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Hair stylist and colorist. Fabian Valdez has been an expert in cutting and styling hair for 19 years. He is a cutting specialist for men's, women's and children's hair.

Fabian also offers highlights, all-over color, specialty hair styling and wedding events.

Operating as usual

Main Street Hub Photos 10/23/2012

This fall, let us help you carve out a new look!

Main Street Hub Photos 10/12/2012

Here's a stylist secret for you! When you are done using a hot tool, use your blow dryer's "cool" setting to help set the style so it stays longer.

15 of the 1950's Most Iconic Hairstyles 10/09/2012

15 of the 1950's Most Iconic Hairstyles

Talk about timeless style: BellaSugar narrowed down the 15 most iconic hairstyles of all time. Which one is your favorite look?

15 of the 1950's Most Iconic Hairstyles The 1950s were an enormously influential decade for American style. Post-WWII, the US was rebuilding its economy and moving (haltingly and often painfully) towards social change. The dynamism and simultaneous retreat to more conservative times are both



The headband has graduated from middle school. See how you can wear it in an oh-so-sophisticated way:


Zoom in on the Emmys Hair and Makeup Looks 10/02/2012

Zoom in on the Emmys Hair and Makeup Looks

The Red Carpet at the Emmy's last weekend did not disappoint. Whose look would you love to steal?

Zoom in on the Emmys Hair and Makeup Looks The red carpet is filled with stars at the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards, and the hair and makeup looks are too good to be missed. Lavender ponytails, bright pink lips, ballerina buns — it's all here. Zoom in close on all the stars' stunning hair

Find Your Perfect Haircut -  - Get Hollywood Hair	 - Hair - InStyle.com 09/27/2012

Find Your Perfect Haircut - - Get Hollywood Hair - Hair - InStyle.com

Put down the needles: a good haircut can make your face look slimmer and younger! Check out which style suits you:

Find Your Perfect Haircut - - Get Hollywood Hair - Hair - InStyle.com How to recreate your favorite star hairstyles.

Main Street Hub Photos 09/25/2012

Soda cans are making a comeback as rollers! Would you ever try this old-school curling technique?

Main Street Hub Photos 09/20/2012

If you have naturally curly hair and your blowout gets wet, twist it up into a bun. Putting it up helps relax curls & prevents frizzing.

Pretty Simple :: Brush Breakdown |  Camille Styles 09/18/2012

Pretty Simple :: Brush Breakdown | Camille Styles

Your brush might be the culprit behind your bad hair day. Check out the tools you should have in your beauty arsenal:

Pretty Simple :: Brush Breakdown | Camille Styles Pretty Simple :: Brush Breakdown By Martha Lynn | August 15th, 2012 I was in hairbrush denial for a long time — I thought that my one flat brush was fit to fill all my hair needs, yet when my hair would fall flat and volume-less, I was clueless as to why. Well, I’ve come a long way ...


Taking off some length? Instead of saying how much you want off, it's actually best to show us with your finger where you would like the hair to hit.

Main Street Hub Photos 09/12/2012

Bobby Pin 101: Did you know? The correct way to insert a bobby pin is with the wavy side down. It's designed to have a better grip that way!

'Like' this if you just learned something new!

Main Street Hub Photos 09/06/2012

A ponytail doesn't have to be boring! What do you think of this slightly upscale pony: love it or leave it?

The 10 Commandments of Hair Accessories 09/04/2012

The 10 Commandments of Hair Accessories

We love using accessories to spruce up a hairstyle. Here are the 10 rules of barrettes, bobby pins, and bands:

The 10 Commandments of Hair Accessories Once associated with proms and pageants, embellished barrettes and headbands are now getting grown-up attention.


We're so excited for the upcoming holiday! How are you planning on relaxing this Labor Day weekend?


A wise woman once said: "Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like."

Main Street Hub Photos 08/23/2012

Argentines have gorgeous hair. Their secret? Aloe vera. To help keep long hair in perfect shape, you can try to apply aloe vera directly to your scalp or add to your shampoo.

