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Nice work!!! Outright Fitness & Performance
Open practice tonight for our ‘09 team.
Outright Fitness & Performance from 6:00-7:30
Just show up amd see Coach Ramiro or myself. We are looking to pick up players for the next few tournaments and if a good fit for the fall. You can text if you will make it. It will be strictly confidential.

Coach George 512-914-0165
Insight of yesterday's practice preview to todays start of the PWBA Tour.
Practica oficial para el regreso tan esperado de el PWBA tour 2021!
MOTIV Bowling Professional Women's Bowling Association - PWBA Genesis Bowling Summersed Kameleon Sportswear Comité Olímpico Colombiano Indeportes Antioquia Ndo Bowling Dexter Bowling Outright Fitness & Performance
Please join me in supporting and Sharing these Black-owned fitness and wellness businesses in Austin.

Cookie Miller, personal trainer: www.cookiemiller.com

Hill Country Outdoors, outdoor events: www.hillcountryoutdoors.com

Jeany's Ginger Elixir: www.jeanysgingerelixir.com

Oatmeal & Company

Outright Fitness & Performance, fitness studio: https://outrightfitness.com/

Outwork, basketball training: https://www.atxoutworkbasketball.com/
BCL loan customer David Braswell still going strong with his business Outright Fitness & Performance. Good work David!

This is what long-term impact looks like, y'all!
Don’t worry, he’ll help you build that fire 🔥! Sometimes life can feel like that cable pulling you back, but Coach David Braswell is a US Marine Veteran in Operation Enduring Freedom, a Junior Olympic medalist, and a gym owner of Outright Fitness & Performance that can help you achieve your goals mentally and physically. He deservedly made thefit.biz list of the most inspiring trainers in Austin!

#carryon 🇺🇸 #letsgo #workoutwednesday
David, congrats on your grand opening today! Cant think of more well deserved person, David Braswell. Wishing you great things to come.
Town Hall is now preparing Welcome Kits for new families that are moving into our community.

These new families are looking for a new EVERYTHING!

Town Hall contacts these new families each week as soon as they move into their new home.

These new families will find new places to eat, work out, wash their car......they need a new Hair Salon, Auto Repair Shop, Dry Cleaner, Pet Groomer, Day Care Facility, Florist, Nail Salon, Pharmacy......you get the idea. They are actively seeking new local businesses and creating new purchasing patterns. They will become someone's next new local, loyal customer.

Town Hall can direct them to you before your competition even knows they are here.

Since our Welcome Kits are exclusive, and we can only accommodate one business per category, I would ask you to kindly let me know if you are interested in being featured in our local Welcome Kits.

I would like to schedule a time when you are expecting me so that I may drop off a sample of our "Welcome Kit" and explain the program in greater detail.

Please reply with your availability or call at your earliest convenience.

For a faster response, or if you prefer, feel free to text on the cell which is listed in the signature.

Pam Dugdale
(512) 516-9213
[email protected]
No class tomorrow morning?

We specialize in fitness and athletic training. We help everyday people do extraordinary things - whether you want to be a next level athlete or just want to lose weight and look fabulous.

We can help! Train like an athlete. We specialize in getting our clients stronger, leaner, faster, more powerful.

Operating as usual


The ex*****on may not be perfect but the flashes of good ex*****on are there. Working with young, developing athletes is a balance - balancing their developmental and training age while still having fun learning through a lot of repetition.
#baseball #power #coordination #summationofforces #speed #youthathlete


Glutes! We have 3 glute muscles and each plays an important role when sitting, sprinting, walking up stairs. How do you activate your glutes so they are firing? Read our latest article to find out.



Block starts! Every athlete’s set up will be different and adjusted to what feels right to them, where they feel they have the most power output.
Setting up blocks generally starts the same:
1️⃣Your front foot pedal will be 2 feet from the starting line.
2️⃣Your back foot pedal will be 3 feet from the starting line.
3️⃣Pedal foot angle is adjusted so the foot has a better push off.
4️⃣Adjust the pedals and pedal angle until it feels right
5️⃣Practice and adjust blocks as necessary
6️⃣Toe dragging isn’t necessary
🎯Most importantly, time the starts so you know what is working! Hip height and shin angle may not look textbook perfect but if an athlete’s time shows they are coming out hot and fast, then that’s what it is!
#blockstarts #trackandfield #powerpushoff #sprinttraining


Static stretching to improve range of motion so your body can complete its full movement potential during dynamic movements.
#stretchingexercises #flexibility #mobility #hamstringstretch #quadstretch #staticstretch #dynamicstretching


Improving acceleration using resisted sled sprints means the sled load 1️⃣doesn’t change running mechanics or 2️⃣decreases an athlete’s speed by more than 10%.


