Youthful You Skincare and Body

Youthful You Skincare and Body


Hi, I am with Town Hall.
We are preparing a Welcome Kit for new residents that are moving into your community.
Our Welcome Kit will feature one business in each business category. LMK if you are interested in being the exclusive business in your category for the new families that are moving in each week.
I would like to schedule a time when you are expecting me so that I may drop off a sample of our "Welcome Kit" and explain the program in greater detail.
Please message me or for immediate assistance, feel free to call or text me on my cell which is listed below.
Pamela Dugdale
(512) 516-9213
[email protected]
My face feels so brand new. It felt so good , kind of like a massage for the You are so amazing and give the best service.👌🏽 I can’t wait for my next appointment. Thank you so much! Be blessed and Merry Christmas to you and yours. 🙏🏽
Get your skin prepared for the Fall Season. Book an appointment today for a custom facial,refer a friend and receive 50% off your next custom facial.

Following your passion never gets old neither should your skin. We believe taking care of your skin

We believe taking care of your skin is extremely important, no matter what your age.



Book your corrective skincare session, lash appointment, and non invasive body contouring treatments here with us! Click the link in the Bio 💗


Love is a great interest or pleasure in something right ? Well l know you all find great pleasure in getting your skin together so here’s some sweetheart deals for you!!!!


Book for all your skincare and body contouring needs.


I’m going after all that God has for me✨

In this season , l’m going for it all…. All that my Heavenly Father has for me. I’m thankful for what l already have but l am striving for greater! More wisdom , I’m setting bigger goals , I’m seeking better relationships , better health , bigger finances, and list goes on ! Who else out there knows that God has more for them than what you have right now? If you know like l know then let’s keep expecting greater in our lives and watch it manifest!🙏🏽


Are you new to Austin and you’re in need of a Esthetician?? Have you been looking for someone who knows how to work with melanin Rich skin?? Well let me introduce myself! My name is Lafritzi, l go by Fritzi. I’m an Austin Native & l currently hold a Certification for a Acne Specialist through . My specialties are chemical peels & micro needling. I offer a variety of other services as well . I am always accepting new clients, book your appointments online by clicking the link in the bio and let me help you achieve the skin that you deserve.


I thank my clients for always trusting me with their skin. If they have a breakout you better believe they’re coming in 😄! With all my potions and modalities used l can get the skin back on track for them in a very short period of time. If you’re suffering from breakouts book the deep pore cleansing treatment or the acne clearing and let’s get your skin back to healthy state🤩.


Life is like a Disco Ball ….

No matter how the music changes , you keep dancing 💃🏻…. Dance baby dance …


Calling all clients 📞

When’s the last time that I’ve seen you 👀?
Has it been more than a couple of months? If the answer is yes then that’s too long!💯

To get and keep your skin glowing 🌕 you have to stay consistent with your treatments. Consistency is the 🔑 to reaching and maintaining your goals. I’ve helped a lot of clients get cleared and some of them think once they’re blemish free or the hyperpigmentation is gone then … ok no more treatments are needed… nothing could be more further from the truth! You’re still acne prone and hyperpigmentation can and will still surface so you need to get professional treatments to keep the breakouts at bay and your skin in great shape. Let’s stay consistent so that you’ll be happy of what you see staring back at you in the mirror.


My acne clearing 🧖🏽‍♀️treatment will start the skins healing process by killing the bacteria 🦠 and drying up the skin lesions. This is necessary before a more advanced treatment such as a chemical peel is performed. Are you ready to start your journey to having clear skin? Click the link in the Bio to book !!!


When l was asked to tell my story and have it placed inside the Voyage magazine l gladly accepted!🙌🏾

God is really opening up doors in my life and l am so grateful for it all!!🙏🏽

You can read my story here⬇️


💥Facial Training 💥

Photos from Youthful You Skincare and Body's post 04/19/2022

2 different beauties, both with great results😍

Changing skin is my passion & a gift that l’ve been given.🙏🏾

Are you ready to change yours??
Click the link in my bio 🌸


🌸May Special!🌸

For the month of May which is my birthday month, l’m bringing you all sIzzling summer deal! You can get 6 laser lipo treatments ( stomach & Back ) for $699!!! Each treatment is regularly priced at $250 so you will save $800!!! This is a crazy deal l know …. I always do something outrageous for my birthday so take advantage! There will be limited spots so reserve as soon as possible. You can make 2 payments if needed.


🙏🏽 Thank you 🙏🏽!

