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Emotional Freedom.me

Life Coaching, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Energy psychology and Medicine techniques, Massage Therapy. Mindfulness, DBT techniques, Mediation.

Further areas off study and interest include Voice Dialogue training, Ancestral Liberation and Birth Consciousness Clearing techniques.

Operating as usual

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Gift Certificates and Holiday Specials - https://mailchi.mp/da5e77f4bad5/backinbusiness-5141645

Gift Certificates and Holiday Specials - https://mailchi.mp/da5e77f4bad5/backinbusiness-5141645

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November Newsletter - Online Booking is Back! - https://mailchi.mp/5ce6fa107174/backinbusiness-5141389

November Newsletter - Online Booking is Back! - https://mailchi.mp/5ce6fa107174/backinbusiness-5141389


Its time to Tap!

Sara illig , EFT Expert

Sara illig 03/09/2021

Sara illig

Sara illig Contact EFT Practitioner, Sara illig, LMT, MTI, Workshop Provider and Massage Therapist. Sara can assist you in achieving the best health mentally, physically and emotionally.

Timeline Photos 02/25/2021

Timeline Photos

💗 Love Cupping, Massage and Emotional Freedom Techniques 💗 - https://mailchi.mp/664d2f76c358/backinbusiness-1669581

Fear of Snakes! part 2 02/17/2021

Fear of Snakes! part 2

Sara taps with her client on fear of snakes- part 2


Fear of Snakes! part 2 Sara Illig guides a client through fear of snakes- part 2

EFT- fear of Snakes! 02/17/2021

EFT- fear of Snakes!

Sara guides a client through fear of snakes - part 1

EFT- fear of Snakes! Sara Illig EFT expert, Guides a client through fear of snakes


The Power and Beauty of Devastation

What is devastation? That feeling of uhhhgg! The feeling that I just can’t face today. I just can’t deal with life. I am alone in this. No one else feels this way. Everyone on Instagram and Facebook has a better life than me. There is no direction, sense of purpose. It turns to apathy; staying in a comfort zone. A preference for comfort over change. It turns into a real force of stagnation and eventual misery. Many use distraction as a method of coping with devastation. It is easy to get involved with superficial things and watch life go by, thereby avoiding the depth of existence.

Indulging the hurt of being alive makes us fall prey to the belief the other people don’t feel as destroyed and devastated inside as we do. We compare ourselves to others and destroy ourselves internally to an even greater degree. Leading to depression.

If you are not willing to be destroyed, then you are not up to the creative nature of life…. If you can feel devastation you are still alive. When allow devastation, you are allowing the next moment to be born after it. Allow yourself to feel so you can be authentic with others.

Why can’t we shake it? Because we are human.

Devastation, desperation, failure and similar qualities are going to happen. Its a part of nature, Its going to continue to happen. Get used to it. In fact, sink into it. No better motivator!
We will feel these conditions or similar human conditions until the day we die. Like death, devastation and the like are necessary qualities of life. The trick is overcoming the friction of these qualities to allow room for creation and growth.

If we can learn how to ride it, we can utilize the creative power behind it. This is how we create from passion. So stop thinking you need to avoid the internal state of devastation, let it be a force of reaching. When you are able to open to it, allow yourself to really feel it, the depth and truth of the moment is there…waiting to create something new.


It’s a beautiful day today. I’m going to try to experience something new .... yes! Something new .


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Time for Love - Live

"Time for Love" Zap Mama live performance of album "Eclectic Breath" composed by Marie Daulne & Nia Saw


I tried a cleanse...

this is a sketch. I make comedy. I hope you laugh.

flip.it 05/09/2020

'World's clearest Moon picture' has been revealed by astrophotographer who spent two weeks capturing it

Looking at nature with a sense off wonder is good for you. ✨🤓✨♥️🔥

flip.it THE 'world's clearest picture of the Moon's craters' has been revealed.The stunning image is courtesy of a Californian astrophotographer who combined snaps of 'lunar phases' to create it.Andrew …


from breaking point to breaking through - mini session

In this 16 min mini session, go from breaking point to breaking though... we are in this together! love you

COVID19 support. Tap along using emotional freedom techniques with Sara illig, eft expert, in this 16 min mini session.


Coronavirus Rhapsody


PLEASE SUBSCRIBE IF YOU LIKE IT - MORE TO COME! Lyrics by Dana Jay Bein Vocals by Adrian Grimes (https://www.facebook.com/Adrian.Grimes0) (@AdrianG62109270) ...


COVID19 minisession2

good day.
this is round 2 of mini sessions for COVID19.

Worry of death, resources, illness.
Lets heal starting NOW!!!

We are all in this together.
Tell me how you feel!

worry of death.... fear of no supplies.


