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if any of my GTS family can help, it would be most appreciated...

FROM MAY 2019: I was one of the hardest workers at GTS. I even used my personal truck to deliver computers to DISD. From day 1, Danny has gotten every order wrong. Today she fired me for her incompetence. She is the most dishonest person I have ever met. The warehouse is a mess. Brian the manager does nothing and gets orders wrong too. The warehouse is very mismanaged. Someone needs to take a good look at Danny, her comings and goings. She definitely ain't working all day. Just ask around. I kept a timeline of what I was doing and still got fired! I constantly had to do her job and Brian's job! To the owner of GTS. Call me to discuss if you want to have an honest conversation about your company. I will make sure that DISD school board and purchasing department hear what I have to say.
I also wanted to thank your team for the volunteer time you spent with us at the Central TX SPCA. We very much appreciate all that you do and have done for us! Your care and hard work help make it a better place for all. Thank you SO much!
Thank you so much for braving the weather to come out and make our shelter grounds more beautiful yesterday! Your efforts to help us are appreciated by everyone who visits us, and our dogs love it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Operating as usual


Congratulations to March's employee of the month, Jeff Weimer!

Title: AV Sales Engineer

Tenure: 5 months

What does your day to day look like at GTS?

I meet with our customers and end users to conduct walkthroughs and identify their AV needs of a space. Then I design audio video solutions tailored specifically to their needs and budget. I work by building the initial costing models and BOMs in a Good, Better, Best scenario to offer a comprehensive selection.

What motivates you to wake up and come to work?

I love to geek out over technology and discuss new and traditional ways people use technology in their spaces.

What has been your favorite project so far?

I really liked working on the Judson ISD projects. They have auditoriums built with different eras of technology, and the approach was to create a replicable solution that integrates with their existing systems so it’s easy to use, easy to manage, and easy to train end users.

Extracurricular Interests:

Lots of running, cooking, and being outdoors.

What is something most people don't know about you?

I have a ton of technology concepts that I’ve been brainstorming over the years that could be helpful in the right markets. Automated planters, tracking systems that catalog location and dwell time for shopping optimization, and a bunch of very random things.

A note from Jeff's manager (Juli Primeaux):

Jeff has been such a great addition to our team. He dove in headfirst and started attending meetings and walk throughs right away. I am always getting great feedback on his demeanor with customers and the expertise that he brings to the meetings. I have learned so much from him already and he is elevating our AV practice. Thank you, Jeff for all that you do and for bringing joy and laughs to our team!

Congrats Jeff!


Congratulations to February's employee of the month, Gary Vogel!

Title: Service Delivery Manager

Tenure: 4 months

What does your day to day look like at GTS?

As a Service Delivery/Program Manager for TxDOT, I act as a Project Manager for the Transition project to GTS for End User Computing Lifecycle Services, but also as a Program Manager to oversee Managed Services on an ongoing basis. So, life is fast moving, somewhat unpredictable, more complex than one might expect, and I deal with all levels of management, and have to act fast.

What motivates you to wake up and come to work?

I am accomplishment driven and I like to work alongside people and enjoy successes together. I make work as fun as possible for everyone, and I tend to keep things light and in perspective. Facing new challenges, applying my experience, and learning motives me each day.

What has been your favorite project so far?

Since I have only had one project so far, the best part for me was how things came together very fast for ALL of us, just days before go-live, where we overcame difficult odds. I am grateful for the outstanding support from David, Sean, Susan, Jesse, Matt, Ginny, Tim, Michael, Kevin, John, Alexander, Ed and others to help us get this far. This is really about us collectively, not me alone, so thank you all!

What is something most people don't know about you?

I personally met Pele, the most recognized international soccer star in Santos, Brazil, in my college years before he joined the North American Soccer League. I later enjoyed dinner with him and his brother in Houston, Texas, to celebrate the kickoff of an inaugural TX soccer season.

A note from Gary's manager (David Wiley):

Since Gary started with GTS, it was straight into the deep end managing our TXDOT Hardware Lifecycle Support contract. Gary has kept a great attitude and cool head while undergoing a monumental effort to align our integration team with TXDOT’s IT Support team. On top of this, we had a severe winter storm that hit on our first week of the contract (of course), but we were still able to stay on top of SLAs. We’ve now processed over 800 tickets and the team is rocking and rolling. Great work Gary!

