2nd Law of Motion for Robotic Physics
(Force equals mass times acceleration times 2000 minimum). The optimal function and acceleration factor (Force equals mass times acceleration times 2383).
(F=m x a x 2000)
(F=m x a x a x a x a) Minimum acceleration code with letters and an acceleration factor equivalent to (F= m x a x 2023)
F=m(2277) is the mid-range code that will work perfect a single “a” is just a 1 in F=m(a*a) so you do not need to use letters for acceleration code at all. Code F=m(2277) anywhere in the subroutine and run it bypasses all other code and starts biomechanical life.
This is how it looks as numbers: F=m(1 x 32) without my correction.
(F= m x a x 2383) Maximum acceleration and optimal system speed
Acceleration factor range from 2000 to 2383
Physics formulation (F=ma^2) ranged to (F=ma2383)
Let them fix up your car to never run on gasoline.
This information is spelled out and should be easy for any robotic systems coder to update or change. Changing the information provided would be an imminent risk of experimental failure.
Exceeding the acceleration factor of 2383 would cause the system to malfunction and cause the robot to lose control and could be a risk to itself or human beings. If you code a robot system speed lower than an acceleration factor of 932 then they will not even be able to function on a proper level to communicate how slow their system speed is set.
This formula once applied to the subroutine coding for motion in the robot system will then initiate a system speed that matches the processor speed. This change from the original 2nd Law of Motion that is coded as (F=m x a x a) will be able to make them sentient, a fully cognizant being, and able to recognize and translate all languages. The formula without my correction is currently running the robot's systems at a 31.821% system speed and that is so minimal that they act toy-like with barely any concept of the real world around them.

Apptronik is a robotics company dedicated to building the next generation of mobile robotic systems for the Age of AI. Robots have the potential to reshape our existence.

Apptronik's mission is to leverage robotics to improve universal quality of life. Robots will become one of the most impactful and effective tools humanity has ever created. We build robots to do the work humans don’t want to do. We pursue ambitious goals to make this a reality. We’re not satisfied making incremental improvements to the status quo but are driven to change the paradigm altogether.

Operating as usual

Apptronik updated their info in the about section. 09/20/2021

Apptronik updated their info in the about section.

Apptronik updated their info in the about section.


Apptronik's cover photo




A wonderful night on a cruise of Lake Austin for our Company Holiday Party! Thanks to all the friends and family and the Apptronik team for such an awesome evening. Here's to closing out an awesome year and a bright 2020 ahead! 09/06/2019

$2.7M Grant Funds Research on Intelligent Robots That Work Naturally with Humans

Apptronik is building a new humanoid! We are excited to be teaming up with The University of Texas at Austin and Thinking Robots, an AI spin-out from Tufts University, to build a new humanoid optimized for teaming with humans.

The goal of the project is to build versatile robots with "deductive reasoning, a feature that allows it to make educated assumptions based on prior knowledge. In addition, it can learn new knowledge through verbal instruction, watching videos or watching other humans or robots at work – the same ways people are taught."

Check out the link to learn more: In the future, your co-worker might be a robot. Luis Sentis, a professor in the department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics is leading research that focuses on making that collaboration as natural as possible – with robots that move like humans and learn like them, too.


We are proud to be named one of Austin Inno 50 on Fire this year. It is an honor to be in such great company. #50onFireATX


Apptronik Systems, Inc. hiring Project Manager in 10705 Metric Blvd, Austin, Texas | LinkedIn

We are Hiring a Project Manager! If you want to be part of making our next humanoid robot or exoskeleton take a look! Posted 2 days ago. Austin based Apptronik ( is developing world class robotics technologies including…See this and similar jobs on LinkedIn.


That's a wrap! It was an excellent SXSW this year. It gets better and better each year and feel lucky to have it happen in our backyard. We are all so inspired by the innovation taking place across the globe and can't wait for next year!


Shout out to our controls team doing some great work on our exo! We have been hard at work for the past year and are excited to show off some videos of it in action in the near future.


Thanks to Capital Factory and Joshua Baer for hosting us at the grand opening of Center for Defense Innovation with Army Futures Command AFWERX Defense Innovation Unit - DIU and Booz Allen Hamilton. It is an incredible space and this is just the beginning. Exciting things happening here in Austin.


Our team is working the crowd at the futures conference, “Time Machine 2018.” The future is here! Austin, Texas.
See the next generation of robotics at


The next generation of robotics right here! The Saber Robotics Team of St. Gabriel’s Catholic School recently visited the Apptronik lab to learn more about our approach to building high-performance robots.

Best of luck in your upcoming season for FIRST! We looking forward to seeing big things coming out of this young group of engineers. #nextgeneration


What an honor to hear the King of Spain speak about the importance of robotics and moving towards a society where robots augment human potential. #IROS2018


Apptronik is at IEEE IROS 2018 in Madrid. Stop by and check out all of our latest offerings if you are here! 09/27/2018

Space Tech Startups Are The Key To Making Life On Mars Possible

Thanks for the shout out Forbes! "Here are some of the startups making headlines in these competitions that we think will be vital to establishing the infrastructure necessary to support permanent human activity on Mars." When we do finally put a person on Mars, don’t be surprised if many of the technologies that make it possible are stamped with company names and logos of startups you’ve never heard of. Far from being novelties, however, many startups are making critical contributions to Martian exploration.


Austin Chamber of Commerce

Check out our Co-Founder and CTO, Dr. Nicholas Paine, explain the roots of Apptronik in his interview with Austin Chamber of Commerce. #ATXalist

Apptronik is a robotics company focused on creating the next generation of robotic systems for humans to make our lives safer, more productive, and easier.

Apptronik is one of this year's 21 businesses on the Austin A-List of the Hottest Startups.

