Spring Fling Music Festival at Giddy Ups

Spring Fling Music Festival at Giddy Ups


See ya tomorrow! Looking forward to it!
Great music- come join us

We are a Live music destination in South Austin Happy Hour 4-6pm Monday through Friday. "The Biggest Little Stage in South Austin". We are passionate about live music, we welcome good friends and good times.

Full Liquor bar, Ice Cold Beer, Wine. Special events, benefits, parties, cookoffs, shuffleboard tournaments. New look, non-smoking inside, game room and smoking on patio that has heat and air condition and there is also outside seating area and absolutely beautiful sunsets - come see on Giddy Ups acres behind the bar. Stop on by and make some friends for life.

Operating as usual

giddyups.com 09/20/2020

Welcome HOME Good Friends and Good Times

Oh yes, restaurants now have increased to 75% capacity with inside seating, but didn't they say inside space is highest risk to spread covid19?? With new restaurant license I have to apply & pay for in addition to my current license to re-open as a restaurant sure seems absurd. What is really behind this thinking that none of us know?? How does this make any sense??
Allows a person to buy a beer in my bar as long as they buy a taco from a food trailer too. This certainly seems to imply doing this will not spread covid19 ??? by the new approved reopening by Abbott- yet you can go to 75% capacity restaurant & you won't spread virus. Bars cannot re-open, but "they" are working on a plan was the closing statement by Abbott. Don't interpret me wrong, I do know covid19 is serious, I've lost 6 friends from 26-86 years in age.

Giddy Ups is a small live music-venue for 25 years. I'm not just a bar, I am a community of people helping people. As the very 1st live music venue in South Austin we are a place where upcoming musicians can get a start, and seasoned musicians can expand their audience to include South Austin. Every single event I have hosted all these years has been for charity, Ronald McDonald house, kids cancer camps, hounds for heroes, a variety of scholarships, Blue Santa, funds for medical expenses for numerous people, raised funds for families devastated by fire or floods, and more, a very long list. Thousands of dollars we've raised as a caring community- for a couple of decades now. Giddy Ups has been known as "the benefit queen of South Austin" and we are always willing to help. What I've paid out prior to 6 month shutdown:. $185,000 / year sales tax to the city of Austin/state of Texas; $188,000 / year wages to employees; $72,000 / year paid to Musicians. My employees are on unemployment, I am on unemployment, musicians are out of work.

My annual Spring Fling Music Festival hosted thousands of muscians over the past 14 years. You can see more information on Spring Fling Music Festival page to see videos & pictures of the wide variety of music that has graced "the biggest little stage in South Austin" - 5 days of music, a band every 45 minutes. A. Michael Uhlmann was the brainstorm working with me every year bringing this to Giddy Ups. John Conquest was with me also in starting this out. It is very sad that did not happen in March 2020 due to covid19. My website www.giddyups.com also has past event information and photos. All live music venues need financial help. I am a member since inception in April 2020 with this group NIVA National Independent Venue Association- bill has been sitting in Congress since June to be signed. For more on this Google NIVA or go to #saveourstages. City of Austin has not provided any measurable assistance to musicians or live music venues, some double talk placating the public. Created a fund 9/17/20, even named it SAVES but ZERO DOLLARS invested. Austin City is studying further, looking for "hidden" funds in budget, to be deposited. Many iconic venues have closed permanently, and more to follow if no financial assistance is made available to live music venues. Tourism in Austin has been built on the backs of Musicians.

Legion, VFW, they are communities of veterans caring for for fellow veterans, and they are targeted as "a bar" and cannot open. And I'll add they are rarely at 50% capacity at any given time.

To be categorised as "a bar" and targeted as we have been due to covid19, and mandated to be shutdown is an insult, especially if being lumped in with downtown 6th street & Rainy St. bars. But, restaurants with a bar have been open for months doing better than ever with "bars" completely shutdown effective on 3/16/20. Hell I still have St Patrick's day decorations up in my empty bar. πŸ€πŸŒ»πŸ’”

giddyups.com Join us for a drink! Catch a great show of live music.


Austin Texas Musicians

This morning many of our musician members are speaking at the Austin City Council meeting to call on our city leaders to immediately establish a live music venue preserveration fund (MVP). Here are the remarks made our ATXM President, Nakia. Please contact your own council member and Austin Mayor Steve Adler today to demand they do the right thing and #SaveOurStages now.
#ATXMusicians #ATXMVotes

This morning many of our musician members are speaking at the Austin City Council meeting to call on our city leaders to immediately establish a live music venue preserveration fund (MVP). Here are the remarks made our ATXM President, Nakia. Please contact your own council member and Austin Mayor Steve Adler today to demand they do the right thing and #SaveOurStages now.

