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The staff and Dr. Mike Meek exemplified the highest degree of professionalism and safety in a comfortable friendly environment. I appreciate everything that Dr. Meek and his awesome staff did to make my visit pleasant and fast so I was able to get on with the rest of my day without pain! Thanks again!
Great customer service, Friendly staff knowledgeable and always on time

Comprehensive Dentistry in Austin to include Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, Lumineers, and Invisible Braces Led by Austin dentist, Mike Meek, DDS, 38th Street Dental offers general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry procedures including: dental implants, veneers, dental bridges & more.

During your first dental appointment at our Austin, TX, practice, our dentists will perform a complete examination. This procedure involves more than just checking your teeth for any superficial disease: it includes an oral cancer screening and digital x-rays that emit less radiation than traditional machines. After listening carefully to your dental goals, our dentists will explain your current s

Operating as usual

implant continuing education, dental implant - The New Lecture Series ... 03/10/2022

implant continuing education, dental implant - The New Lecture Series ...


'm excited to announce the newest educational offering from my growing library of topics. Biocare Bioca re#nobel biocare

implant continuing education, dental implant - The New Lecture Series ... This 2 day course covers EVERYTHING salient to the restoration of the Nobel Biocare implant system.


Update on COVID-19 Protocols while Texas Reopens

Why Antacids Are Flying Off The Shelves Like They're The New Toilet Paper 01/14/2021

Why Antacids Are Flying Off The Shelves Like They're The New Toilet Paper


This is a fantastic article on an issue that I spend a lot of time talking with patients about day to day. I heard the piece on NPR and just loved ALL the info. Read about what may be happening in your sleep that can destroy your teeth over time!

Why Antacids Are Flying Off The Shelves Like They're The New Toilet Paper Otolaryngologist Dr. Thomas Carroll explains why antacids like Tums are selling out.


COVID-19 and the DENTIST...We are on the cutting edge of infection control and airborne disease prevention. It's time to go to the dentist!

Dr. Meek providing a quick update on life at 38th Street Dental after reopening in June.

Efficiency considerations: Streamlining workflow with the FCZ/ASC and ON1 by Nobel Procera – Dr. Mike Meek - 1347034 07/29/2020

Efficiency considerations: Streamlining workflow with the FCZ/ASC and ON1 by Nobel Procera – Dr. Mike Meek - 1347034

Hot ticket for dental webinar. Tune in to hear Dr. Meek discuss implant restorations and managing minor laboratory protocols with ceramic implant restorations on Aug 6.

I was delighted to be invited to put this little program together. It is such a privilege to get to share our culture at 38th Street Dental with the rest of the practicing world!

Efficiency considerations: Streamlining workflow with the FCZ/ASC and ON1 by Nobel Procera – Dr. Mike Meek - 1347034


38th Street Dental is rumbling to life. Sheena, Patty, Kourtney, Melissa and I have been here this week refining our Airborne Transmission Prevention protocols and seeing the patients that need emergent care. Now don't get too excited, we are not scheduling hygiene yet. Instead, we are dedicating this time to developing the SAFEST DENTAL OFFICE in Austin. We have taken ALL the CDC recommendations on prevention of disease and adopted a medical model to ensure safety of staff and you, our patients. Check in with us periodically to learn more! All the best, Dr. Meek


To clear confusion about dentistry in Texas, a little message from Dr. Meek...


A message about Dentistry in Texas following the lifting of the Stay At Home Order

Dentistry is not like most other professions. The COVID aerosol transmission makes delivering dental care difficult if not impossible in this time where PPE is not available. Our services are limited in the profession until we have GOWNS, MASKS, FACE SHIELDS to treat you safely! Until then, we will manage your emergencies and broken issues as needed. Just give Patty a call and she will work to help you!

CDC Guidance for Providing Dental Care During COVID-19 04/15/2020

CDC Guidance for Providing Dental Care During COVID-19

I just wanted you all to know that we are keeping up with the CDC on recommendations on how to care for you, our patient family. Should you be interested in reading details on dentistry during COVID or in finding solid information on the current situation, the publication contains a number of informative links. This is a fast moving situation and even though this guidance was published April 8, we expect updates moving forward. We wish that all of you remain safe and will work diligently to protect your safety while in our care! All the best, Dr. Meek


CDC Guidance for Providing Dental Care During COVID-19 In order to protect staff and preserve personal protective equipment and patient care supplies, as well as expand available hospital capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that dental facilities postpone elective procedures, surgeries,....


COVID-19 Service Update-Yes, we are still here! It's just a little different now...

