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Sukha Yoga is a heart-centered, community-focused, Bhakti, & Vinyasa studio located on South Lamar ATX All are welcome. Be here now.

We offer a variety of classes, workshops, trainings & international retreats all aimed to help us be more connected, compassionate, and loving as we interact with ourselves, the people around us & the world as a whole. Our hope is to be able to lighten up your spirit through collective breath, movement, mantra all within a welcome and loving community. Sukha translates to “sweet space” — we welcom

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✨ 5 Reasons to Meditate in Community! ✨

Meditating is better together! Whether you're a seasoned meditator or just starting out, joining a community can enhance your practice in profound ways.
1. **Enhanced Energy** 🌟
Group meditation generates a powerful collective energy that can elevate your personal practice and bring a deeper sense of calm and connection.

2. **Increased Motivation** 💪
Being part of a group keeps you committed and motivated. The shared intention and regular meet-ups help you stay on track with your meditation goals.

3. **Sense of Community** 🤝
Connect with like-minded individuals and build a supportive community. Group meditation fosters a sense of belonging and mutual support.

4. **Deeper Meditation** 🧘‍♂️
The collective focus can help you reach deeper states of meditation more easily, making the experience more profound and transformative.

5. **Stress Reduction** 😌
Sharing the practice with others can enhance the stress-reducing benefits of meditation, helping you feel more relaxed and centered.

Join us for any and all of our weekly meditation classes and experience the magic for yourself! 🙏✨
Saturdays 1030am
Sundays 9am
*NEW*Tuesdays 7pm (by donation)


Some days can feel like they have swallowed you up and there is no relief in sight. On those days keep things simple. Do the next kind or loving thing for yourself.
Speak plainly to yourself in acknowledgment, something like: “Today has been hard” Or “My heart hurts.” Then engage with the next moment from a place of genuine care for that part of you. Any gesture of kindness can be a potent alchemical moment of taking what is and meeting it with understanding and patience. What you may discover is a warmth and depth within you where you can rest and replenish your tender heart.
What grows from there is compassion and maturity to continue meeting yourself and discovering your capacity to love.


Loving reminder to replenish yourself through the tender work of being true and in integrity with your life. This is the living energy of Yoga.
We all feel the residue when we get stuck in cycles of depletion, hiding, gossiping, comparison & micromanaging.
We have all felt the sunlight and spaciousness of being genuine and aligned with our values.
Asking ourselves does this add warmth and connection to the world or emptiness & separation can be one way to check in.
Your energy is the currency you use to 'pay' attention and where your energy flows life unfolds or flows in harmony or in chaos.
To a life in harmony with self and the world. ❤️

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My inner child likes $12 matchas, eats nutella straight from the jar and refuses to put their laundry away… how about yours?
And I think monday memes nights are the only thing saving my marriage. 🤷‍♀️ enjoy

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3 Beautiful opportunities to deepen your practice in fresh, expansive and heartfelt ways in the next few weeks.
Sunday April 21 2-4PM with erinn & morgan: chant, hum, groove with us!
2. THE KUNDALINI EXPERIENCE: Friday April 26 Dharma, Poetry, Breathwork, Gongs, & Astral Travel 😉
3.. BIG FEELS: Somatic Practices for processing grief Saturday April 27 2-4pm with Dana Makover


Tender truth.
Community time looks like working on ourselves in good company ❤️
Join us for Sunday offerings
8:15a infrared power micheal
10a infrared sukha
1130a kundalini
12n vin & yin
4:30p sauna & stretch
9am dharma & meditation
9am slow flow
1030a sunday service
1230p slow flow
6pm gentle hatha & nidra

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time to lie down and meme.
(almost told you to lay down but then dbl checked myself) 😳


Do not drown in fear. Instead bathe in your power.
Some words of wisdom and soul for those of us needing a loving nudge to continue to move through the paralysis that fear and pressure can bring upon us. Take extra care of your wellbeing and know the tools available to you from your practice are meant for real life as living energy not simply ideas or inspiration taking up residence in your mind. Pause and come back to your true self 💚

Full schedule at both studios posted in our stories - along with upcoming workshops and a NEW small group Yoga Therapy Series announcement.

