Geoffrey Britt: Hairdresser + Educator

Geoffrey Britt: Hairdresser + Educator


L’Oréal Color Inspiration 🎨 with Geoffrey Britt: Hairdresser + Educator

French Balayage for Curls with L’Oreal Professionnel

Learn how to French Balayage for curls with Britt: Hairdresser + Educator. Plus enjoy 20% off when you shop all L’Oreal Professionnel today!
Our team had so much fun doing a balayage class with Geoffrey Britt: Hairdresser + Educator! We always continue to learn and advance our skills as a team to stay on top of the best hair trends and latest advances in the industry for clients.

based in the chill Austin, Tx. curl hair wizard, certified colorist and session stylist
L'Oréal Professionnel Artist/Educator. servicing all hair textures.


you can’t tell me that a is unachievable when utilizing a technique!

Photos from Geoffrey Britt: Hairdresser + Educator's post 06/14/2022

» fr fr, we loving SOOOO MUCHHHHH.⁠



» me: what should i caption this??⁠
: hmmm i hate captions, i don't ever know what to put⁠

and here we are, for the love of curls!⁠


» forever obsessed with Christina and her curls!⁠



is FINALLLLLY launching a curls/coils range!! it's gooooood - super hydrating and featured in this photo here. i want to thank the powers that be [🎙 ah hmm and the team] for sending all the things for myslef to try. i did of course try it on myself but only after sharing the experience with a few clients first!!!! ⁠

so for Christina, we started with the ANTI-BUILDUP CLEANSING JELLY (continuously blow away at the hydration this gives) then shampooed again using the INTENSE MOIS. CLEANSING CREAM (ultra ULTRA hydrating), followed by the INTENSIVE MASQUE RICH (yum)!!⁠

for styling - not gonna lie.. we used some thing incorrectly [thank you for getting me right and being a huge factor in development] but lets talk about it... okay so first was the DEFINITION ACTIVATOR then the 10-in-1 CREAM IN MOUSSE, diffused then fluffed w/ the CURL REVIVER!!! ⁠

however, i did not use the 10-in-1 properly ... IT'S A LEAVE-IN PRODUCT, which fully excites me! the texture of mousse has always been a favorite and then the added extreme hydration isn't typical but hella appreciated!! absolutely no hold, not mad at it... was just a learning curve that's now understood. yet discovered through time that DEFINITION ACTIVATOR is a styling product with a nice soft cast, good hold! ⁠

i'm hopefully dreaming of an early release because my curls are reeeeeaadddddyyyy!!!⁠


» so lets talk grey coverage! lol⁠

ever have a guests' color "not take" correctly, leaving the final results uneven?? tried numerous formulas to no avail???⁠

would you believe me if i said that Christina has like 87% grey/white hair andddd i use demi-permanent haircolor andddddddd always get 100% coverage ..... ?⁠

welp, yes - it true boo annnnddd you alreaddddy know i used - !! ⁠

but things to consider >>> TEXTURE, DESIRED LEVEL, VIBRANCY⁠

due to her fine/medium hair TEXTURE, i'm able to ensure 100% coverage (finer the strand, higher the coverage)! now thinking of where we are starting (amount of grey), knowing that the background is grey/white and my final result could appear lighter & brighter ... i'm gonna drop the level of my formula to achieve the DESIRED LEVEL. finally is determining how the VIBRANCY should play out, if wanting to achieve a more natural taste of color then an N would be added up to 1/2 the formula!!!!⁠

formula: diarichesse 4.62(RV) w/ 15vol for 35 minutes!⁠


» dry cut refreshed with a lil styling curl product of some sort... i don't remember okay!!⁠


» curllet is a totally still a term, yeah?⁠

sn: i totally searched the hashtag () andddd it's a bust but let me try and make it cool again... cause it's so fetch!⁠


» 'BEN' working on baby mullet for a minute now and he let me take it a lil more extreme this time!!⁠

i manifested that! woke up, checked out my day and put it to action.⁠




» mystery is natural and so is the hair!⁠


» let me take you back to November where, surprisingly not, looks summery. lol. further confirming my terribleness with social media and upload photos from the camera. ⁠

.photography was in town capturing content/headshots for the salon and she was so sweet in asking if i had time to cuts the curls, of course i found the time!! ⁠

a combination of techniques and diffused/fluffed to supreme!⁠


» a bronde brunette -


» created this look w/ three products - keep reading.....⁠

first pre-color treatment⁠

I chose to balayage using to establish depth through mid-lengths + ends, but lighter than her natural hair level to create a seamless melt, leaving out organic pieces for brightness!⁠

formula: 6.32 w/ 9vol⁠
formula: (gloss) 9.03 w/ 9vol⁠


» sweet Tam!!⁠

deepened her strands for a soft beachy feel, cause according blonde is ouuuuuuuut!⁠


» do you have a visual aesthetic for your feed or do you like to keep it truly organic, with no rhyme or reason?!!⁠


» there's a smile under there but you would never know, because MASK are back in full force here in the salon. ⁠