Mike Meek,DDS,FAGD on LinkedIn: #nobel 02/06/2020

Mike Meek,DDS,FAGD on LinkedIn: #nobel

We completed a sweet little case recently. Check it out in this LinkedIn post. Dr. M https://www.linkedin.com/posts/mike-meek-dds-fagd-48294335_nobel-activity-6631280687607537665-6_M8

Mike Meek,DDS,FAGD on LinkedIn: #nobel Maxillary Segment Replacement with Nobel Procera ASC Bridge. We completed this routine segment replacement recently and I wanted to share the outcome...


Melissa and I delivered this set of front teeth. Can you tell which ones are crowns? Only two teeth in the photo are crowns. Thanks you Functional Aesthetics for your roll in delivering this beautiful outcome! Dr. M

Mike Meek,DDS,FAGD on LinkedIn: #dentalimplants #NobelBiocare #grafting 01/28/2020

Mike Meek,DDS,FAGD on LinkedIn: #dentalimplants #NobelBiocare #grafting


I posted this cool case on LinkedIn but thought some of our followers would enjoy seeing some of the technicals on what we do at 38th Street Dental. Our specialty surgical partners are the secret sauce to our magic. Come talk with me about your smile if some of this might help! Best regards, Dr. Meek

Mike Meek,DDS,FAGD on LinkedIn: #dentalimplants #NobelBiocare #grafting Placement of Bilateral Congenitally Missing First Bicuspid, Canine and Lateral Incisors using the Nobel Biocare Conical Connection and the Nobel Procera...

NobelPearl™ – Unique metal-free, two-piece ceramic dental implant solution 01/27/2020

NobelPearl™ – Unique metal-free, two-piece ceramic dental implant solution

Metal free dental implants. If you have concern over titanium or metal allergy, we can help replace your missing teeth with a metal free implant system through our trusted surgical partners. Give us a call and let's get together and talk about how this innovation in tooth replacement can help you have the function and smile you have always wanted. Dr. Mike Meek

NobelPearl™ – Unique metal-free, two-piece ceramic dental implant solution Differentiate your practice by offering an innovative 100% metal-free and cement-free, two-piece ceramic implant solution, providing a familiar approach to t...

38th Street Dental updated their website address. 12/10/2019

38th Street Dental updated their website address.

38th Street Dental updated their website address.


The Austin Implant Group held is public continuing education meeting last night and as President, I got to host, and talk, and present some of our beautiful reconstructive and implant work here at 38th Street Dental. We had about 30 guests and the whole kip and caboodle of the Austin Implant Group so it was a great time had by all if you like dental stuff....nerdy but we love it! Thanks to everyone for taking time to come and learn from some extremely complex cases!

Michael Meek 08/07/2019

Michael Meek


I have been on the road lecturing from coast to coast for a few years for this company. They recently updated their website and included me as part of their education faculty. Check out my little ditty Nobel Biocare to see a little of what I've been up to with this fantastic implant company!

Michael Meek Internationally renowned experts providing exciting information transfer, offering an unparalleled opportunity to learn, share and inspire fellow dental experts and professionals

ADA Dental Product Guide Volume 6 Issue 1 February 22, 2018 07/01/2019

ADA Dental Product Guide Volume 6 Issue 1 February 22, 2018


Neat opportunity presented this Spring that allowed me to publish a technique article in the American Dental Association Dental Product Review. Little 500 word ditty on a new component that we tested here at 38th Street Dental prior to national launch.

The ON1 base is a current feature of the posterior dental implant restorations we use daily at 38th Street Dental. State of the Art components ensure great outocomes!

Does the dental practice you attend care with use the BEST components in the industry or the least expensive?

Dr. Meek

ADA Dental Product Guide Volume 6 Issue 1 February 22, 2018 2018 VOLUME 6 ISSUE 1 ADA Dental Product Guide CONTENTS Composite Polishing Restorative Materials Sealants Restorative Materials Practice Management 3 5 7 9 11 The Dental Professional’s Online Product Resource Guide

NobelPearl special offer 05/21/2019

NobelPearl special offer


We are happy to be able to provide non-titanium dental implant solutions for those looking for the "metal free" version of dental implants. The Nobel Biocare Pearl implant meets my needs as a restorative doctor and has over a decade of clinical use. This proven system is a great compliment to the titanium fixtures that we have restored over the years. If you are needing or wanting non-titanium implants, give us a buzz and I can visit with you at consultation about the pearl.

