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Saxon MD Facial Plastic Surgery


We would like to welcome Saxon MD Facial Plastic Surgery to the Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce. We are happy to have you with us! 🎉🎉🎉

Find more about them here:
Happy Chamber Anniversary, Saxon MD Facial Plastic Surgery! Thank you for all you do to support Austin LGBT-owned businesses. We are grateful to have you.
I was talking with one of my closest friends last week. We’ve known each other for 30 years. Somehow we got onto the subject of what would you want to look like if you could come back after death. I said, “I’d like to look exactly like I do now but just 4 or 5 inches shorter.” They were so touched by that and happy for me as they pointed out in all of our years of friendship I had never said I’d ever want to come back as I looked. It shocked me as well when I realized that literally for the first time in my life, I am comfortable with and like my reflection. It was such a surprise when they pointed that out because I hadn’t really thought about it. In addition to being shorter I had always wanted to change everything else too as I always felt insecure of my looks.
I’m eternally grateful and thank you for everything you’ve done for not just my physical appearance and skin but also my emotional & psychological wellness. You truly have life changing impacts on people and I’m So thankful I found you and your team! Thank you. ❤️
Welcome to the family Saxon MD Facial Plastic Surgery and thank you for what you do for the LGBT community!
Man Bod by
Big guys need extra Emsculpt power! Two times the fun!! If you want the joy of a stronger, slimmer body without all the hassle of the gym, come try it out! Saxon MD Facial Plastic Surgery Saxon MD Skincare
We love seeing from near and far at our meetings! to the lovely Drs. Brittany Howard from Scottsdale, AZ, Gita Fleischman from Raleigh, NC, and Sarah Saxon Saxon MD Facial Plastic Surgery from Austin, TX at our in San Diego last October.
We're excited to have received a donation from Saxon MD Facial Plastic Surgery for our upcoming auction at the 2020 HRC ATX Gala Dinner! Thank you so much for your support. ❤️ Join us by purchasing your ticket to the gala dinner here.
TOMORROW: Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce OCTOBER LUNCHEON // TUESDAY, OCTOBER 8 11 AM - 1 PM / County Line on the Hill / ft. speakers from Capital Metro about their Project Connect initiative and double Rainbow Ribbon cutting for both the County Line and Saxon MD Facial Plastic Surgery / All ages. Tickets $35+. Space is limited and the luncheons often sell out. /

Dr. Saxon is a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of t Dr. Saxon is a facial plastic surgeon who is moving her practice from Dallas to Austin.

Expected opening date is October 2017. Contact Dr. Saxon at to join the wait list for an appointment!


When you can get your brows and lashes done at work💃

Gigi is now doing lash extensions and brow tinting/lamination at both our Dallas and Austin offices? ❤️❤️❤️


Such a fun time having Sam come with me from Austin to help me in the Dallas clinic today!

I will be adding more clinic and procedure time in Dallas starting in August. We are generally booked out in that location about 6 weeks ahead, so be sure to reserve your time in advance.

I can’t wait to fill y’all in on all the good things happening at Saxon MD! It’s been a whirlwind couple of months💃


Did you know we now do lash extensions at ? Gigi is our master aesthetician at the Austin location and has expertise in all things brow and lash.

After just having it done the first time, I think I’m hooked now!

We also do brow and lash tinting as well as lash lifts. Next year, we’ll also be adding microblading and permanent makeup!!

Click the link in bio to schedule your lash appointment with Gigi!


Technology in medical aesthetics is changing and improving at rapid pace. It’s a full time job just to keep up! I’m thankful to have with me this weekend learning about what’s new and how to improve on what we already have.

Michaela can do a wide range of treatments including , , , , , ,

Schedule a treatment with Michaela at our Dallas location soon! Her schedule is filling up fast.

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Meet Luna! My new baby sheepadoodle is the latest addition to the . She’s already a ball of energy with the best cuddles. I’m not sure if Francie is ready to give up all the attention yet, though. Hopefully, they’ll soon be best buds.🐶

I ended up choosing Luna as her name since it’s the name of a famous orca. Whales are definitely my spirit animal, and Luna’s black and white spots remind me of an orca (killer) whale.