#ATXMusicians #ATXMVotes


Giddy Ups

As a community we need to unite to take care of our community. Music lovers, muscians, live music 🎢🎡🎀 venues, fans of favorite muscians. We are a large community and we need to come together to help all of us individually. Please take the less than a minute of your time and complete & sign save our stages. You make a difference for all of us. Thank you - Nancy πŸŒ»πŸ€πŸ’—


[03/15/20]   Instead of our weekly update what will be happening at the β€œBiggest Little Stage In Austin” I have to inform you that not only is our 13th annual Spring Fling Music Festival (3/18 - 3/22) canceled, but we will also not have any music or any events at the bar for the foreseeable future. We will keep you updated on an ongoing basis and reevaluate the then-current conditions and will proceed accordingly.

The health and safety of our patrons and the performing musicians including all their extended families, as well as that of our staff, is our primary concern. The current situation is out of hand and it is up to us with that little step to move forward in the right direction trying to contain the virus and to reduce the risk of contamination.

But we do think that the bar should be open in its function as a neighborhood bar to make it possible to flee the claustrophobia of home, to come and ask for help if needed or to simply have a drink or a beer on your way home from work. All my Ex's with Ryan fabulous food is open too.

We hope you will understand and support us in our decision to locally limit the impact of the current health crisis.

Be safe and stay healthy

Nancy M. Morgan & Staff


[02/25/20]   We're getting close to our annual kick-off of Spring Fling Music Festival at Giddy Ups - Wednesday March 18th thru Sunday March 22nd - will be posting lineup soon - stay tuned 🌻

mmm-musig-musik-musique-musica-music.blogspot.com 02/09/2020

"Deciphering Dreams" - Amanda Shires Surprises

Spring Fling Musc Festival alum, Amanda Shires tries to "Deciphering Dreams" on her new single from a yet to be named sixth album. Apart from her own compositions, we will always cherish her impromptu rendition of the Sonny Curtis song "I Fought The Law," which among many others was a big hit for the Bobby Fuller Four.

mmm-musig-musik-musique-musica-music.blogspot.com Music in general, News, Happenings, Portraits, Reviews


Thank you, David Olney, for inspiring us during your many visits to the Spring Fling Music Festival and sharing your craft with us. Not only did you tell us stories and mesmerized us with your playing, but often you personified these main characters of your stories - it didn't matter if it was a prostitute from WW1, a magician, a philosopher or a lover - but you were always believable when you invited us on your musical journeys.
Our thoughts also go out to your family and friends and especially to your right-hand business compadre Mary Sack
with whom we just talked last week.
Rest in peace!


INDOLORE - The Way She Lets Her Hair Down

Former Spring Fling Music Festival 2016 artist, Indolore from France released a new beautiful, dreamy video right after Christmas - "The Way She Lets Her Hair Down."

I went to Berlin and I fell in love... 5 year anniversary πŸŽ‰ of my debut EP "Positive Girls" http://po.st/PositiveGirls // Video directed by Laura Martinova /...


The booking for the 13th inauguration of the Spring Fling Music Festival at Giddy Ups, our annual musical showcase festival, is now open.

Contact us by email at springflingmusicfestival at gmail.com if you would like to showcase you or your band for 45 minutes during the SFMF, running from the 18th to the 22nd of March.
Showcases are unpaid, full backline and soundman at the venue.

[05/03/19]   Chuck Hawthorne, who for the last years always played the Spring Fling Music Festival, has a first single "Such Is Life (C'est La Vie)" from his forthcoming, Walt Wilkins-produced album out and would like everybody to go listen to the new song on one of the streaming services, with an emphasis for Spotify.

Said Chuck: "The bigger splash we make, especially on Spotify, the better chance we have of getting on playlists that will take this music to a wider audience."

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2Y3Pw50
iTunes & Apple Music: https://apple.co/2GRM8TW
Amazon Music: https://amzn.to/2H0zymO


Austin Blues Society

Attention all Austin-area blues fans... A customized white Fender Telecaster Deluxe with handmade maple neck and elk bone nut belonging to master bluesman Matthew Robinson was stolen from him this week. Photos are below. A gear case containing a variety of harmonicas belonging to David Shrum was also taken in the same robbery. Please keep your eyes and ears open for these items and contact Skye N. Downing or David V Shrum with any information. Thank you!!

