Rachel Madorsky, Author Speaker Coach

Rachel Madorsky, Author Speaker Coach

Executive Leadership + Mindset Coach for Women and Women Run Businesses. I help ambitious, soulful women have more love, joy, wealth and ease by living the life they want now.

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I was recently interviewed by my friend and colleague Nicole Tsong for her BRAVE Summit (see link below) which is curated in such a new and beautiful way: 15-minute interviews of women telling their stories of bravery + and two or three big take-aways to share!

I think so often we consider something or someone brave when it looks really impressive, big, scary, etc… and what truly makes a decision ‘brave’ is all about what it asks of you.

For most women, we have been incredibly brave at times when it may have felt like being brave was the only real option.

A dramatic moment.
A powerful choice.
A significant event.

If we're still here on earth, I believe we've all had those.

Brave could also be the decision to take a job, speak up in a meeting, confront a friend about something, or even privately admit something to yourself.

For me, some of the most valuable brave moments of my life have been the times I decided to say yes to a quiet feeling in my heart, to lean into a whole new world of possibility.

Because being brave is an invitation to live in your truth and act accordingly.

Bravery can be fun, exciting, intense, and even life-changing.

Join me in the Brave Summit, (it's free!) to get clear, inspired, and in community around evoking more bravery in ourselves and our lives.

The brave choice is rarely the convenient one. And more and more, I am seeing that convenience can come at the cost of excellence.

✨ The brave choice is often the excellent one.

It's all happening THIS WEEK and I’ve got a complimentary ticket for you.

See you there! » https://nicoletsong.com/RachelMadordsky


These are profound interviews. Many experts in BRAVE are generously contributing FREE gifts throughout the week to make sure you are connected and supported moving forward.


Do you know deep down that it’s time for a change, but don’t have the confidence to take the next steps?

And then you stay in the same stuck place for months, or even years?

If the answer to the above is YES, I’m excited to share I am part of a free virtual series, BRAVE that starts March 21.

Brave is for high-achieving women who are ready to embody confidence, step into their next chapter with bravery, and live from their calling every day.

In BRAVE, you’ll learn

✨Top secrets of women who figured out how to embody confidence and how it helped them to make a global impact with HOW they show up in the world

✨How to unlock your own purpose

✨Why claiming your own value and worthiness is the key to pursuing your purpose

✨Why your purpose and owning your voice matters to the world and why RIGHT NOW is the best time to know yourself and your calling

You’ll hear vulnerable stories (including my own!) about moments when these experts had to tap into a deeper well of their own bravery, and their top tips for YOU to do the same.

Are you ready to take your next BRAVE step?

Join me by following this link and securing your ticket » https://go.nicoletsong.com/brave2-0-event-optin?utm_medium=RachelMadordsky&utm_source=speaker


Excited to be a be a guest on Brand Chat with Maggie Bergin today. Maggie is a true genius. If you've ever wondered who could help you brand with total authenticity and joy. Maggie is the best.

Her company is called Be Understood Branding and she has the best tag line of any business ever.

Follow / click on BeUnderstoodBranding
..or however instagram works!!
I'm still figuring it out! ❤️

See you there!

Timeline photos 03/11/2022

Timeline photos

Today on the blog, we are joined by BESTSELLING AUTHOR, Rachel Madorsky, who shares about her new book, "How to Love Yourself In In Less Than a Week & Also for he Rest of Your Life". We are so thrilled she has taken time out of her very busy schedule to write for us, and we're especially looking forward to the IGTV interview Chrisie will be doing with her on Friday! Stay Tuned! Read our blog at venteduplift.blogspot.com

How to Love Yourself, for Real 03/11/2022

How to Love Yourself, for Real

Sometimes it feels good to be reminded that we have all the permission in the world to love ourselves more. Please enjoy this piece, honored to be invited to write for Vented In Brooklyn ❤️

How to Love Yourself, for Real How to Love Yourself, for Real February 24, 2022 Dear Bright, Brilliant, Soul,What if loving yourself more was the answer to every question in your life?Here is a list of things you can expect from loving yourself more:Improved sense of well-beingBetter relationshipsMore easeMore moneyLess stressLes...


🥳 Celebrate your wins!!!

What you are celebrating today?

Remember, whatever we put our attention on - we get more of.

If you want to experience more of what you love - celebrate.

I am celebrating you. ❤️


❤️ My mission is to help heal and uplift the world by empowering ambitious, soulful women to give themselves everything they ever wanted in life now. 📣

✨ What do you want in life? What is one action, no matter how small that you could take in the direction of your dreams today?

Whatever it is, do it, knowing you are worthy of all the love and goodness you crave.

Your win, is a win for all of us.
Cheering you on. 💓


✨You are your own fairy godmother, best friend and hero. Hug yourself (it’s good for the oxytocin).

💓 Be around people who love you, see you, lift you, energize, and appreciate you.

💫 You want to stay up late watching that show? Watch it!

👗You want to start wearing dresses? Great! Do it.

📣 You've got something big to say? Say it!

💜 Let yourself be fully you. This is your beautiful life.

