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Today’s the day Belterra!! Dress up and bring the kids out for some Halloween Fun! 🎃🎃 See you at the Community Center at 5p 💀👻🎃 Thank you to all our Sponsors who are making this possible! 👏👏🎉. 💚💜💙💛 ❤️ Rejuvitatx Chiropractic and Wellness CenterTexas Elite Moving Beerburg BrewingArea Scouts TX Sugar Skin Yoga Cody George Josh Fuchs Magnolia Realty Edward Jones - Financial Advisor: Josh Fuchs Ledgestone Senior Living SouthStar Bank Rollo Insurance Color World Housepainting of Austin
Extra fun to feature Belterra Residents, Life in Belterra Sponsors AND friends, Dr. Jeff and Christine DeYoung!! 💗💗. Read all about them in the May issue!! 💗 Chiropractic and Wellness Center
Red light therapy!
Thank you for hosting the Life in Belterra’s 3rd Anniversary party! It was a beautiful night with wonderful people and outstanding wines! 🍷 Thanks you to for the absolutely beautiful flowers and for the scrumptious desserts!!! 😋🍂🌹 💗 💚💜💙💛
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Better Health And Wellness
Thank you Austin Mayor Steve Adler and City of Austin Government for recognizing October 2020 as Chiropractic Health Month for Austin, Texas!

On behalf of all of our colleagues near and far, we are so proud of our profession and what we all have to offer for natural, whole-person, patient-centered and drug-free care.

Dr. Mo Jahadi, DC Dr. Hollen Meyer - WDrN Dr. Paul Shrogin Rejuvitatx Chiropractic and Wellness Center
Such a fun ‘Socially distant’ Happy Hour at the beautiful Canine Center! ❤️❤️❤️ The Canine Center for Training and Behavior Rejuvitatx Chiropractic and Wellness Center Edward Jones - Financial Advisor: Josh Fuchs Wimberley Roofing J.R. Nutt Marcia Lang Ledgestone Senior Living DEEP Relief Tom Parmeson Parmeson Wines Glen Larson Law Nutt Insurance Agency
Even in this era of social distancing...I have NOT let my chiropractic health suffer...thank you, Dr. DeYoung, for being open and ready to keep me aligned...!!!!!!
Be sure to keep to take care of yourself during this time! Dr.Jeff DeYoung with Rejuvitatx Chiropractic and Wellness Center is open and can help! As a medical professional they will remain open.
Health and Wellness was ranked by Belterra Residents as one of the most valuable needs for lifestyle last summer.

We are bringing in 13 different vendors with door prizes, food samples, educational information, inflatable obstacle course and more to Belterra next Saturday from 9am-12pm!!

Make plans to stop by to learn about Health & Wellness and find the New YOU for 2020!

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RejuvitATX (Re-Juv-it Austin Texas) offers Chiropractic Services, Allergy Treatments (AAT), Acupuncture with Taryn, Body Sculpting with Red and Near-infrared light & whole food supplements in our practice or online at

Our Position
RejuvitATX believes that optimal health can be achieved at any age. It's never too late to improve your quality of life, naturally, non-invasively, and affordably. Our Promise
RejuvitATX will work with each patient to identify their specific health issues and customize a program tailored to their needs and priorities. No contracts


Open today, 10 - 6pm.


THANKS for sharing and tagging us! We are so thrilled you're getting relief with our Advanced Allergy Therapeutics by Dr. Jeff DeYoung, D.C.!


We can treat you today before Cedar Fever gets to you! AAT - Advanced Allergy Therapeutics is at RejuvitATX!


Chris Dail
Review 2 days ago
These folks are awesome! I came in for red light therapy and my back was also messed up and while I waited for it to be ready they let me use their rolling table to help with my back. Very positive, very informative. I’ll definitely be continuing to go as I can swing the cash.

RejuvitATX (owner)
Just now
Thanks for the kind words, Chris! See you soon.




Dr. DeYoung will be on vacation 10/11 & 10/12 but Dr. Sean Tipton will be available! Thanks, Y'all


Allergies suck! Get help now without medications.

Call us for more information (512) 442-7999


We respect this bio-hacker 💯 I would follow this man if I were you then come get some Red Light Therapy here at RejuvitATX Chiropractic and Wellnes Center!


Get relief at RejuvitATX with an AAT allergy treatment by Dr. DeYoung, D.C.

