Kelly Personal Training Austin

Kelly Personal Training Austin

The personal trainers at Kelly Personal Training in Austin are professionals with proven fitness techniques for maximum results. Maximum results, minimum time.

State-of-the-art facility with knowledgeable trainers where lives are changed and friendships are formed.

At Kelly Personal Training, our trainers will guide you through a 30 minute weekly or bi-weekly strength challenge designed for maximum benefits in the minimum time. Your personal trainer will monitor your progress and choose the appropriate level of challenge every time you visit. More time for recovery, more time and strength to enjoy your life.

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An exercise program, no matter how good it is, is useless if you do not go. The secret to sticking to an exercise program -

An exercise program, no matter how good it is, is useless if you do not go. The secret to sticking to an exercise program -

Don't Be Humpty Dumpty — Kelly Personal Training 02/13/2021

Don't Be Humpty Dumpty — Kelly Personal Training

Bad weather, slick surfaces, more falls - take steps to avoid a bad outcome -

Don't Be Humpty Dumpty — Kelly Personal Training If you fall down will you get up again? This iconic photo is of Y. A. Tittle.  He sustained a concussion and a cracked sternum that game and still played in all the remaining games of the 1964 season, his last. He was 38 years old at the time, and he got up again. If you are older and get

To Help or Be Helped, That is the Question — Kelly Personal Training 01/18/2021

To Help or Be Helped, That is the Question — Kelly Personal Training

Sometimes a short incidental conversation can stick in your mind forever.

To Help or Be Helped, That is the Question — Kelly Personal Training A car pulled up to the valet in front of the restaurant, the car door opened, and a voice called out, “Hey Jack, can you help me?” Jack helped the man get out of the car and situated onto his walker.  It turns out the two men had graduated from high school together 55 years earlier. I asked

Keeping your New Year's resolution to exercise, can it be done? — Kelly Personal Training 01/01/2021

Keeping your New Year's resolution to exercise, can it be done? — Kelly Personal Training

Happy New Year

Keeping your New Year's resolution to exercise, can it be done? — Kelly Personal Training You have not exercised in months, maybe even years. That status is likely to remain so unless you can make a realistic New Year’s resolution you can actually keep. If you start from the premise that it is not how much exercise you can tolerate, but how little is needed to produce ongoing measurabl

Got Neck Pain? — Kelly Personal Training 11/14/2020

Got Neck Pain? — Kelly Personal Training

Solution to avoid neck pain -

Got Neck Pain? — Kelly Personal Training Many of us spend hours each day in front of our computers screen, often our head and neck are not in optimal alignment. Years of this will eventually takes its toll; the result is chronic neck pain. To avoid this neck pain, we’ll often restrict our movements. The body adapts to this restricted ran... 09/21/2020

I prepared for Covid and didn't know it — Kelly Personal Training

Avoiding comorbidities - My asthma doctor wanted to know why I did not go straight to the emergency room.  He called my cardiologist on the spot; he was worried that I might have had a silent heart attack.   There have been times in my life when I had focused on things other than my health.&nb


Older adults have the most to gain from strength training and actually show the most improvement compared to younger adults -


"His doctor told him to buy a funeral plot because he would need one in the next five years." Poignant video especially for dog lovers and those looking for exercise inspiration. 05/29/2020

Don’t sign that health club contract just yet — Kelly Personal Training

For some members health clubs can turn out to collection agencies disguised as a health club Many health clubs (not all of them) offer contracts with attractive monthly rates because they fully expect members not to use their health clubs. They are right. 70% of members don't regularly use their health clubs. The average renewal rate hovers around 30%. No doubt, the clubs offer a great d 05/01/2020

Addressing medical conditions that make sickness worse — Kelly Personal Training

Improving your health to decrease future risks from illness - “If you had to be admitted to an intensive care unit, the 'start' point from which you would atrophy all your organs is predicated on your degree of muscle mass. In other words, how long it would take before you reach multi-system organ failure and die is directly linked to your level of muscle ma... 03/30/2020

