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Right now..

It’s all about Pleasure

I don’t want to call you out but have you stopped to smell the roses lately? Literally? Figuratively? It’s time. Maybe even pick a few for your dining table while you’re at it. There are plenty to go around. Spring is prolific. A jaw dropping reminder of how abundant & luxurious this world is.

Let’s revel in it.
Ta**us wants you to. While it is a sign that might be better known for its stubbornness it is also comfortingly grounded, very loyal, highly sensual & knows a thing or two about pleasure. About warmth, comfort, security & home.
If Ta**us has a mantra it’s something along the lines of
“I am worthy of abundance in all forms”
Let's say it together...
“I am worthy of abundance in all forms!"

That felt good.
Now, Speaking of abundance...

Our Top Picks For

For more ideas on exploring your personal pleasure - check out our website or come visit us in the store

Wednesday - Saturday
Noon - 6pm.

As always - much love from all of us here at the Herb Bar
What exactly are we celebrating with this lunation?

The full moon in Libra rises this coming Saturday & we will be having a little celebration at the shop with lots of things on sale, a raffle, tarot readings in the yard & refreshements by Blenders & Bowls + Rebel Cheese! It’s happening all day long Noon - 6pm & we hope to see you there! But what exactly are we celebrating with this lunation?

With the Sun in Aries & the Moon in Libra on the heels of the great Jupiter-Neptune conjunction that took place yesterday & oh yeah - eclipse season is looming at the end of the month.. I’d say we are celebrating the fact that everything is changing! Things sure are shifting around the shop & most definitely in the world at large. We are living in a powerful time of growth & expansion, so… Who’s ready to have a say in how this shift is going to go down?

Change gets a bad wrap for being scary but maybe that is an outdated idea that can be released with this moon. While we are at it maybe we can let go of the word “opposing” when we are talking about full moon cycles? It sounds so confrontational - which clashing does happen but right now it feels that Aries & Libra are facing each other. Allowing themselves to be seen. Coming together. Being the example. Aries is a cardinal Fire sign ruled by Mars (speaking to our identity) & Libra, a cardinal Air sign ruled by Venus (the planet of relationships) - I think that this moment wants us to recognize that without air - there is no fire. A wildly important element whose discovery changed the power dynamics for human beings on this planet. It’s clear - we have to come together. Our current power dynamics are up for review. Together we can heal, realize our potential, know our power & create the harmony we crave.

THAT is change we can be excited about!

It all starts with ourselves though. Let’s allow this moon to shine a light on our personal power & get clear on anything that has kept us from fully expressing it in big, beautiful, caring & creative ways. Let’s ask our selves - in what ways do I honor this inner flame? Have I allowed myself to fully see it’s value in this world? Let’s take a closer look at how we show up in relationships too & anything that may be keeping us from each other & the beauty our connection brings to everything.

Looking for something to add to your moon ritual?

We are so grateful for all of you & so very excited for
what’s ahead. We hope to see you under the full moon
on Saturday! Until then…
Much Love 🌿The Herb Bar
Making loads of our new Full Moon Incense blend in preparation for the party next week. That’s right - incase you haven’t heard - we are having full moon party/sale on Saturday, April 16th from Noon - 6pm🌿 swing by and see what’s changing around here! We’re raffling off some gift cards, goodie bags, an herbal consult and an Akashic records reading. We will have snacks by + .cheese and you can get a tarot reading while you’re here and pick up everything you need for your full moon ritual✨🌕✨ we hope to see you all there🙏🌿
We are beyond thrilled to have Caroline Riley’s .earth.botanicals on our shelves! Mutable Earth supports community access to local, organic, herbal medicines cultivated & prepared on site at the Whole Life Center in South Austin. Caroline Riley, founded & created the apothecary in 2018 after 6 years of transforming a pasture into a forest garden full of food & medicinal plants.
Her extracts are prepared in the Alchemical way of Spagyrics. Each plant is harvested at an optimal time & prepared in a way that creates the most potent medicinal that works with the Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit. Swing by our Herb room to see her products featured in our Local section. Whether you’re looking for something to relieve you during your cycle, support you in stressful moments or aid you in shadow work - we have that! And.. a little something to spruce up your altar too. All locally & lovingly made here in Austin, Tx🌿✨ 🌿🤘
Hello Lovelies! Would you like to join our team? We currently have one position open. We are looking for someone who is friendly, informed, teachable & passionate. If you are these things & interested in the position (or know someone else who might be) please send your resume to [email protected] 🖤🙏🌿IMPORTANT NOTE: The person who manages our social media does not have anything to do with the hiring process so please do not DM about the position.
a pretty big deal.

