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laconteconsulting.com 01/05/2019

Complete List of Direct Sales and MLM Companies Worldwide

Back into the idea of making PureMommy into a resource for families who are trying to live their best lives and supporting small, eco-minded, family-run businesses.
If you have a resource or business you'd like me to highlight. Please message me with a link. I'll check it out.
NO #mlm or #directSales please.
Here's a list of companies we're absolutely NOT interested in supporting or highlighting.

laconteconsulting.com An exhaustive List of all Health and Wellness Multi-Level Marketing companies around the world

eatwild.com 01/04/2019

Eat Wild - Find Your State


eatwild.com Eat Wild - The clearinghouse for information about pasture-based farming.


Happy New Year!

As we think about new beginnings and the New Year...2019

Image credit: Little Truths Studio - Lori Roberts


Tilt Parenting

Great read for anyone who's struggled with anxiety and/or has children that do.

"One of the difficult parts of getting help for children suffering from anxiety is that anxiety often presents as a constellation of negative behaviors. Parents and educators are quick to spot the behavior problem, but they don’t always see the underlying anxiety that drives it. “We tend to think of anxious children as these delicate little butterflies, but when kids are scared, they can be ferocious about trying to escape or avoid anxiety-provoking situations,” explains Eileen Kennedy-Moore, child psychologist and author of “Kid Confidence.”


Big Life Journal

Raising Independant Humans who can problem-solve and be kind. I just ordered two Big Life Journals one for each kiddo. We're on a constant quest to send them on their way in less than 10 years, with a growth and gratitude mindset, as well as a proper start on good habits.

We can’t always be there to solve every problem for our children. In fact, this ISN'T our job. Our job is to TEACH our children how to solve problems by themselves. This way, they can become confident, independent, and successful individuals.
Learn key strategies for teaching problem-solving, including some age-by-age ideas and ACTIVITIES 👇

familyshare.com 05/05/2017

How the 'tricky people' concept saved my boys

"If a safe adult needs help, they'll ask another adult. Not a kid."
via @catandnat
This 'tricky people' concept is such an important one to teach our kids. For more on parenting and motherhood, subscribe to our newsletter: catandnat.ca/newsletter.

familyshare.com This family safety rule saved my boys and it could save your children as well. Read time: 4 min. 45 sec.

dailyview.co 01/28/2016

70 Enriching & Educational Netflix Shows for Homeschooling

Educational shows on Netflix for kids.

dailyview.co We have often found ourselves in a position where we want to engage kids on a topic, but don’t have the right resources at hand or knowledge to do so. Of course books are our...

washingtonpost.com 01/27/2016

Parent: No, my kindergartner won’t be doing that homework assignment

washingtonpost.com 'I just can’t imagine prioritizing homework with my 5-year-old son when I feel it’s more important we spend time together as a family, nurture our children, or let the kids play together.'

geekmom.com 01/12/2016

Homeschooling the Geeks into the Future of Education


geekmom.com What homeschooling is and isn’t, the influence of the tech community, and the role it can play in making education better for everyone.


Bedtime Math

New Year, New Ideas, New Attitude! There are a whole lot of ideas in this article about what math can be, and who can enjoy it (spoiler: everyone). Definitely worth a read - we're still thinking about some of the points:



Brain Pickings

Neil deGrasse Tyson selects 8 books every intelligent person on the planet should read

theguardian.com 12/09/2015

Why the history of maths is also the history of art

theguardian.com In her new book Mathematics and Art, historian Lyn Gamwell explores how artists have for thousands of years used mathematical concepts - such as infinity, number and form - in their work. Here she choses ten stunning images from the book that reveal connections between maths and art.

www.filmsforaction.org 12/01/2015

Today I Rise: This Beautiful Short Film Is Like a Love Poem For Your Heart and Soul

Today I Rise. #womanup

www.filmsforaction.org 4 minutes | "The world is missing what I am ready to give: My Wisdom, My Sweetness, My Love and My hunger for Peace."

mom.me 11/24/2015

The Brutality of 'Peaceful' Parenting - mom.me


mom.me Can't we treat other parents as kindly as our kids?


