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Operating as usual 06/02/2020

New Documentary Series Explores Proven Alternative Medicines For The Diseases Of Our Time

Several of the therapies used at Art & Science Healing will be featured in this series. Follow along and learn what's out there... Watch the trailer:


We could all use some good vibes right now!

Join me for a virtual session of Frequency Specific Microcurrent and a discussion on how to keep your immune system strong and balanced.


We could all use some good vibes right now!

Connect with me during a distance healing session using Frequency Specific Microcurrent and chat about Functional Medicine and strengthening immunity.


Would you like to try fasting without fasting? ProLon is available at Art & Science Healing. 09/18/2019

Don't miss The Body Electric Summit October 7-13, free and online!

Your body is more than a set of biochemical interactions. Even your cellular processes are ruled by quantum physics! Join the Body Electric Summit and learn to see your body as ENERGY. What if your body was more than a set of biochemical interactions, and a participant in ENERGY? #BodyElectricSummit


Frequency Specific Microcurrent gives results that amaze my clients and even me! The following is a direct quote from a recent email. The client came in for sciatica!

"I've been amazed at the results after seeing you last Friday. I got really tired after the appointment, yet didn't hurt or anything. Slept well and woke up Saturday feeling better physically than I had I a long time.

Beyond that, I have been astounded how much better emotionally I've felt. I'm happier, more excited about the future and taking action!! (Not as depressed, not as easy to slip back into past traumas, not carrying shame.) How delightful is that!! (And if any of those feelings come back a little, I've been able to slip away quickly!)"

Curious how FSM might benefit you? Call us at 512-710-9939 or book your first session online. 06/15/2019

Wellevate™ by Emerson Ecologics | Dispensary Platform for Practitioners

Extra 10% off the already discounted prices on Wellevate for the month of June! Dispense professional-grade supplements to your patients without inventory | Your practice name & brand | Industry's largest selection | Easy to get started


I use several great therapeutic lights or "cold lasers" in my practice. One of them pictured here is actually FDA approved to treat hand and wrist pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome as well as minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis, and muscle spasm.

The FDA recognizes the ability of this device to promote muscle relaxation and increase local blood circulation, but I think the actions of Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) at the cellular level is even more interesting.

Studies have shown that lights at specific strengths and wavelengths can be absorbed into the body where they help the body's natural defense and repair mechanisms. By limiting inflammation and improving tissue repair, LLLT relieves pain, reduces damage and loss of function, and leads to stronger healed tissues. Clinical studies have shown LLLT leads to:

• Increased cell metabolism (increased production of ATP or cellular energy)
• Increased cell membrane potential (which allows the cell to take up nutrients and expel waste)
• Increased collagen production
• Enhanced nerve regeneration
• Increased tissue and bone repair
• Increased lymphatic response
• Increased enzyme response
• Increased vasodilation (therefore better bloodflow and possibly reducing hypertension)
• Increased microcirculation (improving bloodflow and oxygenation of tissues)
• Reduced inflammatory duration
• Reduced pain
• Reduced swelling

I first learned about the healing power of LLLT during my acupuncture studies in grad school. My instructor was the first to introduce me to the idea that what the Chinese understood as Qi/Chi, a life-force energy that flows through the body, is actually a measurable form of energy that can be affected in numerous ways. We know from physics that energy is not created or destroyed, it is just converted, and our cells can convert light energy into usable energy in the body. I've used lasers and LEDs ever since for acupuncture treatments, pain reduction, and tissue healing. It even makes your skin look great! 11/06/2018

Craniosacral Therapy for Infants | Art & Science | Nerve Pain Neuropathy Massage Therapy | South Austin Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is an extremely gentle technique effective for latch and feeding issues in newborns, colic, fibromyalgia, TMJ, stress and tension dis


Very excited to have the new website up! Check it out at


Art & Science Healing


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A woman came to me once with her neck completely frozen with pain. Although she had herniated discs diagnosed by MRI, she said to me, "I know this sounds crazy, but I swear this happened when I got Invisalign". I spent her session gently moving the bones of her skull and it completely relieved her neck and shoulder pain.

Thanks to her insight, I frequently use craniosacral therapy to relieve neck, shoulder, and elbow pain associated with invisible braces and other dental appliances. Could your teeth or jaw be causing your discomfort?


After his first experience with the Myokinesthetic System, one of my clients texted,

"Hey there. Just an FYI. Don't know what has done it, but I'm wandering shopping isles and have "noticed" - I'm just kind of gliding along with a super smooth stride. It feels different and really good. Bravo."

It's not just for pain relief. MYK has improved motion, flexibility, and coordination for many people.