I can breathe freely now — Kelly Personal Training My asthma doctor asked me, “Why didn't you go straight to the emergency room?” Then, on the spot, he called my cardiologist to discuss whether or not I might have had a possible silent heart attack or have heart disease. 03/23/2020

Increasing your recovery ability — Kelly Personal Training The doctors were looking for an explanation as to why John was still alive. The doctors told him they had gone back and consulted their medical books. The doctors were amazed and gratified that he had recovered. 02/29/2020

Radio Ads Part Two — Kelly Personal Training

Our workout is a 30-minute once-a-strength training workout. The two radio ads at the link explain the rationale for the 30-minute workout, the improvement one can expect, and the stories of those whose lives have been changed. We have conducted over 350,00 training sessions. We have many longstanding clients in our 18 years in the business. Experience it for yourselves. Mention this post and you will get two no-obligation sessions.

- A client recently heard our radio ads and wanted her friend to hear them. The first ad give a synopsis of what we are all about and our approach to fitness at our  Austin personal training  facility.  The second ad tells of our clients' success stories. 01/03/2020

What could your health be like 10 years from now if you started exercising now?  — Kelly Personal Training

It is that time again. Time to make and then break those New's Year resolutions. How would you go about creating a new decade resolution that you could actually keep? It is January 2020. It is time for New Year’s resolutions. How about a new decade resolution? If your are going to make a ten-year commitment it has got to be something you are willing to stick to for the long haul, and if you are going to do it that long it better produce significant changes wort... 10/31/2019

Persistent back pain now a distant memory — Kelly Personal Training

Almost twenty years have past since living with persistant back pain. How to keep back pain at bay - I thought living with chronic back pain was going to be my lot in life. The pain affected how I moved, how I slept, how I sat, even how I long I sat. I was limited in so many ways. It was disheartening, as there appeared to be no end in sight. My back pain originated from three separate injuries: a 08/23/2019

To significantly lower your risk of death from heart disease start lifting weights — Kelly Personal Training

Lift a little and live a lot longer - A meta-study of 338,254 participants concluded strength training once or twice a week can lower your risk of death from cardiovascular disease by 28%.  Further they found that if you add aerobic activities to that regime you can lower your risk by 48%.   Interestingly, 07/19/2019

Getting a runner’s high without running

How to get more endogenous morphine (Endorphins for short) - Each week I look forward to a runner’s high at an intensity level I rarely achieved by running. I don’t run anymore. After a couple of foot surgeries my running days are over. It takes me about 22 to 25 minutes to get to this relaxed euphoric state, and it stays with me the rest of the day. 06/24/2019

Reversing the Loss of Heart Function Caused by Type 2 Diabetes

A practical effective way to reverse, or reduce the loss in heart function caused by type 2 diabetes - A recent study found that “three months of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) improved heart function in adults with type 2 diabetes, without any change in medications or diet”.  This is an important finding considering that the leading cause of death of type 2 diabetes patients is c 06/20/2019

The lasting effect of strength training on cognitive function

MRI scans of those who took part in strength training showed an increase in the size of specific areas of the brain. The benefits persisted even 12 months after the supervised exercise sessions ended. People with Mild Cognitive Impairment MCI have reduced cognitive abilities but are still able to live independently. Strength training can reverse MCI, and the effect is long lasting.  From this study,  Increasing muscle strength can improve brain function , these quotes: 06/11/2019

You want more life? ‘Cause this is how you get more life…

Tell your body you want to live longer with a higher quality of life - If exercise is not demanding there is no reason for the body to change. According to a study you will live longer if the exercise you do is more demanding. From the study,  A higher effort-based paradigm in physical activity and exercise for public health: making the case for a greater emph 03/25/2019

Exercise that will strengthen tendons and connective tissue

The right exercise to avoid an injury that could require months of rehab - Too much tendon stress results in tears and overuse conditions such as tendinitis. These injuries often occur as a result of exercise. Injuries sustained in the pursuit of fitness can come back to haunt you.  They present themselves as nagging aches and pains that compromise your fitness as 02/22/2019

