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Women’s Hormonal Shifts Increase Their Risk of Depression—How Treating Hormonal Imbalances Can Help - Bioidentical Hormone Experts

Many women are familiar with PMS, a precursor to monthly menstruation that includes many physical and emotional symptoms, including changes in mood, such as depression. While not every woman’s experience is the same, this ongoing hormonal fluctuation can be just the beginning of a larger mental health issue. Beginning at Puberty, a Woman’s Risk of Depression Is Double That of a Man’s   By BodyLogicMD Whether you’re a full-time mom or balancing both work and family responsibilities, you probably know what it’s like to feel burned out by a never-ending to-do list. At one time or another, most wom... 10/19/2018

Study Finds The Best Exercise to Keep Your Cells Young - Bioidentical Hormone Experts

There is probably at least one person in your circle of friends and acquaintances who seems to never get older. They seem to exude a youthful glow both inside and out, and are always excited and enthusiastic about life in general, never complaining about feeling old and tired. They are likely always one of the first ones to try out the latest fitness trend of the moment, from aerial yoga to high-intensity interval training. How can this be? What is their secret? High-Intensity Interval Training Improves Mitochondrial Capacity, Which Slows Aging By BodyLogicMD The anti-aging market is one of the biggest in today’s world, with countless potions, creams, supplements, devices, and other treatments designed to delay the aging process. But new research shows th... 09/27/2018

One More Reason Why You Might Not Want to Kick That Coffee Habit… - Bioidentical Hormone Experts

Most of us, admittedly, are addicted to our morning coffee. And maybe to several afternoon cups as well. It’s also true for many of us that we’ve heard coffee isn’t great for our health, and that we should consider cutting back. While the debate will no doubt continue as to whether coffee is good or bad for our health, this study, at least, is good news for those who can’t go a day without it. Is There a Relationship Between Caffeine and Inflammation?   By BodyLogicMD Coffee—it’s been demonized as an unhealthy addiction and heralded as a magic potion that helps stave off disease…and the jury is still out among scientists, researchers, and laypeople alike. While we know that coffee ... 09/14/2018

Diabetes: The Hormonal Connection - Bioidentical Hormone Experts

If you are living with type 2 diabetes, you are likely all too familiar with the struggles associated with this adult-onset condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Experts in the field of hormone health have discovered that there is often a strong link between hormonal imbalance and diabetes, which can be game changing to your current diabetes management routine. By BodyLogicMD Diabetes is a growing global health crisis. According to the World Health Organization, the number of people with diabetes has nearly quadrupled, from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014. Part of why this is such a huge problem is because diabetes can lead to sexual dysfunction... 08/28/2018

5 Summer Fitness Tips for Busy Women - Bioidentical Hormone Experts

Does it seem like some women have it all together? The truth is that they are probably just as frazzled as you are, but they find time to exercise. Exercise can help calm the mind and reduce stress, as well as tone the body. In short, the secret to feeling less frazzled could be as simple as a workout. By BodyLogicMD   With the warmer months finally here, you may find that staying fit is taking a back seat to all your busy summer plans. Indeed, one of the most challenging times of year to stick to a workout plan, the summer is ripe with ways to distract you from your fitness goals. This … Conti... 08/16/2018

4 Fun Ways to Stay Fit as a Family This Summer - Bioidentical Hormone Experts

Just because it’s called a summer vacation doesn’t mean you should take a break from your health goals! It can be a difficult task to balance your summer activities with exercise routines, and even to get motivated to stay on a healthy track. To combat boredom, promote fitness, and spend time with your family, here are some family-oriented physical activities you could be doing this summer. By BodyLogicMD Finding ways to stay fit during the summer months can be a bit of a pain. Indeed, given that it is the only time of year some of us have to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air, trying to factor in a daily workout can put a serious damper on the festivities. Moreover, … Continued 07/26/2018

Can Stress Lead to Autoimmune Disease? - Bioidentical Hormone Experts

For anyone who was a follower of the cult favorite TV show Friends, you likely know the lyrics to the opening theme song by heart: “When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year...” Nearly everyone can relate to this catchy pop tune of the 90s and its message. We all go through periods of tough times and stress, and unfortunately, for some people, this stress can linger and become a chronic issue. By BodyLogicMD As many as 50 million Americans are living with autoimmune disease—and at least 50 percent of cases are triggered by unknown factors. Now, a growing body of research reveals that stress may be the driving force behind autoimmune disease—and practices to reduce stress can be an imp... 07/16/2018