Congrats Gary!


Congratulations to January's employee of the month, Danna Stedman!

Title: Account Executive, Staffing

Tenure: 15 years

What does your day to day look like at GTS?

It starts with a coffee and a donut hole. (Truth be told 3 holes. Don’t judge.). And then I look at “to do” list. Feel overwhelmed. Look at Facebook- wish 20 people happy birthday. Then I start making phone calls or texting. With 100 (give or take) active contractors at any given time there is always something to “follow up” on. The rest of the day I am snooping for new job orders or expansions and extensions. I keep a target list on top of my regularly scheduled check ins on existing business and acquisition meetings. I scan and post on LinkedIn one to two times a day and save notes to refer to later. Especially if clients post about staffing needs. Everyone is a potential resource – might need to hire someone or might need to be hired.

What motivates you to wake up and come to work?

First money. Then gossip around the water cooler.
But seriously folks, I love what I do. It is match making and it is fun and rewarding. It is truly wonderful to walk through the halls of long-term clients and see the impact of floating a resume fifteen years ago or last week can make. You feel a connection, you help make that connection you knew someone would be a perfect fit and it changed lives – which “sue me….it sounds corny” but is super cool. And bonus you get paid for it.

What has been your favorite project so far?

This doesn’t really apply to me or staffing. I would say that when there are teams where we staff multiple people in multiple roles that work together at a single client it tends to be a little more fun. Like casting a film or picking people for sports. (I am not really a sports person so I am just imaging that is how sports teams work).

Extracurricular Interests:

Film, Animation, Travel, Museums, and mid-century everything especially architecture and advertising.

What is something most people don't know about you?

My husband and I were born same day, same year have been together for 37 years. Have a daughter in LA (she’s on Spotify…follow her! Alex Paisley Stedman). My son, Adrien, here in Austin works as a contractor for Indeed and can animate and edit film. They both graduated from TTU with degrees in Advertising. And, I won an “all expense” paid trip to Disney World for selling the most candy bars in the sixth grade.

A note from Danna's manager (Tracie Simental):

Danna Stedman – what can I say – resident Staffing bada$$ is what we call her. Once you have mastered your Danna decoder ring and can decipher cryptic emails, texts, and IM, you figure out just how fast she operates and then you are running to keep up!

Danna is a tremendous asset to our team, she is the go to for “what would you do?” because she has an incredible amount of experience in the industry. The team appreciates her ability to have customer control, handle difficult situations, and also being able to educate customers on the employment landscape.

Danna is the life of the party, and brings an interesting perspective to life in general. If you get an opportunity to hang out with her – do it – you will never be the same…. 😊

Congrats Danna!


Congratulations to December's employee of the month, Ginny Perez!

Title: Asset Manager

Tenure: 1 year, 8 months

What does your day to day look like at GTS?

From PO creation to Apple Inventory to RMAs and an everyday problem solver at the facility as well as for the Project Managers I support. Recently I was promoted to Asset Manager for the newly awarded TxDOT contract. I am excited to learn that role and help us and our client be successful.

What motivates you to wake up and come to work?

My family and my work family. Helping to provide for my family is a huge motivator but also working and building something with my work family everyday is something special too!

What has been your favorite project so far?

My favorite was Apple thus far being a part and seeing it grow but making sure all product is accounted for I truly enjoy.

Extracurricular Interests:

I enjoy singing, comedy, and spending time with my son!

What's something most people don't know about you?

I am a licensed Cosmetologist and a huge hair nerd.

A note from Ginny's Manager (Gary Vogel):

GTS should be excited and proud of this month’s choice for Employee of The Month, Ginny Perez. Since my arrival at GTS, Ginny has been leaning forward in her seat to apply, interview, be selected, and charge for the TxDOT Asset Manager position. Ginny has been delivering double duty for picking up responsibilities from Kelsey, learning what it takes to perform her new role (like we all are), and for helping with the transition of her backfill. It’s enough to tax any human being, particularly since TxDOT’s needs are evolving at a very fast pace. And, It is not just what Ginny is doing, it is how she is doing it that impresses me and people around her – with a fearless, positive, wonderfully challenging approach, and feeling No Limits!

Congrats Ginny!

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