It will be a dark night so let’s light a candle (or ten) & get down to business, shall we?

The first new moon of the astrological new year is a pretty big deal & that is the message here. It wants you to know that you too are a pretty big deal… & it is high time you start acting like it.

This lunation is rising in the sign of Aries, the warrior. Confident, driven, brave, competitive, rebellious & at times… a bit selfish. This is exactly the energy we need right now. Evolutionary tides are rolling in. A shift in consciousness is building. It’s time to create new social structures. To change the game. In order to have a hand in it we are all going to have to realize our strength & get out of our own way.

The Sun, this new Moon & Mercury are all conjunct to Chiron at this time. Providing us greater clarity on what we need to heal from our past in order to not just simply move forward but to grow - forward. This healing work, these big beautiful dreams, ourselves… they are top priority right now. It is time for discipline & focus.
It is easy, maybe even natural for me to become distracted by the needs & wants of others. To see selfishness as a negative trait.. so today the question I pose to myself & the community here is -

Are you brave enough to choose yourself?

The warrior is.

Take some time this evening, by candle light to honor the fiery sign of Aries & revisit your vision boards, passion projects & bucket lists. The time to tackle them has come. Get clear & be honest about the ways you have self sabotaged in the past. Do you run when it’s just getting good? Know your patterns. Acknowledge the disappointment & forgive yourself. This is bravery.
This is the path forward.

The energy of the new moon can last for a few days. Emotions may run high but keep in mind, you are not alone. This is a collective experience. Swing by the shop or visit us online for supplies to support you as you come to see how big of a deal you really are.

For that inner fire…

As always - much love & gratitude from all of us here at the Herb Bar.
We see you & we believe in you!
Mark your calendars because we are having a massive sale! Come by the shop on April 16th to celebrate the full moon, snag some deals, win some prizes & enjoy some refreshments! Many things will be marked down from teapots to tarot decks, jewelry, body care & more. PLUS we are selling off some display items so - MAKERS - we are looking at you! Come get some stuff to zhuzh up your booth! 🙌✨ spread the word & bring a friend🌿 We can’t wait to 👁 you
Oh spring.. you are just so stunning. This is the peach tree that grows behind the shop. It’s primping and getting ready for summer. Once things are blistering - peaches will be there to cool us down. Both physically and emotionally. 🍑🌿👌 the squirrels usually beat us to the fruit but the leaves make for a great tea or healing/cooling salve. What is your favorite peach treat?
Late nights, street food, drink specials, loads of people, tons of walking.. to really show up & be present for SXSX we gotta look after our physical & energetic bodies.
Here’s a little peak at what we will be carrying while we’re out & about. Not so much of a survival kit really.. more like tools to thrive by🤘🌿Swing by & see us to get yours WED - SAT 12-6 🌿🤘or 24/7 @
🌿Savings for our friends far & away (& for those who don’t want to brave SXSW traffic) ✨All online orders of $50 or more ship for free now✨🤘
Let the sunshine in

Yay for longer (warmer) days ahead AND lower shipping rates! To celebrate the shift we are now offering FREE shipping on all orders over $50 when you shop online. Raise your hand if you are excited for sun tea!

Magically Austin since 1986

We provide a variety of products to the community including essential oils, flower essences, body care, hundreds of herbs and tea making supplies. Our tiny, ivy covered building has an immense amount of beautiful gift items and health products, in the form of extracts, supplements and essences.

Is your Circadian Rhythm off-beat? 08/22/2023

Are you having an easier time Snoozing in the morning than you are at night?