I thank Him😇 for the gift to truly help my clients and transform their lives. This beautiful young lady came in today for a Skin tightening treatment on her abdomen. After having her son the skin became very stretched out and that has made her self conscious. After l did a combo of radio frequency and wood therapy this is what happened! This is amazingly good results from just one session. We’re not done of course , she will come in for more sessions but l just had to share these results!

She left out my suite with a beautiful smile on her face and l am so happy…😊😍


Wear your sunscreen people … Everyday !!!


Spring has sprung 🌸

Have you booked your facial yet?

Most of us prefer not to wear makeup everyday so we have to take care of our skin so that we’ll be comfortable without it . A lot goes into caring for your skin properly it’s not just buying expensive serums . You need to be educated on what your skin type is and what you should be using to get the best results. When you come into my office for the first time , l will do a skin analysis and give you a treatment plan to follow. This is my passion my true love & l would love to help you reach your goals of having glowing skin! This is a very busy time of the year so book your appointment asap by clicking the link in my bio. Let’s get you selfie ready love! 😍


If you can’t come in for a treatment & you need help figuring out what you should be using on your skin at home , you should book a virtual consultation.

You will receive a thorough skin analysis and product recommendations.

We all deserve to have great skin. Book your virtual session today by clicking the link in my bio 🌸




Learn a new skill while adding a new service to your business!

Lash extensions are so popular because they add volume and length to your natural lashes .

Women love the fact that lashes make their eyes look younger, alert & gorgeous so this service will always be popular.

Sign up now and receive $100 off the training. A $50 deposit is required to sign up


Do you have blackheads inside your ears??

A lot of times they can be caused by wearing AirPods .
To try to prevent these pesky things you should cleanse your AirPods with alcohol weekly .

Blackheads can feel uncomfortable inside your ear and that’s why you should get them removed by a professional.

Always let your Esthetician know if you have any in your ears , I’m sure they’ll be happy to remove them for you … 🤩


Are you ready to take your skincare treatments to the next level?

When l was a new skincare therapist l was doing services on my clients and just wasn’t getting the results l wanted . Their skin just looked basic , not glowing at all. After trying out different techniques l finally cracked the code!!

I can teach you how to get straight to those types of results without all the time it takes to learn them by taking a hands on class with me.

As a Esthetician for 7 years now l’ve learned how to get great results from every treatment. If you’re newly licensed or you’ve been for a while and still don’t feel like your facials give enough to your clients skin, let me help you!

I’m offering 1 on 1 trainings so you can get the best experience. Make 2022 your best year ever with amazing results for your clients!

Training is $350 with $50 deposit required.


Are you ready to take your skincare treatments to the next level?

As a Esthetician for 7 years now l’ve learned how to get great results from every treatment. If you’re newly licensed or you’ve been for a while and still don’t feel like your facials give enough to your clients skin, let me help you!

I’m offering 1 on 1 trainings so you can get the best experience. Make 2022 your best year ever with amazing results for your clients!


It’s not too late to book your services before Valentines.

Catch these Deals before they’re all over . You have until this Saturday 2/12 to book. Spots are limited, click the link in the Bio!


Love is in the Air ….💗

With Valentines Day being right around the corner , don’t get caught without your Brazilian wax sis 💯.

Book now & not the last minute because it will be harder for you to get in. Let’s be smooth and confident that day and everyday . 💕


Let’s get rid of the Dark spots.
(Before & After)

90% percent of my clients deal with some form of hyperpigmentation. And because of that l am constantly sharpening my skills to give the best treatment out there. With this client , we did a series of enzyme treatments, chemical peels, and micro needling. When you have dark spots they’re not going to be lifted overnight, it takes time & commitment.

I put my clients in a treatment plan where they come in every 2 weeks , that’s how you get the best results. For my lovely client here, it was very important to her that the dark spots was cleared so a commitment was made and l delivered!

Are you ready to commit? First step will be a consultation. Hit the link to get started.


Are you Exfoliating?

This is an important step that many miss in their skincare regimen. Because of the many benefits we all should make it a habit .

Exfoliating will help control breakouts by getting rid of dead skin cells that clog up pores .

Exfoliating will diminish hyperpigmentation . If you have enlarge pores , exfoliating will help to smooth out your skin .

Your skin will look more radiant and not dull or dry . Good Molecules pineapple exfoliating powder is gentle enough for even someone with mild acne to use without causing irritation. You should exfoliate 3 times a week .

A mechanical exfoliation is recommended every 3 months to keep your skin in great shape & is offered . You may need more treatments if you’re dealing with skin issues that need to be corrected.


Do you have dark circles?