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🪷Mobility For Longevity Workshop 🪷
with Sanieh is coming up next weekend. Spend an afternoon exploring your shoulders, spine, hips & hamstrings, learn about nerve flossing and other techniques to keep you going through all seasons of life. Explore the importance of mobility in all facets of life. Sanieh will utilize her decades of experience to bring awareness to areas of the body that can often be neglected.
We'll explore different mobility methods to improve strength, length, stability and range of motion.
Saturday March 23
2p - 4:30p
South Lamar

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‘If we want there to be peace in the world, we have to be brave enough to soften what is rigid in our hearts, to find the soft spot and stay with it. We have to have that kind of courage and take that kind of responsibility. That’s the true practice of peace.’ - Ani Pema Chodron

We all long to experience ease and comfort from the unsettled and restless energy inside.
And yet so many of us harden our hearts when we begin to feel uncomfortable.
The irony is we often harden when what are seeking is relief from distress.
Working with your own heart through meditation and practices that offer you time in reflection and perspective, such as quiet time in nature, prayer, writing, chanting in community are compassionate acts that ripen the soft spot of openness called bodhichitta.
We’ll practice it imperfectly and until we take our last breath. It’s like the laundry or the dishes … never ending.
And yet the value is immeasurable in its impact of the personal and societal level.
🪷Meet us every sunday at 9am in person or livestream for Dharma Talks with . For 8 years these sundays have been a space for sangha to sit together and explore the very richness of our inner lives in community. There’s always room for you, just as you are 🪷

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Celebrating these Sukha Sisters this month! Allana,Jordan, and Rachel each embody the heart full and playful spirit of our community!
Come take a class with a them this week and wish them a very happy trip around the ☀️ Who else out there is celebrating their Birthday month? Did you know we send you a *free* class on your birthday?! All you have to do is make sure your birthday is in your profile. Easy as eating your favorite birthday cake 🎂 care:
SoLa -Tues/Thur 6:30am
Tarrytown - Wednesday 8:15am

SoLa - Sundays 6pm

Sola - Mondays 9am & 10:30am
Fridays 9am


NEW TO INFRARED HEATED YOGA? (Us too!!) Here are some loving reminders as you venture into these magical classes.
Come to class hydrated and hydrate as needed
⭐️SLOW DOWN | STAY INWARD the heat may feel new & intense at times. Bring the focus to what’s going on inside & let the heat be in the background. You’ll soon crave the magic of the infrared warmth like sunlight bathing your skin on a summer morning, the flow, and the community energy supporting you. Your practice and this community is a non-competitive and judgment free zone
As with any yoga class, your breath is the foundation to guide your practice. Come to a steady, even state of breath which will provide your body the ability to flow through the movement while acclimating to the environment. It will FUEL your body and your practice. Never hurry the breath or try to "keep up" with anyone else in class.
Even those who practice heated yoga regularly need rest, so do not hesitate to rest and honor your body. It’s not a competitive or performative practice. Respect your body in the moment and as needed pause in any shape to reconnect to your breath. Join in again when you feel reconnected to your breath and have slowed it down to a steady pace.
The studio and teachers are there to lovingly support you just as you are. We are ALL at different places in our lives, seasons of health, and each day presents different information for us to access and help inform how to approach the practice. With regular practice (3-6 days a week), taking a variety of classes, you will strengthen and expand your capacity to work with the challenges life presents and deepen your meditative mind, not to mention all the physical benefits of the practice.
⭐️ LEAD WITH MINDFUL AWARENESS. No need to rush the process, practice or yourself. Have fun, come back regularly, and mix things up by trying new formats, teachers and watch the joy for the fullness of Yoga move more fully into your life on and off the mat!