Many of us are struggling to switch up our circadian rhythm now that school is back in session. It does not help that the sun is still hanging out late while we need to be turning in early so we can get the kiddos or ourselves off to school in the morning. Rather than turning to another cup of coffee, let's see if we can help you

Getting natural light early in the morning & staying off of our phones in the evening can help reset your rhythm, but if you need some extra support, there are herbs for that!

Here are some of our favorite sleep aids on the market. They are natural, they are not addictive & some of them are quite dreamy..

May you sleep like a baby & wake up effortlessly!
Check out the rest of our sleep aids ( online or swing by the shop & let us help you find what will work best for you & yours.

All the gratitude.
Have a beautiful day!
The Herb Bar Staff

Is your Circadian Rhythm off-beat? Click here for an update from The Herb Bar!

New Moon in Leo 08/15/2023

You are undeniable

What is ready to shine in your life?

Leo is a sign ruled by the sun & if you have been outside at all in the past several months you may be thinking "If we could not talk about the sun, that would be great.." but this is the energy right now! The sun is extra! It has gone into its Undeniable Era & there is no going back. Just a few degrees away, the moon is new in Leo on Wednesday. The sky will be dark & begging to know, what is ready to shine in our lives? Time to get real about our desires. Sidelining our ambitions is done. There is energy & courage to be found in this moment that can help us arrive on the other side of our insecurities & self-doubt

This lunar phase empowers us to seize the moment, rekindling our passions & expressing our uniqueness without the fear of rejection.

As we set courageous intentions that align with this moon, let's remember to also set an intention to follow through with them! This lunar phase is a call to action & commitment... call it follow through or true grit, this is where the real magic happens.

Let's pause & enjoy this New Moon. Taking a moment to embody the fiery energy of Leo, allowing its confidence & courage to guide our hearts as we embark on projects, chase dreams, & live authentically. ALL without giving a second thought as to what anyone else thinks about it.

To new beginnings!
From all of us here at The Herb we will it, so mote it be!

P.S. Don't forget that this energy lingers. You have a few days before & after to enjoy & work with it.

New Moon in Leo Click here for an update from The Herb Bar!

Leo Season, Signature Scents AND… 07/24/2023

Save 10% while you restock your apothecary

Leo season always comes in hot but this year is extra! Rather than complaining we are reading these temps as an invitation to match the energy. Check out our top picks ( for aligning with the zodiacs most confident sign. Sunny herbs, empowering stones, books & decks to stoke your inner fire & much more.

Don’t forget! We are offering 10% off ALL online herb sales ( until Midnight tonight! This includes shipping & pickup orders. Just use the code MOREHERBS23 at check out. Psst! If you experienced issues with the code, we assure you that it has been fixed.

Final Note: We have a few spots left for our
Botanical Perfume Composition Class ( with Crystal Davidson of Libertine. Students will leave with their own hand crafted signature scent.. and if that’s not the exact kind of luxury that Leo Season wants for you, then we don’t know what is.

Let’s close things out with some inspiring words by one of the worlds most famous Leo’s..

“I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art.” - Madonna

As always, thank you for being here & for allowing us to serve you. This community means everything to us! Until we see you again - stay cool, stay hydrated & don’t forget to breathe!

Gratitude & deep belly breaths,
- The Herb Bar Staff

Leo Season, Signature Scents AND… Click here for an update from The Herb Bar!

Exploring the Cancer New Moon 07/14/2023

Home, Emotions, & Inner Strength

On Monday, July 17th, the Moon is coming home.
This powerful New Moon in Cancer will brings with it a sense of rebirth. Coinciding with the shifting of the Lunar Nodes, this alignment indicates a time of significant change & growth in our lives. Under the influence of the Cancer New Moon, we are likely to encounter opportunities that align us with our sense of purpose. It is crucial to pay attention to our emotions during this time. Cancer has an impressive emotional capacity. That is to say, this new moon could feel a little overwhelming for some of us, but don’t fear! This water energy will not wash you away. In fact if you find yourself in a turbulent tide, be patient. You may find that it calms into the stream that carries you exactly where you have always longed to be.

