Tom Foolery's Kitchen Antics and Good Eats

Pictures, recipes (by request), and commentary on my adventures in throwing together healthy, hearty, bold meals. We don't do bland food here.

Timeline photos 02/10/2017

One of my trademark dishes - Hasselbeck Scalloped Potatoes. The food science behind this dish is really cool. The heavy cream-thyme-garlic sauce only covers the bottom half of the upright potatoes, but as it cooks, the oil separates from the cream and starts to splash over the top half. This basically starts to fry the top half of the potato. So every potato slice gets a little crispy and a little creamy. Load it up with some asiago cheese, and it's a beautiful side dish.

Timeline photos 02/10/2017

Pesto-marinated chicken breast, rosemary and thyme fire-roasted tomatoes, and homemade alfredo over penne. Quick, delicious dinner. The tomatoes turn into little marinara bombs!

Timeline photos 09/03/2016

Beef Tenderloin in a thyme-butter-garlic sauce, Rosemary Garlic potatoes, and sauteed brocollini.

This is a quick-and-dirty on how to cook the perfect steak every time. He says in this one to flip often to cook evenly, and in another to flip only once to preserve flavor...not sure there's a hard and fast rule on it.

Photos from Tom Foolery's Kitchen Antics and Good Eats's post 09/03/2016

My favorite place in Lyon, France - Le Comptoir des Marronniers. In the birthplace of gastronomy, you know you're going to get some great eats! Gets me in the mood to get home and get to work in the kitchen!


What a beautiful Pot Pie. Most of Wolfgang's recipes are pretty bland (he's German, can't blame him for that), but this is great technique combined with great presentation.

Mobile uploads 03/19/2015

Roasted tomato, cilantro, lime, and garlic smothered pork loin served with my famous green rice.

Mobile uploads 03/19/2015

Chimichurri flank steak with queso fresca and a side of red potato and pepper hash.

Mobile uploads 03/19/2015

Pan seared tuna with avocado, lime, and cilantro with my famous green rice.

Mobile uploads 03/19/2015

Chicken tikka masala on jasmine rice.

Mobile uploads 03/19/2015

Sweet potato pad Thai soup with an Asian salad. My (mostly) vegetarian girlfriend's favorite meal :-).

Mobile uploads 03/19/2015

Cheesy Broccolini and sausage risotto. Huge flavors. The secret is the rosemary asiago cheese.

Mobile uploads 03/19/2015

This was awesome. Pork chops with apples and pancetta in a creamy brandy thyme sauce. Served with my famous Hasselbeck gratin taters.

Mobile uploads 03/19/2015

Poached eggs, tomatoes, and sautéed spinach on toast.

Mobile uploads 03/19/2015

Thai lettuce wraps with cucumber slivers to go with the Jook.

Mobile uploads 03/19/2015

Thai rice porridge with pork cilantro meatballs - aka "jook" - classic Thai comfort food.

Mobile uploads 03/19/2015

Butternut squash, bacon, apple, and pecan hash in an omelette.

Mobile uploads 03/19/2015

Pan seared sea bass with avocado, soy, cilantro, garlic, ginger, and lime. Side of spicy cucumber salad.

Mobile uploads 03/19/2015

Healthy power foods salad anyone can throw together:
Roasted chicken breast
Fresh spinach
Lean Bacon
Red peppers
Balsamic vinaigrette


Instead of polluting my personal timeline with pictures of food and meandering commentary, here's a little corner of the intarwebnets where you can check out my favorite hobby - making kick-you-in-the-pants dishes to serve with friends and family. Since I'm also a food safety microbiologist and food scientist, I may take the opportunity to educate on safe food handling and the geeky side of food preparation.

As one of my culinary heroes Jacques Pepin says, "Happy cooking!"



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