza and thought omg I ruined it I have to start all over and woke up and realized it was a dream 😂 but honestly my body feels good, I’m getting more done, & feel proud of myself for making it this far.

So basically I just wanted to say that yes I screwed up but I didn’t let that stop me. I just started over, & that’s okay. Giving myself grace this year.

Pre baby pic of me by @christinegosch


Something about carrying a baby inside you makes you feel the most empowered you’ve ever been. I remember it very clearly when I was pregnant with Avie.

I am so thankful that women chose me to capture this amazing time for them bc it’s so damn special. I can’t say that enough. I look back at pregnancy photos of myself and remember how much of a badass I was/am.

Hoping you feel the same way with these images @candace.renee.lopez bc you look like a QUEEN!! 😘😘




10801 Old Manchaca Rd Apt 706 78748
Austin, TX

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