Original Spirit Healing Arts, Dr. Cass Naumann, DACOM, LAc.

Original Spirit Healing Arts, Dr. Cass Naumann, DACOM, LAc.


🌲 Once there was a Tree...
And the Tree was Grateful.

TreeGarden is forever grateful for the beautiful forest of folks that have come together to Cultivate Collaborative Community.

TreeGarden would not have sprouted without the love + support these amazing humans have shared!
Check them out and share the love + gratitude!


Rosemary Allen Art
Juan Villegas
Forests for Monarchs, La Cruz Habitat Protection Project, Inc.
Austin Wellness Collaborative - For the Public
Original Spirit Healing Arts, Dr. Cass Naumann, DACOM, LAc.
Blue Butterfly Farm
Mind Body Music Center
Lemon Tree Herbs
Art of Jean-Pierre
Social Justice Jewelry
Your Journey with J
Sydney Wright
Nathan Trafford
Haley Harkin
Art Austin
Rebecca M.
Chaos Woods
Jazael Martinez
Shawarma Point
Ace of Cups Massage and Wellness
Mazel Tov Kocktail Hour
The Soup Peddler
Marcelo Villaseñor
The Clever Tiger
Katrina Barber Photos
Devised Color Initiative
SweetSatya's Earthen Art - F61- Tex Ren Fest Enchanted Crystal Jewelry
Altar Space Crystals
Almost Real Things
Austin Massage Company
The Awoken Child
Curtis Griffin
ArcSodium Designs
Imperfect Foods
When Where What Austin

And to everyone in the TreeGarden Family Tree that make it all possible!

🌲 Once there was a tree...
And the tree was happy.
~ Shel Silverstein, The Giving Tree

Just what the Dr. ordered
The Austin Wellness Collaborative Meetup at TreeGarden was the perfect prescription for fun!

The health benefits of
Music + Meditation + Massage +
Nature + Art + Collaborative Community
made everyone feel better!

Thanks to:

Austin Wellness Collaborative - For the Public
Soulshine Rhythm Experience
Original Spirit Healing Arts, Dr. Cass Naumann, DACOM, LAc.
Austin Massage Company
for making the Magic Medicine happen!

Rosemary Allen Art + Juan Villegas for the Mood-boosting Mural + Amazing Art

SimpleBooth for the Feel-good Flying Photos

Masonry for the Best Beverages

Want to host your next Magical Meetup at TreeGarden?

Email us: [email protected]

TreeGong @TreeGarden !
In these times of uncertainty, we can all use a bit of Tree Therapy!

TreeGarden is honored to collaborate with
@Austin Wellness Collaborative - For the Public to bring you virtual TreeGong with Dr. Cass Naumann Original Spirit Healing Arts, Dr. Cass Naumann, DACOM, LAc. . •
🌿 LIVE ONLINE TONIGHT @ 6 pm 🌿 www.facebook.com/austinwellnesscollaborative .

Dr. Cass will lead a live online TreeGong session combining the energy work of QiGong with the natural exchange of energy between humans + trees.

Please join us online at www.facebook.com/austinwellnesscollaborative.com
for a healing breath of fresh air, courtesy of the lovely trees at TreeGarden!
#[email protected]
TreeGong at TreeGarden !
In these times of uncertainty, we can all use a bit of Tree Therapy!

TreeGarden is honored to collaborate with
Austin Wellness Collaborative - For the Public to bring you virtual TreeGong with Dr. Cass Naumann Original Spirit Healing Arts, Dr. Cass Naumann, DACOM, LAc. .

🌿 LIVE ONLINE TONIGHT @ 6 pm 🌿 www.facebook.com/austinwellnesscollaborative .

Dr. Cass will lead a live online TreeGong session combining the
energy work of QiGong with the natural exchange of energy between humans + trees.

