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I’ve never given myself a short haircut because I didn’t think I could pull it off. Cut and color by me. I impressed myself.

Covid policy update-please read 08/22/2022

Covid policy update-please read

Please take note of these updates:

In light of the new recommendations from the CDC, I have updated my Covid policy. Note that my requests are more in line with the older guidelines, in an effort to keep us healthy and keep my busy schedule disruption free.

If you have been exposed to Covid, please wait 5 days and test negative before coming in for your appointment. (Exposure is day zero.)
If you live with someone who is positive for Covid, please wait 10 days after their fever has broken, and you have tested negative, before your appointment.
Please stay home if you are not feeling well.
Please wear a well-fitting mask without a valve at all times. A KN-95 or similar is best. I use these masks ( .
If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 up to 14 days following an appointment, I request that you notify me immediately so I can take necessary precautions to protect myself, other clients and our families.
The 24 hour cancellation policy will be waived if you are ill, are showing any symptoms of illness, or have been exposed, and I am notified prior to your appointment.

As always, thank you for your cooperation. I am very grateful to have remained healthy throughout this!

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It’s always fun do do something new, especially for a friend! Love you


I hadn’t seen Sarah in three years!! We cut off a lot of length, and I heavily balayaged. Of course I forgot to take a before pic.


All the tones!! 😍💜💁🏻‍♀️


The scheduling angels smiled upon me and I was able to do my color in between clients! It had been a long time.

You’re the best! 12/31/2021

You’re the best!

We did it!

We made it through another year! I have much gratitude for the best clientele a stylist could ask for. Thanks for being a part of the last year, and the next!

You’re the best!

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A big transformation takes time, patience, and love. I have an abundance of these for my bestie. Love you .plant



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By far, the best thing about this work is meeting amazing people, and helping them feel a little more amazing. I have thoroughly enjoyed the redhead adventures Kate and I have been through together, but not as much as our great conversations. Thanks for the trust, and good luck on your next adventure!


We both liked the subtle sophistication of this version of grey.


Loving the in my my clients’ *and* in a blowout. Firm and soft!


Feeling more like myself since a cut from .creative thank you!

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Loving the vibes on this young one and their

Rate Increase & Other News 06/09/2021

Rate Increase & Other News

Enjoying the Journey

When I finished beauty school 15 years ago, I felt confident that I was embarking on a career that would be fulfilling. Thanks to you, my time as a hairdresser has been and continues to be rewarding. The challenges of the last year have brought much gratitude for my work and my clients. In order to reflect my experience, my haircuts will be $70 beginning August 1. Color prices will increase proportionately, depending on the length of service.

I am currently booked through late July. Thank you for pre-booking your appointments.

As always, I am grateful to have you visit me. I enjoy our conversations and helping you feel your best.

Some Normalcy Returning

Our staff is fully vaccinated
We are continuing to mask inside the salon.

Our lobby is re-opened
If you prefer to wait in your car, please text me when you arrive, and I will let you in the side door. Otherwise, you are welcome to wait in the front of the salon. I look forward to seeing you!

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Que guapo senorito


When you use almost every cutting tool you have on one client.

Celebrating Black Women's Hairstyles! Satisfying Cookie Decorating | The Graceful Baker 04/29/2021

Celebrating Black Women's Hairstyles! Satisfying Cookie Decorating | The Graceful Baker

Mesmerizing and beautiful!

Celebrating Black Women's Hairstyles! Satisfying Cookie Decorating | The Graceful Baker This set is dedicated to celebrating Black women worldwide. The cookies in this set highlight the grace and versatility of Black women’s hair, featuring a va...

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rinseless refresh™ micellar hair & scalp refresher | Aveda 02/20/2021

rinseless refresh™ micellar hair & scalp refresher | Aveda

So glad I had this when my water went out!

rinseless refresh™ micellar hair & scalp refresher | Aveda Instantly cleanse scalp and refresh hair and texture with no-rinse micellar technology. Rinseless refresh™ micellar hair & scalp refresher revives and refreshes second-day styles with naturally derived styling polymers that help tame frizz for up to 72 hours – even in in...


Bless this woman and bless my wonderful clients. I’m so grateful to be making it through with such amazing people.

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A modest s**g.

**g **ghaircut


What I learned in 2020 (as a hairdresser):

I’m not ready to retire.

It’s deeply gratifying to work with my hands.

I have the best clients. (I already knew that, but it was strongly reaffirmed this year.)

Flexibility and patience were key to getting through tough times.

I’m okay with my gray. Even though I colored it again.)

I can give myself a haircut, if it’s long enough.

