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We are compassionate to our clients’ needs. Getting to know you closely and your lifestyle help us create your signature event, designed only for you. It is these special touches we implement into your event that makes it unique. Our professional experience of more than 10 years and friends in the industry is what makes us successful.


Starting our Sunday with Gratitude!

Our adventure today begins in Mayakoba, Mexico, somewhere beautiful, luxurious and tranquil. It is the new home of TFEST from May 7 to May 10, 2023.
An epic fourth chapter of TFest begins - a chapter that will take us to discover a new, spiritually-charged destination - Mayakoba, Mexico.

This year, Mayakoba will be the backdrop for luxury travel’s most innovative show. Together with our luxury suppliers, the event name, Voyage is about the journey we embark on to find and fulfil our purpose. We'll chart a new course with our inner compass as our guide, and discover how we can evolve as humans and as a community.

Thank you to our host Fairmont, Mayakoba
a leader among eco-friendly hotels for more than 25 years. From rooftop bee hotel to innovative water-reduction techniques, the brand has been recognized for having one of the most comprehensive environmentally friendly programs in the North American hotel industry.

A truly global representation of top destinations, 5-star hotels, off-the-beaten-path boutique properties, private jets, and transformational travel DMCs.

Grateful for this adventure!

Follow me to Mayakoba.


Spring time wedding vibes …


How was January for you?
We had a busy start to 2023 and what better way to end January by announcing our upcoming group travel vacations in honor of today’s
“National plan your Vacation day”!
We hope you can join us on any of our adventures this year.
New experiences, new adventures, new connections …


Reminiscing September!
What an amazing few days of connecting at the Private Luxury Conference in Bahamas.
It was an honor to be a part of this exclusive event. As a business owner, any opportunity to meet and spend time with my future travel suppliers (who become valued representatives for my team and clients) is always a wonderful opportunity. The additional fun is always a plus, thanks to and again.
We learned, we sailed, we ate, we partied and most of all, able to spend happy moments with new and old friends in our world of travel industry! We are looking to collaborate with all our new suppliers from all over the world.


We are honored to be invited to and attending the 2022 Private Luxury Americas next week and meeting more than 100 joyful luxury suppliers.
It is this kind of private luxury global community that we appreciate.
They help connect us to top community travel industry leaders, creating revolutionary events that inspire us and help us book clients to elevate their travel experiences.

Looking forward to taking a trip to Bahamas islands while socializing with the crème de La crème of the travel luxury business!
Thankful to our gracious hosts


Eat-Sip-Travel - Repeat …
Ending our last hurrah of
Superbia Summer sUccessfully…

Thanks to these amazing Creative women and Chefs .atelier who made our experiences so delicious, exciting and fun! And most importantly, to all the hardworking teams, from the AIC group to the UNICO staff.

Muchas gracias!
See you next year!


Superbia Summer 2022, here we come…
Our group will start arriving tomorrow for this yearly event at UNICO 20º87º Hotel Riviera Maya
We can’t wait for some of our new and returning guests to experience this one-of-a-kind Culinary event. This year, we will celebrate with all -female creatives; will taste Top Chefs’ cuisines at Cueva Siete; will learn to create and taste handcrafted cocktails; listen to live music and DJ while sipping cocktails at the pool; relax on the beach, and enjoy Spa days with “four hands massage” treatments. Surprises always await at this resort.


Is it Summer yet?
Good news!
“Carm Away “ Superbia Squad is back for the 4th year joining the happiest event

August 12-15, 2022

*Group booking from
July 11- August 22nd

This year we are celebrating outstanding women across the hospitality and entertainment industries, and YOU phenomenal women😍

This year , embrace the local at UNICO 20’87 ‘s Summer Superbia Savor craft cocktails, indulge in delicious bites, discover local artist and attend exclusive poolside events.

Eat- Sun- Fun- Relax- Repeat….

We can’t wait to see everyone again. Are you coming?
Email: [email protected]


Ahhh.. Paris! You are even more beautiful each time I am here.
We have been traveling all over France for few days and started at Paris. This time we did old and new experiences but also met our suppliers for our upcoming couples celebrating here all year. Thankful to our suppliers for keeping us busy.