Please join us online at www.facebook.com/austinwellnesscollaborative.com
for a healing breath of fresh air, courtesy of the lovely trees at TreeGarden!
#[email protected]
This is going to be so so powerful. I am partnering with the magical and amazing Original Spirit Healing Arts, Dr. Cass Naumann, DACOM, LAc. for a sound healing event that will include aromatherapy and crystals. Tomorrow night Meditation Bar at 7pm. If you’re interested, click on over to MeditationBar.com to get your ticket—we have a limited number of spots left.
✨SEE YOU IN #HERBWITCHVILLAGE ✨ Shop locally handmade, small batch herbal remedies from Road Dog Health & Wellness, White Deer Apothecary & Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen 🌿 Explore botanical artwork and home goods with Herland Home, Terre Noire, & Cedar Creek Handmade 🌿 Adorn yourself with handmade crystals and jewelry with Marlena Jarjoura, Brasscopper and Jamie Spinello 🌿 Find locally handcrafted self care, skincare & body care from Old Factory - Artisan Perfume & Natural Soap, Chiki Buttah Products, Ritual Union, & Blinking Owl Acres 🌿 Connect with local growers and their plants with 7 Feathers Trading Post & C & J Farms 🌿 Shop unique herbal goods, books, ritual tools, dried herbs and more with Sacred Moon Herbs, Kalpulli Teokalli Teoyolotl & Natural Magick Shop 🌿 Enjoy our favorite local tea from Local Leaf 🌿 Relax and enjoy offerings from local practitioners including Original Spirit Healing Arts, Dr. Cass Naumann, DACOM, LAc., Rosewood Acupuncture & Ayurveda, LLC, and Bee Cave Family Chiropractic 🌿 Explore healing modalities offered in Austin with Texas Association of Naturopathic Doctors 🌹 You can find #HerbwitchVillage in the Rose Garden of Zilker Botanical Garden.

Bring your wallet and get the holiday shopping done early (and sustainably!)
What to expect at your first acupuncture appointment.
Dr. Cass is an amazing blessing to this world we live in. Yesterday she helped me create a re-energized sacred space through a cleansing acupuncture and QiGong session. Today I woke up feeling 40 years of baggage and negativity had left my body, mind, soul, and Chi (I hope I said that right, I am a life long learner on my journey through holistic healing). She did more for me yesterday than anybody has done for me that I can remember for a really long time. I am grateful to call her my go-to healer and friend. Wopila… Gratitude....

Doctor of Integrative Medicine
Classical Daoist Acupuncture
Board certified herbalist
Medical Qigong, Yoga, meditation + breathwork teacher
Asian bodywork
Vibrational Energy Healer with LOVE

Operating as usual


Water crystal photo from water exposed to words "No worries"

Water stores information. The water crystal photo looks expansive, as if it is full of reassurance, spreading out its arms and telling us no worries.





"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity... It turns problems into gifts, failures into success, the unexpected into perfect timing, and mistakes into important events. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow." -- Melody Beattie

Re-establishing the Foundation – Qì in the Year of the Yīn Metal Ox, Xīn Chŏu, 辛丑 – Year 2021/4719 01/01/2022

Re-establishing the Foundation – Qì in the Year of the Yīn Metal Ox, Xīn Chŏu, 辛丑 – Year 2021/4719

Re-establishing the Foundation – Qì in the Year of the Yīn Metal Ox, Xīn Chŏu, 辛丑 – Year 2021/4719 道 – Dào/View Astrology, 星命家 , and Geomancy, 風水 , are two premier subjects of the Chinese Traditional Mantic Arts. Their development in China over the last 2,500 years continues a...