This New Moon invites us to set our intentions around what makes us feel secure & emotionally fulfilled. During this phase, it is essential to embrace & explore our deepest emotions, even those that could be associated with painful childhood memories or issues surrounding our relationship with our mother. This introspection can help us find balance, heal wounds, & establish a sense of comfort
& security within ourselves. Home.

The beauty of Cancerian energy is that of the Divine Mother. Caring & nurturing. It has the power to provide us with the comfort & stability we seek, while allowing us to venture into the world around us with confidence & a true sense
of belonging.

Time to embrace the Divine Mother within.
We are being reminded that when we fully embrace these seemingly softer energies we find that they quickly transform into bravery, confidence, & inner strength

In addition to the Cancer New Moon, the skies reveal more celestial magic that will certainly influence this lunar phase. Pluto, the planet of death & rebirth, is retrograde & encouraging us to reflect on events & emotional themes that have been unfolding since October of last year. This retrospection provides us an opportunity to release, heal, & gain greater awareness of our emotional journey.

Venus, the Goddess of love, beauty, & money, is approaching its retrograde phase (officially on July 22) & we may already be feeling it during the New Moon. This Venus retrograde in Leo, could have us noticing that our decisions & attitudes regarding love & money have become more ego-centric than we would like to admit. Take what comes up for you during this New Moon around security & emotional fulfillment & use it as a guide post during this retrograde.

With the convergence of these energetic dynamics, the Cancer New Moon may be.. memorable, to say the least. But it’ll be ok. Be mindful of the emotions you hold onto & the company you keep during this time. Practice self-care, embrace the waves, & nourish yourself in ways that only you know how to.

Happy New Moon! Let’s the transformation begin!

Our picks for working with the energy of

the Cancer New Moon

Exploring the Cancer New Moon Click here for an update from The Herb Bar!

Embracing the Sun 06/13/2023

Here in the heart of Texas

we are doing what
we do best..

Being hot hot hot.
We mean that quite literally. First of all, we are a great looking bunch & then of course we are looking at a forecast that soars over 100 degrees, day after day.

For those of you who are new to Central Texas, Welcome! This is our sweatiest season. It can be very challenging but we are about to spill some refreshing tea & throw some much needed shade that can help you get through the triple digit temps with grace.

Before we get into that, let’s talk mindset. It is the key to all things & we can transform it with the words we choose. So, let's try something together. Instead of talking about the extremes of Summer in a way that describes an oven (or the apocalypse) let’s try to lighten up our vocabulary in the direction of something we would like to experience. Maybe “Sweltering” becomes “Tropical”? Perhaps “Humid’ is better off as “Sultry?” What if we turned “Blistering” into “Spicy?”
It’s worth a shot, right?

Seriously, the first person who walks into the shop & says “It is spicy out there!” get’s a full bag of tea on the house. Sippers choice.

Speaking of tea… let the sun in!
That’s right, it is Sun Tea Time. Might as well make this heat work for you, right?
All you need is a glass container with a lid, your tea of choice & a sunny spot.
Simply fill your container with tea and water, then put it out in the sun. You can use 8 tsp of tea per gallon OR if your container is small, like a mason jar, you can make a tea concentrate. As you serve it you would dilute it with more water. Important Note* Leaving your tea out in the sun for more than 3-4 hours is likely to result in bitter tea, so don’t let it linger too long, unless you dig bitter then, you do you!

Here are our favorite teas to brew

in the sun!

If the heat is a call that is coming from inside the house.. we have something for that!

Embracing the Sun Click here for an update from The Herb Bar!

Full Moon in Sagittarius 06/03/2023

A Higher Unification of All Energies

With the Moon in fiery Sagittarius reflecting the light of the Sun as it shines on in airy Gemini, we are called to seek higher truths as we examine & embrace our duality.

We all have many sides, speeds, facets, charms & faults. You name it, we are many lovely & challenging things. This comes to the surface with Gemini energy, as it is represented by the Twins in the zodiac & The Lovers in the Tarot. If we look to Sagittarius in the Tarot we find it is represented by the Temperance card, whose guidance for us is to bring opposing forces to balance or unify all the energies.

Our egos like to cultivate persona’s that highlight our better bits & hide away the seemingly less desirable parts. But maybe this Full Moon is here to say we can be done with that. Perhaps the real adventure begins when we can own & appreciate every facet of ourselves.

