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The Brow Studio


I had my brows done with Mashari a little over a year ago, my 1 year touch up just recently and I couldn’t be happier with the decision to choose The Official Brow Studio. I was nervous before my first appointment, as most of us are with the thought of something permanent going on our face. But, Mashari was so friendly, made sure I liked the shape and color before starting and was so professional.
I always check reviews/work before I go places. Mashari’s before and after photos impressed me, great reviews and the price is great!
I’m a firm believer in, you get what you pay for, and choosing Mashari to do my brows is still one of the best decision I made for ME! My self confidence has improved, and I no longer have to spend time trying to shape the perfect brow!
10 out of 10 would and do recommend to EVERYONE!
Trust the process, and trust the craft 👏🏼👏🏼

I am a certified microblading artist that is passionate about using creativity and beauty to help yo The Brow Studio specializes in creating a beautiful brow with the techniques of microblading, a semi-permanent makeup to mimic hair strokes.


🦒Hi my lovelies!! We just got home and as much as I didn’t want to come back, I am happy to be home and see all your smiling faces!🦒

🦓Reminder, NEW appointments for January open tomorrow at 7pm (Tuesday, 12/7) at a first come first serve basis. Link is in bio to book!

🐆Yearly clients: please reach out to us via DM or email to get you scheduled. All existing have priority.

🐘Touch ups: You will be contacted by Amanda to get your appointment scheduled. I promise she will not forget!

🦒I can’t wait to meet everyone!! Thank you for being patient with me while I enjoyed every single moment of an incredible vacation! ❤️❤️


$200 OFF Initial + touch up
Please read carefully: Sale Opens @ 9am on Friday 11/26.
Only 5 spots will be available.
• Visit the website link in bio to purchase a gift certificate.
• Once you click gift certificate enter code BLACKFRIDAY2021
• Only valid for Jan – Dec 2022 appointments.
Please note this is for new clients. If you are currently booked and want to take advantage, you will forfeit your current appointment and will have to rebook yourself an appointment in 2022.


Jambo!! (Yes, I’m that cheesy!) If you haven’t noticed. I’ve finally made my way to East Africa. While this has nothing to do about eyebrows, this has something to do with the girl behind the brows. This has been my dream vacation, something I prayed for, something I manifested, something I never knew would come into existence. My point here? My point is to say thank you. Because of all of you I took the chance to work for myself, to continue showing up everyday, and to listen to your words of encouragement to follow my dreams. It’s only day 2 and I sit and talk about each and every one of you that stand by me every single day. I’m so grateful. I’m so honored. I’m so blessed. Asante Sana ♥️


📣REMINDER📣 December 2021 appointments open tomorrow (11/2) for NEW clients at 7pm CST! Click the link in the bio to book. After all spots are filled, 2021 will be fully booked so set that alarm! Any Yearly clients looking to book, please send us an email or DM so I can get you on the list. Amanda, has not yet reached out to everyone for yearly or touch ups on December so don’t fret. She’s the best. She’s got you 😘 comment below or DM with questions! I can’t wait to meet you!


One question I get asked about constantly is how in the heck do you get through aftercare without having a meltdown? 🤯While a meltdown might be a bit dramatic (not gonna lie, I had one) here are my top three tips for clients and fellow artists to share! 🥂
💆🏽‍♀️Wash your hair before your appointment! You cannot get your brows wet for 10-14 days (besides cleansing them) and the cleaner the hair, the longer you can go! 💦
🏃🏽‍♀️No sweating means no gym! Be sure to put a hold on your membership with your gym and/or make sure your trainers, workout partners and calendar are set for those 10-14 days!😰
💃🏽Plan all events accordingly. Day 6-11 is usually the days that you are starting to peel and flake. If you have something big coming up and concerned about crusty brows, work around that schedule!👰🏽
After all, you want to protect your beauty investment, right?
Do you have a question for me?
If so, let me know in the comments or DM! ♥️♥️


First thing I thought when she walked in.. "OMG I NEVER get to use this color!"
As I am doing her brows.. "OMG I NEVER get to use this color!!"
Me taking her pictures.. "OMG I NEVER get to use this color!" 🤩
Needless to say, I am so so excited to switch it up and do some Ginger Brows!! 🎃
Honey Magic with just one drop of Shockolade!


Who doesn’t love a transformation story?? We were able to take these old faded Orange brows and turn them into the queen they deserve to be!

Let’s have a real talk about red/orange brows and what that may mean, which can be a plethora of things. Most importantly, remember it’s not always your artists fault and its not always your fault. I also want to remind everyone we are all human. We all have brows out there that need correction. If you ever find yourself around someone talking mess about another artist and their work, TURN AROUND. We have to humble ourselves. As we grow, we learn. And that goes for everyone ♥️

Color Theory: this may be the most common cause of brows turning. As an artist it’s our job to make sure we are looking at the undertones of your skin, and modifying pigment to match. It’s usually just a simple adjustment during your touch up to fix it.