"And this, then, is why music—of all the arts—is the most meaningless art. After all, music is a major industry in the United States. The money invested in orchestras, in operas, in the recording business is fantastic. It’s—horse racing is a very great industry, but music, I think, probably absorbs more millions than horse racing. And you could make a case that this was a complete dissipation. It solves no useful purpose, it doesn’t help anyone to survive, it is a noise; meaningless noise, endless meaningless noise going down the drain. And all these energies of orchestras, or all the power of electronics that delivers this, is total waste! And people get hooked on it. They get the thing called chorditis, which is addiction to harmonics. And they have to have this repeated day after day. Some people get up in the morning and they can’t function until they’ve had cup of coffee. But many more people get up in the morning and can’t function until they turned on the radio and got some music.

And what would you say, then, of a culture which took this standpoint: music not allowed. Music is a diversion from reality. You know? That kind of awful, utilitarian attitude—but really, one of the basic things, you see, that we live for. What makes it worth surviving and going on is there can be such a thing as music, there can be dancing. In other words, that we can do things that are absolutely irrelevant so far as mere survival is concerned. Now, we have the proverb that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Dull for work. And people who play—justifying their play by making it a means to that end—those people never play. Because you don’t really play until you get so absorbed in the music—or the dancing, or the whatever you’re making; the part of doing, the calligraphy—until you get so absorbed in that there is no reason for it other than what you’re doing. The sheer delight of that. Then—because you are absorbed in something for which there is no ulterior motive, and which is pure play—this, by way of a byproduct, produces sanity. In other words, if you play in order to be healthy, in order to be sane, you’re not playing. But if you play just to play, then, as a byproduct, as something you couldn’t aim at directly, you are sane.

And so a culture which allows for this, which allows for this sort of goofing, is a healthy culture. This is not the culture that we live in, because it is extremely anxious about play. Everybody, when they play, they have to find an excuse for it. They say, “Well, this is culture.” You try and persuade the city of San Francisco to support its opera. What sort of propaganda do you have to use? You can’t say, “We should have a good opera house because we just like going to be opera.” You say, “This improves the city’s image.” After all, they have it in New York.

And that is because we do not allow ourselves the idea that life is not serious. Because somehow we feel if you aren’t engaged in something serious you’re a loafer. You’re not contributing to the social welfare. And so, in this way, the artist has a peculiar role in this society. Very, very interesting. Because the artist is a very deceptive fellow. He appears to be the supreme luxury, the irrelevant fellow. You can afford an artist, you can afford to buy paintings, if you have surplus money. That’s a luxury. So you can support an artist, and we call it “fine arts.” The completely useless person who makes paintings—which are sort of big labels or posters that you stick on your utilitarian walls to decorate them.

But on the other hand, the artist is the man who shows you the future long before everybody else sees it. The artist is the eye opener. Just because the artist is distinct in role from the preacher and the philosopher, the artist can get away with all sorts of things. For example, in our culture, if you’re a university professor, a doctor, or a minister—these three professions: teacher, doctor, minister—you have to be very careful about your private life. Because the moment you have any alliances that are not quite regular, people’s tongues begin to wag. And why do they wag? Because they say, “The way you behave is inconsistent with your profession, with what you profess. You are teaching people the good life, the healthy life. And you live in this disreputable way. You have a mistress. You have something or other going on.” But the moment an artist should take a mistress, this is what is expected of him. Everybody says, “Oh, he’s an artist.” In other words: he doesn’t matter. He’s irrelevant. He is an entertainer; some sort of clown. But on the other hand, if you belong to a high culture, you patronize artists. See?

So the role of the artist is very fascinating. Because he appears to be the clown, the jester, the absolutely unimportant and irrelevant person. And yet, it’s actually through the artist that we learn how to live. Not through the preacher, not through the philosopher, not through the professor. It is the artist who teaches us, whether he does it visually with painting or sculpture, tactually, or whether, above all, in music. "
-Alan Watts, Future of Communications

How solitude can help you regulate your mood : Life Kit 12/23/2021

How solitude can help you regulate your mood : Life Kit

From NPR:
Research shows that even small bouts of solitude can be restorative, leveling out “high-arousal” moods. Basically, a little alone time may help even us out.
But don’t be surprised if you’re a bit resistant to giving yourself that alone time. A different study found that a majority of participants preferred giving themselves an electric shock(!) to simply sitting alone with their thoughts for up to 15 minutes. Here's how to get over the discomfort and embrace solitude.