You can treat them naturally with Almond Oil . Because it’s rich in vitamin E it will help to repair & moisturize the delicate skin in this area.

After cleansing at night you can apply a small amount under your eyes by massaging it in , that will also create blood flow to the area.

The skin will start to lighten overtime with continued use.

It will take several applications to see the results.

If you want and faster solution , you can get Micro needling done . It’s very effective and safe to do around the eyes and because of it’s collagen boosting action, you will see results pretty quickly.

If you’re going the all natural route then you need to purchase a good quality almond oil . If you want the Microneedling treatments, we have packages of 3 , 6 , and 9 treatments.


Make sure yours always look beautiful.✨


Want new skin for the new year?

Dermaplaning is a safe way to remove the “ Peach Fuzz” … which is called vellus hair , from your face along with dead skin.

After this treatment product adsorption is increased significantly so those amazing serums and moisturizers can work properly.

Your skin becomes brighter and a more even tone all around.

Out with the old dead dull , dry skin & on with the new fresh & glowing skin. ✨


I’m not gonna Lie!!!!!

Transparent moment:
It’s hard being an Entrepreneur 💯

Sometimes l feel like maybe l should just get a job where l have a set schedule, know what l will bring in for the week , etc ..
But then l start thinking about how blessed l am to be my own boss and how l prayed for this! I think about how l can work when l want and the flexibility l have that l wouldn’t have if l worked a job . Nothing against working a job y’all because l worked plenty of them before going on my own. And it’s true , being an Entrepreneur isn’t for everyone …. It’s a lot of ups and downs , highs and lows…. But in the end is it worth it ?? I would say … Definitely!! As l was reflecting and having that thought of becoming a employee instead of an employer, l received this message from my booking system showing how many clients I have & how l am loved and appreciated as a service provider…. I tell you , God always knows how to send a word to you when you need it most🙌🏽! Whenever l have those thoughts l have to continue to cancel them out with the positive. I will remember how far l’ve come and how far l want to continue to go …..there’s no stopping now🤗


Waxing packages are available ****


🌸Customer Testimonials ✨

Thank you all sharing your experience @ my Spa 🧖🏽‍♀️with your review. I am so grateful for you and will continue to give you nothing but the best service l can give💯. Thank you for trusting me with your precious skin like you have 💜

Photos from Youthful You Skincare and Body's post 12/22/2021

Glowing for the holidays 😍✨
(Swipe left) ➡️

I was able to get rid of a lot of dead skin on this beauty with my signature Glo & Go facial. This treatment is the ultimate of all facials because you get a deep exfoliation and hydration to bring on the glow . There’s very limited availability this week , if you’re ready to book your Glo session just click the link in my bio !


✨✨Client Reviews✨✨


Pretty Kitty 🐈
Just like we take care of our face we also need to take care of our kitty 🐱.

After you’ve had a wax it’s great to get a Vajacial because it focuses on treating the skin for ingrowns . And it’s also great to lighten hyperpigmentation so you will have a even skin tone and look great in your swimming suit and underwear.✨

You can book this service on my website by clicking the link in my bio.


Are you a Beauty Professional that is looking to add a new service to your business??

Do you wanna learn a new skill that will offer a great income?

Eyelash extensions is a great service to offer because it’s a very popular service.

It doesn’t matter how many people are doing it because they aren’t you!

There’s room for you too in this industry…

Before the New Year you can get trained and receive your certification of completion for $499!! A deposit is required to schedule.
It’s time to offer more to your clients.✨

Want your business to be the top-listed Health & Beauty Business in Austin?
Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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My acne clearing 🧖🏽‍♀️treatment will start the skins healing process by killing the bacteria 🦠 and drying up the skin le...
Pretty Kitty 🐈*****************Just like we take care of our face we also need to take care of our kitty 🐱.After you’ve ...
Get lashed before Labor Day! We have openings for lash extensions for $99 !Book online by clicking the link in my bio!
It will come to pass!!!!!Many of you don’t know this but it’s always been a dream of mines to have my very own skincare ...
Having pretty skin is always worth the investment just ask my clients!💯You invest in that new bag or those new shoes you...
Reviews!!!🤩…………………..We love our clients ❤️
Flash sale !!!!! Book now!!!
I just love a good glow !!!🤩This is her first time coming to me and l’m so glad she did! After exfoliating her well l di...
Get into this beauty’s transformation!*********************************Who’s ready for that glow that l give my beauties...
Wood therapy ! The benefits are amazing…⦁    ​Lymphatic drainage and elimination of adipose tissue (fat)⦁    Gradual rec...
12 sessions of body sculpting done!



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