Strength/flexibility program shown to increase golf clubhead speed and increase driving distance

Hitting for distance - One of my clients, a golf pro, told me he was hitting the ball farther. I asked him, “Are you sure?” He replied, “I use GPS to measure my distance. I am positive”. To hit a golf ball farther you have to increase your clubhead speed. Increased strength helps; increased flexibility helps a bit... 02/05/2019

Exercising less and accurately measuring improvement

36 minutes of vigorous effort over 5 1/2 months. The results: To get more out of exercise it is essential to accurately determine the minimum effective dose and the amount of recovery time needed to produce improvement.  Perry, age 69, does his weekly 30 minute strength training sessions at our Austin strength training facility. 01/24/2019

Getting More Out Of Exercising Less

Instead of seeing how much exercise you can stand find out how little you can get a way with and still keep improving. “Instead of trying to find how much exercise we can tolerate, we should try to find out how little exercise we actually require” ~ Arthur Jones, creator of Nautilus and MedX exercise equipment. Jones further stated that any exercise beyond what is required is at best a waste of time and at worst 12/28/2018

Still young and possibly facing life in a wheelchair she turned things around

Happy New Year! Kate’s doctor informed her that if things continued on the same path, she may be confined to a wheelchair in six months.  Kate is still young; she has a rare genetic muscular disorder that has made her progressively weaker to the point that it has adversely affected her balance. It has be 12/18/2018

Yes Virginia, there is good news in your declining health

Happy holidays! So you haven’t exercised consistently in years, and each year, you have gained a pound or two. That fat gain is accompanied by a decline in fat burning hormones, foremost among them testosterone.   Weight gain leads to lower testosterone; lower testosterone leads to even more weigh 12/05/2018

Thirty five percent increase in testosterone level without hormone therapy

Raising testosterone levels naturally - The right kind of exercise can significantly raise your testosterone level, while some forms of exercise will lower it. Testosterone affects more than just s*x drive; it positively influences bone density, fat distribution, muscle strength and mass, metabolism, memory, and red blood cell production. 11/24/2018

Exercise replenishes the neurotransmitters vital to mental health

Using MRI scans to measure the effect exercise has on depression - Neurotransmitters – such dopamine, glutamate, and serotonin - are released by neurons to communicate with other cells. They regulate our mental and physical health. Depression and other neuropsychiatric disorders occur when neurotransmitters are depleted. In one study, researchers 11/03/2018

Cardio, anaerobic, and aerobic exercise explained

Is strength training cardio exercise? In 1969 Dr. Kenneth Cooper wrote the book Aerobics and coined that word to describe a form of exercise. Before that, the word aerobic was more often used to describe a type of metabolism. Aerobic metabolism utilizes our energy stores in conjunction with oxygen, while anaerobic metabolism uses energy 10/19/2018

Comparing the side-effects of two different osteoporosis treatments

Positive versus negative side-effects - Two popular options to inhibit bone loss that results from osteopenia: You can take a drug or begin strength training. Both have side-effects. From this NYT article  Splits Form Over How to Address Bone Loss : “Millions of people worldwide, most of them women, have been told they have os 10/10/2018

Where to place the carrot - the difference between finishing and quitting

Dreading exercise? How to actually look forward to challenging exercise - Several years ago I participated in the MS Tour For Cure two-day bike ride.  On the last half of the final 75 mile ride, I settled in with a small group of riders who were keeping, what was for me, a blistering pace. We sailed past each of the rest stops. Toward the end it was all

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Would you like an Austin personal trainer who will be available seven days a week? Do you want a trainer who will work with you every step of the way? This is a personal training program where there are no contracts or obligations; we have to produce the results that will keep you coming back. This program will save you the time and added expense of going to the gym several times a week. This program was derived from exercise studies and has been proven effective for all ages and levels of fitness. Researchers found that joints hurt less, bone density increased, and muscles were stronger and more toned with minimal time exercising.

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