We may also find that we are challenged during this time to find the balance between overthinking & being far too impulsive. The scene is set for it as Gemini can get stuck in it’s head & Sagittarius is well known for it’s spontaneity.

We could also experience some big perspective shifts that can broaden our minds & our circumstances forever. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, which is currently in Ta**us, so have a look at your chart to get an idea of what part of your life Jupiter is blessing right now. Sometimes these shifts feel a little (or a lot) scary. Gemini & Sag are both mutable energies though. They help us navigate change. Gemini is famously curious & Sag is the fire that gets us moving & owns the 9th house of adventure. This is the kind of energy that can transform fear into excitement & gratitude in the blink of an eye.

This opportune moment encourages us to re-engage with hidden aspects of ourselves and explore the untapped potential they hold. By doing so, we can discover how these facets might assist us in taking the next step on our journey. And who knows who we might encounter along the way who will wholeheartedly embrace and appreciate these aspects of our being.

Will you be joining us for the Full Moon Sound Bath ( at the Bar tomorrow? If you haven’t claimed your seat there is still time. We have 2 spots left.

Happy Full Moon, Y’all
We hope to see you around the shop & in the classroom soon!

With all the Gratitude,
The Herb Bar Staff

Full Moon in Sagittarius Click here for an update from The Herb Bar!

So Many New Classes & Events! 05/30/2023

Our Calendar is filling up!

First off, Thank you to everyone who has helped us warm up our new community space @ 204 W. Mary. It’s been thrilling to have a space dedicated to learning & gathering. The calendar is filling up but we wonder.. do you have an idea for a class, event or workshop that you would like to host or attend? If so, we want to know! Please email us [email protected] with details & let’s see if we can make it happen.

Without further ado, here’s the calendar for June!
Click on any image for more information & tickets.

So Many New Classes & Events! Click here for an update from The Herb Bar!

Please do not forget! 05/23/2023

We will be closed today (Tues, 23rd) to finish the remodel of our office space, but we will be back at noon tomorrow. So, please come see us then or later this week.

This remodel is going to allow us room to live our best/ more organized lives, make even more of our own products, AND have a larger online herb selection!

What herbs would you like to see us offering online? Have a look ( & email us back to let us know!
While you’re there have a look at all the newness ( in the shop.

Last but not least we only have a few seats left for Wade Vetiver’s class ( next Sunday, If you’ve been thinking about it now is the time.

Please do not forget! Click here for an update from The Herb Bar!

Ta**us New Moon 05/19/2023

Prime manifestation energy.. presented in a way we may not have seen before

With this Ta**us New Moon we are reminded to find some stillness so we can plot, plan, seed & sew with clarity. This is not a time of doing. This is a time of grounding into the present moment. Returning to ourselves. It’s an invitation to delve into what we find pleasurable & what helps us feel secure. It is a chance to align our material aspirations with our emotional well-being.

This is prime manifestation energy.. presented in a way we may not have seen before.

Epicurus once said “Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.” That feels like an important message right now.

Ta**us is an incredibly sensual sign. It’s earth, it’s tactile, haptic, steadfast & generous. So let those ingredients play a meaningful role in what you are manifesting.. and then be patient. That is another beneficial Taurean quality that many of us have yet to learn.. It’s me. Hi. I’m the problem. It’s me.

That being said, for anyone else in the impatient boat, who wants to call in something BIG, here’s some Taurean advice.. Extremes are unlikely to get you where you want to go. Consistency, on the other hand, will get you everywhere. If we want to get practical about pursuing a dream, spending 17 minutes a day putting effort toward your goal becomes 100 hours in a years time. That’s right, smaller consistent efforts = surprisingly big rewards. Thanks for the reminder, Ta**us!

We hope you are all having a very relaxing New Moon. It’s such a joy with everything in bloom right now. So, get outside - enjoy this abundant energy.

Come by the shop to pick up your ritual supplies!
We are here! Noon - 6pm.
Here’s what we are being called to work with during this full moon. Click the image below to shop the collection.