Set yourself free.


💓 A Compliment a Day keeps the joy here to stay!

Here's one: the best gift is you!

It's who you are BEING that makes all the difference ⭐️

💖 What's the compliment you most crave to hear? can you give yourself today?

If you can see the good in someone else, you can see the good in you. 💎


✨Today is a great day to offer more love to yourself. ✨

Here is what you can say:

"It doesn’t matter how much I do or do not
understand fully what that means or how to do it. I’m in. I promise to learn, and I promise to enjoy the learning. I love myself, no matter what from
now on."

💜 If you need a little self-love boost, be sure to get my new book, "How To Love Yourself In Less Than a Week & Also for the Rest of Your Life."

Photos from Vented In Brooklyn's post 02/25/2022

this is happening today at 1 pm cst / 2 pm est. if there's a question on your heart that you'd like me to answer.. share it here and i'll see if i can weave it in.


✨ Book Release Gratitude Post ✨

✨ Today’s deep gratitude and appreciation goes to Jill Bernard, a true artist, inspiration and light in the world. ✨

✨ Jill, Thank you for writing the Cute Small Book of Improv and being among the first people to support my book. You are a talented genius and I am so happy and grateful to know you.

✨ Jill is a leader and teacher of improvisation and love. Both the improv world and the regular world are brighter and filled with more possibility, joy and YES-ness because of her. 💫

✨ Go see Jill’s world-renowned improvised one-woman show Drum Machine, it will open your heart and thrill you! 💖

You can also see shows and take classes at her welcoming and inclusive improv theater HUGE, in Minneapolis.

How to Love Yourself, for Real 02/24/2022

How to Love Yourself, for Real

✨Honored to write a piece for Vented. Looking forward to being interviewed by Chrisie Canny on IGTV tomorrow. ✨

How to Love Yourself, for Real How to Love Yourself, for Real February 24, 2022 Dear Bright, Brilliant, Soul,What if loving yourself more was the answer to every question in your life?Here is a list of things you can expect from loving yourself more:Improved sense of well-beingBetter relationshipsMore easeMore moneyLess stressLes...


A reminder from my own to-do list..
to be .. me.
pure hearted
loving awareness
light centered joy

..who are you letting yourself be today?


💕 What kindness can you give yourself today? 💕

✨ Kind words
✨ Time
✨ Praise
✨ Space to grow
✨ Permission to set boundaries
✨ A rest
✨ Validation
✨ Forgiveness

Sending you love 💖!!!

(Thank you to @stacieswift for this wonderful graphic!)


"The love you extend to yourself always ripples out into the world, in love for others. We can change the world by loving ourselves one moment at a time. Make time to love. It's important. You're important."

From "How To Love Yourself In Less Than a Week and Also the Rest of Your Life"

Sending love to you!!! 💖


Book Gratitude 🙌
Thank you Kaela Gedda!!! 🎉

It was the day before our initial planned launch date when I learned that we’d need to change the date to the 9th. my heart dropped.

I had 50+ friends and colleagues prepared and ready to share about my book with their communities. 

We contacted everyone last minute and asked them to hold till the 9th. We thanked everyone for their generosity & flexibility.

I felt bad. sunken, trying to hold my head up and be positive, I first reached out to my friend Kaela, a brilliant coach with a big community and intimately familiar with launches.

Her exact text back to me:
“Got it! I’ll sit tight : ) celebrating you”

✨ I instantly felt changed. Her energy, positivity and total knowing that no set back was going to set me back, was healing + relieving!

We texted and voice messaged in our small sacred group of women making dreams come true.

🙏🏼 I felt held. I felt - there are no problems. Realizing that I have really good friends, my heart melted and I cried in my car in the parking lot of Whole Foods. 

..and then I felt my mom + Bette Midler singing in my ear: “You gotta have frieeeeeeeeeends”

🙏🏼 Thank you Kaela for being a true walk the walk woman, for being a person willing to stand out in front and be seen! a leader of all things incredible, magical, ideal and possible. ✨

💖 Thank you for the huge positive impact you have in the world, BEING the amazing human you are, and a stand for women on the rise. 


And thank you for being my friend.🌹

You Can Have What You Want. Coaching for Individuals, Couples + Entrepreneurs

Wether you are wanting more love, closeness and fun in your relationship, or less arguing and more agreeing in your marriage, or more peace, freedom and income your business and your life -> you are in the right place.

I’m Rachel, Licensed Relationship Therapist and Business Coach. For over 20+ years I have helped thousands of people, just like you, create healing in their relationships, with more love, joy, peace, success and freedom in every area of their life.

What do I actually do with my clients?

I recently described what I do like this: “I love the parts of my clients that they cannot love themselves. Until they love themselves.”

I help them identify and solve the complex problems that they can’t find solutions to on their own, whether internal feelings or external experiences.

I help them let go of the things that feel like “have to’s and embrace the people, things and experiences that light their hearts on fire, both in business and at home.

We collaborate on their sense of self: creating wholeness and healing.

We collaborate on creating: who they are to themselves, who they are in the world, and easily upgrade how they show up to their lives.



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