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Broadcast Sol

Shamanic & yogic practicing mysticos -- we're about ripening inner fruits, healing deep divisions and awakening the genuine projects of the soul.

We offer private consultations, group classes, workshops, community events, celebrations, ceremonies and products that support personal transformation and planetary healing. We study and apply philosophies and practices drawn from diverse cross-cultural sources, with primary influences including Shamanism, Yoga and The PersonEssence Personality Model (aka The Michael Teachings).


Happy Equinox and Spring! I wrote this recently for my newsletter and feel called to post here too:

I wanted to share some perspective about the coming spring season, which officially begins today, March 19th at 10:06 PM CT. It’s the equinox, which represents a shift of energies (from internal to external, fixed to fluid) as well as a balancing period where day and night are equal. This year the equinox is closely followed by an eclipse series, bringing forth an urgent call to make deep internal/external shifts.

Springtime symbolizes many themes, only a few of which we’ll touch upon here. One is that what seems fixed is really fluid. An overt example is a snowcap atop of a mountain that thaws and melts as winter fades. The snow (fixed) eventually becomes a river (fluid) and thus nourishes a whole landscape with newfound life. Where there was a slow and heavy stuckness now becomes a flow of novel and creative motion. The spring is about birth/rebirth and reminds us that life always finds a way to renew itself.

This is mirrored internally. Many struggle with circumstances in life that feel ill fated. These hardships are born through the harsher, winter cycles of life. We lose a loved one, a partnership dissolves, an illness or a host of different maladies. Or have repeated a life pattern to an extent that we feel trapped within it: a toxic relationship, an addiction, an unfulfilling job. Either way we become stuck as we fixate on all our worries. The ego’s favorite pastime is to convince us that we are our problems, that they’re fixed and forever. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

The wise traditions speak of following the way of nature. There’s always another dawn, another inhalation, another spring and rebirth awaiting/available. To believe otherwise is counter to our essential nature as a soul ‘fluid’ playing human ‘fixed’. When a strong spring cycle arrives (as in the next few months), it gives the opportunity to wake up and melt the frozen s**t of our past and alchemize it into momentum for evolution. With this coming equinox and subsequent eclipses, expect the river’s flow to become much more powerful.

An important question to ponder is: do you know how to flow?

Here’s a simple teaching received by Salvador, a wise soul and good friend from Ecuador:

The first option is resistance, a very rigid and overly yang approach. This is analogous to swimming against a strong current and getting nowhere. It’s all about trying to control everything; it’s an exhausting and hopeless endeavor. Unfortunately many people are completely addicted to this way of life.

The second option is letting go but giving up, a lack of boundaries and an overly yin approach. Instead of swimming against the current we don’t swim at all. We feel overwhelmed by the power of the river but lack agency to influence our course. The result is becoming a punching bag as we’re pummeled amongst the rocks of life.

The third option is intentional flow and a harmonization of the two, flux harmonia. We surrender to the flow yet yield, become students of and dance with the flow. We make intentional corrections, swim here, float there, stay curious, be present, trust. Instead of trying control we’re in command. We humbly surf and become co-creators with the Great Spirit.

Springtime is where flow quickens, so best to catch the wave. This might be like learning a foreign language but the key is practicing it everyday. In time, you become one with the master flow. The East (spring) is the bringer of the dawn so catch some rays on this day, Be intentional and innocent with the mystery. Do a meaningful ritual or ceremony to honor the winter cycles and to celebrate their evolution. Observe the beauty of life. Practice gratitude for the opportunity to learn, change and grow. Embolden yourself to hope and then go with the flow.

If I can assist you in navigating the challenging river of life, please reach out. I’m offering a 20% spring discount on my services currently and taking on new clients. It'd be an honor to serve.

Happy spring flows!


Hi friends, Tammy here. As you may know, Deva and I announced our decision to uncouple last March. Over the months since, we've been guided to also separate our business.

Broadcast Sol was a shared vision that began early in our relationship in 2004. Although Deva has held a larger public presence since we began homeschooling our daughter 5 years ago, I have been holding a large space behind the scenes, including managing technology, social media, content development and design, among others. Because I have skills to rebuild such things, Deva will continue with Broadcast Sol & I will move forward with (On Instagram .sacredcup, page coming soon. )

For now and the coming few months, we will share our email list. If you are a current subscriber, you will be receiving updates to Deva's event offerings from [email protected] and my offerings from [email protected]. There is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email, if you wish to unsubscribe from either of our lists. (You can subscribe to either list on our websites.)

I am excited to share my 2022 offerings soon, for both Austin and DFW areas. Please consider adding [email protected] to your contacts list / primary inbox, if seeing such updates feels relevant to you.

Thank you for your care and understanding with our growth and evolution. As always, both of our primary intentions remain to be of service to you, to Spirit and the Greater Good.


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