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Graceful Healing


Graceful Healing is exactly what Grace brings to the table! I have received several massages from Grace as well as one cupping session. Every time I am fully satisfied, more relaxed and feel like I've done something good for myself. Kinda like how you feel after a good work out, or a good walk. Grace has a great way of making you feel completely comfortable, and is very professional! She is very knowledgeable and can answer any questions you may have in a language you can understand. No question is too small, or insignificant. She has the patience to help you understand your body and the healing you can receive through body work. Well worth your time and way worth the money! Trust your relaxations to Grace! You are in good hands!
Grace is the best Massage Therapist I have ever had! She is extremely knowledgeable about the body and how it functions. She has studied numerous healing modalities, and will suggest the best modality that will give you the healing you seek.

Relief from pain is important. Grace knows how to bring the relief, not only to my body but also my mind.
Grace has over eight years of experience in Massage Therapy. She has done body work for physicians, top athletes, chiropractors, colleagues, moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, students etc...
The physicians and chiropractor’s that she does body work on have acknowledged and complemented her intelligence, knowledge, and skills.
Make your appointment with Graceful Healing today. It will be THE best experience you’ve ever had with a professional massage therapist. I promise you won’t be disappointed or want to go anywhere else for body work.
Thank you Grace for your healing touch. You are the BEST!
I met Grace at an event and got a short chair massage. It was great for the short time and later that month got an hour session. I had been dancing for a few weekends straight and was in poor shape. The session got the pain groups to a state where I felt normal again. I usually have to tell a LMT where it hurts but she was able to find and heal the areas, which is something you find in really experienced LMT's. Thank you Grace!

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[08/19/21]   Hello Everyone!!

Who do you know that has Asthma ?

Numbers of studies have been done recently with all the Covid stuff going on and with that triggering lots of peoples BREATHING AND AIR FLOW obstruction.

The studies are now showing asthma symptoms can be lessened, the airwaves can flow with less difficulty after just a few months of getting weekly or bi- weekly massage.



[07/01/21]   Please recommend my Massage Therapy services and share my page with all your friends, anybody that YOU refer to ME, you get a free half hour!!! 


Lustre Pearl Fathers Day event 2021

This is a video of me announcing what hours we would be out at the Father's Day event at Lustre Pearl South. Stating the first 40 dad's massages were paid for by Lustre Pearl South. Chair massage sign up sheet is available for folks to sign up on.

I am taking names for the sign up sheet and encouraging you to get your dad's butts down to see us at Lustre Pearl.

I am telling folks to come hungry and with "sore achey muscles" and we will get them taken care of.

This was a live video the day of .

Also, I am wishing the Father's a happy day and letting folks know we would love to see them!!

I am repeating myself a few times to be sure people knew we were out there from 2-5pm .


See you and your Dad over at Lustre Pearl!!! "First 40 Dad's are paid for, Yall better get on it!"


Bring your Dad over to Lustre Pearl South on Fathers Day to enjoy some much needed back massage, and some good food and drinks!!!!

Bring your Dad over to Lustre Pearl South on Fathers Day to enjoy some much needed back massage, and some good food and drinks!!!!


Get to know me !!

Hiiiiiiiiii Everyone!!!!

I wanted to share 3 FUN facts about me that you may or may not know.
Get to know Grace!!!

1. I love Alkaline and PH balanced water and most days, weeks, hours and a majority of my shopping trips include me grabbing quality water. ⛲🚿🎁

2. I can make a mean quilt, my mom taught me as a youngin'! 🐣

3. I love Journaling and reading in my spare time, my current read is "Mating In Captivity".

Thank you all once again for supporting local small business' like myself!!!!!

You guys keep me stripping down the 'Issues in your Tissues'!!!!


Feel free to share some fun facts about yourself below!!!!


Lets get you on the schedule for November !!! I am filling up quick due to the holiday season!!
Treat yourself or your loved one!!

[09/24/20]   We are looking for energetic and outgoing LMT's interested in providing chair massage to the patrons of the Bullets Card Club!!!

We are located next to Stardust and Giddy-ups in South Austin .

This is a smoke free, fast paced & high energy work environment.

A unique opportunity to gain massage experience working with many different body types.

Must be a people person and friendly.

No massage experience is required BUT you must be Texas Licensed and hold current Massage Liability Insurance.

We’re currently seeking to hire reliable, dependable, and goal oriented Therapist's for multiple shifts.

High level of security is provided at the facility!!

Please attach a resume and a team member will be in contact with you ASAP!!!

Job Type: Part-time

Pay: Up to $75.00 per hour plus tips

Sunday through Thursday


Friday and Saturday

Night and Weekend shifts open!

COVID-19 considerations:
To keep our team as safe as possible Covid-19 protocols have been put in place with proper sanitization measures and barriers.