» short hair and curlzz are lovely tooooo!!!⁠


» okayyyyy, get ready it's a LOT - the formulas! when we do it big, WE DO IT BIGGGGG!⁠

no pre-lighten here.⁠

using allllll INOA hair color!⁠

formula 1: 5.4 w/ 30vol⁠
formula 2: 6.34 w/ 30vol⁠
formula 3: 6.40 w/ 30vol⁠
formula 4: C5.6 w/ 30 vol⁠
formula 5: C5.62 w/ 30vol⁠
formula 6: C6.64 w/ 30vol⁠

placement > intuitive ⁠


» absolutely love coloring locs, especially when it's my good sis !!⁠


» the magic.⁠

lightener: Multi-Techniques Powder w/ Bonder Inside & 15vol⁠

formula 1: base diaRichesse 5.54 + 6.4 w/ 15vol⁠
formula 2: mid-lengths/ends diaRichesse 7.30 + 7.40 w/ 9vol⁠
formula 3: top coat diaLight 8.43 w/9vol⁠

of course was used!!!⁠

Photos from Geoffrey Britt: Hairdresser + Educator's post 06/14/2022

» okay.. lets talk process and what not! my apologies for the delay, it was the holidays, ya friend had Miss Rona visiting and the start of the year has been busssy butttt guess what…

it's 2022 and we surviving!⁠

so came in for a good ole consult PRIOR to her color appt... (we love that! 💃🏽🧚🏽🤍😂🔥🔥) not only to discuss her look goals but to get down to the nitty gritty as she has a curl formation 6/7 naturally, and wanting to respect that at the upmost highest degree!!⁠

starting canvas: 2 inches natural lvl 5, followed by permanent hair color on the remainder of the hair camouflaging previous highlight that once existed!!⁠

goal: beautiful copper/golden hues, no particular exceptions but a HOPE for this outcome.⁠

so for the technique, i sectioned the hair into four quadrants to create the most control and simplicity when starting the lightening process. if you've read my captions before, you know i love a fabbbbulous ammonia-free story but sometimes you need a little more strength to move through old hair color. in turn, i lowered my developer of choice!!! starting in the back left quadrant, i first applied the lightener off-scalp at the line of demarcation throughout the ends. i repeated this until the entire end was complete, rinsing as needed. then proceeding to go back and apply to zone 1 or new-growth area!!! processed until canvas was balanced then rinsed, shampooed with and then prep for next step!!!! only one lightening process was necessary!!⁠

next was the COLOR application, where i use !!!! i started by applying the base formula first, as i wanted to create depth and transition to the overall look, then applied ends formula immediately following!!! processed for 20 mins, then rinsed and did a with !!!!⁠

always first >> ⁠


Photos from Geoffrey Britt: Hairdresser + Educator's post 06/14/2022

» swiiiiiiiiiipe for the before....⁠

CAUSE BAYYYYYBEEE we in there!!!!⁠


» just another peaceful view of these terrific curls!⁠


» if we were to score these curlzzz... they'd blow off the fu***ng chart!!! ⁠

would you agreeeee???! EXACTLY... YOU WOULD - PERIODDDT SIS.⁠

Photos from Geoffrey Britt: Hairdresser + Educator's post 06/14/2022

» swipe for & I's first haircut together, where we only had time for a ...⁠

we opt'd for balance but this appt was MAJOORRR change!⁠

Photos from Geoffrey Britt: Hairdresser + Educator's post 06/14/2022

» cut the hairs with a razor and create blunt softness for this beautiful head of densely populated hairs!⁠


» with the french bob and bangzzz⁠


» fresh curlllzzzz friiiiiday!⁠

Photos from Geoffrey Britt: Hairdresser + Educator's post 06/14/2022

» creating balance, a proper shampoo and the perfect wash-n-go will have you IN LOVE with your curllllzz y'all!⁠


» when the curls be hitting - BIIIIIIIG!⁠

Photos from Geoffrey Britt: Hairdresser + Educator's post 06/14/2022

» the forrrrmuuuulaaaz:⁠

rose gold: diaLight 20g 10.22 + 10g 8.43 + 10g CLEAR w/ 9vol⁠

platinum: equal parts diaLight 9.01 + 9.02 + 10.21 w/ 9vol⁠

i'm pretty sure these are corrrecto! 😅 like don't hold me to it.... but ill do better next time!!⁠

Photos from Geoffrey Britt: Hairdresser + Educator's post 06/14/2022

» which are we feeling????⁠

photo one: rose-gold⁠
photo two: platinum⁠

Photos from Geoffrey Britt: Hairdresser + Educator's post 06/14/2022

» two-fer / two for one! a good ole

first photo our most recent session!
second photo our first session!


» i love you so much Rachel!!!


» alright, so lets get into!⁠


okay, so in this situation i've taken the route to not fill the hair prior to coloring, not because i wanted to skip a step.. yet to allow a less opaque finish and a softer gradient! ⁠

so for the technique, i initially applied the base color to zone 1 and dragged it about an inch past the line of demarcation, starting in the nape of the neck. once the color is applied start a timer for 10 minutes! at the end of the timer, using a wide-tooth comb drag the color further into zone 2/3 working front to back; set another timer for 5 minutes!! repeat, then process for an additional 5 minutes!!!⁠

and viola!⁠

formula: 2 parts 6N + 1 part 7.01 w/ 9vol!!!⁠


» if you didn't catch my reel earlier this week... you should go find it, watch it and give it sommmmmme love!!⁠

also, turn on those post notifications and stay tune for the formula used & technique!!!⁠

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