Discover Chiropractic - Dr Brian Clark

Discover Chiropractic - Dr Brian Clark


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We publish a monthly welcome Town Hall Guide that is mailed weekly to all new residents as they move into our community.

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Town Hall is now preparing Welcome Kits for new families that are moving into our community.

Our Welcome Kits feature and direct these new families to a small number of local businesses for the goods, services & professionals that they need to find.

Since our Welcome Kits are exclusive, and we can only accommodate one Chiropractic Physician, I would ask you to kindly let me know if you are interested in being featured in our local Welcome Kits.

I would like to schedule a time when you are expecting me so that I may drop off a sample of our "Welcome Kit" and explain the program in greater detail.

Please reply to this email with your availability or call me at your earliest convenience.


Gentle, Effective Chiropractic Care For Families Discover Chiropractic was established practice in Oak Hill in 2008 by Dr Brian Clark. We relocated to West Gate Blvd.

on October 29th, 2012. We are dedicated to educating and providing natural chiropractic care to restore and maintain your optimum health! Our favorite patients are those who want to have healthier and happier lives and we are committed to wellness as a lifestyle.


Fruits and vegetables can increase your lifespan!
A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can supplement essential vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibers. It can help reduce health conditions like diabetes, obesity, heart attack, and stroke. It can also help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and digestive issues and even prevent some forms of cancer.
So Eat More Fruits And Vegetables Today AND Every Day


91% of women of reproductive age suffer from Painful Menstrual Cycles. Research has shown that chiropractic care can help relieve dysmenorrhea, or abdominal pain during menstruation.
Through connective tissue manipulation and chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Clark can help to reduce this pain, as well as low back pain. This in turn can help to reduce the usage of pain relief medication.
-Foundation For Chiropractic Progress


Men and women both suffer from sciatica, which is pain radiating from the lower back down your hip and leg, caused by compression of the sciatic nerve. Women however seem to have longer recoveries and tend to have worse outcomes compared to men.
👠A big risk factor for women is high heels, which shift your weight forward and stretch your hamstring where the sciatic nerve is located.
The good news is that through spinal manipulation, or chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Clark can help to relieve sciatic pain!
-Foundation For Chiropractic Progress


During and after pregnancy, many women experience Urinary Incontinence caused by a stretching or tightening of the muscles in the pelvic floor. These muscles hold the bladder, va**na, uterus and bowel in place and affect the functioning of these organs.
Pelvic floor disfunction can also be caused by menopause, weight gain, previous injury or inactivity.
Chiropractic adjustments work to relax the pelvic floor muscles, which can improve urinary and bowel control. Through spinal manipulation, Dr. Clark can help to correct the structural imbalances that contribute to dysfunction and resulting incontinence, back pain, or both.
-Foundation For Chiropractic Progress


We hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day! Moms, we are open and here to serve you.


We hope you feel loved and celebrated, today and every day. You have the best, most important job in the world. Thank you for all that you do!

Discover Chiropractic - Brian Clark, DCBS (Austin) - Book Appointment Online! 05/06/2022

Discover Chiropractic - Brian Clark, DCBS (Austin) - Book Appointment Online!

Many pregnant women experience Low Back Pain throughout their pregnancy and both Low Back Pain and Pelvic Pain after they deliver. Chiropractic care has long been used to help pregnant and postpartum women relieve this common problem.
Dr. Clark is Webster Certified and specially trained to care for pregnant women. He can safely manage the pain, but also improve structural balance so that discomfort does not return after the baby arrives.
-Foundation For Chiropractic Progress

Discover Chiropractic - Brian Clark, DCBS (Austin) - Book Appointment Online! Book appointments online with Discover Chiropractic - Brian Clark, DCBS of Austin, TX. Available doctors, insurances and verified patient reviews for Discover Chiropractic - Brian Clark, DCBS.


It's Women's Health Month! Throughout the month, we will be posting some of the unique neuro-musculoskeletal problems that women face throughout their lives and how chiropractic care can help them.
Men and women have many of the same aches and pains — such as low back pain, neck pain, joint pain and headaches.
Women, however, often REQUIRE SPECIALIZED CARE for these neuro-musculoskeletal pain issues focused on their unique bodily structure and needs.
At Discover Chiropractic, we can help you determine the cause of your pain and will work with you to CREATE A CARE PLAN focused on pain relief, prevention, and improving your sense of well-being, all without the risks associated with pharmaceutical drugs.
-Foundation For Chiropractic Progress


🌎"If we want our children to flourish, to become truly empowered, then we must help them to love the earth before we ask them to save it.”- David Sobel
💚 The same goes for our bodies!
⏳Now is the time to choose both a prosperous and sustainable future- time to restore nature and build a healthy planet for our children and their children.


