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Ever since I started teaching my fused glass batik technique at Helios Fused Glass Studio many years ago, it has been be a student favorite. The technique is fun, easy, and inspired by a trip to Beijing where I watched artists hand dye fabric with designs "drawn" in wax. The book will show you how to create vibrant, light-colored designs that pop against darker backgrounds - something that's almost impossible to achieve by stenciling powders directly onto sheet glass. FusedGlassBooks.com
Check out the glass fun happening at Helios Fused Glass Studio, a Bullseye partner studio in North Austin.

"Fused Glass Batik" is based on a class Paul taught for years at Helios Fused Glass Studio and includes step-by-step instructions for creating textile-like patterns that don't look at all like typical fused glass. FusedGlassBooks.com
We loved our Fusing with Friends creations! Thank you!
Went on a shopping spree Friday! I had the best help selecting an assortment of molds and more glass to add to my stash. I wish I had been able to stay longer-free flowing tips and tricks to help me on my way. I hate shopping but I love shopping at Helios!! Thanks Ladies!! (Of the molds I purchased I am most intrigued with the different ways to use this large murrini mold.) Summer can begin for this teacher!!!
So excited to have time to read more Helios e-books! AaaaHHHHHH
stop! stop it with the enticing newsletter, I say! Does Austin pay you for recruiting people to move there (or at least think about it)???
Anyone still have directions for making xmas ornaments? stack 4 1.5" pcs of glass? TIA.
I saved a file on making xmas ornaments that was on here a few yrs back. Stack 4 1.5" square -- When I opened it to read it, it disappeared. Anyone still have directions? I'd love to try it with my scrap. Thanks in advance.
Please help me, I bought your new book, but could not download it... [paid via paypal]
What should I do in order to get the book?
Do you have any of Glass Bird Studio's Modelling glass started kit in stock? If yes, how much?
Representing on my bar back in Maine😁. Thanks for the excellent boot camp and wonderful hospitality!

Located in northwest Austin, Helios Fused Glass Studio is a nationally recognized teaching facility

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💥 Looking to build your skills in the new year? We’ve got a few spots left in Richard Parrish’s Classes, but they are going fast! 💥

💥Jan 7-11 : Tapestry & Beyond (Intensive)

💥 Jan 14-17 : The Visual Elements of Design

💻 Visit our website for more info and to sign up!


💥 Sale Alert 💥
ALL special production confetti glass sheets are marked down to B price! (Previously listed at E price.)
While supplies last. Sale ends January 31, 2023


⛄️🎄❄️Who wouldn’t love an artful jar topper? Kim+Kat have created a FREE tutorial to share with the world. Click the links below for more info!
*hint* these are great for gifts, no matter the time of the year!

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There are a few spots in Richard Parrish 's upcoming classes at Helios! Grab them while you can! https://heliosglass.com/classes


There’s just something about irid glass that makes everything ✨magical✨
Looking to create a special gift for the holidays? The studio is available! If you’ve taken any beginner class, you can drop in and use the studio for any projects! Contact us for more info 💥


When Ted Lasso + Fusing meet... 😎⚽ project by
There's still time to create your holiday gifts in the studio! Contact us to book a time slot.

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Pssst....did you hear? Richard Parrish is coming to Helios in January! www.heliosglass.com

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The SAFE Alliance Silent Auction PREVIEW is live! Check out the 25 pieces donated by incredible artists that will be available this Sunday! 100% of profits will be going to SAFE to support their advocacy, crisis interventions, & support of healthy relationships in all its forms in the Austin community. WHAT: Helios 15th Anniversary Party WHEN: Sun, Oct 2, 5-9pm (Silent Auction from 5-7!) https://heliosglass.com/happenings/helios-15-anniversary

Live-Streamed Studio Demonstration | Alicia Lomné 08/31/2022

Live-Streamed Studio Demonstration | Alicia Lomné

Check out Alicia Lomne's LIVE FREE demo of her pate de verre techniques from the Corning Museum of Glass

Live-Streamed Studio Demonstration | Alicia Lomné Watch a artist instructor Alicia Lomné demonstrate for her class at The Studio. Students in her class learn the basics of pâte de verre, model making, mold p...

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What do you do when visiting from Denmark? Have a Vit Pull Party at Helios, of course! Book your party anytime and look at all the gorgeous glass you get to take home!