Get #crafty with the #kids


We LOVE crafting with natural materials here. It puts us in touch with nature, and it doesn't cost a thing! I love this collection!

SEE THEM ALL HERE: http://rainydaymum.co.uk/natural-ornaments-crafts-to-make

indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com 11/17/2015

‘Saints & Strangers’: The Real Story of That First Thanksgiving

indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com A new film airing this month on the National Geographic Channel may set the stage for more nuanced conversations about the fabled first Thanksgiving.

sciencefriday.com 11/12/2015

Educate - Science Friday

sciencefriday.com Educate Science Friday offers free STEM activities, lessons, and resources for parents and educators. The Science Club #MessageChallenge Invent a device or system that can send or carry a message from one place to another. Read More Educational Resource The Science Club #MessageChallenge Invent a de…

women.nasa.gov 11/04/2015

[email protected] » About NASA GIRLS and BOYS

women.nasa.gov Home     About    Important Dates     For Students    For Mentors     Contact   Media   Apply Here

metmuseum.org 10/16/2015


Oooo #metkids love it! #STEAM #STEM #art

metmuseum.org Welcome to #MetKids, made for, with, and by kids!

linkedin.com 10/06/2015

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Announces 52 weeks Parental Leave and Unlimited Time-Off

Awesome. If you think that only a non-profit could get away with generous leave we urge you to look @Netflix Paid parental leave for both parents for up to one year after birth or adoption. #GoodGuys! #BeTheChange

linkedin.com “Our new parental leave program will offer up to 52 weeks of paid time-off for both mothers and fathers during the first year of a child’s birth or a

prweb.com 10/02/2015

Speech Buddies Connect Launches, Providing Speech Therapy for Children in Brooklyn

We have the technology. Love it! via the wonderful peeps over at Smart Step, Inc

prweb.com San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) September 08, 2015 -- Speech Buddies is making it easy for families in Brooklyn to get their children on track with speech & language development. Today they have launched Speech Buddies Connect, an online marketplace for speech therapy that matches parents with some of the…

www.npr.org 09/26/2015

Parents Can Learn How To Prevent Anxiety In Their Children

www.npr.org Parents with anxiety disorders can unintentionally teach their children anxious responses to life. But parents can learn how to teach children coping strategies instead, a study finds.

lifehack.org 09/25/2015

20 Things Only Parents Of Children With Dyslexia Would Understand

Meh title, but a great list of how people (me) big and small, with learning differences experience the world

lifehack.org This is what parents of children with dyslexia need to know!

bonap.it 09/22/2015

It's Time to Banish These 6 Cooking Myths from Your Kitchen

#2 like woe :-) #foodie #mama

bonap.it The way you scramble eggs, simmer beans, and cook steak will never be the same.

mrdonn.org 09/20/2015

MrDonn.org Social Studies - FREE Lesson Plans Activities Games Powerpoints Handouts - for Kids...

Great history lessons for kids http://www.mrdonn.org/index.html

mrdonn.org Ancient Civilizations for Kids and Teachers Archaeology, Early Humans, Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, India, Celts, Mongols, 7 Ancient Wonders & More

lifehacker.com 09/18/2015

What to Do When Your Kid Lies to You

Some great tips on what to do when your littles lie and why they do in tge first place. #parent #hacks :-)

lifehacker.com A typical four-year-old lies about once every two hours, according to some studies. A typical six-year-old lies even more often (hourly)! Fellow parents: What do we do about this deception? How can we build trust with our kids and prevent them from growing up into psychopaths? This is the dilemma I’…

sciencefriday.com 09/15/2015

The Science of Story Time

Abby, age 8 loves all things science. Here's a FABULOUS list of science books for kids from "5 to 95". Thank you Brain Pickings http://www.sciencefriday.com/segment/09/11/2015/the-science-of-story-time.html

sciencefriday.com Studies have shown that talking with your child promotes literacy. Now a new study in Psychological Science suggests reading to them may give them an even bigger edge.

