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Y’all the new studio is up and running in 78753!! Reach out if you’d like to get on the schedule. $10 off your first sesh at the new space ✨ 🫖 🪴

My studio hours are staying roughly the same, but I’ve got a lot more wiggle room if we need to make any adjustments.


We said “byeeee!” to Pride Wellness’ location for the last year and a half yesterday. I’m so excited to show y’all the new - and hopefully permanent (I mean, I bought the building) - location! New pics coming sooooon.


Miss Agnes, massage dog and overall dreamboat, visited the studio yesterday 😍


Putting some early feelers out there - I’ll need a new massage space starting in October! If you know of any studios renting space, sweet little back houses that need hourly tenants, or even some sort of extravagant greenhouse-turned-meditation space that desperately needs to make up some cash for the exorbitant amount they spent on renovating an old greenhouse, please let me know!


We love you


New business headshot from the absolute treasure ! Her sessions are warm, supportive, and vvv fun.
Thanks Syd!!! 🍃 💕


Hi biscuits! New year, new rates to account for new dramatic rise in the cost of living/having a business in Austin, TX! Here are the new costs for massage services, starting January 1, 2022. Y’all are all the best and I love you ✨


Hey baby, here’s my first flow in our new little house! Today was all all all about hops and I feel reborn. Love you, drink some tea!


Hey baby, we played with pose today and that always gets me groanin’. Happy to wring out the body a bit!


Hey baby, we are back to wearing masks at ABP tomorrow, which I think is a v good idea, but i snuck in one more maskless yoga vid! Lots of hamstrings and lizards and asanas that make me feel like I’m getting the rust out of my joints.


Hey baby, it’s my birthday this weekend so I usually like to teach a bit more silly and flowy class to celebrate every year. Accordingly, this week’s Vinyasa 1 class had lots of balance asanas, core work, and Taylor Swift. ✨


Hey baby, started making a yoga video on the back porch of our lodge in the Ozarks, and then realized you couldn’t really see the mountains, and then realized you should probably ONLY be able to see the mountains. Love you!


Hey baby we are back!!! Today (as so many days are) is about glutes. Glutes and quads, really. Grounding stuff. I’ve really developed my love affair with Warrior 2 these past few months. It’s hard to imagine a vinyasa flow without one, bc the pose feels so powerful. Anyway hope your day was full of laughter and spilled Thai tea, as mine was.


Hey baby, it’s been a while since an ABP yoga vid!! Today’s vinyasa 1 class is themed around the solar plexus chakra, and our sense of self. Lots of flowing and then reversing. Also I just took a circuit class here and it absolutely kicked my ass so you can see my jello legs. Love it!


I’m teaching a free frozen banana themed yoga class today at 3:00 at Space24 twenty for 12th anniversary oh being the best frozen banana stand in the world!! Bring a mat and come enjoy the rare banana//yoga crossover puns.

Should I make this an NFT?


Due to v full books (thanks bbs!!) I’m only booking massage sessions for folks I know, or for folks who know other folks I know. Though I’m generally a big believer in “a stranger is only a friend you haven’t met yet”, it’s a big strange world out there and I gotta hold space for my folks, not some rando who texts me “hello I am Jason do you do full body massage?”


This is just a reminder that I’m a massage therapist, and maybe you need a massage soon. If so, reach out and let’s get you on the schedule. I know I need a massage soon. I have a little countdown running between my massages. Currently it’s at exactly 2 days and 23 hours and 7 minutes. My left shoulder is my main issue. Hopefully my therapist will conduct something just short of surgery on the tension in my traps. Love y’all!


Hey baby, here’s a lil crow-flow-run-through! The first sequence filmed at the new Pride Wellness location as well! Today’s flow was about opening the chest and warming the core in preparation for a crow hop along. Enjoy the balance and the falls, and do some nice twists soon! Also, make some espresso chocolate chunk cookies soon! 🍪


Hey baby, I know I’ve been away for a while, as I’m taking a break from YouTube yoga. Here’s a rough little flow centered around the throat chakra. Plenty of neck stretching and back bending, it really made me feel better after. Miss you, gorgeous!


Please consider continuing to donate to if you’ve got the means! I’ll be back sooooon! (And in a new shiny space!) ✨


Hey baby, the WiFi god wasn’t pleased with today’s flow. It was simultaneously rejected by the Phone Storage god, so I think we take that as a sign to continue flowing on our mats without guidance. Just link breath to movement and keep saying positive things about your self. I love you, I think you’re beautiful, you’re a gift.


Hey baby, tonight we just did our best to make our bodies feel better after a week of coooooold and hunching and shoveling and couching. Feeling grateful for our bodies and above freezing temperatures, and the ability to have multiple lights on at a time! Enjoy these twists, and . Love you loads.


Hey baby, welcome to another episode of ‘Watch Eat Dinner’. While he did that, we worked on strengthening our through lots of and . It was a good time and I’m glad you’re here for it, even in an Instagram capacity.


