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Sukha Yoga Austin


Sukha Yoga's website is down, but you can sign up for classes through Mindbody today. Classes today with Stephanie at 10:30, Mark at noon and 4:30 Erinn and 6:00 Morgan. So grateful that they continue to support yoga and health in Austin - more than ever during this time!

Will Siri Bahadur be teaching the 6:00 class tonight?
I feel really drawn to share this Sound meditation show with your community. It's been on my mind for weeks now and feel I just had to as I want to get this music out to as many yogis and healers as I can! I shared it with one of my family members who's a Kundalini instructor and she loved it! This show is specifically dedicated to meditation in an audio and visual way. We will be a massive hall, performing with Flute (Rockstar Rockstar Flutist, Sarah Jane Hargis​) , Harp (Andrea Cortez​) , Electronics (all EarthQuaker Devices​) and a live Liquid Light Show (Ether Wave Light Show​ )!!! We will be leading meditations along with music and live art in a huge hall this Saturday!!

I would be grateful if you would share it with your community!🙏🌈
The studio is beautiful, the staff is friendly and accommodating, the classes were exactly what I needed, thank you! I'll definitely be back next time I'm in town!
Mark Herron Here it is: Exuma.
Are you still going to offer a discount for City employees?
Earlier today I arrived about 10 minutes early for class and it already looked like it would be 'standing room only', Erinn said that 15 more people would be joining-- the reaction around me was widened eyes and quiet gasps- quiet- because Sukha folk try to be positive and polite. I just couldn't help smiling . The big silly smile took on a life of its own and plastered itself across my face and this is why: The Erin I have come to know, and love, and trust was absolutely going to hold the space like a rock star. I knew she would create an experience that would not merely be workable but also beautiful. When we have faith in a fellow human fulfilled, we smile.
Thank you to Janet Farnsworth for braving the “winter storm” this morning. The 9am class was really lovely.

Sukha Yoga is a heart-centered, community-focused, Bhakti, & Vinyasa studio located on South Lamar ATX We offer a variety of classes, workshops, trainings & international retreats all aimed to help us be more connected, compassionate, and loving as we interact with ourselves, the people around us & the world as a whole.

Operating as usual


What have you been doing to slow down and connect to your body recently?

Slow mindful practices are great for the ♥️ and 🧠. It’s invaluable to seek out ways to feel connected to your body, tuned into your mind and emotions and for sure build some “okayness” if things aren’t looking or feeling like you imagined them to. If you’re shaking inside or floating away - we can relate - and it’s why we teach and practice classes like this at Sukha!

If you’re looking for more slow & mindful practices, come join us for any of these offerings!

Upcoming workshops:
✨ Moving Meditation + Yin 5/28 with @rachelgoldenfern

✨ Gentle & Restore Sunday’s at 6PM with @regulateatx_ (this week with @vanush_vonlove )

✨ Yin + Yoga Sleep [Nidra] Monday’s at 7:30PM with @regulateatx_ (this week with @sarahosmertherapy )

✨ Yin + Restorative Tuesday’s at 7:30PM with @rachelgoldenfern

✨ Yin + Restore Friday’s at 10:30AM with @mamasukha

We also offer a lot of slow flow classes and a mix of flow + yin throughout the week! Check out our website or app to register for any of these offerings 💕
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Let’s get weird on Friday the 13th 😜

Free Kundalini Pop Up Meditation this Friday at 6PM — will you be there?

Join Mark and your sangha for an evening of breath, movement & mantra with an extended gong meditation to close 🤩

Link in bio to sign up — limited to 20 students ✨
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Kelly Bonanni] will be guiding a 4 week group mentorship program starting June 5th for anyone who has graduated a 200hr or 300hr YTT and is wanting some extra individualized feedback and guidance for their teaching journey.

It’s for ANYBODY! Not just Sukha graduates 🤩

“For me mentorship really helped hone my teaching skills and helped me to feel more empowered and prepared to take the role of a teacher. It also helped deepen my own personal practice.” - Kelly

What you can expect from the program:
✨ 4 weeks, every Sunday from 1:30PM to 3:30PM
✨ Main focus: practice teaching and getting feedback
✨ Kelly will attend the community classes if you choose to teach & will give you support and feedback
✨ We will all practice a daily meditation together at home through the 4 weeks
✨ You will receive guidance about your own personal practice or the yoga business in general

If you have any questions, please DM us or Kelly Bonanni] & to sign up, click the link in our bio 💕
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Photos from Sukha Yoga Austin's post 04/30/2022

Hi Sukha Sangha! My name is Carter Miles. I am a new yoga teacher here at Sukha and I’m here to help people feel good again :) My yoga journey was kindled by that desire, to feel good. Join me Sundays at 9AM for an in studio Super Flow ✨

I came to yoga somewhat accidentally. I took a hot power yoga class with an incredible teacher and I felt so great afterwards that I kept coming back. Day after day.

My yoga practice was the first thing I ever committed to. It was challenging to do, but an easy choice. It was beautiful, fun and deeply nourishing to me. I trusted it.

I did teacher training just to better understand what I was doing, I didn’t intend to became a teacher, but it came naturally to me. Teaching become my second commitment and it’s taught me as much if not more about myself than my own solo practice. For 7 years this has been the focus of my life.

I was driving across the country and visiting Austin about a year ago. I asked my yoga Momma for a recommendation, she sent me to Erinn at Sukha. The first thing Erinn said to our class was ‘Soften’ and the tears started flowing.

When I moved here to Austin (6 months ago) I started coming back and the same thing kept happening. I’ve cried many times at Sukha. The energy and love that has been infused into this studio keeps opening my heart. Thats why I kept coming back. Now I get to teach her and I feel so blessed to be brought into the family.