Acceleration! In both softball and baseball, acceleration vs top end speed is an important aspect of base running.
🥎Base distances are about 27m in softball and 18m apart in baseball
⚾️The acceleration phase of a sprint occurs in the first 20-30m
🥎Because of these base distances, the art of the start becomes an important part of softball and baseball training
⚾️However, having the fastest acceleration and getting on base the fastest are mutually exclusive
🥎Being the fastest athlete doesn’t make the athlete a good base runner
⚾️Base running mechanics differ from pure linear speed; therefore
🥎Being able to accelerate fast in a rounded approach to go through a base smoothly will lead to faster base running times


Stored energy! There is a lot of energy produced in plyometric movements. And how you use this stored energy will determine whether you have a good jump, a fast sprint, a powerful throw or you don’t.
🔋When doing plyos such as depth jumps, the body is learning how to recruit and coordinate all the right musculature to jump quickly.
🔋When done correctly, after landing, the stored energy is efficiently transferred generating a powerful movement.
🔋If, while doing a depth jump, the athlete spends too much time on the ground, the stored energy is wasted as heat.
🔋Wasting energy as heat results in a lack of force production - so you won’t be able to jump as high, run as fast, have a good serve, or pitch as fast.
🔌Remember- with plyometrics, the primary goal is the rapid deceleration- acceleration action to produce maximal force in the shortest amount of time to increase power and speed.
#stretchshorteningcycle #plyometrics #storedenergy #kineticenergy #eccentric #concentric #biomechanics #athleticperformance #speed #power #science #data #optimumpowerdevelopment


Thank you @reillyopelka for visiting us!
#tennis #champ #greatness


In baseball, when hitting, getting out of the box quickly is important to beating throws to first base. And getting out requires coordinated feet movement.
⚾️ Right handed hitters will take their first step towards first base with their right foot
⚾️ Left handed hitters will open towards first base with their right foot and then cross over with their left to drive towards first


Squats! From being able to lift a box from the ground to improving power output - the more powerful you are, the faster you will run and the higher you will jump- this compound movement has a tremendous benefit to our everyday life and athletic performance.
An important aspect to executing a proper weighted squat is the breathing pattern.
✅ Inhale and hold on the way down
✅ Still hold your inhale and exhale as you
reach the top
✅ Don’t exhale while you are still at the bottom of the squat
🌬Proper breathing technique keeps your core engaged to protect your back. A relaxed core won’t provide the stability you need to push up with the load you’re squatting.


Front squats! Just as effective as regular back squats to strengthen quads, glutes, and hamstrings. Front squats place less stress on your back and tends to use more core strength to perform this movement correctly. But to execute a front squat properly, hand placement matters.
✅The barbell rests on your deltoid muscles
✅Elbows are forward with your fingertips under the bar
✅You’re not holding the bar with your hands!
✅Letting your elbows point downward is dangerous as it makes the entire torso lean forward. This makes it difficult and unsafe to stand back up.
✅Holding the bar with your elbows down also causes your wrists to be under a lot of stress!
✅Pro Tip: Getting your elbows up requires flexibility. Use a stick or light weight bar to practice pulling your elbows up before moving up in weight.


Lateral movement for a linear athlete. Even for non-athletes lateral movements are beneficial.
#movement #training #fitness #lateral #plyo #sprinterlife #athletes


Make it a great one! #happynewyear #fitness #goals #lifestyle


Power! Not just for athletes. Power is a product of strength and speed. We know power impacts athletic performance. For non-athletes, strength, speed power helps the body be prepared for daily living - crossing the street swiftly, going up stairs, catching yourself when you stumble. Additionally, according to research, muscle power declines at more than twice the rate that strength does as we age — as much as 3.5 percent a year for power compared with 1.5 percent for strength. So strength and power are important training elements for both athletes and non-athletes!
#newyear #power #speed #strength #lifestyle #dailyliving


There is a relationship between flexibility and athletic performance and it’s sport specific. While a gymnast needs a lot of flexibility to do things like splits on the ground and in the air, a soccer player needs enough flexibility to allow the legs and arms to have sufficient range of motion to move explosively and fast. Not all sports require the same amount of flexibility but it is an important aspect that helps maintain an active lifestyle and reduces risk of injury in athletic performance.


From our family to yours, happy holidays!
#family #health #holidays #merryandbright


Young, developing athletes learning about effort. Oftentimes, developing youth athletes are still learning about body awareness and may not know how to give enough effort to affect performance improvements. Using fun competitions can teach a developing athlete about intensity, focus and giving enough effort to get better.
#youthathlete #focus #effort #mindset #athletictraining #intrinsic #extrinsic #motivation #patience #uplift


Force generation! When teaching an athlete how to generate force to move powerfully, using the medball sit up throw movement is an effective tool to learn some basics about summation of forces. To generate maximum force, the the athlete has to use muscle groups in the correct sequence and at the right time - known as the summation of forces - to move powerfully. Why is force generation important? Power results in being able to run faster, having a stronger jab for boxing, having a successful basketball shot, making a serve over the net.