How solitude can help you regulate your mood : Life Kit Everyone needs a little alone time, but with the current pandemic, you might have either too much "me" time or not enough. Let's get that balance back. This episode breaks down some of the research behind what makes even small bouts of solitude restorative and what to do when you're alone too much.

Journal 12/23/2021


"Winter training is important. As the days get shorter and ever darker and it seems gloom will swallow everything beyond hope - suddenly it turns and once more the light begins to prevail. This is what we need to keep in mind and heart when we think we can no longer continue or endure - just that is the turning point and if we have the strength to devoutly hold together and go with it, the new that wants to be will open. The strength necessary for this accrues from the Daily Life Practice and devotion or faith points to a centre that is other and more than ‘I’. It does not matter what name we give to it for in itself it is inconceivable and names are at best pointers. The Real, the Mystery, the Radiance is behind the concept, the ‘name only’.

And so, for us, this time of the year is twice impressive - the Buddha’s Enlightenment, in the darkest time of the year, followed by the feast of Christmas, the birth of the Christ, the light appearing again and the radiance attending the new birth. Again a pointer to that inexpressible which cannot be named and can only be lived - in gratitude and joy. This truly brings to light our dark world. May our hearts be receptive and reflect this light - for the sake of all beings."

P198 Zen Traces. Volume 21 Number 1 D

Journal Zen Traces The Zen Centre publishes a quarterly journal, Zen Traces. Example copy (PDF) If you would like to subscribe, please fill in the form below so we can collect your details. You will then be directed to the appropriate payments


Happy birthday Yuanshi Tianzun.

Happy birthday Yuanshi Tianzun.

How To Do A Facial Massage At Home 12/21/2021

How To Do A Facial Massage At Home


How To Do A Facial Massage At Home One of the keys to a glowing, ageless complexion is a well-executed facial massage. Massaging the face not only relieves tension, it also boosts circulation, gives your skin an instant lift and even helps your products absorb better. Read on to learn about the benefits of facial massage and how to g...

Photos from Original Spirit Healing Arts, Dr. Cass Naumann, DACOM, LAc.'s post 12/20/2021

Land of fire🔥 and ice❄️
Come play with me 🌞summer solstice 2022.✈️✈️✈️

Last day for $200/off is tomorrow the winter solstice…

We’ll do qigong together 🧘‍♀️ in the mornings and adventure to far off lands in the afternoons-
🌋Volcanic geothermal hot springs
🌀Vortex power islands
🐎Dreamy mountain landscapes with horseback riding
🐳 whale watching

Spending the solstice under the midnight sun☀️

Relaxing in the evenings in our backyard jacuzzis.

I’m so excited to share this experience with you.🥰

Learn more here-


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On Open Awareness

"Think of the mind like a vast space, instead of being very focused, like a torchlight, focused down, where suddenly we are like the open sky. And in the open sky, birds fly through, bees fly through, planes fly through, anything flies through but there is no catching it, and it leaves no trace. It just flies through because there is open space.

And so, this open awareness is just being present without catching on to anything. Whatever sounds we hear, whatever thoughts we think, whatever feelings come up, they just come up and then they go. And we don’t hold them, we don’t look at them, we just allow them to manifest and allow them to pass. So it’s this very open spacious. it’s just sitting, in a state of presence, without grasping on to anything, just allowing whatever is, and just to be aware, just to be present. I mean, it’s very simple but that doesn't necesarilly mean that it's easy."

- Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo

#meditation #openawareness

I’m Honestly Fed Up With All The Bad News, So I Illustrated 40 Of The Best Ones From 2021 12/17/2021

I’m Honestly Fed Up With All The Bad News, So I Illustrated 40 Of The Best Ones From 2021

So much good news!