Here are some old and new experiences, and must-do in Paris. Most of all, be open to “Joie De Vivres”, the French way…

1. A must stay at . They have top floor fabulous and spacious French suites overlooking both Champs Elysees and Eiffel Tower. The customer service is five star, top notch. Best location for our shopper clients and near iconic Champ Elysees!
2. La Foquet - must taste Onion soup, Escargot and many more.
4. Mr. Eiffel! - we didn’t climb it this time since we’ve been few times but instead experienced a different view where there are fewer tourists, great photos and fun with Max Photo.
5. Champs Elysees- just a quick photo in the morning (before it got busy) is a good time to take a great photo.
6. Visited new restaurants which are old and historical restaurants
7. Chocolate Tasting at Alain Ducasse new Chocolat store
8. ISWD new finds! Visited Secret Speakeasy bars and restaurants - exclusively planned for our clients
9. Our favorite places to explore: Champs-Élysées area, Le Marais, Montmartre, Trocadero, St. Germain
10. Skipped the Louvre and Marais Museums since we’ve been there but explore Montmartre artist area
11. visited the ever-busy, modern and up-and-coming-fashion Châtelet shopping area
12. Ending our Paris experience with a nightlife exclusive experience at Moulin Rouge, champagne, cabaret at its finest and an amazing show! A dress-up night and must-do for adults!

Next follow us to The French Riviera where Parisians spend their Summer get away!
And Qui, Qui.. we are so happy we are sending our honeymoon couples and group here.


Wow, has it been more than 20 years since managing celebrity accounts .
It was supposed to have been a fabulous job but I was not my passion.
Then I read this quote…

“Find something that you’re passionate about and be tremendously good at it.”
-Julia Child

I loved waking up each morning knowing that I get to plan someone’s dream travel, honeymoon or even your personal event.
Then, to receive the 2022 Couples Award yearly is a huge bonus.
And mostly, I am humbled for your belief in us, in traveling and our services for all our clients. What a great way to start 2022…
Thank you for your continuing support.
My life is complete!

Photo credit :


Looking back on 2021!

Thankful to all our clients for their continuing support and making our travel planning exciting.
There were so many places we visited, planned our clients’ travels, honeymoons, and Group events to amazing destinations, including:
Holbox, Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Croatia, Morocco, Turkey, Peru.
Best gift was winning the International Travel Awards thanks to all you who voted.
Let’s make more memories together! Cheers to more adventures, exciting travels and new experiences for 2022!
Be safe, Happy New Year!


Hello Lima! 🇵🇪
Did you know that there are 200-400 Huacas (ruins) in Lima, Peru? We are ending 2021 with experiencing Peru and starting with Lima, the capital.

As this city is known as the culinary capital of South America, what better way but to start by tasting their delicious cuisine with the Pisco sour and the best seafood. The stunning colonial architecture, historical UNESCO protected ruins, the bohemian art district, museums, the foggy but romantic sea views, and the continuing discoveries here is what will keep us coming back. Peru is one MUST destination in 2022, worthy of a trip to add to your bucket list.
Next is Cusco!


It’s a new day, and a good time to experience this new tourist beach destination, a new resort
located in this hidden gem…


“Costa Mujeres is the new tourist area in the Mexican Caribbean that stands out for the wonderful natural environment that surrounds it; mangroves, rainforest, white sand beaches and the majestic turquoise blue sea; which in combination with the exclusive lodging centers make it an ideal place for rest and relaxation.”caribbean


Wherever you are, whatever you do, be in love.” - RUMI

It’s been few days since Touring Turkey for 8 days. It has been truly educational and motivating.

I am feeling grateful that my company ISWD was fully hosted by focused on Destination wedding trends and the Romance Travel Industry. The B2B meetings with all the hoteliers and local tour operators was invaluable.

Most of all, these were great experiences, starting in Istanbul, Cappadocia, Konya (where my favorite poet RUMI is from), and the romantic beach destination, Antalya!