freefuninaustin.com 09/10/2015

2015 Homeschool Days in Texas

Leaning toward changing this into a resource for alternative education for parents with exceptional learners. We'll keep you posted. Meanwhile here are some great things going on in here Texas.

freefuninaustin.com It's almost fall and that means it's time for special discounts and educational events for homeschoolers! We've gathered a list of some awesome activities for your family or homeschool group in Austin and around the state. Austin Pioneer Farms - Visitors will see authentic fro

techinsider.io 09/09/2015

There’s a new path to Harvard and it’s not in a classroom

We're on our second year of home/unschooling for purely serving our children's educational needs. Many people ask what their future will look like. This has some hopeful answers.

techinsider.io At home.

www.popsugar.com 09/03/2015

5 Phrases That Will Make Your Kids Stop Crying and Begging

www.popsugar.com Stop the oncoming tantrum in its tracks with these simple phrases. YourTango shares the five phrases that will instantly make your kids stop crying and begging. If your little interrogator has been pulling the line too far, here's how you can reel

[09/01/15]   Dear PTAs, Co-ops, School Groups, Community Leaders...
Using Yahoo!Groups in 2015 (heck 2010) is not okay; if you're trying to grow. Wondering why your enrollment and engagement are down? You can start here.
Make it easy for members to participate. Meet your market/audience/community where they are. Make it easy for people to pay you, engage with you, to help you.
Wishing you the best, but just can't do Yahoo!Groups.

ted.com 08/27/2015

How to escape education's death valley

With back to school and #notbacktoschool in full swing here. This is one of my favorite TEDtalk about #educationreform. This is everyone's issue. http://www.ted.com/talks/ken_robinson_how_to_escape_education_s_death_valley?language=en

ted.com Sir Ken Robinson outlines 3 principles crucial for the human mind to flourish -- and how current education culture works against them. In a funny, stirring talk he tells us how to get out of the educational "death valley" we now face, and how to nurture our youngest generations with a climate of pos…

learningabouteos.com 02/05/2015

Essential Oils and Children | Learning About EOs - Using Essential Oils Safely

I'm all for mamas getting their entrepreneur on and love so many distributing essential oils and a more natural way of life. PLEASE be aware that there are age guidelines for many EOs here's a great resource. We all want the best for our families, be safe.

learningabouteos.com Learning About EOs - Using Essential Oils Safely

washingtonpost.com 08/23/2014

Want to keep your new middle-schooler out of trouble? Then let them take risks

Keep your middle schooler out of trouble...

washingtonpost.com You may think middle schoolers need more protection from the "bad" stuff. In fact, they need to be allowed to take some risks.




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Hometown Hero CBD Hometown Hero CBD

🍁 Made and grown organically in Austin, TX! 21+ Supporting Veterans with every purchase! 📰 Featured in The New York Times, Yahoo Finance, Inc 500, & High Times! 🍁

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Uvico Trading Company, a Limited Liability Corporation, is an international company engaged in the wholesale trade of disposable medical products and spas.

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I'm a foodie obsessed with healthy REAL food and passionate about helping others develop a love for food and healthy living.

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Jeunesse Global, Est. 2009 focuses on Health and Beauty using our YES Youth Enhancement System. In December 2015 we achieved 1 Billion Dollars in sales.

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Survivor Artwork: Art With Deeper Meaning. We make Clinically Relevant Artwork for the medical community, from real patient cells. We support cancer research by donating a portion of every sale. Join us in the fight to find a cure!

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Hair coloring, color corrections, cinderella hair extensions, haircuts, and deep conditioning treatments.

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This is the entire package! As a make up artist and photographer I offer the perfect way to celebrate events or advertise your small business.

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specialize in Volume Lashes and Mega Volume lashes.

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