Hey baby, here’s a quick lil suns and moons flow for ya. My mind is tired and maybe it’s the week or my period or the car breaking down or the nightmares about my chickens dying, but I’m a littttttle low. But I love being able to do yoga with y’all. And just love y’all. FOREVER.


Hey baby, this flow was all about Warrior 3 and Kevin the Hell Cat . Enjoy the balance wobbles and stretch that butt (glutes)!!


Hey baby, we worked on strengthening our core and our old, withered backs today! But please just watch Capri hover around me like a sweet, sad little squeaking piglet.


Hey baby I didn’t mean for this camera to be so thigh heavy but you’re welcome all the same. Today was more of a Vinyasa 1, because I threw out my back last week baby and it was my first time and I was a delicate flower this week and I still want to be kind to my sweet lil back. What a fu***ng week. Hope this helps a bit. All donations heading over to Communities is Color United, per a recommendation I received after class. You can always submit a recommended organization for me to send our donations to!


Happy Winter Solstice, baby! Bundle up, gather some of your favorite consumables, leave your crystals on the front porch, and take some vitamin D. This dark season is for you!!


Hey baby, I hope you like dog snorts and Schitt’s Creek gabbing, cause that’s what we served up tonight. We played with for good measure, but mostly it was Dog Central. It’s a great life, yall. Also it was far too cold to teach outside so tonight’s class was “Baby It’s Cold Outside” which might be copyright infringement so I implore you not to publicize this too widely. It’s too risky. Love you. ⛄️


Hey baby tonight’s class was all about twisting. Sometimes twisting while sanding up, sometimes twisting while kneeling, and sometimes twisting while balancing on our hands in . All twists are good twists, that’s what I say. Love ya a lot, hope this helps wring out the body and loosen some stagnant thoughts from your sweet mind.


Hey baby, watch today’s YouTube vid if you want to see me fall over a lottttt. In this vinyasa flow, we played with lots of postures!! We also got a few hops in too. Roll out those calves and shins baby!!!


Hey baby, today we bumped our vinyasa 2 class to earlier in the day to aid in our eating schedule. You’ll see me accidentally say “f**k that guy” out loud and play with , but most importantly you’ll enjoy your practice with esteemed yoga model 💪 🦃 🍠


Hey baby, my shoulder hurt this week so last nights vinyasa 2 (ish) was really more about shoulder mobility so I could stretch that sucker out. We did a bit of and maybe some other things, but mostly we did that circle thing that makes my shoulders feel great. YOU’RE great! I hope your weekend looks bright and your shoulders move uninhibited.


Hey baby, I forgot to film today’s vinyasa 2 class, so you’ll have to settle for this semi-candid photo of me just casually brushing my hair back next to a palm. Today’s class was about shifting perspectives, and we got to face all edges of our mat and even get a lil upside down playing with and Hope you’re having a great evening and humming something sweet to yourself as you shower. 🚿


Hey baby, watch the sun set throughout this Vinyasa 2 class. We did a bunch of glutey/leggy work, and my shoulders and sides felt really lovely afterwards too. The HANDMADE WOODEN BLOCKS a la absolutely made this flow and I can not recommend them enough. Actually, I think that’s why my back feels so nice now. The blocks and Alex are indeed perfect things. The end bit of the video is me taking you up the backyard to put the chickens to bed, but you can’t really tell, it’s just kind of spooky looking. Anyway, you’re doing great. You made it to Thursday, baby! On THIS WEEK, of all weeks!! Absolute ledge. Love you very much. 💕


I’m super excited to be at my new space inside of ! It’s two doors down from and two doors down from , so it’s basically a dream come true. Book a session in November and get a $5 gift card to , a vegan coffee house and bakery! 💕✨ Looking forward to seeing y’all soon!


Hey baby, be careful because today’s Vinyasa 2 class was very spooky. We did 1000 backbends, all culminating in a fully flipped dog, and a walking a la The Exorcist. I hope this doesn’t keep you up at night. I won’t haunt you. 👻


Hey baby, check out and support Birth Wild Awake to provide financial assistance and affordable education for BIPOC to become doulas! Per the BWA website, systemic racism starts at birth. Also you can pick up this great tank top to further support the organization. Love you, keep hydrating.


Hey baby I’m grateful to know ya. Today was a short flow, just about a half hour, doing so many that I’m firmly out of breath at the end. Thanks for playing, I had a lot of fun with this one. Watch til the end of the YouTube video to see my reaction with Joey comes home with a case of barista grade soy milk.


Just here to say that I’m VERY IMPRESSED at YouTube’s capacity to auto-generate captions for my yoga vids, esp when I say things like “now the right shoulder smidges forward like the smidgiest of smudges”


Hey baby, this lunar cycle really got away from me. Happy full moon! Enjoy the and balance postures and endless prattling. 🌕 love you lots!

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Hey baby, here’s my first flow in our new little house! Today was all all all about hops and I feel reborn. Love you, dr...
Hey baby, we played with #rotatedhalfmoon pose today and that always gets me groanin’. Happy to wring out the body a bit...




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