Drop a comment below to tell me your spirit animal!👇🏻

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It’s not just about looking good. It’s about feeling good.

My approach to noninvasive body contouring uses a holistic approach to treating the skin, fat, and muscle using a combination of devices and technologies - what I call EMBODI.

Fullness in the abdomen is from both subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Visceral fat is the fat sitting inside the abdominal muscles and wraps around your internal organs. Both surgery and noninvasive treatments only target subcutaneous fat. No matter how many treatment sessions I do, optimal results can only be reached with addition of proper diet and lifestyle modifications which reduce visceral fat.

Each patient coming to or for body treatments receive a comprehensive body and lifestyle analysis with recommendations.

After following our guidelines you can expect to have:
✅increased energy & stamina
✅improved posture and gait
✅reduced waist circumference
✅increased core strength
✅reduced skin laxity
✅reduced long-term risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke,and other chronic medical conditions.

Our EMBodi protocol is NOT a substitute for being followed by your primary care physician but can complement it.

Click the link in bio to schedule your consult today!

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After a stressful year and a half of navigating my business through a pandemic, surviving a snowpocalypse, and opening a second location in Dallas through it all, it was finally time to take a little hiatus. We all need a break sometimes right!?

and I had another great adventure exploring Oahu, Hawaii!🌺 Some recommended highlights include:

🐢Staying at on the North Shore. It’s the same resort that Forgetting Sarah Marshall was filmed
🍍Morning açaí bowls for breakfast at
🐠Snorkeling at the coral reef at shark’s cove
⛺️Beachside camping in our van at .bc
🌊Watch the surfers and boogie boarders do their thing at Waikiki Beach during our stay at
🍹Sunset cocktails at Mai Tai while we watched a luau performance
🍣Eating our weight in garlic shrimp, poke, and shave ice

And lots and lots of hiking, beach time, and pool time☀️Such a fun trip!!! Now back to reality😘


Happy work anniversary to DeAndra!🎉🎉🎉Did you know that today marks 3 years since joined the ? I’m so thankful for her hard work and dedication to managing all the chaos that comes with running a small business. I could not do what I do without you keeping things working smoothly behind the scenes!

As we continue to grow and expand, I’m so happy to announce that her title has officially changed to Chief of Operations. Welcome to the C suite my friend!🥰

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Are you ready for our and launch party TONIGHT?🎉🎉🎉

I’m so excited to have these revolutionary technologies in our office! BTL’s over 200 engineers continually work to bring you mind blowing results that are safe with no downtime. Having NEO in the Austin office now turns what was once a 2.5 hour treatment into 45 minutes!!😮

Join us tonight 5-8pm for our first Austin event in over a year and a half!! Pricing will never be better than tonight!

Can’t make it to the event but still want to take advantage of our deal? You can simply call or email the office all day today!

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we now offer hair restoration with at our medspa and ?

Exosomes work my stimulating activation of dormant hair follicles and thickening those that are already active.

The treatment starts by numbing the scalp with local anesthesia. The exosomes are then injected followed by microneedling.

What questions do you have about exosome injections in the scalp?


I’m so excited for my patient today! As a child, she had a tumor on her forehead. In the process of excision and reconstruction, a tissue expander was needed which eventually eroded the bone underneath. She was left with a severe contour deformity, scarring, and hair loss that inevitably affected her confidence.
She came to me after having an endoscopic cranioplasty by another surgeon which still left her with contour irregularities. Not only did an endoscopic approach not adequately repair her forehead, it still left her with scarring and hair loss.
Today, I used an open approach to smooth out the bone, lower and round off the hairline, and improve the appearance of her scars. I injected neuromodulators as well as exosomes to reduce tension and speed up the healing process. 💃🎉🥰


and I working hard on a rainy Sunday afternoon. we are starting our own facial plastic surgery fellowship in ?
This will be a one-of-kind opportunity to learn all aspects of the aging face, minimally invasive treatments, and facial feminization surgery.
Are you looking to apply for a facial plastic surgery fellowship? If so, what would your perfect fellowship look like?