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February is popping with ways to go deep and connect fully to your self expression!
FEB 9 FRIDAY: tarrytown
RUFUS DU SOL THEME BREATHWORK & FLOW with our friend and magical guest guide
FEB 23: Annual 200 Hr Meditation Training Kicks off (sign up early and save $200-500 on tuition)
FEB 24: south lamar
workshop an afternoon of breath, mantra and deep restoration.
FEB 25: all day yoga and meditation retreat. This will be a special day of community experience, including yoga church with Erinn & Mark, Music by GIRISH, lunch, and many meditation experiences, culminating in a group kirtan!
FEB 26: bhakti bridge to sukha: 4 sessions of deeper study for current 200hr teachers wanting to expand their offerings in a devotional way. Includes mantra and harmonium, sequencing and feedback and an evening of learning and more! (head to “programs” in your sukha app for all details and to register for any and all


Hi - I’ll try not to yell this 😳😬 but it’s time to hit the pause on that harsh inner voice. Check in with yourself - It’s exhausting and you are genuinely worth the work to learn how to treat yourself like the beloved human you are. (If you’re mean to others irl or on the internet 🛑 ✋ that too.) When we’re kinder to our own *immeasurable* hearts and minds we may find it easier to treat peeps with more kindness too. (It’s all connected 😉)

If the thoughts or the feels seem bigger than you can handle try hit the pause button and tune in to what you may need. Maybe you’re hungry, snacks can help! Maybe you need a hug or to take a hot shower and sing out loud. There are so many ways to begin again. - Let’s baby step our way to a more compassionate inner world. It’s worth it, and so are you. 🧡✨

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So many options to say yes to yourself. So many ways to attend to your nervous system & your body’s wellbeing. So many opportunities to feel connected to yourself and the community here at Sukha Yoga. (a loving way to say … no excuses with 10 classes on our schedule.) Sign up and letssss yoga. ❤️

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Celebrate your unique expression in the world while seeing that beauty and joy in the reflection of those around you. At Sukha we are here to see YOU and hold that loving space to let yourself free! There are now two locations and twice and many opportunities throughout the day to unroll your mat and express yourself. We can’t wait to welcome you to the sangha, and home into your body and the very precious present moment!

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Peace in … Peace Out. With 2 Locations and 12 Classes to choose from your Thursday just got an upgrade. Book in and let’s vibe together 🏄‍♀️
Tarrytown has the infrared and Lamar has the cafe and lounge …You may need to bookended your day with a class at each 📍 #78704 #78703

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One of 3 opportunities to GROW with us in 2024: 200hr Spring Vinyasa Teacher Training: FOUNDATIONS co- led by Erinn & Mark.
March 1 - May 5
Together we integrate the Yoga of practice on the mat with the Yoga of Life off the mat. Welcome home to yourself.
Whether your intention is to teach yoga or deepen your practice, Sukha Yoga Austin will guide you through an empowering and experiential education. Gain a greater knowledge and inner understanding of the full 8 Limbs of the practice and grow within a loving and welcoming community.
Study the 8 Limbs of Yoga and apply them to your life as a way of seeing and caring for your self and the world around you.
Learn the foundations of yoga asana , how the respiratory system supports the body and mind during a yoga class. Approach anatomy and alignment from a holistic person to person basis rather than a one way fits all approach.
Introduction to the Chakra/Energy Systems of the body through meditation and breath work
Experience Yin + Restorative practices as gateways to meditation and nervous system regulation.
Learn how to group postures into “families” via grouping them into similar movement and skeletal orientations. Understand how to build or “grow your flow” intelligently and joyfully using the Sukha Sequencing Mandala. Sequencing is taught so that each component complements and grows the previous posture or part in relationship to the physical and subtle body.
Inspire yourself to deepen your zen by slowing down and making compassionate self study a pillar of your life.
This culminates in offering a class with your training peers and an opportunity to teach a community class in studio. This is a celebration of your efforts and dedication to self study!
Details and to place your deposit head to our link in bio OR
DM pr comment below with any questions ✨


Snuggle up buttercups! ❄️Monday❄️ our schedule is condensed to our cozy Tarrytown space.
BOOK IN and warm up with us.