Other things to know

The shop will be closed on Tuesday, May 23rd
We will be remodeling our office space over the holiday weekend. So please make a note that we will be closed for renovations & come see us on the 24th!

Incase no one has told you yet today..
You are incredible.
Thank you so much for being on this journey will us. This community is so freakin’ magical.
All the gratitude,
The Herb Bar Staff

Ta**us New Moon Click here for an update from The Herb Bar!

NEW Classes in the NEW Space! 04/25/2023

Just a few more days!

We simply can't wait to see you all on Saturday (4/29) for our Big Ole Birthday Bash! We've got Mind Body Music performing with her harp @ 1pm in the garden. If you've never experienced her Sound Therapy concerts - you will not want to miss this! Also - we are so stoked to tell you that Bananarchy will be on site slinging one the best snacks on the freakin' planet! Come one come all & don't forget to hop in the Aura Photo Booth, meet all of the awesome local makers & pop into the shop to see all the new goods. If you haven't had a chance to RSVP or grab a raffle ticket there is still time ( !

Please share this event with your friends. The more the merrier! Last but not least - Please park with awareness & respect for our wonderful & supportive neighbors. Signs are posted on many streets that require you to have a residential parking pass. We suggest looking on Johanna, Mary, Milton & Monroe.

In other news...
We've got the keys to our new space & we already have classes on the calendar! There are no words for how excited we are about this! Keep scrolling to see what we have planned.

Both Rachel & Wade will have booths at the market this weekend so go say hello!
As always, class seats are limited. We do not offer refunds on tickets but they are transferable.

We can’t wait to see you in class! On that note, please reach out and let us know if there is something specific you would like to learn about or if you yourself would like to pitch an idea for a class. All you have to do is respond to this email.

NEW Classes in the NEW Space! Click here for an update from The Herb Bar!

Shield of Light + the Healing Magic of Flowers & Gems 04/14/2023

A fan favorite + some more essences we know you will love

If you have never worked with flower or gem essences before, allow spring to be your invitation to try them. These gentle allies work with the subtle emotional body and help to resolve mental, emotional, and spiritual patterns of imbalance that can hinder us. Each flower & gem have their own energy that can support us through challenging times as we find balance, transformation, forgiveness & ultimately bloom in our right.

These essences are often taken orally, either straight from the dropper, mixed into water, with tinctures or added to food.. I personally like to add them to my salad dressings.
You can also use them topically in a bath, as a body or aura spray, dropped directly on to chakra points, or misted on a pillow at night. Get creative with it.

So, which flower essence is right for you?
Sometimes we go looking for a flower essence with a particular outcome in mind & sometimes they call to us. Let the process be what it will be.

Here are some of our favorites..

Restocked! The Shield of Light ( has been a long time favorite of Herb Bar patrons & staff. This valuable formula is very beneficial for healers, highly sensitive people & anyone who works in a high traffic areas with lots of different energies. Service industry folks, we’re looking at you. Just simply spray your energy field & above your head when you feel your energetic boundaries need some bolstering. Another way to use it would be around the perimeters of your home, yard & office (inside and out). Available in the shop & online.

We hope this inspires you to try one of our favorite (and most lovely) tools in chest. There are many more essences online ( . We even have something to soothe our
furry companions ( .
See what calls to you.

Shield of Light + the Healing Magic of Flowers & Gems Click here for an update from The Herb Bar!

View event details 04/10/2023

With everything in bloom we find ourselves with so much to be

grateful for and...

This month we have so many anniversaries happening! First of all, this beautiful building that The Herb Bar calls home is turning 100 years old! We have to show her some love for all that she has done & continues to do for the Austin community. Secondly, it has been a year since we were all here together to celebrate a turning of the page with our new owner Megen Mundy. Can you believe it's been a year?! Last but not least, The Herb Bar just had it's 37th birthday! In numerology the number 37 is associated with creativity, change, & progress. We are feeling it! As you may have heard (or read here) we are expanding into the little house next door. This is where our classes, book club & so much more will be held in the future. More on that later.. let's talk about the party!

