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Videos by Brodie Animal Hospital in Austin. We are an AAHA accredited and a cat-friendly gold standard animal hospital catering to dogs and cats.

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We're celebrating 35 years of Dr. Werner!! What more can we say about this brilliant man? We'll let him speak for himself. Just know that we love him so much!!

August is #ItchyPetAwarenessMonth Here are some "tell-tail" signs you have an itchy pet. -- excessive scratching -- excessive biting of skin -- excessive licking -- excessive rolling around -- excessive hair loss Give us a call if you have an #itchypet #BrodieAnimalHospital 🐾 Phone: (512) 892‑3486 Request an appointment online!

Yay! It's finally National Kitten Day!🎉 Help us celebrate by posting in the comments!😻

dogs 🐶 & flowers 🌷

A dog can learn over 50 commands. Important commands every dog should know are SIT, STAY, DOWN, COME, OFF, HEEL, and NO. How many commands does your dog understand?

Happy World Dog Day 🐶 #BrodieAnimalHospital 🐾

Spoil Your Furry Friends with Extra Love & Treats Today! #NationalPetDay from #BrodieAnimalHospital 🐾

Happy #PetDentalMonth from Brodie Animal Hospital. We Make It Happen! 3421 W William Cannon Dr, Ste 110 Austin, TX 78745

Dental hygiene is important to keep your pet healthy and happy! How often do you brush your pet's teeth?

Brodie Animal Hospital provides the best #petdental health services! Dental problems are often linked to other health issues such as oral pain including heart, kidney, and liver damage. Your pet's teeth should be professionally cleaned at least once a year by a veterinarian to check for any health problems to keep your pet healthy and happy.