Dr. Meek

NobelPearl special offer NobelPearl is a metal-free, two-piece ceramic implant solution with a cement-free internal connection, providing a unique new alternative to titanium. Designed to support a natural soft-tissue appearance, NobelPearl implants can help patients gain the natural esthetic excellence they desire.  


I was excited to fly with Melissa Searcy to Yorba Linda, California, to teach a full day lecture with hands on training to a group of doctors from Colorado. Dr. Reynolds and his crew were fun to work with and the facility was a five star venue to host this course. We enjoyed their state of the art laboratory class room and I was thrilled at what a great job the company did hosting the event. Implant temporization and a new generation of screw retained restorations were the topics of the day. I'm really starting to like this teaching thing!

Best regards,
Dr. Meek


I have been all over the country since last update, but I managed to take some time this morning to share how excited I was to be welcomed to Jackson, MS to speak for the day to a group of referring doctors of Associates of Jackson. The home of Dr. Roger Parkes and Dr. Clarke Stewart, Periodontal Assoicates is a big, progressive practice over in Mississippi that is doing a great job with new technology. I had a great time with this group of over 100 participants.

This week I'm doing programs in Houston and Yorba Linda, California. The Cali trip is very special. I have been invited to teach a Hands On course for a group of doctors from Colorado at the Nobel Biocare Education facility. Talking about first class! I'll be excited to share snaps from a day of teaching in a state of the art facility!

More later,
Dr. Meek


I just get excited every time! Every time I delivery another beautiful front tooth it just helps me feel silly happy. We delivered a single front tooth veneer this morning. No complications and it looked fantastic! I just love to share the outcomes our fantastic lab partners help us delivery. Thanks to Kyle Swan at Functional Aesthetics in Dallas! Your team is outstanding!

Gum infection linked to Alzheimer's disease, new study suggests 01/28/2019

Gum infection linked to Alzheimer's disease, new study suggests

This news starting coming across Reuters in the last couple of weeks. Net, net is that we not only help keep your heart healthy by treating gingivitis and gum disease, but we also help the mind stay healthy. An enzyme associated with the gum disease baddie P. Gingivalis is associated with the formation of amyloid plaques of dementia/Alzheimers in the brain. So healthy gums help keep a healthy mind! Read more here: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2019/01/25/gum-disease-could-cause-alzheimers-disease-new-study-claims/2675823002/

Gum infection linked to Alzheimer's disease, new study suggests A bacteria that destroys gum tissue in the mouth could cause Alzheimer's disease, according to a study published in Science Advances.


Each January, the Austin Implant Group meets for their annual business meeting where all things important are discussed for the year. At least that's the excuse we use! Anyhow, we met last night and I was re-elected as president for another two years. I was proud to accept this again because over time, this group and its drive, ethics, and commitment to good and best outcomes has really helped shape my ethos as a restorative doctor. It's hard to believe how valuable a group can be to help steer one clear of whatever hidden hazards lie within a case. AIG, thank you for your belief in me to continue to energize our professional community and drive the group forward. Best regards, Mike Meek, DDS


I had a wonderful group at hospital in Sudbury, Canada where I delivered a Thursday night presentation on dental implant treatment in general practices. Wonderful group of doctors with a fantastic sense of humor! Thanks Nobel Biocare for hosting this event and inviting me to provide international dental implant education!


I'm so excited....Melissa, my long time treatment partner, treatment coodinator, and five star bad to the bone dental assistant has been working to develop this education course on dental implant treatment modalities for dental assistants, auxiliary, and administrators.

That program is now complete and Nobel Biocare is sponsoring it on October 10, here in Austin at CRN lab.

Anyone hoping to learn more about dental assistant's role and workflow with dental implants should plan to attend. It is a two hour lecture with hands on and I am so excited that she is being featured here locally.

Plan to come on out!

Dr. M

Our Story

Led by dentists C. Mike Meek, DDS and David J. Tasch, DDS, 38th Street Dental offers restorative dentistry, implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry & more. Bringing you the best dental care in Austin, 38th Street Dental offers high tech services along with the utmost personal care and attention to each of our patients. As one of the best dental clinics in Austin, we are family dentists who care for multiple generations for some of our patients’ families. For family dentistry In Austin, there is no better choice than 38th Street Dental, contact us today!

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COVID-19 and the DENTIST...We are on the cutting edge of infection control and airborne disease prevention.  It's time t...
A message about Dentistry in Texas following the lifting of the Stay At Home Order
Nobel Procera ASC Crowns-State of the Art Implant Restorations


Dental Implant restoration, Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry

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