Studies confirm that the upper third of the face has the most effect on determination of femininity compared to any other area. One of the most sought after procedures in my practice is the forehead package which includes type 3 brow bone reduction, brow lift, and hairline lowering. This combination gives such dramatic and instant results.😍
Are you ready for a transformation? Go to our link in bio to schedule your consult!



Could your lips use a lift? 👄 A lip lift is a procedure that can be done with or without lip augmentation and appears more natural than simply adding volume alone. It involves making an incision in the crease at the base of your nose and removing some of the skin of the upper lip. Schedule your consultation and learn more about this in-office procedure on our website! Link in bio 💋💋

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😍 Upper Blepharoplasty or upper eyelid surgery removes excess skin and protruding fat. This in-office procedure is a super popular because it opens up the eyes to create a more relaxed, rested and youthful appearance. Visit our website to learn more and to schedule your consultation

Timeline photos 01/07/2021

The Slim and Sculpt Package includes FaceTite. In the right hands, this powerful device uses radio-frequency energy to tighten skin and remove excess fullness of the lower face without visible scars. It can be done right in the office while you are awake in about an hour, too!


We all had high hopes for 2021. What the heck happened!?🤷‍♀️ Nevertheless, I still feel optimistic about this year. We have so many new things happening that I just had to share.
1. We have been busy growing our Saxy squad and have some new faces for you to meet.
2. I have been in the process of getting a lifestyle medicine board certification and will soon be incorporating coaching in whole food plant-based nutrition into . This complements our EMBodi treatments perfectly!
3. We are growing our regenerative medicine services which has almost eliminated the need for dermal fillers. Truly the fountain of youth!
4. Thank goodness construction at our Dallas office is FINALLY almost complete. I’ll soon be splitting my time between the two cities.

Timeline photos 01/04/2021

If you find yourself contouring your face with makeup daily to camouflage your “chipmunk cheeks” and jawline, you may be a good candidate for the Slim and Sculpt package. To learn more about this combination of treatments and procedures contact our office!



🍾🤩 Let the joyous news be spread!!! 😍🍾



2021, where are youuu? 😁😁

Timeline photos 12/28/2020

Another delicious treat! Power Greens by NuMedica is available in chocolate or espresso. It is an easy mixing, great tasting and energizing nutritional powder mix loaded with certified organic, whole food plant extracts. It's a blend of completely natural vitamins, ionic trace minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients and symbiotic intestinal flora for energy, metabolism, digestion, detoxification, revitalization and longevity support. …and let's be honest, we can all use that type of support! 🤩



Dr. Saxon's fave for scars? 💙 Silagen! These silicone scar treatments are a physician-exclusive line of medical grade products created to dramatically reduce the appearance of scars. Don’t let your self-consciousness about scars keep you from living your best life. Stop hiding your scars with makeup and use Silagen silicone scar treatments to reduce their visibility for good.😀

Timeline photos 12/22/2020

We all need a little extra support this time of year! Armor up with Seasonal Shield. It's an advanced, broad-spectrum nutritional formula providing comprehensive support for seasonal environmental challenges. ImmunoG PRP supplies protein, immune factors, growth factors, vitamins and minerals to ensure health and vitality naturally.



The Saxy Squad recommends SkinBetter AlphaRet Peel Pads. It exfoliates skin, leaving it smooth and bright just in time for the holidays! It has a triple-acid complex (lactic, glycolic, salicylic) providing additional exfoliation and skin rejuvenation benefits.

👉Improves the appearance of skin imperfections.
👉Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, pores and rough patches.
👉Supports exfoliation and removes dead skin to help prevent clogged pores.
👉Lactic Acid moisturizes while exfoliating to support hyaluronic acid.


!!! Francie has not been very happy with me lately with all the working I’ve been doing the last few weeks.

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Did you know we now do lash extensions at @breathe_atx ? Gigi is our master aesthetician at the Austin location and has ...




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