There will be a market in the garden with some of Austin's most magical makers, we will have massage on site with herbal elixirs provided by our sponsor, Three Spirit AND, wait for it.. an Aura Photography booth by Souly Divine Haling. There will also be a raffle. Details on that are below.

Admission is FREE of course. You can RSVP on the website ( (this is not necessary but it will help us prepare) AND you can pick up raffle tickets ( while you are there. The 10 lucky winners who will be chosen at random & notified through email. So, what are we giving away?
Let's see..

(4) Four $25 Herb Bar Gift Cards

(1) One Herbal Consultation ( with Megen Mundy

(1) One 30 minute Tarot Reading ( with Bonnie Rue

(2) Two Mercury Retrograde Survival Kits
Retrograde dates are April 21st - May 14th
This includes a spray, an incense, 1 selenite & a small bag of calm & grounded tea

(2) Two Mos-Quit-O ( Sprays.. tis the season.

Our 10 lucky winners will be chosen at random and notified through
email after the party.

Are you as excited as we are?!

View event details Click here for event details from The Herb Bar!

Balance, Boundaries & Bonding 04/04/2023

with the Full Moon in Libra

There’s an old African proverb that popped up in a meditation around this weeks Full Moon in Libra. It quieted the many other messages that were coming through & brought some calm back to the often hectic space between my ears. Simply put - “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

With the Sun currently in Aries life might feel like the “Me” show. After all, the energy is ripe for pursuing our purpose, finding our way, & betting on ourselves. That’s the fiery, head first, Mars energy that makes Aries so vibrant & memorable. It’s also what leads this sign to come off as impatient, intense & most likely to say “You’re in my way.” The Full Moon in Libra isn’t going to stand for that. It is here to say - this is actually the "We" show. You are not alone. We will likely receive this message in two ways. The first could sound a bit more like “Hey, the Moon does not revolve around you. Other people do in fact exist. So, act like it - or else.” The second will arrive a bit softer, as the thing we all want to be reassured of… that we are in this together.
This togetherness is what will be illuminated by the Full Moon on the 5th. For better or worse. If relationships have been feeling more challenging than rewarding lately, you might be asking yourself if you need good boundaries or goodbyes. All full moons call for something to be released & Aries would like have us impulsively waving as people shrink in the rearview mirror but in this moment maybe we take a pause (as libra would want us to) & ask ourselves if it's a relationship we need to release or if it's the way we operate inside of it?
This full moon reminds us that boundaries are where we meet each other & balance is what we find together. The goal being interdependence. When we recognize this, boundaries become the thing that bond us together. They help us walk side by side, supporting each other on our individual journeys without drifting into someone else's lane, lagging behind or tripping on eachothers untied shoelaces.
If you want to see how far better boundaries will take you, here are a few simple steps to help you set them.

1. Communicate your boundary clearly. Do not raise your voice.
2. State your need or request directly in terms of what you would like to happen rather than what you would not like to happen.
3. Accept any discomfort that will arise as a result, whether it is guilt, shame or remorse. It will pass & you will be proud that you stood up for yourself & asked for your need to be met.

Here are a few more ways to work with the Full Moon in Libra

Happy Full Moon Y'all - We believe in you!
Keep your eyes peeled. Details for the Party & Market on April 29th are
coming soon!

Much love & gratitude -
The Herb Bar Staff

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Big Changes are Coming... 03/28/2023

Something that we have wanted for a very long time has manifested into reality...

and we are so excited to share the big news with you!

Next month we will be celebrating a full year of being under new ownership AND the 100th Anniversary of this beautiful building that the Herb Bar calls home. This all happens to coincide with the opportunity to expand into the little house next door to The Herb Bar.

That's right - we are growing!

This additional space will become a campus, a healing destination, & allow us to create & manufacture more of our own products ( . This addition will provide us more time & space to connect with you & grow with this
incredible community.

There will be more classes, more ceremony, consultations, readings ( AND finally, the commencement of our book club. To celebrate this new bloom on our branch we will be having a party & holding a market on Saturday, April 29th here at the bar. More details to come but please mark your calendars. This is a big day & we want to celebrate it with you.

Big Changes are Coming... Click here for an update from The Herb Bar!