Are You Getting Enough Magnesium in Your Diet? - Bioidentical Hormone Experts

Researchers have found that a deficiency of magnesium in the body can be a hidden factor behind serious conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Over 300 enzymes in the body hinge on magnesium to function properly and optimally. For this reason, incorporating magnesium-rich foods in your diet is important to your health. By BodyLogicMD The Link Between Magnesium, Diabetes, and Heart Disease Many of us have heard of the essential mineral magnesium but may not be aware that magnesium plays an important physiological role in many different bodily processes—with over 300 enzymes dependent on magnesium for proper funct... 06/25/2018

Are Night Sweats Waking You up at Night? - Bioidentical Hormone Experts

Rumpled, sweaty bed sheets in the middle of the night are often portrayed in movies as a pleasant innuendo to a fun sexual romp. However, for many people, they are an unfortunate reminder that something is amiss physically, as fun-filled action was not the cause of the soaked mess. Night sweats can be not only uncomfortable but embarrassing, and as a result, many people don’t report them as a complaint to their doctors. The Many Causes of Night Sweats By BodyLogicMD Waking up drenched in sweat can be unpleasant, but there is often an easily identifiable cause, like a bad dream, too warm a temperature setting, or too heavy a blanket. But sometimes hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, continues to occur despite the.... 06/18/2018

Hypogonadism: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment - Bioidentical Hormone Experts

If you’ve experienced low libido and memory loss, erectile dysfunction and depression, you are not alone. About four to five million men are affected by a condition that can cause these symptoms called hypogonadism, or testosterone deficiency—and that’s only in the United States. Primary and Secondary Causes of Hypogonadism By BodyLogicMD Male hypogonadism, also known as testosterone deficiency, is a common issue that affects an estimated four to five million men in the United States. It can begin as early as fetal development, before puberty, or most commonly, during adulth... 05/30/2018

Ensure Long-Term Vaginal Health by Paying Attention to the Signs - Bioidentical Hormone Experts

Are you comfortable talking about your vagina? No? Well, don’t feel alone. Many of us grow up regarding that part of our bodies as a “private part,” and although it isn’t as off-limits as was true in our grandmothers’ day, it still might not feel like an easy topic of conversation. Nonetheless, your vagina is part of your overall health―a part that’s complex and delicate―and it’s important to maintain it in a state of good health. Three Commonly Asked Questions About Vaginal Health   By BodyLogicMD Birth control pills debuted in 1960, revolutionizing women’s health and providing them with a new option to take control of their sexual health. For many, this medical breakthrough shattered years of stigma and opened up convers... 05/22/2018

The Real Reason You Can't Lose Weight (and It’s Not Diet and Exercise) - Bioidentical Hormone Experts

Your body’s hormones work together to keep your bodily systems running smoothly. But because they work in harmony, if one is thrown off, then your whole body may have trouble functioning. Hormonal balance is a delicate process, and the signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalance aren’t always obvious. But if you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while and have been unsuccessful, then your hormones could be responsible.   By BodyLogicMD If you are always losing the weight loss battle, you’re not alone. There are approximately 108 million Americans on a diet, and it’s a good bet this isn’t their first time on the calorie-counting, waist-whittling journey. The average dieter makes at least four attempts a year... 04/24/2018

How Does Obesity Affect Hormones? - Bioidentical Hormone Experts

While there are many unfortunate causes of death, from freak accidents to terminal illnesses, the most tragic deaths are often the ones that are preventable. Obesity is one such cause of death that is becoming more and more common, yet there are many ways to help combat this health condition before it becomes fatal. However, many people wait to address their health issues until it is too late. Obesity, Metabolism, and Body Fat By BodyLogicMD The obesity epidemic in America is a serious cause for concern, with more than two-thirds of adults considered overweight or obese, according to the National Institutes of Health. The effects of obesity on health are numerous, with obesity linked to m... 04/17/2018

The Science of Calm: Four Physiological Effects of Yoga - Bioidentical Hormone Experts

For many people, getting into a regular exercise habit can be a challenge. Especially if you have been away from exercise for a while, just the thought of hitting a gym can be incredibly intimidating. This can be particularly true if you are overweight or suffering from some form of chronic ailment. However, these roadblocks may be the best reason to introduce yoga into your routine. Find out why from BodyLogicMD.   By BodyLogicMD By now, most of us have heard about the benefits of yoga and its ability to reduce stress. But the mechanics of why yoga is so impactful are often misunderstood. Without this deeper understanding, we can still gain benefits just from practicing. However, with a thorough knowledge o... 03/17/2018

How Artificial Sweeteners Can Impede Your Weight Loss Efforts - Bioidentical Hormone Experts