I’m Honestly Fed Up With All The Bad News, So I Illustrated 40 Of The Best Ones From 2021 We need more positive news to acknowledge that the world is actually getting better little by little. Here are some of the top performing positive news illustrations from 2021.


"When you finally understand from your own experience that there is no need to cater to the concerns of the ego, you will no longer cling to hopes and fears, or gods and demons. You will see that the source of your pain is clinging to your ego. You will rest in the limitless expanse of awareness – your true home. And you will be free."

~ Lama Tsultrim Allione, from her book Feeding Your Demons

Timeline Photos 12/14/2021

Timeline Photos

"We need a real awakening, a real enlightenment. New laws and policies are not enough. We need to change our way of thinking and seeing things. This is possible; the truth is that we have not really tried to do it yet. Each one of us has to do it for ourselves. No one else can do it for you. If you are an activist and you're eager to do something, you should begin with yourself and your own mind."

From Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet, the new book of Thich Nhat Hanh's earth teachings. Available at https://smarturl.it/zenartofsavingplanet

Sleep technique used by Salvador Dalí really works 12/13/2021

Sleep technique used by Salvador Dalí really works

Sleep technique used by Salvador Dalí really works Some of the world's most creative minds, including Salvador Dalí and Thomas Edison described using this sleep technique to bolster creativity.


In the U.S., millions of people are living with an autoimmune disease, and that number only continues to rise.

Unfortunately, many people struggle with chronic, unexplained symptoms without realizing autoimmunity may be the cause. That's where my work comes in: In my telehealth functional medicine clinic, I have worked with countless patients, all of whom are on what I call "The Autoimmune-Inflammation Spectrum." One of the most important factors I consider with these patients? The foods we eats.

But for some people, taking out the common inflammatory foods ( gluten, sugar, dairy and industrial seed oils like canola) can help but it’s not all the pieces to the puzzle. Thiscan leave you frustrated and eager for answers. In reality, that just means you might have some less common sensitivities that we haven't pinpointed yet.

Read my entire article on this subject: https://drwillcole.com/autoimmune-health/the-1-diet-for-autoimmunity-what-to-do-if-it-doesnt-work-according-to-a-functional-medicine-expert (live link in profile)

#ArtofBeingWell x #IntuitiveFasting x #ketotarian x #InflammationSpectrum

#autoimmunedisease #autoimmune #selfcare #brainfog #guthealth #moldtoxicity #health #wellness #healthylifestyle

Cancel the Apocalypse: Here Are 30 Documentaries to Help Unlock the Good Ending 12/11/2021

Cancel the Apocalypse: Here Are 30 Documentaries to Help Unlock the Good Ending

A few inspiring documentaries new to me…

Cancel the Apocalypse: Here Are 30 Documentaries to Help Unlock the Good Ending Our present moment is saturated in dystopian, apocalyptic fantasies of the future. As the late Mark Fisher said, "It's easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism.” We can...


I give you an emptiness,

I give you a plenitude,

unwrap them carefully.

-one’s as fragile as the other-

and when you thank me

I’ll pretend not to notice

the doubt in your voice

when you say

they’re just what you wanted.

Put them on the table by your bed.

When you wake in the morning

they’ll have gone through the door of sleep

into your head.

Wherever you go

they’ll go with you and

wherever you are you’ll wonder,

smiling about the fullness

you can’t add to…

and the emptiness

that you can fill.


The Song of the Vajra

Yet continuing without interruption,
Neither coming nor going, omnipresent,
Supreme Dharma,
Immutable space, beyond definition,
Spontaneously, self-liberating.
Perfect state without any obstruction,
Existent from the very beginning,
Self created, without location,
With nothing negative to reject,
And nothing positive to accept,
Infinite expanse, all pervading,
Immense, and limitless, unbound,
With nothing even to dissolve
Or from which to be liberated.
Present beyond Space and Time,
Existent from the beginning,
Immense dimension of inner space,
The radiance of clarity is like the sun and the moon,
Self perfected,
As indestructible as the Vajra,
As stable as a mountain,
As pure as a lotus,
Strong as a lion,
Incomparable bliss
Beyond all limits;
Peak of the Dharma,
Light of the Universe,
Perfect since the very beginning.

