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Timeline photos 04/19/2017

➕➕B O U N T Y➕➕
••rose petal••
This spring has brought such a bountiful amount of roses this year. As these petals dry, I will whisper sweet blessings and my gratitude for their magic to them until they are ready for their next step. I'm thinking a self love tincture infused with rose quartz elixir and a yoni steam?

Timeline photos 03/28/2017

➕C O N C O C T I O N➕
•rose petal w/rose quartz•
||T I N C T U R E||
🌹This tincture was made with pure love. A combination of pink rose petals from a dear friend and a gifted smoke aged scotch from another special one. These two humans time stamp a moment when death&life linked for me.

This ally is taken when a protected softness is needed, when past grief and sadness need to be acknowledged and released. Rose petals create movement in the body, whether it be a low stagnant energy or a physical congestion.
➖I apologize for my absence as of late, but sometimes you need to step back and reassess your why.➖

Timeline photos 03/20/2017

☀️E Q U I N O X☀️
••Astrological New Year••
Springtime and the Aries season have arrived! The sun is shining and these beauties were at the lovely nursery around the corner I love to walk to and thru. I'm letting the greenery inspire a fresh start and some new beginnings! How will you celebrate the birth of Springtime?

Timeline photos 03/11/2017

••this bandit has been in the jungle for a bit to contemplate life & choices. Please stay tuned...••

Timeline photos 02/21/2017

🌿S P R U N G🌿
Still swooning over the blooms I encountered on my walk the other day. GIMME ALL THE PLANTS.

Timeline photos 02/16/2017

🌿S P R U N G🌿
••rosemary flower smudges••
Springtime smudges on the way.

Timeline photos 02/16/2017

🌿S P R U N G🌿
As I wander around my neighborhood, I have begun to notice all the beauties blossoming amongst us and the bees making there way from one bloom to the next. And as I notice these sweet flowers and literally stopping to smell all the new darlings along the way, it solidifies that this hobby is becoming a passion that is changing the view of my surroundings and my experiences in the moment.

Mountain Laurel is coming in strong right now and they do smell divine.

Timeline photos 02/16/2017

Yesterday's post on the elderberry was incorrect.


The blue elderberry on the left have ridges, complex leaves, while the privet on the right have smooth, simple leaves.
These are easily confused. The Chinese privet berries are poisonous to humans, while the elderberries can be an immunity booster when cooked done. I am thankful for correction and even more so determined to not misinform any of you lovely humans. Be safe and thorough out there, plant lovers.


CORRECTION: My last post were in fact not elderberries. They were Chinese privet. I was kindly corrected and after even more research, the elderberry has compound leaves (with ridges), while the privet has simple leaves. I'm thankful for the correction and will post a follow pic to show the differences to look for. Thank you.

Timeline photos 02/13/2017

➕T H A N K | YOU➕
A moment to appreciate and thank these darlings for the magic.

Timeline photos 02/13/2017

➕➕I N T E R I M➕➕
➖infused oil➖
Now we let the healing properties of dandelion and rosemary infuse into an olive oil on low heat for 2 hours. My neck and shoulders are extremely excited.

Timeline photos 02/09/2017

➕➕I N T E R I M ➕➕
While my dandelions were drying, I decided I will pair them with pure magnesium flakes in a soothing cream for the ultimate ally for sore muscles. Dandelions have mild pain-relieving properties, while Magnesium calms nerves, treats insomnia, relaxes muscle spasms...the list goes on. Recipe to come...

Timeline photos 02/08/2017

➕➕B O U N T Y➕➕
These little darlings will be making a dreamy cream for muscle aches and pains. Stay tuned...🌻🌻🌻

Timeline photos 02/06/2017

ALLENDALE | HOOD ••juniper•rosemary••
➖smudge sticks➖

Burned for bringing clarity, purifying the spirit and centering the mind.

Smudging is also a power anti-septic that helps reduce airborne bacteria. So bad vibes and colds be gone!

"I cleanse myself of all selfishness, resentment, critical feelings for my fellow beings, self-condemnation and misinterpretation of my life experiences. I bathe myself in generosity, appreciation, praise and gratitude for my fellow beings, self-acceptance and enlightened understanding of my life experiences." -Lidia Frederico

Timeline photos 02/05/2017

➕C O N C O C T I O N➕
••Cleaver&Thyme Vinegar••
This will be a lovely vinegar to up that salad game. Not only will this taste like sunshine, but you will be adding antioxidants, flushing the lymphatic system and helping the glandular system as a whole. Especially the thymus. Get it...

Just chop up those plant babies, place in a jar and pour enough ACV to cover the plants. Keep in a cool, dark space for two weeks. I will shake these darlings every couple days or so.

Note: Vinegar will corrode metal, so if using a mason jar place someone in between the top and the jar. I used plastic wrap.

Timeline photos 02/04/2017

➕➕➕B O U N T Y➕➕➕
🌿Today's bounty is thanks to a lovely client in central Austin neighborhood. Cleaver is excellent for the lymphatic system and a diuretic. This will be joining the thyme foraged the other day for a delicious, healing vinegar. More on that later this weekend. Stay tuned...🌿

Timeline photos 02/02/2017

➕➕➕B O U N T Y➕➕➕
🌿Stay tuned to see what happens next with these little darlings🌿

Botanical Bandit updated their address. 02/01/2017

Botanical Bandit updated their address.

Botanical Bandit updated their address.




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