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Did you know we do commission pieces? The latest commission is finished and ready, just waiting for mounting, final delivery, and installation. Each panel is 10in x 44in and made from around 88 individual bricks (lovingly referred to as jolly ranchers) tack fused together to make a solid panel. Each individual little brick is 6-7 slices of .5in x 10in 3mm glass full fused together. I've become fond of my panels of jolly ranchers.

Helios Summer Schedule 06/16/2022

Helios Summer Schedule

Helios Summer Schedule -

Helios Summer Schedule


Non-Traditional Pâte de Verre with Evelyn Gottschall Baker | Online Glass Fusing Classes

Who wants to join in Evelyn Gottschall Baker's Non-Traditional Pate De Verre class and participate in studio with us? Sign-up through Bullseye for the online class then join us at the Helios studio August 5-6 & 27 to participate as a group! You can use our kilns to work on your class pieces too!!

Non-Traditional Pâte de Verre with Evelyn Gottschall Baker | Online Glass Fusing Classes Artist Evelyn Gottschall Baker teaches her innovative non-traditional Pâte de Verre methods for creating highly detailed, realistic objects.

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Andrea Loomis debuted her teaching skills at Helios this past weekend! Her workshop, Going Wild, brought students through her process of breaking away from geometric shapes and into the possibilities of creative 2D and 3D forms in glass! Check out the student work from this weekend...

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You may want to come by the study soon. We're fully stocked with glass, frit, powder, and SILKEMAT!!


More Spring Classes at Helios & announcing Andrea Loomis's new workshop - https://mailchi.mp/heliosglass/holy-frit-fusing-friday-16096256


Sandy brought in her Freeze and Fuse cacti for a quick run through the sand blaster. No more glossy cacti here!


Look what's in stock at Helios! Get your Bullseye color wheels while they last!


Do you love Helios as much as we do? Did you have a special experience here? Leave us a review through Google Maps, Yelp, or on our FB page.

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We LOVE when Richard Parish comes to visit! Our Fear No Color Class is a wrap. Watch our website over the next few days to see final projects and pics from the class. Time to rest before another Parrish experience... Bas Relief:Working in Shallow Spaces!

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Saga of the kiln meltdown: Did you know a controller failure can cause the relays to get stuck on until you physically turn the kiln off? Did you know a kiln could get to 3300*F if stuck on continuously for 13hours? At that temp, not only is glass liquified (it won't turn to gas until over 4000*F), but ceramic molds are liquified as well as kiln bricks! Check out the cooled off kiln in the pics below. The 20in mold and 8lbs of blue& black glass completely slid under the shelf and started liquifying the kiln brick underneath! I had to chisle out everything. It's the closest to archeology I'll probably every get! The insulating ability of these kilns is incredible. Plastic bins nearby didn't even start to melt! Moral of the story: follow safety precautions - such as maintaining a 12in air barrier around your kiln. (Thanks to Douglas Aston for stumbling upon the glowing kiln and getting it turned off before anything more disastrous happened!)


Success can be achieved only by the glassmaker with the most fantasy in them
~Archduke Ferdinand




Dianne Sonnenberg was back at the studio this weekend! Mosaics and Fusing make wonderful bedfellows. -with Dianne Sonnenberg Mosaics

Holy Frit | Austin Film Festival 10/24/2021

Holy Frit | Austin Film Festival

Austin Film Festival on-line screening window is here! You can watch Holy Frit virtually Sun-Wed this week! Follow this link: https://watch.eventive.org/austinfilmfestival/play/61561861f88d6500364c53ab

watch the trailer here: https://vimeo.com/489473689

Holy Frit | Austin Film Festival A talented, yet unknown LA artist wins the commission to create the largest stained-glass window of its kind, but he doesn’t know how to make it. After a desperate search, he finds someone who might have the answer…a famous glass maestro named, Narcissus Quagliata. From the moment Narcissus arri...

Full Film: Lino Tagliapietra: The Making of a Maestro | The Greatest Glassblower in History 10/23/2021

Full Film: Lino Tagliapietra: The Making of a Maestro | The Greatest Glassblower in History

This documentary about Lino Tagliapietra, his life, & his art is itself a work of art. And, it's free to watch on YouTube. https://youtu.be/J8Fa6nFpvtw

Full Film: Lino Tagliapietra: The Making of a Maestro | The Greatest Glassblower in History Lino Tagliapietra, considered by most as the greatest glassblower in history, is a mentor, motivator, and visionary. Bridging the divide between Italian and ...