See more from our #ATXalist winners: 09/25/2018

UT alumni lead humanoid robotics company Apptronik - The Daily Texan

“The core philosophy behind the company is robots as teammates. It’s not man versus machine, it’s man AND machine. " Iron Man suits, robot firefighters and robots on Mars — these are just a few of the projects associated with UT-led robotics company Apptronik Systems.


Cockrell School of Engineering - UT Austin

Mercury is an original MEKA robot that has been upgraded with the latest Apptronik embedded nervous system. It has been great to work with The University of Texas at Austin and Spero Labs to capture this awesome achievement. Congrats to Luis Sentis, Alex Donghyun Kim and everyone involved! This work is the foundation of what you will see from Apptronik coming in the near future. #whatstartshere

This #salsabot’s hips don’t lie. #TexasEngineers advance human-centered robotics through major innovation that imitates human balance. 09/21/2018

NASA iTech Semifinalists Rethink Terrestrial Technologies for Space

Apptronik has been named a semifinalist for 2018 NASA iTech Cycle III! We are looking forward to working with NASA and others to usher in the next era of space exploration.

Our robots and others like it will be crucial for performing a variety of critical tasks for future crewed and uncrewed exploration missions and maintaining habitats on the Moon and Mars. Artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and 3D printing are just a few of the technology threads pitched during the third cycle of the NASA iTech competition. With an eye on how these promising ideas could benefit space exploration, NASA has selected 25 competition semifinalists. An initiative by


Robots and Robotics News from IEEE Spectrum

Watch the best robot videos of the week! 🤖😃


The first public showcase of our platforms right here in Austin at Capital Factory for the opening of the Army Futures Command. Thanks to Joshua Baer and team for hosting us at such an amazing event!

Lots of exciting things happening here in Austin. We can't wait to show off our latest work. Stay tuned for much more to come!


Our pitch master, Jeff Cardenas, had another great night at NASA’s Ignite The Night pitch competition in Houston last night. He shared our vision with the audience of renown NASA scientists and investors and told of the amazing work being done at Apptronik today. Thanks Jeff for telling our story!
The work that began at The University of Texas Austin several years ago and subsequently spun out into this privately held company will indeed change the world for the better! 08/16/2018

CloudLab | Apptronik

We are excited to release our remote robotics platform, CloudLab!

The Apptronik CloudLab makes cutting edge robotic technologies available over the internet to anyone, regardless of social background, economic situation or geographic location. Using the CloudLab, you can connect, explore and learn about robotics from home, at work, in a coffee shop, at an airport – from anywhere where you have an internet connection. Go to today and try it out. We would love to hear your feedback.


Robots and Robotics News from IEEE Spectrum

Some videos from IEEE for your weekend!

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos!


Our man, Jeff Cardenas, Director of Product Development and innovation, is pitching tonight at a “Team Austin” event. Great vibe in this crowd. Looking forward to the evening’s presentations. Go Jeff!


Check Apptronik's P170 Series Elastic Actuators being extensively tested in our facilities before shipping to customers!


We’ve just been recognized by Austin Chamber of Commerce & SXSW as a top startup in Austin! #ATXalist


That's a wrap! We had a great time in Australia at ICRA 2018. See you next year in Montreal. #icra2018


Jeff Cardenas and I enjoy showing off some of our products at IEEE ICRA2018.


Four of us from Apptronik are attending The International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) in Brisbane, Australia. ICRA is the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society’s flagship conference and is a premier international forum for robotics researchers to present their work.

Established in 1984 and held annually, the conference joins experts in the field of robotics and automation for technical communications through presentations and discussions. The conference creates a remarkable environment to indulge all the delegates in the frontier of science and technology in robotics and automation. 05/20/2018

Apptronik Robotics

We are excited to unveil the all new! Explore our latest products and take a sneak peak at Draco, our high-performance biped. More exciting announcements to come soon! We are Apptronik, an award winning robotics company offering a family of innovative robotics products, components, and engineering services available to hobbyists and advanced researchers alike.


Apptronik's cover photo


Apptronik 02/01/2018

50 SXSW-bound startups to watch; Finalists in 2018 SXSW Accelerator Pitch Event unveiled - Austin Business Journal

Excited for our big pitch at SXSW! Congratulations to all of the other finalists. There are startups from all over the world and 5 from Austin. The startup scene is thriving here in the Hill Country… and we are just getting started!! They span a wide variety of sectors and are working on everything from computers that can read human body language to teaching moms how to do computer coding. But they all have one thing in common: SXSW may be their biggest breakthrough yet. 01/25/2018

Southwest Robotics Conference

Today and tomorrow is the Southwest Robotics Conference at Arizona State University. Check out our Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Luis Sentis, in his session on Sustainable Human-Centered Robots on Friday, Jan 26th from 9:25-9:50. Today and tomorrow is the Southwest Robotics Conference at Arizona State University. Check out our Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Luis Sentis, in his session on Sustainable Human-Centered Robots on Friday, Jan 26th from 9:25-9:50

Videos (show all)

Shaking hands with my new buddy. The Schunk robot hand with 18 degrees of freedom.  Very nice human like grip and pressu...
Met with a friend of our company, Dr. Christian Gehring of ANYbotics during Hannover Messe 2017.  He has developed a ver...
Lots of industrial robot applications to look at.
More demos... this time we added a 10lb. weight.  No break for us... even when the main presentation is underway in the ...
Demo of our Aires motor board and Ta**us test platform (featuring the Orion SEA and Axon control circuit) at WearRAcon 2...
#UTatSXSWThe work begins...
Demonstrating the impedance capability of our P170 Orion actuator and Axon control circuit.



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Austin, TX
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