Skin type and lifestyle. Remember all those acids you use on your fave? Maybe you’re out in the sun a lot? All of these can be indicators of the color turning. Remember to avoid the brow area when applying serums and WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN! Oily skin, dry skin, large pores and on and on are game changers in how you heal. Your artist needs to know what will suit you and your lifestyle the best and it’s important to take their advice. I cannot stress this enough.

Needle Depth: this is a hard one as it can create scar tissue. This is another reason why we will not work on your brows every month of the year. The depth of the needle must hit perfectly or we will have a blowout or cause damage to the skin. Your artist can usually tell if they have gone too deep and let you know next steps. (I don’t see this often)

Drop a comment or DM me any questions.. I am happy to help!


Hi Friends! Friendly reminder that my books for September opens up on Tuesday 8/3 at 7pm! Remember to set that alarm and be ready to click as they go quickly. If you are waiting for a touch up or a yearly don't worry, we have blocked off those times for you and Amanda will be reaching out to you all this week to get those booked! Link in bio to book and let me know if you have any questions.. I cannot wait to meet you all!


Artist Camera Roll POV 📷🎞
As much as y’all take over my camera roll, I do love scrolling through and seeing these gorgeous faces!! Happy hump day y’all! Hope it’s a good one!

Timeline Photos 05/18/2021

Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and your rainy start to the week!
So, I wanted to chat a little bit more on mapping.. in a previous post I mentioned every is so different and there is so much that plays a different role. Including that power brow!
What’s a power brow? Let me explain.. no ones face sits perfectly symmetrical.. it wasn’t made to. The “power brow” is usually the brow with the higher arch and sits just a tad higher. This muscle gives us the opportunity to be espressive. While I know we want perfect, it’s takes more than just permanent makeup to even them out. And even after that, that muscle has a mind of its own!
Remember, we have to be realistic with our goals. As an artist we try our best, but remember things are made to be perfect.. in any type of way!! 😘😘

Timeline Photos 05/13/2021

So what happens when your brows are super duper light..
Well, here’s my biggest thing. While I know we don’t want to scare you with dark, for them to show up we gotta step out of our comfort zone a bit.. if not, what are you paying me for?
I promise you.. I won’t steer you wrong. They will of course be shocking in the beggining but believe me when I say, you’ll come back wishing they were dark again!
Trust me and the process.. it’s well worth it 😘😘
Truffle and Iced Caramel
11.16 and 1RL.33

Timeline Photos 05/13/2021

So what happens when your brows are super duper light..
Well, here’s my biggest thing. While I know we don’t want to scare you with dark, for them to show up we gotta step out of our comfort zone a bit.. if not, what are you paying me for?
I promise you.. I won’t steer you wrong. They will of course be shocking in the beggining but believe me when I say, you’ll come back wishing they were dark again!
Trust me and the process.. it’s well worth it 😘😘

Timeline Photos 05/10/2021

Good morning and happy happy Monday!! Let’s start our day with this gorgeous combo brow!!! While a lot of my combo brows consist of microblading throughout the entire brow with light shading on top, I decided to switch it up a bit!
Here we did blade in the front and told and defined the rest with soft powder for perfection!! Tell me, what do you think?!

Timeline Photos 05/10/2021

It’s been 1.5 years since I’ve legally been able to see my momma, with no end in sight. Oh how I’m blessed to be half of my beautiful Ukrainian/Canadian mother. Hug your mummy’s and loved ones tight.. we never know what will happen next.. 🤍🤍

Our Story

Gone are the day of those over-plucked 90's brows. And no more looking in the mirror to see that you've sweat them off in the Texas heat. At The Brow Studio, I specialize in creating beautiful brows by mimicking hair strokes with micoblading and semi-permanent makeup. Since I was young, I have always been passionate about makeup. But I was inspired to become a microblading artist because of how beauty can make you feel more confident in yourself. So I welcome you to join me, lay back, relax, and let me use my craft to enhance your natural beauty.

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Blade and shade combo!! I still love a gorgeously microbladed brow with that perfect amount of shading. Natural. Fluffy....
Day 2-5 : Fair Warning: your brows are going to be DARK. And I mean dark dark. Don’t worry though. They are going to fad...
Best part of my day?? Seeing all my beautiful clients I’ve done on the year to dates.. goodness. Leave it to Facebook an...
I’ve been on a video kick lately, and I’m not mad about it!! What do you think of these delicious, crispy strokes?? 💁🏽‍♀...



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