Ragweed is HIGH today. More information at


Our Red Light Therapy is FDA approved to treat arthritis. A study found red and near-infrared light therapy cut arthritis related pain by more than 50%!

We recommend 3 treatments back to back then a maintenance plan of once every other week.

Treatments are only 20 minutes in a private room and we can treat hands, shoulders, elbows, wrists, back/spine, hips, knees and ankles/feet.

Book online at or call (512) 442-7999


Making the dream of your new body possible with Revolutionary Technology!

How would it feel to finally lose all those inches of stubborn body fat?

Join us in the Red Light Lounge ❣


Let's celebrate the social and economic achievements of American workers!

We're open again on Tuesday, 7th 10 to 6.


RejuvitATX Allergy Alert for Labor Day Weekend! Ragweed will be high Saturday, get your AAT treatment today before it takes you down.

Come see us for All seasonal allergy relief in South Austin! Our Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT) offers a unique and highly effective approach in treating the many symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities.

No drugs or needles!


Dr. Sean treated a patient today who complained about low back pain. He did cupping and an adjustment on her. She felt 💯 and loves how he talks through each step in detail! You'd be surprised how much Chiropractors know to help the body heal itself and return patients to a pain-free and healthy life.


Dr. Sean Tipton, D.C., Army Veteran, brings 16 years of previous surgical experience. Together they provide more in-depth care for our community 💯


Dr. Tipton, D.C. is one of the best! RejuvitATX Chiropractic and Wellnes Center is lucky to have him.

Book your appointment with any BOOK NOW button at


Great advice here...make it count.


Dr. Jeff DeYoung and his AAT Allergy treatments offer a unique and highly effective approach in treating the many symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities.

Ragweed is here, don't suffer!

Mold is present to varying degrees all year, with higher counts in summer and fall
Cedar pollen causes allergic reactions in many Central Texans. Counts typically peak in January to early February

Oak peaks between end of March and the beginning of April

Pecan counts peak end of April to the beginning of May

Grass is indistinguishable under a microscope. It can last from March to September, with the highest counts typically appearing in May and June

Elm counts peak between the end of February and the beginning of March

Ash counts peak between the end of February and the beginning of March

Ragweed season starts in August and can last through November. It’s highest typically from the end of September to the beginning of October.

(512) 442-7999 click any book now button.


Tragedy. Our hearts are heavy with grief.


Book online with Christine at or call (512) 442-7999. Want the workouts for FREE? Just buy a package of our Red Light Therapy and get interval training for FREE!


Walk-in's Welcome! See you soon! 😉


We’re a Chiropractic and Wellness Center that focuses on offering a complete wellness solution. Being a wellness center, we’re proud to offer multiple services that support patients’ achieving their optimal health through approaches that are natural, non-invasive, and affordable. 

Although patients come to us for a variety of health needs, our most popular services are:

Advanced Chiropractic


Allergy Treatments with Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT)

Red Light Therapy (used for body sculpting, inflammation reduction, arthritis, and fat loss)

A FREE one-on-one 24-min. interval training session with each Red Light Therapy treatment

Additional services include:

General Health Index Analysis (learn your Wellness Index Condition Optimal (WICOTM) score)

Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Relief with H-Wave Technology

Corporate Chiropractic  - On-site Chiropractic Services at  your office/home 

Weight Loss Programs

Personalized Transition 360 Doctor Led Weight Loss

GxSlim Weight Management based on your unique genetic makeup

Whole Foods Supplements

Our Promise

We work with each patient to address his or her specific health issue and customize a program tailored to those needs and priorities. We’ve grown our business through a simple philosophy of ensuring our patients are completely satisfied.

We're your circle of wellness under the direction of Dr. Jeff DeYoung, D.C.

(512) 442-7999


Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on attempting to treat the disease once it occurs, Chiropractic attempts to improve the health of the individual in an effort to avoid illness in the first place. I think you would agree, most people would rather be healthy and avoid illness, if they could.

Come see us at RejuvitATX Chiropractic and wellness Center today!

(512) 442-7999


We saw this on social and we can totally relate! Since it is Monday again, come on in for an adjustment, cupping, Red Light Therapy, Graston Therapy, FREE interval training or grab some clean whole food supplements!

(512) 442-7999
RejuvitATX Chiropractic and Wellnes Center


Come in and try Graston Therapy and Cupping with Dr. Sean Tipton, D.C.

Book online at


You slept wrong and now you have that kink in your neck, right? 🙄 We can help with the Graston Technique. This technique allows our chiropractors at RejuvitATX Chiropractic and Wellness Center to get as deep into the tissue as needed.