EFT for COVID19 with Sara illig, EFT Expert

Combat the stress of COVID19 using Emotional Freedom Techniques

web-extract.constantcontact.com 03/22/2020

Coronavirus Update- temporary closing till April 13

I remain open for online EFT sessions!



EFT for Violent Communication and Traumatic Events

Borrow Benefits by tapping with Sara illig in this short session.


borrow benefits using emotional freedom techniques to recover from violent communication or a traumatic or shocking event. tap along with Sara illig, eft exp...


Tell someone what they mean to you today. Love them, cuddle them, embrace them. Get specific about the joy they bring to your heart and the way they helped you grow... the smile they put on your face when you think of them. Otherwise, they might not ever know.
And... you may not always have tomorrow with them. At least in a way you can understand in this moment. ✨So.... don’t just say I love you, tell them how they made you smile and grow. ☀️♥️☀️

dailygood.org 01/05/2020

12 Truths I Learned from Life and Writing, by Anne Lamott

Beautiful, inspirational truths.

dailygood.org A few days before she turned 61, author Anne Lamott wrote down everything she knew. "There's so little truth in the popular culture," she says. "And it's good to be sure of a few things." In this TED Talk, with her characteristic wit and wisdom, Lamott delivers 12 things she knows for sure. Reflecti...

heartmath.org 12/19/2019

Each Individual Impacts the Field Environment - HeartMath Institute

Your energy matters . Weird, it also changes matter. 😁

heartmath.org Each individual’s thoughts, attitudes and emotions emit energetic fields. These individual field environments not only affect you, your health and perspective on life, they also can influence your relationships and experiences in your social field environments as you interact with people, or even ...


✨♥️✨Love= acceptance of what is as it is.
Fear= resistance to what is as it is. ✨🤗✨


Haven’t you noticed? Love is everywhere!! Just witness today. .. and participate after wiping your tears. ✨😃✨


Fresh roses from the garden then.....to celebrate the day! #tappingintoabeautifullife


Love with compassion for who they are rather than your idea of who they are supposed to be.

mindbodyradio.com 11/14/2019


mindbodyradio.com Sara is an EFT Expert (tapping), energy medicine pratcitioner and also offers transformational life coaching and other healing services such as massage therapy. With more than 26 years of practice in the healing arts, she specializes in the relief of chronic issues, long term physical pain and emoti...

awarenessact.com 11/02/2019

Science Confirms That Cats And Dogs Can See “Spirits” And Other Frequencies We Can’t

awarenessact.com Many different types of animals have the ability to see in frequencies that we humans cannot. Until now it was thought that animals could not…


An eye for an eye begets universal blindness! Open your eyes to focus on the heart...


✨wings are beautiful ✨



This is how to release blocked emotional energy.

integrativemassageaustin.com 09/26/2019

Identifying Psychological Trauma


integrativemassageaustin.com Psychological trauma is far more prevalent in society than once thought. Most people tend to think of psychological trauma as PTSD, officially reserved for war veterans. However, those who have been in a car accident, environmental disaster, or some similar…Read more Identifying Psychological Trau...


Judith Hill - Upside (Official Music Video)

This is how we dance with Surrender!! Hear that voice?
Yeessss.... follow that thang!👏👏👏✨💗

Subscribe for more releases! Follow Judith Hill ▶ Stream "Upside": https://ONErpm.lnk.to/UpsideID ▶ Stream Judith Hill: https://ONErpm.lnk.to/JudithHillID ▶ ...


When you present the best side of yourself to others, it in turn creates the opportunity for them to do the same for you.✨🌹✨

Our Story

Sara illig, LMT, MTI
EFT Expert
Meditation Teacher
Serving Austin Since 1996

Sara has a natural talent for helping her clientele achieve a new balance in life. She offers transformational life coaching and healing services; specializing in the relief of long term pain and emotionally difficult to fix issues. Her techniques include Deep tissue massage, Relaxation and Sports massage, Structural Evaluation, Myofascial Release, Cupping, Meridian Scraping Therapy (guasha). Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping) , Meditation, Breath work, Group Tapping Sessions and Transformational Life Coaching which incorporates energy medicine and energy psychology techniques. Further areas of interest include Ancestral Liberation and Birth Consciousness Clearing techniques.


In the 70s, my mother was a pioneer in energy psychology; she taught meditation and consciousness techniques to help her students reach their peak performance, best mind memory and full potential. She brought students from being F to A students in a few weeks time. She taught me things like muscle testing at the age of five and that my actions, thoughts, intentions and how I use my brain matter. It is because of her I have the honor and opportunity to help mold the rapidly expanding consciousness movement today.

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Its time to Tap!
Emotional Freedom Techniques- The Basics




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