Thanks to Mustafa and his hard-working team, Turkish Airlines and IAWDP
for starting the very first Eurasia Conference.

Turkey, if you have not been, is a beautiful destination for anything about love.
Istanbul sits right in the middle of Europe and Asia. The iconic Blue Mosque, the wondrous Hagia Sophia, the Bosphorus strait between the Mediterranean and Black Sea, are must-see attractions. And the famous Cappadocia Hot Air balloons, cave hotels, and out of this world open air museum - this area is known as the capital of best proposals with breathtaking views.
It was a goosebump experience walking the Underground city, which is one of best preserved underground cities to date.
Konya was touching to visit Rumi’s (my favorite poet) tomb and museum.
And we have enjoyed@Turkey’s beach destination, Antalya.

Love is sharing and we cannot wait to share this experience to our clients in 2022!


What are you celebrating this weekend ?
Happy, happy …FRI …YAY! 😍

You voted, and …
We won the 2021 International Travel Award, Best Travel Company and Event Management .

Thank you! Thank you! 😘🙏🏻🙏🏻

International Travel Awards is a leading Travel & Tourism award program in the world to recognize the best performers in Tourism industry.

It has been a challenging past couple of years during this Pandemic not knowing where this Travel and Event industry is heading, but through it all, you continued to travel and planned international events with us and keep our Agency busy and supporting us.
We are so touched, and honored for all your continuing support. Thank you to all our loyal clients, suppliers who continue to believe in our services and our mission. Just like wine, this company, for the past 21 years, will age sweeter and better.
The world of travel is safely and gradually opening.
If you love to travel, to plan a happy celebration, to want to learn about any culture, taste the food, drink the wine, try new adventures, celebrate happiness, discover something new and experience more, then join us on our upcoming group travels. It such a cliche’ but we really do will only live once.
#2021 #


Where will your next adventure take you?
Croatia has captivated our hearts.
After visiting Dubrovnik last week…
Split, the 2nd largest city, is definitely worth visiting and possibly the hottest destination to visit. It has everything for everyone, the Beaches, easy access day trips to many of the islands close and by ferry, archeological museums, a combination of Turkish, Greek, Roman architecture, shopping, more restaurants to pick from, the stunning attraction at the heart of the city, the Roman Emperor Diocletian’s palace, which is fabulous Roman history that you need to see, and lastly it is next to the UNESCO site and island of Trogir.
Easily island-hop to nearby islands including Hvar, Korcula and Brac, all are summer hotspots and great getaways, as well as chances to experience and explore.
Contact us when you are ready to explore Croatia!
Next is HVar Island!


“Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, more beautiful than the one in Key West in Florida“ -Alfred Hitchcock

As you look at it closer, it changes its color from pink to blue hues in the core. There is nothing like it. You have to be here to appreciate it. I am mesmerized! Along with this is another spectacular art exhibition, the Sea Organ which plays the sound of the waves and the Sun Salutation, coming alive at dusk, following the waves and the sea symphony. Only in Zadar!!

With just a few days here, had a wonderful walking tour exploring Zadar's Historic Center and old town. A brief history: “Zadar's story began with the Romans, continued with the Venetians and was capped off by the Austrians before Yugoslavia happened. From imagining the grandeur of Roman Zadar to along with the Venetian walls and gates, sightseeing in Zadar is fascinating. Some of our visit highlights:

1) Greeting to the Sun
2) Sun Salutation after dark Light show. 10,000 solar cells release the light they've absorbed during the day to create a spectacular light show after dark. This 22m circular plate is one of Zadar's most beloved attractions.
3. The Roman forum, the multiple churches including the Basilica of St Anastasia, whose legend tells of her full devotion to God over all else.
4) Having coffee above the ruins of the old Roman gates and near the older Zadar City Gates,
5. Our introduction to the unique Pag sheep cheese, only bred on Pag island,
6. An experience tasting the Zadar Maraschino liqueur, also unique to this area!
7. Most memorably and while feeling historically poetic was staying in what used to be a castle: now a Luxury hotel and UNESCO heritage site, and the same place where our late respected Chef, Anthony Bourdain and his team was welcomed.
We can’t wait to take our group here in 2022!