I teach how I like to practice… it’s fun, it’s dynamic, it’s powerful, but slow. I like to hold bigger, traditional shapes for long periods, giving us time to really break them down, build them up and understand them.

I like bringing my yogis up to their limit and down do their depths… that’s where we find the courage, strength and steadiness we need to bring back out into the world.

I hope to meet all of you soon ❤️
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We’ve got some great offerings this May — which one can you make it to? 🤗

✨ THIS SUNDAY — Return to Nature Sound Meditation with @vanush_vonlove at 7:30PM. Let us come together to vibe, breathe and relax, letting our spirits soar freely! During this elemental journey, expect multi-instrumental, high vibrational sounds and songs from the deep forest that are designed to communicate with every cell of our bodies.

✨ May 7th Inversion Skills Workshop with @ragdollyogi at 2PM — We will focus heavily on connecting to our core while building upper body strength to increase steadiness and concentration for going upside down.

✨ May 20th 2 Hour DJ Set & Flow with Mark & @dionelalvesmusic — Celebrate the night with a unique opportunity to practice a two hour experience without the rush of your week. This special Friday night community connection will feature mantra, deep DJ beats, a slow build, a climax, and a sweet, slow cool down with extended Gong Meditation to close.

✨ May 28th Moving Meditation & Yin with @rachelgoldenfern — A two hour experience that will begin with a loosely guided expressive movement/asana practice with lots of opportunities to self-explore various shapes and movement patterns in your own body. We will end with a deliciously restorative Yin & Meditation practice to help integrate any of the deep healing that took place during our more dynamic part of the session.

To learn more or register for any of these workshops, click the link in bio or check out our app 🫶
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The 8 limbs of yoga — repost from one of our lovely teachers @paradiseyogatx ✨

If you’ve practiced with me or have followed me on Instagram for a while, you’ve probably heard me say “yoga is about much more than just asana” many times. What is asana? In simplest terms, it’s the physical practice of yoga or the poses of yoga. There is so much more to yoga than the physical practice — there are actually 8 “limbs” or branches of yoga. The purpose of yoga is not to perfect each pose, it’s to develop a deeper connection and awareness of ourselves. To cultivate a sense of presence. To help us live a life free of suffering. The 8 limbs are the steps we take to achieve that ultimate goal. So what are these other branches of yoga?

1️⃣  Yamas: codes of conduct or moral disciplines toward the outside world. The five yamas are: ahimsa (non-violence), satya (truthfulness), asteya (non-stealing), bramacharya (non-excess), and aparigraha (non-possessiveness)

2️⃣  Niyamas: also codes of conduct for living, but these disciplines focus on how you treat yourself. The five niyamas are: saucha (purity), santosha (contentment), tapas (self-discipline), svadhyaya (self-study), isvara pranidhana (surrender)

3️⃣  Asana: yoga postures, preparing the body to sit still for meditation

4️⃣  Pranayama: yoga breathing techniques designed to control prana (the vital life force)

5️⃣  Pratyahara: withdrawal of the senses

6️⃣  Dharana: concentration

7️⃣  Dhyana: the practice of meditation

8️⃣  Samadhi: merging with the divine

Are you interested in learning more about the 8 limbs of yoga? Let us know in the comments 💖

📸: @keelyncostellomedia
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Photos from Sukha Yoga Austin's post 04/22/2022

Mother Earth appreciation post featuring some pictures from our past international retreats 🌎

Let’s continue doing what we can to preserve the beauty of our planet. Want to learn more about climate change? Go check out these accounts:

✨ @nrdc_org
✨ @oceana
✨ @greenpeace
✨ @earthalliance

Please tag any other accounts 🌱
#earthday2022 #climatechangeawareness #atxyoga #yogaretreat #wondersofnature


Sukha Sangha — we’d love to hear from you 🤗

✨ what type of content are y’all interested in seeing from us? Breath work, mini flows, yoga/Buddhist philosophy, functional movement, poses, nervous system regulation, etc.

✨ what workshops/offerings do you want to see more of?

✨ what class(es) do you love taking at Sukha?

✨ name + tag one (or more) of your favorite teachers here at Sukha & show them a little love — what do you love about their classes/teaching style?

Feel free to answer one or as many of these questions as you’d like! Our hope is to continue building up our community by offering classes, resources, workshops & content that you all enjoy ❤️
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Sukha Yoga Austin updated their information in their About section. 04/20/2022

Sukha Yoga Austin updated their information in their About section.

Sukha Yoga Austin updated their information in their About section.


This Friday — Earth Day Restorative Yoga with @vanush_vonlove at 6:30PM 🙏🏽💜

Invite yourself to drop into your body and spend some nurturing time in this restorative practice, almost like being back in the womb! Supported with props and wrapped in blanket burritos, in good company and safe energy arrive to a deep rest. Added bonus, magical touch! Vanush will offer mindful and loving hands on assists & aromatherapy for those who are open to receiving it with consent. Grounding the body we will soothe our nervous systems, calming our minds too.

Let’s celebrate this Earth Day by being with ourselves in this sacred act of self-care, rest and renewal. May we be at ease and may we be at peace, in harmony and love, connected within. Earth, My Body. Water, My Blood. 🌎

Expect some light stretching, breath work, prolonged restorative postures and a small meditation. Please wear comfortable, movement friendly clothes and feel free to bring your favorite pillow. Please advise the teacher if you might be pregnant. All are welcome, no previous experience needed.

Register on our website or through our app! Link in bio ✨
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Home to the Sukha Lounge, full lifestyle retail destination.

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