Main Street Hub Photos 08/21/2012

Braids are perfect for summer. We're especially loving Charlize Theron's braided updo. What do you think?



Quirky perfume tip! Fragrance rises, so spritz it on your ankles or behind your knees to help your scent last longer.

Check out more useful tricks:


Main Street Hub Photos 08/14/2012

One study says that blondes have more confidence! What do you think: do blondes have more fun?


Bad hair days happen to the best of us. What's your emergency plan?


Love to wear your hair in a ponytail? Avoid putting it up in the same spot every day: you can damage your hair in that place over time causing unwanted flyaways!

Instead try and switch it up! Go for a high pony one day and alternate to a low one the next.


Are your roots showing?! For a quick fix try applying some mascara to cover those gray hairs in a pinch. Then call us, stat!

Main Street Hub Photos 07/31/2012

Don't forget this number one beauty must-have!


Growing up, my most regrettable hairstyle was ________.

The 8 Hottest New Fall Hair Ideas 07/24/2012

The 8 Hottest New Fall Hair Ideas

Ready for a hairstyle change? Check out these bold new trends straight off the runway:

The 8 Hottest New Fall Hair Ideas Updating your hairstyle is just as exciting as getting a new wardrobe, and a whole lot cheaper. This fall, don't be afraid to try something different, something a little unexpected—something straight off the runway.

Main Street Hub Photos 07/19/2012

Having fun in the sun? Don't let the rays ruin your color: Spray on a UV protectant to prevent your hair from turning a brassy hue.

Main Street Hub Photos 07/17/2012

How to straighten out some pretty knotty behavior: never tug! Instead wet hair and then use a wide tooth comb to gently ease the knot into small sections.

For especially dry hair, load your comb with conditioner!

Vitamin Deficiencies That Cause Gray Hair 07/13/2012

Vitamin Deficiencies That Cause Gray Hair

Did you know? Vitamin deficiencies can contribute to graying hair! Read more:

Vitamin Deficiencies That Cause Gray Hair Vitamin Deficiencies That Cause Gray Hair. Rather than trying to avoid the gray hairs by using color from a bottle, look to your diet. Those who are deficient in some vitamins can find their hair turning gray sooner than they had ever anticipated or wanted. These vitamins are found in foods you shou...

Main Street Hub Photos 07/10/2012

The hair bow is making a serious accessory comeback! What do you think: is this hair trend a "Do" or a "Don't"?

A Few Ways to Spice Up Your Black Eyeliner Looks: Girls in the Beauty Department 07/07/2012

A Few Ways to Spice Up Your Black Eyeliner Looks: Girls in the Beauty Department

Are you in a makeup rut? Spice up your look tonight with these easy eyeliner tricks:

A Few Ways to Spice Up Your Black Eyeliner Looks: Girls in the Beauty Department I know you. You’re thinking, Oh, Beth, I’ve tried everything with my black eyeliner. There’s nothing left to try. On the contrary, my dear. Here are a few ideas we’ve seen on the blog recently that’ll add a little something...

DIY Nail Art: A Fresh Fourth Of July Manicure (PHOTOS) 07/03/2012

DIY Nail Art: A Fresh Fourth Of July Manicure (PHOTOS)

It's almost the 4th! Sport your love for the red, white, and blue with a stars and stripes themed manicure:

DIY Nail Art: A Fresh Fourth Of July Manicure (PHOTOS) With my family reunion coming up this Fourth of July (and coincidentally taking place in Washington, D.C.), I feel obligated to incorporate splashes of red, white and blue into my outfits. But I struggle with putting all the pieces together to avoid looking like an American flag.


Did you know? The average woman spends 23 minutes doing her hair every morning. Instead, simply wake up with the perfect style by getting a Brazilian blowout!


I must have ________ in my makeup bag.


Summer can wreak havoc on your tresses. To minimize damage from chlorine: rinse your hair in the shower before diving in! This will limit how much chlorine your hair can soak up in the pool.




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