Austin Mail Express

Austin Mail Express


I went to this store f or the first time after finding th em using Google search. I w as looking for a place to dona te my mother-in-law's cell phone since s he passed away a few weeks a go and this store came up. I w as happy to find out that th ey collect cell phones to donate to o ur troops. The staff at th is store is great. It w as nice to deal with the helpf ul people at this store. I high ly recommend this store and want to tha nk them for taking the time to do th is for our troops. Thank y ou Austin Mail Express!
So this is the box t he bracelet came back in! 😉 Than ks for your help and care sendi ng it to NY!!!💎💎💎
Hey Greg! How much would it co st to ship this? We're not pic ky about the destination 🤣
Greg is the man! Best custom er service in the world and he alwa ys makes me laugh!!

Austin Mail Express is the mo st comprehensive packing and shipping business y ou will ever use located in Aust in, Texas.

Operating as usual

Photos from Austin Mail Express's po st 04/14/2022

Framed Stretched canvas & wooden pane ls headed to a Austin client who ’s moved to California. We enjoy bei ng able to assist & help.

Photos from Austin Mail Express's po st 04/14/2022

Had the opportunity to send so me freight to a trade show goi ng to Boston, MA. Always go od to help out those who tru st in how freight shipments travel.

Photos from Austin Mail Express's po st 04/03/2022

Had an Awesome day today putti ng together this framed stretched canvas f or one of my local Austin artis ts. Thank-you Skele for allowing us to ca re of you.! This is h ow we do it!

Photos from Austin Mail Express's po st 02/20/2022

When you get a phone ask ed to help ship COVID tests to employe es. Step up & assist!

Photos from Austin Mail Express's po st 12/06/2021

This is what happens when a Commeric al client walks in late Sat. afterno on with(40) magazines that need to go to Austral ia & New Zealand…You work on Sund ay and have everything ready for
shipping on Mond ay!


If you haven’t already heard a ll the hype about how slow t he mail is going to be duri ng the holidays, I’m here to te ll you it’s no joke. Don’t wa it! Bring in your holiday packages a nd cards ASAP so your family a nd friends will receive them in ti me! Happy Holidays!


(500) Christmas Cards out the do or before the mailman arrives!


It’s that time again, Holiday Car ds will be leaving the store
Everyd ay through Dec.
Let the Good Time Ro ll!


Holiday Postage for 2021 has arriv ed! Available when you’re ready he re at the store!

Photos from Austin Mail Express's po st 11/14/2021

Custom boxes of Holly leaves th at have been doubled boxed with styrofoam-foam.They’ re headed to NY via Delta airlin es to be painted for a sh ow.


Check out this awesome art needi ng to be boxed & shipped f or local artist, Jeff Skele. Jeff sa ys having us to do his shippi ng & packaging allows him to concentra te on his artwork.


Elf on the Shelf 2021!


Getting ready to start Round 4 of E lf on the Shelf “2021”


Had our first wreath of t he season come through the store f or the Holidays, stay tuned!


Doing what we do when ask ed. We are now on Round Thr ee with Elf on the Shelf 20 21! Was told we Only have (1 50) to go!

Photos from Austin Mail Express's po st 10/09/2021

Had a Large shipment of E lf on the Shelf leave the sto re today. The Holidays are near by!


Started the week off with (2) separate shipments, one to NY & t he other is headed to Pharr, TX befo re heading into Mexico. Personal items f or a college student & two b ox fans for employees. That’s how we g et it done!

Photos from Austin Mail Express's po st 07/20/2021

Had an Austin small business (Turnab le) ask for help with fulfillment. We we re able to process & label (1 08) small parcels full of Corporate sw ag to their clientele. We Love bei ng able to assist.

Photos from Austin Mail Express's po st 07/02/2021

Had a wild day at t he store today!We were asked to fulfi ll a corporate swag shipment of 175 box es to be addressed, labeled and prepp ed for shipping to yes, 175 differe nt addresses. 😳 These are some of t he things we do @ Austin Ma il Express. This is just the beginni ng! Thank-you for allowing us to assi st, Planet Fitness!

Photos from Austin Mail Express's po st 06/23/2021

Had an awesome day at t he store working on packing and shippi ng works of art done by a loc al artist. Jeff does a marvelous j ob with his creations. He is o ne of many artists we assist he re at Austin Mail Express!

Photos from Austin Mail Express's po st 06/18/2021

We rocked it this morning getti ng freight ready to go out f or the carriers. These crates consist of t wo different apartments. It’s hard work b ut we enjoy the process of maki ng custom boxes & pallets for o ur clients! Freight comes in, Freight go es out. Repeat…More coming in on Frid ay.

Photos from Austin Mail Express's po st 06/11/2021

When you get a call aski ng for Help! They wanted us to b ox, pack and label so they cou ld have iPads shipped between there Franchi se locations. Success

Austin Mail Express 06/11/2021

Austin Mail Express

When you’ve been called and ask ed to help with a fulfillment j ob! We were asked to pack, pri nt & ship.

Austin Mail Express Austin Mail Express is the mo st comprehensive packing and shipping business y ou will ever use located in Aust in, Texas.

Photos from Austin Mail Express's po st 05/19/2021

We had the opportunity to b ox up this leather Kontiki sofa f or it’s journey to Los Angeles. Lo ve the challenges presented to us.


Had some households goods leave t he Austin area headed to NJ. We pick ed this up in the Circle C neighborho od.

Photos from Austin Mail Express's po st 05/04/2021

We love being asked to he lp a client with their fulfillment nee ds. Thank-you, Grace for allowing us t he opportunity to assist you with yo ur corporate gift boxes.

Photos from Austin Mail Express's po st 04/09/2021

Yesterday we had (2) very Lar ge pallets leave Austin going to F la. Here is how a custom (3) piece sectional sofa looks boxed & palletiz ed for freight.

Photos from Austin Mail Express's po st 04/09/2021

Had the honor this week to sh ip vinyl records, cd’s, cassettes, books & mu ch more for a Austin Rock lege nd who lives here in the ar ea. Thank-you Sharon & Joe for allowi ng us to help. Sony Music he re we come!

Photos from Austin Mail Express's po st 03/12/2021

Had a Large (154) package shipme nt leave the store today. Not f or the weary, All gift boxes to clien ts. Take a look at the pack ed boxes in boxes heading out. T he receipt is no joke.


Spent sometime this past week preppi ng for a large corporate mail-out. (1 70) packages head to there Corporate Franchi se stores.
Thank-you for allowing us to assi st.

Photos from Austin Mail Express's po st 01/26/2021

Our latest crazy custom built box !A Texas Longhorn Skull being shipped to Tenness ee. Thank-you Amanda & John


Very busy day at the sh op. Helped a regular get some of h er Amazon fulfillment out to her vend or thank-you Cherie for allowing us to he lp. My freight driver assisting.

Photos from Austin Mail Express's po st 12/14/2020

December is our busiest time of ye ar and we tend to work eve ry Sunday in order to get everythi ng done! Today we handled a ( 67) pkg. corporate mail-out. Boom! Head ed out Monday! Happy Holidays!

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