The instruments are moved over the affected area (think tight/kinked neck, shoulders, upper back in scapula area) and when it comes into contact with the adhesions, it helps break up scar tissue and fascial restrictions.

Make an appointment at and we'll get you relief today!


RejuvitATX Chiropractic and Wellnes Center is expanding and has the best new Chiropractic team in South Austin!

Advanced Chiropractic care with Dr. Jeff DeYoung, D.C. and Dr. Sean Tipton, D.C.

You can also get amazing Acupuncture from Taryn Altendorfer and Red Light Therapy and personal one-on-one fitness training with Christine.

While you're in, grab some clean whole-food supplements for liver health, deep sleep, anxiety and more! You can also buy our supplements online at and

Be well!


We saw this on social and snagged it. Great advice! Mondays provide you with a reset button! Start over and eat healthy this week, exercise and get your spine aligned. Be awesome!


Red Light Therapy promotes a natural healing response in the body ❤ Many people have heard the term Red Light Therapy (RLT) also called Photobiomodulation (PBM Therapy) or low level laser light (LLLT), but aren’t aware of what it is or how it works. 

RLT is a treatment that is FDA approved to treat arthritis (ritis=inflammation) therefore takes down the inflammation in your body. It exposes you to low levels of Red and Near-Infrared wavelengths of light. The unique wavelengths stimulate cellular and mitochondrial energy, breaking down fat cells and releasing their contents harmlessly into the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, the fatty acids can be either used as fuel or quickly eliminated by the body. Using the power of Light Therapy, our system is the natural and healthy way to lose inches around your waist, hips, thighs, arms and BONUS facemask that hovers over you to tighten skin on face & neck.


Happy 244th birthday, America!


We're excited to announce Dr. Tipton, D.C. will be joining the RejuvitATX team!

Introducing Dr. Sean Tipton, D.C.

Dr. Sean Tipton is originally from Clearwater, Florida where he was born and raised. After graduating from high school, he joined the Army where he pursued a career in medicine as a surgical technologist in a mobile hospital. Once he completed his military service, he continued his exploration of the United States as a traveling surgical technologist. This is where he had many opportunities to work at prestigious hospitals such as the Mayo Clinic. Even though Dr. Sean has experience in a wide range of surgical techniques, he mostly specialized in orthopedics.

Dr. Sean has had the opportunity to live in 16 states across the country. After traveling across country, he settled in Arizona with his family and pursued his higher education by completing his Bachelor's degree in Life Science from the Arizona State University in 2011. While finishing his Bachelor's degree, his family of nurses moved to Austin to settle and become caregivers in the surrounding Austin Hospitals. After graduating, Dr. Sean was able to move to Austin, TX with his family. While in Austin, he began working at Dell Children’s Hospital for the next couple of years before discovering his love for chiropractic. He was then accepted to Parker University in Dallas, where he pursued his doctorate in chiropractic care. Dr. Sean again had the opportunity to come back to Austin and serve at the VA Outpatient Clinic where he was able to provide chiropractic care to our veterans.

We're so proud to have Dr. Tipton, D.C. on our team!

Come meet Dr. Sean Tipton, D.C. on Monday, July 5th at RejuvitATX!


REMINDER! Dr. Jeff DeYoung, D.C. is out of office today 6/17/21.


You're gonna wanna see this! Check us out online at

Be Your Best Self!

RejuvitATX Chiropractic and Wellness Center offers Chiropractic Services with NO contracts or initial visit fees, Body Sculpting with the latest and POWERFUL Red and Near-Infrared light technology, the Transitions 360 Keto 5 week program and MORE!

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RejuvitATX offers Chiropractic Services, Allergy Treatments (AAT), Acupuncture with Taryn, Body Sculpting with Red and Near-infrared light (also takes down inflammation, naturally), DNA testing to analyze dozens of traits embedded in your DNA that dictates how your body processes foods and how types of exercise affect the body. We also offer an innovative way to turn on your body's own FAT-BURNING switch with Transformations 360, a doctor led weight loss program. We have THE BEST local Olive Oils from the Texas Hill Country Olive Oil Company, Orthotic Supports from POWER Step, Whole Food Supplements and more!



8106 Brodie Lane, Ste. 107
Austin, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 6pm
Tuesday 10am - 6pm
Wednesday 10am - 6pm
Thursday 2pm - 6pm
Friday 10am - 5pm

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