Note: our 4:30p will be livestream only

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Cozy up with your sukha fam sunday …
Sunday has all the yoga: flow, power, gentle hatha, yoga nidra, meditation, yin, and mantra & breath work. Feels like you could just move in with us and we could just spend the day doing yoga and sipping
date? 😘

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We hope your weekend plans include unrolling your mat and vibing with us at Sukha SoLa Zilker and our newest 📍in Tarrytown >>>> check the schedule and let’s goooooo (extra magic when you bring your bestie)⬆️✨⚡️

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it’s the mood we’re in yogis! We’re here for the joy and the feel good that yoga offers us. So in 2024 fashion:
- happy hours that make you feel truly happy
-friends that invite you to yoga instead of to a bar
-investing in your wellbeing
- sipping matcha and sitting in the sunshine
*OUT* 👎
- hangovers
- regrets
- feeling obligated to make others feel okay by playing small
- working late and missing time to care for your mental and physical health
- what else is out for you?

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It’s a ☔️ drizzly day out … We have a perfect plan: snuggle up in the studios and practice yoga alllllll day with us
Lamar has lots of lounge space and to want you up! Tarrytown has infrared heated classes to get you glowing ! (Maybe you go to both studios today!)

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Welcome to the neighborhood Sukha Tarrytown! It’s your big day … Mark and Erinn have been doing what they do best in creating a warm and cozy hOMe for you to expand your practice. If you haven’t booked in for opening weekend - Please plan ahead so there’s space for you in classes. Opening day schedule:
8:15 Infrared Power with Michael (Sold Out)
9:45 Slow Flow with Sanieh
12N Burn with Melanie
4:30P Infrared Sukha Flow with Mark
FULL SCHEDULE and booking at or download our free app and let’s flowwwww into New Beginnings together.
A BIG shout out to the beautiful family of teachers at Tarryown, we are honored to call you family! Go support yourself and community growth

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Harness the energy of new beginnings by returning to or deepening your connection to your inner world, your mind-body relationship and experience harmony between vitality & peace. Cultivate the inner resources of Yoga in the loving and welcoming energy of . There’s now more to love, more to explore and more to share! Join us at Sola Zilker this week and starting this Friday Jan 5 at Tarryown! A special email is going out today for our last day of special rates on memberships and class packs. Grab one and let’s meet on the mat to breathe together, feel together, move and steady ourselves in service of our highest goods (Dance parties included) 🎶💘✨♾️


Bhakti • Love • Community
Cheers to more of this goodness on NYE morning and every other day until we take our last breath.
See you at SUKHA Sola Zilker🔮 ⚡️ ✨ and a low key countdown to Tarrytowns opening day next week ✌️


The party is just getting started 🤩
Come meet two of our 🆕 teachers & and vibe with your sukha fam!


abhaya = fearless
hridaya = heart
mudra = seal
Hold Courageous Heart Mudra in front of your heart when you feel pulled by the tug of fear, anger, jealousy, or pain. Close your eyes and breathe deeply and smoothly, inviting the courage to keep your heart expansive and open during moments of challenge. •••
In this work, we’re practicing dilating rather than contracting when things fall apart. Rather than feeling the hurt or the worry and running fast on the opposite direction, we sit and stay to greet it with compassion, like a caring friend. These practices teach us to remain an open vessel for a complete and rich human experience.
See you this weekend for the heart expanding practices you’ve come to rely on 💖

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Grow with us in 2024! This is just the start of a very rich and potent year of self discovery. Deepen your relationship with your inner world through these community offerings.
FUNDAMENTALS OF YOGA with Paradise Taylor: Begin or Return to your practice with this series designed to empower you to step onto your mat with confidence and intelligence.
Take a weekend to immerse yourself in the pillars of rest, add depth and wisdom to your offerings, learn how to hold loving space with restorative yoga.
ANNUAL MEDITATION TRAINING with Mark and Erinn. Establish your practice with a powerful community of seekers. The teacher you long to be is born from your own practice path and this training is the fertile ground for your future self to experience your potential. Being a leader in your community begins with investing in the relationship you have with your own heart and mind. Let’s learn together .
200 HR Vinyasa & The 8 Limbs Training
The gateway to teaching yoga begins here. Step on your mat and into the classroom that is your own body! Thai training is a portal into personal growth and getting out of your own way! You’ll deepen your practice and hone your voice to share the light and the lessons Yoga has offered you.
Many more offerings to come! Join us in 2024 for more Bhakti, Love and Community!

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