[04/06/19]   What a great 5 days of music

[03/21/19]   Fabulous music

rollingstone.com 03/20/2019

SXSW 2019: 30 Best Artists We Saw in Austin

Great to see that Joshua Ray Walker, who played on Sunday at the Spring Fling Music Festival at Giddy Ups made the "30 Best Artists We Saw"-list in Rolling Stone magazine.


store.cdbaby.com 03/17/2019

β™« Western & Country - Dennis Jay. Listen @cdbaby

One of the subgenres in country music, Western had at one point during the heyday of the TV cowboys in the 30's a more prominent role and lent its name to the duality of Country & Western. With the change of landscape and gentrification, the demise of the real cowboys almost make them an endangered species.

Add Dennis Jay to a list of singers and writers like Tom Russell, Ian Tyson, Don Edwards or Michael Martin Murphy who still keep the storytelling of the West alive. Living on a ranch "South of Seguin" in LaVernia, he actually lives the life, he's singing about. His album "Western & Country" produced by Lloyd Maines, contains gorgeous originals and a cover of an old British tune adapted to the US as "Streets Of Laredo."


store.cdbaby.com Click to listen at CDBaby

[03/17/19]   Zach Talbert is an upcoming singer/songwriter from the San Antonio area, who soon will be in the studio to record his first single "100 Dollar Bill." With a distinctive, pleasing voice and very promising originals, you should write his name down to see him emerge into the Texas scene. "Fade Away" another original as well as the John Prine cover "Hello In There" rounded out a promising set.


The High Cost of Living Strange, by Ben de la Cour

Touring behind "THE HIGH COST OF LIVING STRANGE," is a title that pretty much describes Ben de la Cour's life so far: Highschool Dropout, boxer in Havanna and now a gifted singer/songwriter based in East Nashville. Life experiences and observations pretty much write the storylines, be it the very descriptive "Uncle Boudreaux Went to Texas" or the show-ender "Guy Clark's Fiddle" from the above-mentioned album. A raucous song about a bar called "Basin Lounge" will be on his forthcoming album.

You should get acquainted with his stories: https://bendelacour.bandcamp.com/

8 track album

medicinehatmusic.net 03/17/2019

Medicine Hat - Store

Year 3 in a row for Robert & Michelle aka the core of "Medicine Hat." Their trip from California to the other March Madness also has a second purpose, after playing several shows all over town this week including the Spring Fling Music Festival at Giddy Ups and Moontower, they will go into a local Austin studio to record a new six-song EP, scheduled to be released later this year.


[03/17/19]   Tommy Moore opens his shows with his version of Hayes Carll and Ray Wylie Hubbard's "Drunken Poet's Dream." and gathering from his own originals like the hilarious "First Things First", "Jenny" for his fiancee or the immigration song "Maria" is heavily influenced by both these Texas song stalwarts.
It's great to see how this young artist has matured over the years, gained a lot of stage presence and sass and is bound like his above heroes to leave his name.

jennyvanwestmusic.com 03/16/2019

Jenny Van West

Even though her grandpa hailed from Texas, it was public radio station WAMU in the Washington DC area, that inspired Jenny Van West with a variety of folk, country and western swing and led her to become a devotee of the music Bob Wills popularized. Like so many musicians playing the Spring Fling Music Festival, she made her trip to Austin, not only to perform and cater to the public and her fans but to also socialize and network among her brethren.
Talking about the songwriting process there is a common understanding that these stories often come across as mini-movies. Her current album "HAPPINESS TO BURN" is therefore full of the cinemascope experience.

jennyvanwestmusic.com Jenny's tour dates 2018-19 Β 

store.cdbaby.com 03/16/2019

β™« The Spark - Josephine Johnson. Listen @cdbaby

As a two-year-old Josephine Johnson tried to get that swing set going, and not understanding how to make it swing, she started singing Jackie Wilson's "Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher and Higher," resulting in the fact that music was always part of her life. She stayed true to "Three Chords & The Truth" compositions and became her own artist. Currently touring behind her 2018 release "THE SPARK" she presents her compositions not only with a guitar but also with a very unique use of the Ukulele. Her version of "Take This Job And Shove It" is called "Reclaiming My Time" and that seems quite a cool motto these days.