I’m looking forward to not needing a face shield, so my hair can look good at work, and to (surprise to me) lipstick.

I’m also looking forward to another year of doing what I love with great people. Thanks for helping to make this year as great as it could be.

What a year! 12/02/2020

What a year!

I’m grateful for you!

While this year has presented some new challenges, I have found that patience, flexibility, and above all, gratitude have kept me grounded. As I count my blessings, I count each of you among them (even if I haven’t seen you in a while). Thank you for being the best clients a gal could wish for.

Since the holiday season is upon us, a reminder that the city of Austin is asking people who have attended gatherings with people outside of their home to stay home for 7+ days and get a COVID test 3-5 days after gathering. I hope you all have a healthy and happy end of the year.

Wishing you joy and abundance


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Super fun inspired. Thanks for the trust

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It s beautiful day at 4001 Salon! I love seeing these trees put on their show each year.


Asymmetry is always fun!

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Our lovely little salon has two chairs available for rent. This historic gem in Hyde Park is filled with light, and each station has its own shampoo bowl. I’ve worked here for eight years and have had all the autonomy I need while working with great people. Interested? DM or email through link in bio.


Self-care is more important than ever, and I love how these products from elevate my self-care routine. I like to keep my products simple, and these are, but also made with intention and love. They smell great without being perfume-y because they are all-natural. The oil feels great, makes my tattoos gleam, and is light enough to use in my hair. The toner is refreshing, and leaves me feeling clean but not dry. Get these and other products like the Lavish Thyself sent or the facial clay

The Messed Up History of Black Hair in America | The Daily Social Distancing Show 09/16/2020

The Messed Up History of Black Hair in America | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Don’t touch and don’t copy, my white folks.

The Messed Up History of Black Hair in America | The Daily Social Distancing Show Black hair has been a point of contention in America since slavery with white people trying to control Black hairstyles. Dulcé Sloan breaks down the stigma o...


A follow-up from new client .alyse.007 Her hair is quite thick and benefitted nicely from all the weight removal I did with my dry slide

I’m so glad I got these shears pre-pandemic, as I have been doing more dry cuts these days. Thanks again for the inspo

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I freshened up my self-cut s**g. Thanks for the inspo &

I’ve been growing out my grey: first as solidarity with my clients, but then out of curiosity. It’s been good to see what’s under there, and I for sure won’t stop coloring forever, but it’s been nice to take a break from that routine, as this whole mess makes me take a close look at how I want to be spending my time and what my priorities really are. This mess has also been a nice reminder that work is good for us and it is a joy to serve others.

**g **ghaircut **gnation **gsforever

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is a great client because a) she does her homework and always brings inspiration photos, even though I’ve been doing her hair for years, b) has amazing hair (and face!) that always looks great no matter what I do and c) is a joy to visit with. She goes above and beyond by d) following up and showing me how she styles it (which is especially great since I’m not doing blow drys right now). She says: “Really liking my cut!  Washed it today, applied a little bit of Bb all-style blow dry creme, and blow dried about 50%.  Easy peasy!”
**g **ghaircut **gnation **gsforever

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Getting ready for school.

Timeline photos 06/30/2020

This mask is comfortable, secure, and has the added benefit of making one look like a bird.

Timeline photos 05/17/2020

Hairdressers, how’s it going? Are you working? Are you not, but wish you were?

I’m not ready to be behind the chair yet, but I’m happy to put together color kits to keep some of my clients from getting too rooty. If you’re working, I hope it’s going well and you’re staying safe. Likewise if you’re not working. I feel fortunate to be able to make this decision for myself and not be forced into it. I do miss my people, though!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences on where we are right now. Stay healthy!

Timeline photos 05/15/2020

So great to see a dual demo today with the amazing educators and Thanks for another wonderful week of quality, free education. I’m looking forward to next week too! You can join too: [email protected]_ONLINE.COM

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I’m inspired and ready to try something new with all the hair you’re growing out right now! I thoroughly enjoyed class today with and it was great to have a laugh with them.

Timeline photos 05/05/2020

Enjoying a complimentary week with of quality education. Thanks

Timeline photos 05/04/2020

I’ve been keeping my quarantine hair routine very. simple. I usually layer on the product, but lately I’ve just been using leave-in conditioner, air drying, and scrunching in a bit of simple hand lotion when it’s dry. I even experimented and washed with bar soap, just to see what would happen. (It’s a gentle moisturizing bar, so not as stripping as regular soap. It got the job done, but not as nicely as my regular sulfate-free shampoo.) Simple is often best. Our lives are complicated enough right now.




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