From "The Song of the Vajra", An Oral Commentary by Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche



In the Celtic tradition, there is a beautiful understanding of love and friendship. One of the fascinating ideas here is the idea of soul-love; the old Gaelic term for this is anam cara. Anam is the Gaelic word for soul and cara is the word for friend. So anam cara in the Celtic world was the "soul friend."

In everyone's life, there is a great need for an anam cara, a soul friend. In this love, you are understood as you are without mask or pretension. The superficial and functional lies and half-truths of social acquaintance fall away, you can be as you really are. Love allows understanding to dawn, and understanding is precious. Where you are understood, you are at home.

The anam cara experience opens a friendship that is not wounded or limited by separation or distance. Such friendship can remain alive even when the friends live far away from each other. Because they have broken through the barriers of persona and egoism to the soul level, the unity of their souls is not easily severed. When the soul is awakened, physical space is transfigured. Even across the distance, two friends can stay attuned to each other and continue to sense the flow of each other's lives. With your anam cara you awaken the eternal.


Excerpts from his book, Anam Cara
Ordering Info: https://johnodonohue.com/store

Fanore, Co Clare - Ireland
Photo: © Ann Cahill

What is Original Spirit (Yuan Shen)?

All that we encounter in life holds a seed of truth within it, sent to us from the heavens, the eternal Tao of Universal Consciousness, the Wuji, Source, Origin, the emptiness of limitless potentiality, for us to hear and see and touch and know: to water, nourish, and grow to fruition. But it is up to each of us individually to follow our path and make the most of the wisdom, virtue, and compassion that we cultivate, living to our fullest potential and fulfilling our destiny.

By experiencing one's original spirit, the unity of life is realized, the inseparable nature of life is realized, the clarity of one's true nature is realized. This insight is essential to self-realization, health, happiness, and transformation. This insight can provide the inspiration and motivation to change a life, to live in a way that allows synchronization with shen (spirit), to be a living expression of shen. Acupuncture can have a profound effect on releasing attachments and imprints that prevent an individual from realizing original spirit. And it can guide one's focus or attention on self- realization.

Taoist teachings are like master keys unlocking all doors and help us to become like a child returning to the original Source, the original force that is our birthright. The ultimate purpose is to return to our original state- the source. This is beyond the boundaries of time and space, so to "return to Source", we must broaden our minds and empty ourselves, we must let go of the fixed, limiting ideas of Newtonian physics and realize that we are the universe, we are stardust.

According to The Secret of the Golden Flower as translated by Timothy Cleary, the original spirit is the formless essence of awareness; it is unconditioned and transcends culture and history. It is the celestial mind, primal and universal. The Secret of the Golden Flower is devoted to the recovery and refinement of the original spirit.

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PEACE BE WITH YOU..Wind chimes and birdsong from my heart to yours.(And a message at the end.).#peacebewithyou #myhearti...
TreeGong at TreeGarden! 🌳❤️•••In these times of uncertainty, we can all use a bit of Tree Therapy!TreeGarden is honored ...
i n n e r  s m i l e m e d i t a t i o n .A video from this past Saturday - leading the inner smile meditation- essentia...
✨🌀Qi🌀✨.Giving some energy-work to an acupuncture needle yesterday..#qi #chi #qigong #energy #energywork #energyhealing #...
Watch until the end!Infrared thermography is a camera that detects the infrared light emitted by the body and captures i...



Young Living Essential oils
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Austin, TX

Opening Hours

Tuesday 8am - 11am
2pm - 4pm
Thursday 8:30am - 8:30pm
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