store.cdbaby.com Click to listen at CDBaby

store.cdbaby.com 03/16/2019

β™« Meteor - Melissa Ruth. Listen @cdbaby

Sometimes reality hits you like a meteor if "METEOR" is an album, actually a brand-new release by Melissa Ruth, reality is set in a bluesy lounge, with fake leather chairs and light strings strung around the stage. Even though based in Oregon, Melissa and her husband Johnny have a Third Coast aspect to their music, incorporating Texas as well as neighboring state Louisiana ("Broken Heart".) Sometimes a "Sugar Pill" doesn't work and you're more inclined to order a cold one by hollering "Hey Mr. Bartender." They finished a relaxing smooth set with the only cover song, a goosebump-inducing version of Guy Clark's "Dublin Blues."
They will have an encore performance at Moontower Saloon tomorrow afternoon at 2 pm.

store.cdbaby.com Click to listen at CDBaby

[03/16/19]   "Let's start the day with a Gospel song," J.R. Rose quipped and went straight into "Amazing Grace" after that it was more secular Honky Tonk fare with songs about love being right ("Virginia") and gone wrong ("Teach My Heart To Say Goodbye," "Your Picture"). The only other cover was Loretta's "You Ain't Woman Enough (To Take My Man)." A great way to start day 4 of the Spring Fling Music Festival.

osogfamily.com 03/16/2019


OSOG - ברוכים הבאים לטקבב
OSOG aka On Shoulders Of Giants aren't your typical Americana band - a) they hail from Israel, b) they incorporate Jewish and Arab influences and serve the whole thing with punk energy into your face. Not afraid to put a dose of Klezmer, Rockabilly, Brit Pop "Keep Calm (He's Dead)" into their mix, they appeal to a wide audience with some of the sound familiarities.

Ukulele, Fiddle, and Harmonica are used as lead instruments - and even though an octet - they never get lost in the whole mix. "Wake Up In A Jacuzzi" - is a fun novelty song about getting wasted.

This band is ready to hit the big festival circle this year and their approach is universal. Shalom.

http://osogfamily.com/ - Thanks Craig Grossman for turning us on to these Giants!

osogfamily.com OSOG Official Band Website

williammatheny.bigcartel.com 03/16/2019


William Matheny not only brought his new single "Christian Name" but compared to years previous a more twangy version of his alt-country Americana sound, even tipping the hat to Hank Williams ("Your Cheatin' Heart.") Sometimes he actually evoked sounding somewhere between Jason Ringenberg from the Scorchers and Ryan Adams.
As the latter is understandably out of favor with the public you should check out Matheny and re-arrange your record collection.


[03/16/19]   The first part of groovy Friday's evening was dedicated to the Blues.

Kevin Cheney and his Austones started with a set including the Delbert McClinton hit "Whenever I Roll The Dice" as well as the 1957 classic by Muddy Waters "Mojo Working." Be it on the harmonica or on the flute Kevin knows how to entertain the crowd.

Ulrich Ellison, "best guitar player of the year winner" in the Austin Chronicle Poll some years ago, and his Tribe offered an international set with guest star Marie Chain from Berlin, Germany. "Machete" played with a fiddle bow on the electric guitar from his album "Synergy" stood out and for the last three songs of his showcase powerful soul/R&B vocalist Marie Chain crooned songs from her album "CHAINGE."

The electrifying Kathy from the Kilowatts took us back into the more traditional realm of the Blues adding a nice touch with upright-bass player Dylan Cavaliere. Several songs from her current album "PREMONITION OF LOVE" including the title track kept the people not only listening but also "swing a leg."

Spring Fling Music Festival

The Festival
The Spring Fling Music Festival is celebrating its 12th inauguration this year, the eleventh as a multi-day festival. What originally started as a party at a private house in the ’90s became a public event, featuring independent artists over a multi-day period. Our mission is to give the most exposure to musicians and bands that venture to Austin in March, for the musical madness.

Please make sure to tip the bands generously, to buy their merchandise and to spread the word. In these days where corporate media hardly ever feature independent artists, it is important that we share the talent of all these artists that make the world of music better day by day.

If you would like to connect with the venue, visit our website (Giddy Ups): www.giddyups.com or our FB page www.facebook.com/GiddyUps2000

The Spring Fling Music Festival does not only offer free parking and regular prices during the festivities, but is also known for its gorgeous sunsets in the back, an intimate listening experience, and a friendly atmosphere.

Happy Hour 4-7 pm Monday through Friday.

The Venue:
β€œThe Biggest Little Stage in South Austin". We are passionate about live music, we welcome good friends and good times. Full Liquor bar, Ice Cold Beer, Wine. Special events, benefits, parties, cook-offs, shuffleboard tournaments. New look, non-smoking inside, game room and smoking on the patio that has heat and air condition and there is also outside seating area and absolutely beautiful sunsets - come see on Giddy Ups acres behind the bar. Stop on by and make some friends for life.




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