Have a great day 😎


✨Gentle adjustments provide benefits to all, including improved nervous and immune system function, better quality of sleep, correcting posture, pain relief, and MORE!
We will be open tomorrow to serve you after all of the hopping around! 🐰
We hope that you have an eggsellent Easter! 💗


During the fourth trimester, your spine is trying to adjust to the absence of the baby in your belly. Chiropractic adjustments aid beautifully in this process to realign your spine and pelvis.
-Pathways To Family Wellness


Have an eggsellent Easter weekend! 🐰


This remember to take breaks & stretch!
Whether you're planting a garden or sprucing up your yard this spring, don't forget to shop local. Some of our favorites: .


3 reasons to check your child’s posture.
We all want our children to grow up healthy and strong, which is why keeping an eye on their posture is so important. When kids begin to slouch and develop poor posture habits early on, the long-term effects can turn into a lifetime of problems. Here’s why:
1. Strain: When the spine isn’t in proper alignment, extra muscle strain is placed on the neck and back.
2. Organ function: The spine helps the skeletal frame protect the internal organs. When the spine changes shape, stress can wreak havoc on the organs.
3. Forward head carriage: Kids are spending more and more time slouched over on phones and tablets. This can cause constriction of the blood vessels and nerve issues.
✔️If you’re concerned about your child’s posture, consider bringing them in for a check.


You're welcome! 😉


❌More than one-third of employed individuals report work-related health problems, with back pain being the most commonly reported. ✔️Chiropractic care offers a drug-free and effective solution to manage neuropathy-musculoskeletal pain from the workplace.

Photos from Discover Chiropractic - Dr Brian Clark's post 04/05/2022

If you are in poor physical condition, constant strain on your back like repeated heavy lifting, or even a sudden awkward movement can result in muscle or ligament strain.
Let's break bad habits and build good habits!

Photos from Discover Chiropractic - Dr Brian Clark's post 03/30/2022

Get outside! 🥾It's and it's beautiful! 😎
Any park will do but we highly recommend you plan a visit to sometime soon!
*Note: A walk through the Grotto is by reservation only.


😴Sleeping Positions Part 4: Sleeping on your left side improves blood flow between the heart and kidneys, while keeping pressure off of the liver.
✔️For pregnant women, sleeping on the left side can relieve heartburn and make it easier for the heart to pump blood to the fetus.
✔️People with GERD will experience fewer instances of heartburn.
✨For the best alignment, add a pillow between your knees to support your hips and stabilize your spine.


Chiropractic for babies and children?! YES and YES!!!
The nervous system is the master controller of our body and if it's communication channels become distorted or damaged, then we experience all sorts of errors in our bodies.
For babies this miscommunication may be displayed as
-colic or irritability
-inability to suckle and breastfeed
-poor sleep
-developmental delays
-digestion issues
-behavioral problems
-low energy
-inability to concentrate
-the list goes on!
All signs and symptoms point back to the nervous system- to the body's ability to self-regulate and function at it's best.
Our focus is on ensuring the nervous system has every opportunity to work efficiently and effectively.
At Discover Chiropractic, we love helping kiddos feel and function at their very best!


😴Sleeping Positions Part 5: ✨Sleep on your back for optimal health & day-to-day physical comfort!
✨If you suffer from low back pain, place a pillow under your knees to take the pressure off.
✨Sleeping face up, with your head slightly elevated and weight evenly distributed along your spine allows gravity to work on your body.
✔This means your stomach sits below your esophagus preventing acid and food from working its way back up, thus improving acid reflux.
🛑Please note that this is the WORST sleeping position for snorers and those suffering from sleep apnea. That same gravity pulls your throat and belly down, making it more difficult to breathe.

Photos from Discover Chiropractic - Dr Brian Clark's post 03/23/2022

🐾We love all pups today and every day!


😴 Sleeping Positions Part 3: If you're in good health, there's no need to worry about sleeping on your right side. However, if you are pregnant or if you have certain medical conditions like GERD and heartburn, you could be increasing your risk of acid reflux. Not only are heartburn episodes more frequent on the right side, but they also last longer. So, roll over OR place a lumbar pillow at the curve of your waist to alleviate pressure.


😴Sleeping Positions Part 2: Hiking one limb higher, towards your chest, puts uneven pressure on one side of your body and will lead to back pain. Pulling both legs up, like reclined butterfly pose, is helpful for low back pain but probably not comfortable for sleeping.

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🐾COMING SOON! Dr. Clark is adding a new member to the Discover Chiropractic family!!!
Prenatal Chiropractic Care



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