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Inspero Team


Today, members of Origin Dental Wellness participated in a virtual 5k raising money for Hope Smiles, which is a dental mission in Uganda and Haiti. Donations are only $10, and you can complete it anytime today before midnight (link to participate is below). Run, walk, swim, crawl, whatever! We know this is last minute, but thought if anyone hasn’t exercised yet today, now is your chance to do it and support a great cause!
We definitely got our sweat on!! Inspero Team Hope Smiles
On May 2, 2020, it's time to make a move to support the work of Hope Smiles in Uganda! 👟🤸🏿‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏊🏽‍♂️🚣🏽‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️
Sign up now for the Breathing Hope Virtual 5k: A new way to support the work of Hope Smiles in partnership with Inspero Team! The great thing about a virtual 5k is that there are virtually no rules on how you choose to complete the 3.1 miles. You can walk, jog, run, crawl, bike, or dance your way to 5k wherever and however you want on Saturday, May 2. Frankly, the more creative, the more fun. Make sure you follow your local guidelines on physical distancing and get outside if you can and log 3.1 miles that day.
All the details and registration info here:
This evening at 8pm EST I'll join the Inspero Team for a no-slides & just real talk meeting about Insurance & Revenue.

They're opening this up to the public but you'll need to RSVP to [email protected] to grab a spot. Hope to see you then!
The irony is profound, considering it’s a brutal day for the health of our global citizens.

We must keep in mind that one of the few things we can control right now is our ATTITUDE toward this war against a deadly microbe.

And we must remember that the manifestation of our THOUGHTS can make a positive or negative difference in our personal health and defense against this brutal bug.

It’s true!!!! There is an abundance of scientific literature supporting our innate knowledge that CALM STRENGTHENS IMMUNITY!And ....STRESS EXACERBATES ILLNESS!

Maybe this chart (adapted by my friends at Inspero Team) will help you choose thoughts and behaviors that will lift you out of the FEAR ZONE into the LEARNING ZONE and ultimately transform you into the GROWTH ZONE.

Be well this day, friends.

Love from all of us.
I am so blessed to be surrounded by the best bosses every day. Thank you for helping me grow in so many ways.
Inspero leaders taking time to infuse and be infused with community, nature, and high end learning at the National Study Club this weekend. One of the many reasons I am honored to work with this group. Soaking in is vital to being able to pour out!

breathe hope


Have a look

Newsletter 03/07/2022


Issue 22.3

Newsletter inspero eNewsletter


Imagine looking out into the world.
Does it feel like you are inside your head?
Do you think that is because of where your eyes are or where your brain is?
If your brain was where your liver is would you still imagine "yourself" as in your head (because that is where most of our sensory inputs are located)?

Deep thoughts on a lazy Sunday afternoon...

What do you think?


Burned out?

Pic from tnicholsmd

Where do you think dentists would be on this? Hygienists?


Sometimes that is all it takes.
What are you deciding today?


Like a fox...

Nina Simone - Feeling Good (Official Video) 01/26/2022

Nina Simone - Feeling Good (Official Video)

How are you today?

Nina Simone - Feeling Good (Official Video) Fortifying Simone’s legacy, “Feeling Good” depicts generations of Black joy and boundless self-expression. Get new Nina Simone merch, and follow Nina everywh...


Had a blast today with Ryan Henrichsen's crew in Rochester, MN talking about core values and EI.
Fun, engaging group.
More photos coming soon (and more details in the next newsletter).


"Idleness Aversion"


Newsletter 01/05/2022


The first issue of 2022 is hot and fresh. Dig in!

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Happy New Year!


C r e a t e
Something today...


"we shape our buildings. Thereafter, they shape us."


When You're Over It 12/18/2021

When You're Over It

are you done?

Or do you just need a pacer to help?

When You're Over It What do you do if you or your running buddy is just "over it" mid-race?


"EI training significantly improved nurses' EI and resilience and decreased perceived stress. The training also had a small but positive effect on inpatient experience indicating that nurses applied these newly learned skills in practice, leading to improved performance. A nurse with a higher EI is more aware of the patient's needs and feelings and effectively uses this awareness to interact with the patient and alleviate their discomfort. Nurse managers should recognize the importance of EI training and integrate EI into nurses' training programs to improve the care they provide and their ability to work under stress."
Mao, L., Huang. L., & Chen. Q. (2021). Nurse Education Today, 107.


Keep an eye out tomorrow...

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It is packed with year end reflections and activities.


Wishing you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving day and week.


Body Language check-in

What is your body language saying about you right now? Is that your intention?


Newsletter 21.10 has launched.

Mission Statements -- info plus an exercise for you and your team.


Newsletter 10/08/2021


It's ready!

Issue 21.9 has a focus on Vision - check it out!

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"If one endeavors to live the life that one imagines,
He will meet with success unexpected in common hours."


"It is inappropriate to be concerned about mice when there are tigers hunting abroad."
-George Box


"Happiness = Reality - Expectations"

What do you think?

Hope is the antidote to helplessness. Here’s how to cultivate it | Psyche Ideas 09/15/2021

Hope is the antidote to helplessness. Here’s how to cultivate it | Psyche Ideas

We promote hope as a consequence of action. If you can find a way to create action towards an outcome, it will increase hope for a positive resolution.

While this article does not touch on action specifically, it does provide some good insight about how to cultivate hope in times of hopelessness.

"You have the capacity to adopt more hopeful patterns of thinking in the face of adversity, and to adjust and pursue your goals, even amid hardship. If you can maintain hope in these ways, it will help you find the courage, strength and resilience to ride out the inevitable storms that life brings."

Hope is the antidote to helplessness. Here’s how to cultivate it | Psyche Ideas If hopelessness is learned, then it can be unlearned: how groundbreaking studies paved the way to help cultivate hope


“The only thing an old man can tell a young man is that it goes fast, real fast, and if you’re not careful it’s too late. Of course, the young man will never understand this truth.” -Norm MacDonald


What's in the well comes up in the bucket.

Newsletter 09/02/2021


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Newsletter 08/04/2021


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"Culture is something that shows up whether you are intentional in creating it or not." -Dr. Ryan Coulon

Our next newsletter is going to focus in on Culture -- what it is and what you can do about yours. Keep your eyes peeled next week!

Newsletter 07/01/2021


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Breath and Focus!


Set yourself up for success in 2021 and beyond!


Lead by example!

Breathe Hope

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

As President and Co-founder of Inspero, I am honored and humbled to share with you our vision for what we believe is the next big thing in healthcare.

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