#Flexible hours
#Pick your shifts
#Weekends and week days
#Training is available

[08/08/20]   I can be reached for appointment bookings at gracefulhealing23 @ Gmail. com (spaced apart to avoid bots). I am going to check messages on here only 1 time weekly for the next 30 days!! Need a small social media Detox! NAMASTE AND LOVE SENT TO YOU ALL!!!

[07/26/20]   “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”— Oliver Wendell Holmes

A way of discovering your fundamental truths is through mindfulness: the practice of paying attention, moment to moment, in a non-judgmental way to what is. It’s an integrated process of awareness in which body sensations, feelings, emotions and thoughts are noted. The focus of attention is on experiencing the “self” in the present moment and not moving to the past or future.

Mindfulness practices include formal sitting meditation, walking meditation, yoga and body scans (Kabat-Zinn, 1993). These practices enable the individual to connect to body and facilitate a state of unconditional presence. Cultivating greater awareness during mindfulness practices, in time, extends your awareness in everyday actions and everyday living. Mindfulness then becomes a way of being, relating and behaving in the world.


In-Home Massage in Austin Texas

Questions about your first in home session? Wondering if I’m open for bookings!??? Click thru this video and grab a tidbit of info or all of the info!!! I hope it helps!!! #Massage #inhomemassageinaustintexas #professionalmassagetherapist

[03/16/20]   DON'T PANIC!!
I've still got your back.

Mon -Closed
Tues 9am - 1pm
Wed 3pm - 7pm
Thurs 9am -1pm
Fri 3-8pm
Sat 3-8pm
Sun 3pm-10pm

The above schedule is current and open for bookings.

I am still MOBILE and can come to your doorstep.

As a Nationally Board Certified Therapist, (NCBTMB, LMT, MTI) I have been, and will continue to use the Universal Safety Precautions for Hygiene that our industry has set as standard protocol.

You WILL be in good hands.

512 809 4784



Check out my FUN facts post below!!!!

Thank you for visiting my page!!!!


Hiiiiiiiiii Everyone!!!!

I wanted to share 3 FUN facts about me that you may or may not know.
Get to know Grace!!!

1. I love Alkaline and PH balanced water and most days, weeks, hours and a majority of my shopping trips include me grabbing quality water. ⛲🚿🎁

2. I can make a mean quilt, my mom taught me as a youngin'! 🐣

3. I love Journaling and reading in my spare time, my current read is "Mating In Captivity".

Thank you all once again for supporting local small business' like myself!!!!!

You guys keep me stripping down the 'Issues in your Tissues'!!!!


Feel free to share some fun facts about yourself below!!!!


Graceful Healing


Thank you to Emmilou Photography and Emmilou 02/21/2020

Vote for Best of ATX 2020 - Austin Monthly Magazine

HEEEEYYY ITS THAT TIME AGAIN! to Vote for Best Of Austin.
I have never asked for votes , So here goes!!
You write in my full name Grace Romano in the Massage Category.
I would love to see how it goes for me. lol From barbecue to barbershops, we want to know who deserves the title "Best of ATX". You can nominate and vote today for your favorite shops and businesses!

[12/14/19]   Just a few weeks left to get some awesome package deals and the 2 hour for $150 instead of $190!!! Hop on it now!! ITS TIME TO SAVE!!! Merry Christmas!!! 512-809-4784

[11/24/19]   I am filling up entirely too fast !!! Get yourself (or your fam) on my books for December!! Already booking the 2nd and 3rd weeks of December!! Holiday Promos are up and poppin!! Get at me!!!




TEXT OR CALL 512-809-4784

[10/24/19]   I am sharing a review I was just emailed after working with one of my gals!!! She included " with permission from client for use on social media".

Thank you so much Jeanette!!!

"Grace is fantastic. I have had two fusion surgeries of the neck and just went through an ordeal of a move. I am glad I prayed over her card. She is a true miracle worker. I could not use my right arm for days, my nerves were so pinched. She can touch you and know what is going on which makes the work easier.. I have had many therapist who cause me pain or who are not careful around a neck of bolts and screws, but not Grace.
Grace really knows her stuff. I highly recommend her. I felt at ease with her and safe in her hands, especially with a neck fused from c-3 to c-7. I would much rather use her than physical therapy. Thank God for Grace!"

[10/12/19]   Taking a POLL!!!

Would you prefer South Lamar or Bee Caves for a Massage Studio??I am looking into 2 different Studios. Weigh in for me below!!! Comment 'Lamar' Or 'Bee Caves' to have your vote counted.

[08/31/19]   According to The Franklin Institute (studying the human brain and stress), Massage Therapy releases chemicals called endorphins that can calm the peripheral nervous system.