I am overwhelmed with so much history and the beauty of Zadar. The proud people and food have been welcoming and gave us a glimpse of how Croatia has so many hidden treasures.

Where to next? Split, Trogir, Hvar Island and other secret places only in Croatia!


We have been so mesmerized with touring Croatia and a little behind on posting. I am catching up with destinations we have visited so far.
We can’t wait to bring our clients here next year .

Dazzling Dubrovnik …
If you have never been in Croatia, you need to add this city on your bucket list. There are so much to do; The mesmerizing view of the Old Town on a crystal blue Adriatic Sea from a cable car ride up to Mount Srd, the fascinating medieval history and newer Game of Thrones “history” including the king’s throne, walking the ancient city walls and the famous Walk of Shame from Game of Thrones, Croatian Wine and cheese tasting, getting lost in the secret street stairs of alleyways where there are always surprises of charming shops and wine bars, cliffside beach bars and orange sunsets, experiencing the unique foods including black risotto, so many streets of restaurants and so hard to choose from…
There is so much more to see in Dubrovnik but there are more adventures to experience as we continue our Croatia tour …

Next is the northern Dalmatia city of Zadar!


As we are getting ready for our next trip during this Fall season … we are moving forward feeling grateful that this past Summer has been the busiest but enjoyable for our groups and couples.

Thanks to the Turks and Caicos team for the wonderful hospitality. This exotic resort is located on one of the best beaches in the world. This amazing Global Gourmet Five star all-inclusive resort features five magnificent villages boasting the architecture and ambiance of Italy, France, the Caribbean and Key West, a 45,000 square-foot waterpark, 21 gourmet restaurants, a 12-mile beach lapped by clear turquoise waters, and 10 impressive pools. There are endless fun activities for everyone from tots to tweens and teens, featuring Sesame Street® characters, an Xbox Play Lounge and a sizzlin' teen disco—all located on Grace Bay, voted the World’s #1 Best Beach by TripAdvisor Travelers.

We are proud to be one of the best Sandals and Beaches specialist Travel agencies!
Contact us for our Group and Destination Wedding packages E: [email protected]


When do you want to start living your own “La Dolce Vita” ?

We are super happy for our clients tasting the Italian sweet life soon. It was exciting to plan and curate an Experiential Romantic, relaxed and culinary vacation starting from Rome, Naples, Sorrento , and to the beautiful Island of Capri!

Ask us about planning your Destination wedding, Honeymoon, anniversary or just to get away!
Email: ☝️ [email protected]
Italy 🇮🇹


Where do you imagine going next?
We are so thankful to be invited by the Sensira resort team few weeks ago and experience this beautiful new luxury family and adult resort. Celebrity Chef John Bertrand’s “Rediscover D’Art” 12 delightful course meal was a magically unexpected experience a delicious cirque du Soleil like tasting. This has elevated our expectation on gastronomy cuisine.
The menu is a selection of the freshest seasonal products prepared daily and by reservation only. These are truly authentic masterpieces which are served and will delight the most sophisticated palette.

We can’t wait to book our culinary group adventurer, who also loves to spa while enjoying moments with their kiddos.

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Ahhh.. Paris! You are even more beautiful each time I am here.  We have been traveling all over France for few days and ...
Wow, has it been more than 20 years since managing celebrity accounts . It was supposed to have been a fabulous job but ...
Looking back on 2021! Thankful to all our clients for their continuing support and making our travel planning exciting. ...
Hello Lima! 🇵🇪 Did you know that there are 200-400 Huacas (ruins) in Lima, Peru?  We are ending 2021 with experiencing P...
It’s a new day, and a good time to experience this new tourist  beach destination, a new resort @phcancun located in thi...
Wherever you are, whatever you do, be in love.” - RUMI It’s been few days since Touring Turkey for 8 days.  It has been ...




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