These are two variations of the sit-up throw movement that can be used at different stages of an athlete’s development. Give them a try!
#forceproduction #mass #acceleration #velocity #summationofforces #physics #science #athleticdevelopment #athletes #boxing #running #anatomyandphysiology


Balance. Learning body awareness with movements such as an RDL but modified to be kid friendly!
#kids #fitness #lifestyle #physicaleducation #rdl #balance #coordination #strength


Indoor season prep!
#trackandfield #hurdlers #runthrough #practice #highschooltrack


Bounding! This plyometric drill helps improve stride length, force production, rhythm and coordination.
🐰When using this fantastically powerful drill with young, developing athletes, the implementation strategy changes but not the focus of the drill.
🍦cones can be a great visual cue
🍦a visual target makes it fun to try to push as hard as they can to reach the cone.
🍦the spacing between each cone has to be proportional to their wee height
🍦most importantly, allow them to have fun
The ex*****on won’t be perfect but focusing on improving one aspect at a time allows these pint sized athletes to eventually become proficient and do so while having fun.

Photos from Outright Fitness & Performance's post 11/20/2021

First ever Outright Turkey Bowl and we had a blast!! It was a perfect day for celebrating the start of the holiday season with our Outright family and friends! 🏈


Plyos! As a developing youth athlete, implementing plyos as part of their training program can elevate their athleticism. Plyos helps develop overall speed and power by working on quickly recruit muscles and tendons to be explosive and improving how fast the athlete uses their strength to generate power.
BUT, when it comes to plyo training for developing youth athletes, the effectiveness of plyos is dependent on the suitability or appropriateness of the training program.
👉🏽Drills should not be the same for youth vs developed athlete including volume, frequency, intensity.


Deceleration! While speed is important, learning how to decelerate is a skill that also needs to be developed. Deceleration requires the upper and lower body to be coordinated and placed properly to absorb all the force created during the movement. Doing so, helps the athlete effectively and safely change direction, stop, and even land properly.
#deceleration #acceleration #velocity #topspeed #speed #athlete #sports #science #physics #sportsperformance


Lunch is ready!!! Today!! BBQ chicken fundraiser for the @ruthlessatx team! Wish smellovisin was real!!
#softball #community #support #partnership #bbq #fundraise #support


BBQ Chicken is almost ready!! Wish there was smellovision!😋 Come get some and support a great organization, all at the same time! Starting at 11a!!


Core work ! A strong core helps with balance, coordination, decrease the risk of injury, and support your spine when walking, running or simply just moving.
#coreexercises #abs #strength #exercise #workout #lifestyle #justmove


Broad jumps are great for athletic and speed development. BUT broad jumps and jumping in general, can also improve heart health, balance, muscle coordination which are important to having functional fitness and improved quality of life!
#functionalfitness #hearthealthy #lifestyle #jumps #balance #coordination #strength #qualityoflife


Strong. Fierce. Powerful. Fast. Women.
#simplythebest #frisbee #women #shepower #empower #athletes #mastersathletes #powerofshe


Ballistic power!
These type of movements help develop the explosive strength and acceleration capabilities of athletes.
#power #relativestrength #ballistic #rateofforce #acceleration #science


Sound of velocity and power coming together.
#softball #velocity #power #hitting #practice #youth #athletes #slomo


Proprioceptive input comes in through your muscles and joints, and then the brain translates this input to create movement - such as running and turning. The more often a movement is repeated, the better sense of proprioception the brain develops, and thus, coordination is improved. And for developing youth, improved balance and coordination translates into better athleticism and injury prevention.
#youth #training #sprint #sports #basketball #coordination #balance #proprioception


Bump set the volleyball!
#volleyball #highschool #athlete #training #saturdaytraining #bumpsetspike


Eye foot coordination is an important skill in life and as athletes. Developing youth athletes are learning how to use and coordinate their bodies including developing spatial awareness, rhythm. To help youth athletes develop these important skills, It’s helpful to identify elements of coordination that each youth athlete needs and use drills/exercises that most suitably help them develop those areas.


RDLs or Romanian deadlifts. Great movement to strengthen hamstring for improved speed and power.
To execute this movement properly:
✅Slowly lower the weight with a slight bend in your knees, hinging at the hips and keeping your back straight.
✅Lower the bar until the bar has just past your knees.
✅Then use your hamstrings to power back up to standing. Powering up fast helps with motor unit recruitment for improved rate of force production/speed development.
👎🏾Don’t bend all the way to make the bar touch the ground. Remember RDLs are meant to work your hamstrings primarily, not your lower back.

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Monday 6:30am - 5pm
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