One of the drawbacks of trying to lose weight is having to give up foods that you love. So being able to substitute in zero-calorie, artificially sweetened options seems like a no-brainer when it comes to achieving weight loss goals without making too much of a sacrifice. But it could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts more than you think...   By BodyLogicMD As you enter your 30s and 40s, weight loss tends to become more and more of a struggle. This may be due to a more sedentary lifestyle or to poor food choices, but declining hormone levels may also have an impact. Although the media espouses many weight-loss tips, some of the weight... 03/07/2018

Five Healthy Resolutions for Everyone - Bioidentical Hormone Experts

We are well into 2018 and did you know that people who stick to their New Year’s goals are 10 percent more likely to complete other goals throughout that same year? Instead of listing every single goal that you’d like to accomplish, give yourself the time to accomplish one monumental step. Whatever your goals are, these five practical resolutions can help you meet bigger challenges for years to come. By BodyLogicMD We are well into 2018 and did you know that people who stick to their New Year’s goals are 10 percent more likely to complete other goals throughout that same year? Instead of listing every single goal that you’d like to accomplish, give yourself the time to accomplish one monumen...


You’re probably no stranger to the special kind of drowsiness that hits right at midafternoon. However, you may be under the impression that naps aren’t good for you and will only make your fatigue worse—or maybe you think that naps aren’t for adults. Neither one is necessarily true—napping can actually benefit both your day and your overall health if done properly.


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love and relationships start to dominate the airwaves, as well as most couple’s minds. The profusion of red hearts everywhere you look is pretty hard to ignore, as is the advertising of products like lubricants, toys, and ribbed condoms to enhance sexual enjoyment between partners. This projection of how sex is “supposed” to be can make any man suffering from erectile dysfunction feel pretty inadequate... 01/17/2018

Tech-Aided Weight Loss—Does It Work? - Bioidentical Hormone Experts

Losing weight is hard enough, so why not use a fitness tracker like the ever-popular Fitbit or another wearable accessory to help you achieve your weight loss goals? It makes sense; they are easy to use—just slip it on your wrist like a watch, turn it on, and go about your daily routine while the gadget does all the work of tracking steps for you. It seems like a dream come true. But fitness trackers may be doing you more harm than good—and not just in your pocketbook. Potential Pitfalls of the Fitbit and Other Wearable Fitness Devices by BodyLogicMD   If you’ve been eyeing an expensive fitness tracker to help you lose weight, a recent study suggests that you may want to save your money. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows... 01/05/2018

Progesterone, PMS, and Constipation - Bioidentical Hormone Experts

When you think of the common symptoms of PMS, constipation might not initially cross your mind. However, it is something that many women have to deal with. If you happen to be one of the many women affected by pre-period constipation, you might be wondering if anything can be done to prevent this uncomfortable state, or even just to ease the suffering a bit. Tips to Help Avoid PMS-Related Constipation by BodyLogicMD   Do you suffer from “periodic” bouts of constipation―that is, constipation that occurs in the second half of your menstrual cycle? If so, that’s not coincidental. Your hormones likely play an active role in these episodes. After yo... 12/18/2017

Make a Plan to Maintain Healthy Eating Habits Over the Holidays - Bioidentical Hormone Experts

The holiday season is upon us, and as usual, the pace of life is amplified. While it is supposed to be the happiest time of the year complete with twinkling lights, it can also be a stressful, hectic time. In many cases, the double whammy of higher stress and busier schedules means that following a healthy diet and getting enough exercise can be a challenge (if not seemingly impossible). by BodyLogicMD The holiday season can present an immense challenge to staying healthy. Between the food, parties, weather, and stress, the holidays can be difficult for even the most health-conscious people. If you’re like most, Halloween serves as a warning shot. While the following two months wi... 12/08/2017

Brain Inflammation: A Hidden Cause of Depression? - Bioidentical Hormone Experts

When you’re suffering from depression and have sought help, the last thing you want is for the treatment you’ve been prescribed to fail. Many who experience ongoing depression can attest to antidepressants not working for them, or worse yet, causing unwanted side effects. If antidepressants are not working for you, the simple answer may be that they are not targeting the correct problem. by BodyLogicMD Over six million adults in the US and around 360 million worldwide suffer from depression. But for many, commonly prescribed antidepressant medications provide no relief for their symptoms—and many come with unwanted side effects. Now, recent research on the causes of depression rev... 11/27/2017

6 Things That Are Causing You to Age Way Too Fast

The saying that the body is like a machine holds true not just for athletes, but for everyone. And if you’re not an athlete, then you might have neglected your body while time passes by, a practice that can actually age you more than you might expect. Lifestyle plays a strong role in how well you age. Smoking, drinking, and a lack of physical activity can quickly add up to wrinkles, weight gain, and sallow and saggy skin, and it can even interfere with quality sleep.



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