I had the opportunity to use the Myokinesthetic System treatment for Morton's neuroma yesterday. After a few minutes of gentle muscle stimulation, my client had complete relief from the neuroma and greatly reduced pain from plantar fasciitis in the other foot! I love how this system stimulates the nervous system, resets posture, and lets the body heal!


One of my favorite patient encounters of all time was with a one month old infant. He was having trouble feeding due to a high palate and refusal to open his mouth. Using craniosacral, it only took a few gentle touches to completely change the way his jaw and mouth were working. A month later, I had a follow up appointment with a well-fed, well-rested, smiling and happy baby!


The new website should be up in the next few weeks, in the meantime, the scheduling button is functional! Visit to book your appointment.


Art & Science Healing


Art & Science Healing's cover photo 10/10/2013

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About(TM) Children's Vaccinations

I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Stephanie Cave last weekend. I highly recommend her book. In this book, Dr. Stephanie Cave explains vaccinationsthe pros and the cons. With detailed facts about each vaccination, as well as regulations and laws, this book provides easily understandable information to help parents make a knowledgeable, responsible choice about vaccinating their children. 09/27/2013

How Diet Soda Makes You Fat (and Other Food and Diet Industry Secrets) -...

Learn the truth about "diet" foods... How do you lose weight? Substitute diet drinks for sugary drinks. Eat low fat foods. Just eat less of the bad foods – it’s all about the... 09/13/2013

The Advantages of Baby Wearing

I see a lot of new moms in my practice. Carrying babies around in carriers takes a huge toll on the spine. This article gives great reasons and tips to try another option. Author: Claudia Anrig. Title: The Advantages of Baby Wearing. Summary: Since the beginning of the "Back to Sleep" program, which recommended that babies be placed on their backs in order to reduce the risk of SIDS... 08/29/2013

Depression, Nutrition, and Optimal Brain Function « South Austin Chiropractor – Dr. Summer Van...

More information on how proper nutrition can optimize brain function: Depression, the most common mood disorder in the U.S. is characterized by a low mood accompanied by low self-esteem and loss of interest or pleasure in normally enjoyable activities. Most people are aware of treatment for depression through psychotherapy and behavior modification, and most people a...


Make it your intention to help someone else today. 08/13/2013

Nutrition and the Brain « South Austin Chiropractor – Dr. Summer Van Schouwen

Feed your brain... You’ve heard the term “brain-food”. The truth is your brain needs fuel as much as the rest of you. In fact, your neurons (the cells that make up your brain and the rest of your nervous system) need two things to survive: fuel and stimulation.


Are you healing or just masking your symptoms? 07/30/2013

Diabetes Information – Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

No matter what genes you have, Type 2 Diabetes is preventable and considered by many to be reversible. Call to find out how lifestyle changes can help you live better. Find out what fuels the diabetes epidemic today – and simple diet and lifestyle strategies for diabetes type 2 treatment and prevention.


Chiropractic is the best therapy for back pain, but not every spinal problem causes pain. Get checked for restrictions and postural problems that impact your nervous system!


In a recent study popularized by the media, high omega-3 levels were shown with high risk of prostate cancer. The study concluded that fish oil supplements should be considered only with these risks in mind.

I believe this study is flawed in its design and reasoning. The conclusions were based on serum levels of omega-3 (which is unreliable) and not based on actual fish consumption or fish oil supplements. The value of omega-3s cannot be denied, and they are very useful for many conditions as well as your overall health.

My advice: DO NOT stop your omega-3 supplement based on this study.


Get moving! 07/03/2013

Healthcare vs. Sick Care « South Austin Chiropractor – Dr. Summer Van Schouwen

The part can never be well unless the whole is well. Holistic healthcare is care that truly focuses on health. Our definition of healthcare is wrong. Healthcare is defined as the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness, injury and other physical and mental impairments in humans. If the focus of your care is an impairment or dysfunction as described, then it is not really care for health bu...


Inside Out Wellness will be closed on July 4th, but open on July 5th. If you have the day free, it's a great time to get your spine checked!


Pass it on... 06/19/2013

Natural Medicine for Chronic Fatigue: A Holistic Approach « South Austin Chiropractor – Dr....

A lot of people suffer from chronic fatigue. Share Dr. Summer's latest blog post with a friend! Fatigue is a very common problem these days, and the solution can be complex. Stimulants, energy drinks, and herbal remedies seem very appealing when you are always tired, but these quick fixes can make your problem even worse. Instead, you need to get to the root of the problem and reverse it so…



Integrative Bodywork - Personalized sessions combining chiropractic, craniosacral, acupuncture, myofascial release and therapeutic massage techniques. This uniquely in-depth and comprehensive approach restores order and removes stress to get you out of pain and performing your best with fewer visits.



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