Helios Fused Glass Studio updated their business hours. 10/21/2021

Helios Fused Glass Studio updated their business hours.

Helios Fused Glass Studio updated their business hours.

2021 Full Film Schedule - Austin Film Festival 10/20/2021

2021 Full Film Schedule - Austin Film Festival

We're sponsoring HOLY FRIT at the Austin Film Festival!! If you're in town (or able to get here) There's two showings: Sun Oct 24, 2:30pm at Galaxy Theater, and Tues Oct 26, 6:30pm at The State Theater! It's ALSO streaming virtually for $12 starting this Sunday, Oct 24-28! Links....

In person: https://austinfilmfestival.com/festival-and-conference-aff/2021-full-film-schedule/


2021 Full Film Schedule - Austin Film Festival Check out the 2021 Austin Film Festival schedule!


Wine party at the studio! Who said glass art and wine don't mix? (Created by Becky S)

We have Bullseye T-Shirts in stock! Get 'em while they last!

#glass #bullseye #fused #austin 09/08/2021

We have Bullseye T-Shirts in stock! Get 'em while they last!

#glass #bullseye #fused #austin

Swing by the studio, check out what's in the kilns, and grab a Bullseye T-Shirt!

We have Bullseye T-Shirts in stock! Get 'em while they last! #glass #bullseye #fused #austin

Coral Reef Mosaic Mural 09/06/2021

Something fishy is going on with Diane Sonnenberg! Huge congratulations to her on her latest creation. It was a thrill of a life time to craft a few of the colorful sea creatures representing the Flower Banks Coral Reef off the Texas cost. The three tile panels are each 4ft by 6ft, 72square feet over all, and will hang in Houstons Herman Memorial Children's Hospital.

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We're still open for private classes or reservations for open tables, retail, and coldworking! We're just keeping it to 5 total in the studio until this Covid surge passes. Look what a new-to-fusing couple made this morning for their friend's upcoming birthday! It's the view from his porch in St. Croix! (Kristine Shafer pre fired the lettering and marked out the outlines and shapes for them to fill-in with color from an image they provided ahead of time.)


Helios will be closed today (Tues 8/3/21) as we adjust our plan for the upcoming months. APH is urging everyone to do what they can to limit the spread of the Delta variant of the Covid virus. There are only 7 ICU beds open today across 11 central Texas counties. Stay safe. Get vaccinated. (Glassy pic from Christy)


Creative. Glass obsessed. Otherwise awkward. Always supportive. Helios people are good people.


This feels appropriate as we enter this next Covid surge.


Hey y'all, cases are rising. We're masking up again. Come join us for a class or an afternoon project, but bring your mask and keep your distance. We've made it this far!

APH is re-entering Stage 4 of Risk-Based Guidelines as cases + hospitalizations, especially among unvaccinated individuals, have significantly increased over a 7-day moving average since July 4.
Read more: https://bit.ly/3x0djEb

Risk Based Guidelines: bit.ly/3a1uVHm

The additional hospitalizations will take a toll on healthcare staff. Local hospital systems are simultaneously seeing an increase in hospitalizations from other non-COVID diseases and crashes as more people go about their daily, pre-pandemic routines.

Stage 4 recommendations:
😷 Fully vaccinated individuals should wear a mask when participating in indoor + outdoor private gatherings, traveling, dining + shopping
🚫 Partially or unvaccinated individuals should avoid private gatherings, travel, dining + shopping unless essential. Wear a mask when conducting essential activities.

With only 61.9% of residents fully vaccinated, our community continues to be vulnerable to new variants of the disease, especially the highly transmissible Delta variant.

The rapid spread of the Delta variant is cause for concern among public health experts, especially as children and teens prepare to return to in-person classes. It is important for parents to vaccinate their children who are 12 years of age and older. APH further recommends that those under the age of 12 wear a mask as the school year begins until a vaccine for their age range is approved.

Photos from Helios Fused Glass Studio's post 07/17/2021

This week at Helios...

Photos from Helios Fused Glass Studio's post 07/03/2021

This week at Helios...

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Laurie Rich String Pull
Colorline enamels and Bullseye glass!



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