Eden, Euphoria & Being Here Now 03/23/2023

New Arrivals for Spring

This season is so rich with possibilities. It is exactly the kind of luxury we want to lean in to. So, we thought we would share the wealth. Here are our top picks for this budding new season..

Plants for Presence

Come to Class
On Monday, March 27th we turn to our eldest keepers of presence—the plants. We will sit with three local medicinal plants that can support our personal relationship with presence. We will explore plant-led strategies to cultivate portals of connection with our more-than-human kin and re/member our capacity for wholeness, pleasure, and joy.

Kate Proietti will be leading our class tonight. She is a prized member of our staff & you know from behind the herb counter. Kate is a wonderful Herbal educator, Practitioner, Consultant, & talented maker of many herbal products.

Eden, Euphoria & Being Here Now Click here for an update from The Herb Bar!

Full Moon in Virgo 03/06/2023

Good Enough

Each full Moon is a symbol of wholeness & the integration of feminine & masculine energies. The feminine aspects of emotion, intuition & creation are represented by the moon while the sun embodies the masculine principles of action, consciousness & logic. As they dance face to face during the Full Moon, it is a moment of alignment where we are given extra support as the universe illuminates the hidden details of the moon & our psyches. Energies often run high as our unconscious fears, desires & emotions surface in the moon light.

The Moon is full tomorrow in the healing earth sign of Virgo, which is well known for being a sign of service. As it is illuminated by the sun, the planet of action, in dreamy, intuitive & ultra creative Pisces, the question seems to be “What if the greatest act of service I could ever provide is the realization of my very own wildest dreams?”

It’s a question that is so direct it’s nearly rude but..
Exciting, right?
Terrifying? …100%.

Seeing as you are a member of The Herb Bar community & subscriber to this newsletter, you know the answer to this question. At a soul level you know that living in your fullest expression is key to healing for you & everyone you come into contact with. The best part of every Full Moon is the opportunity we are given to practice the art of letting go. This month we release our fears around living in the shimmering glory of very own wildest dreams.

This fear likes to express itself as thoughts or beliefs that we are not good enough.. yet. Release it!
It likes to speak up and suggest that we are “not ready”.. yet. Release it!
Take a moment in the moonlight and allow the feeling of “Good enough. Right now.” to light you up.

Part of healing will be accepting the reality that you have been good enough all along.

Happy Full Moon Y’all.
Consider this the detox we all need before the
Astrological New Year rolls in.

If you feel uncertain about what your greatest act of service will look like, join us tomorrow night, during the Full Moon for

Activating Focus, Meaning & Direction ( with
Ashley Priscilla Beasley. It’s going to be a powerful night.

P.S. Don’t forget - Our hours have changed!

As of this Full Moon we are now open
Tuesday - Saturday
Noon - 6pm
& Sundays Noon - 5pm

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Tomorrow's Full Moon in Leo 02/04/2023

"Love yourself first & everything else falls into line."

- Lucille Ball

If ever there was a Leo poster child I do believe it was Lucille Ball.

She was confident, glamorous, brave & most definitely fiery. Her life was a full expression of her spirit & it makes things like the quote above feel a lot
like gospel. She had a big, bold heart & it had an incredible influence on everyone around her.

That feels like the message shining through with tomorrows full moon.

Leo represents the heart, our little engines, our drums. Each one radiates an electromagnetic frequency that is unique to us. This frequency reaches far beyond our physical being & has as much of an influence on the world around us as it does within us.

Over the coming days, let's check in with ourselves & become aware of our frequency. We want to acknowledge & take pride in the influence we have in this world so we must stay conscious to what we are putting out there. With the moon in Leo, some ego is likely to come to the surface. It might show up in the form of self limiting beliefs or thoughts that lead you to feel alone & disconnected from others. This is a shadowy side of Leo & it's what we aim to release at this time so higher self can be in the lead. Keep in mind, our ego is just trying to keep us alive. It's not aware that the bar has been
raised to THRIVE.

Some of our favorite things in the shop to help you connect with your higher self...

Thank you for being a part of this community
We are grateful to be on this journey together!

Tomorrow's Full Moon in Leo Click here for an update from The Herb Bar!

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