The Mayo Clinic website identifies massage as a valid medical method to reduce stress and pain.

Endorphins are chemicals our body produces to reduce the experience or feeling of pain in the body. They can also induce a euphoric feeling that can lead to happiness and contentment.
Endorphins are considered the body’s natural pain killers because they have a similar effect on people as opiates like o***m and morphine.

[08/30/19]   I have some openings for IN HOME Mobile Massage Therapy this Sunday night!! Let me know if you want the 3pm slot, or the 6pm slot. 512-809-4784

[08/17/19]   Some more info on Migraine Triggers:

Physical exertion or sensory stimuli can trigger migraines.
Intense physical exertion may provoke migraines.
Any type of sensory stimuli can be a migraine trigger and lead to migraine headaches such as:

bright lights
sun glare
fluorescent lights
television, movie, or computer screens
loud sounds
unusual or strong smells
unpleasant odors
Stress is a well-known trigger for migraines.

And it’s not just bad stress that can be a problem. Good stress (stress brought on by a positive life change, like marriage or a promotion) can be a trigger too. Underlying depression, whether caused by situational stress, lack of sunlight or disease, is also a potential trigger.

Massage can help reduce stress, thereby reducing MIGRAINE TRIGGERS.

[08/16/19]   The longer migraines keep occurring, the more likely they are to transform.
The majority of people who experience transformed migraine are women. Ninety percent of these women have a history of migraine without aura.
Medication overuse can increase the frequency of migraine occurrence, and some believe that can lead to transformed migraine. Daily use of pain relievers can increase the risk of developing medication overuse headache (MOH), also known as rebound headache. This can be a problem for transformed migraine sufferers.
There are additional risk factors that increase the likelihood of episodic migraines transforming to chronic migraines. They include:
experiencing more than one headache attack per week
acute medication overuse (medication overuse headache)
length of time migraines have occurred (the longer people suffer, the more likely migraines are to transform)
stressful life events
being female
having low socioeconomic status
head injury
Some of these risk factors can be controlled. Addressing weight problems, causes of snoring, and medication overuse, in addition to taking steps to combat stress, can reduce the risk of transforming to chronic migraines.
People who suffer from chronic migraines frequently experience anxiety and depression, so taking steps to improve mental health and outlook on life is an important part of an overall treatment plan. -


[08/01/19]   Massage therapy may help chronic migraine sufferers by reducing one or more of the factors that can lead to headache recurrence, including reducing stress. Stress reduction can improve overall function, help normalize the sleep/wake cycle, and increase psychological well-being. Book with me for a 45 minute Head and Neck treatment for just $65.00!!! 512-809-4784


Have A Spectacular Mothers Day To All You Beautiful Moms Out There!!!


Set your next appointment today! 🤗


Graceful Healing


Message me Today!!!


[04/16/19]   Hydrotherapy
Vischi Showers
Hot and cold stone therapy
Body wraps/ Body Cocoons
Manual lymph drainage
Cranial sacral
Deep tissue
Thai massage (Northern Style)
Hand and foot reflexology
Sports Massage
Chair Events
Chinese Cupping
Infant Massage
Chakra Balancing and Colored Stone Therapy
Water Therapy Wasu
Neuromuscular Therapy
Mobile Massage
Couples Massage Training Private Booking
Injury Prevention Yoga
Home Saging Sessions
Sauna Instruction and Monitoring
Assisted Stretching (Home or Your Gym)




I'm happy to announce Melissa Guardiola was our 280th page like! 🥳🙀🥇🎟
Melissa, Please claim your prize & schedule your appointment ASAP!
➡️This offer is only good for a SUNDAY OR MONDAY!⬅️
Thank You!!
See you soon!


I now offer pure essential oils from Young Living!!! #youngliving #younglivingessentialoils #seedtoseal #mostpureoils

Amazing Grace....

I was born and raised in places all over New York for a portion of my childhood. Than my family moved to Springfield Missouri to start a farm. After years of doing this we realized it wasn’t for us and we later sold the Farm.

I learned a lot from the Farm Life and love hard work and also do love getting my hands dirty.

I always wanted to do Massage Therapy so I could help my mom not be in pain anymore (she had severe Sciatic Nerve pain she struggled with).

When we moved to "Town " in Missouri I chose to enroll in Professional Massage Training Center.

Videos (show all)

Lustre Pearl Fathers Day event 2021
In-Home Massage in Austin Texas
Grace had the pleasure of offering Thai massages and Chair Massages today at the Downtown Buda Farmers Market. She was o...



6104 Old Fredericksburg Rd
Austin, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 2pm - 9pm
Wednesday 2pm - 9pm
Thursday 2pm - 9pm
Sunday 2pm - 9pm
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