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Sleep Wellness and Brain Health Our products for the Body, Mind, Health and Home, include IntelliBED mattresses & pillows.

Intelligent Sleep exists to promote restorative sleep and improve the health, longevity, productivity, and safety of the 100M Americans who don’t sleep well. And our neurosensory, metabolic and behavioral programs address issues of stress or sleep.

Intelligent Sleep 02/20/2017

"Is your bed hurting your back?" That's the question from today's segment on TODAY.

I'd like to pose a different question. "Isn't your bed purchase really about buying SLEEP?" The mattress is just part of it, as the experts at Intelligent Sleep know. Yes, they have a Texas exclusive to sell IntelliBED, what I see as the world's best mattress for sleep wellness, their primary focus.

Dr. Bruce Meleski starts with a personal assessment before designing custom, natural & holistic treatment programs to improve your sleep. Good sleep, after all, is critical to peak performance and overall good health. Check him out at

Intelligent Sleep PHONE: 512-306-1833

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Lack of Sleep Costs U.S. About $411 Billion in Lost Productivity, Study Finds 11/30/2016

This is why I write so often about Sleep at Modern Health Talk. (See

Lack of Sleep Costs U.S. About $411 Billion in Lost Productivity, Study Finds RAND Europe surveyed the costs of sleep deprivation across five different economies

How Light from Electronics Affects Sleep 11/24/2016

BLACKOUT FRIDAY -- This is not about a 1-day deep discount. Our message today is to TURN OFF YOUR ELECTRONICS and dim your lights before bedtime. The home page includes an offer to send you 70 tips like this if you sign up for our newsletter, but there's much more we can provide with personalized sleep coaching, so let me remind you of this...

A NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER -- Through November 30 Intelligent Sleep is bundling $800 worth of sleep coaching with the purchase of any IntelliBED. That's because we sell sleep, not just a nontoxic wellness mattress that outperforms Tempur-Pedic and Sleep Number, and we think that's better than a Black Friday sale.

How Light from Electronics Affects Sleep By Wayne Caswell (original at Modern Health Talk), If you’re having trouble sleeping, it may be your electronics. As I wrote in How Light effects Melatonin and Sleep, the hormone melat…

Restless sleep associated with heart rhythm problems 11/21/2016

For sleep problems in Austin, come by and see Dr. Meleski at Intelligent Sleep.

Restless sleep associated with heart rhythm problems Poor sleep, even without apnea, is tied to heart rhythm problems.

Timeline photos 11/20/2016

'Good reason to pay attention to the pillars of health: nutrition, exercise, and sleep.

LED Streetlights Are Good for the Earth, Bad for Humans and Wildlife 11/15/2016

LED Streetlights Are Good for the Earth, Bad for Humans and Wildlife An American Medical Association report says the new energy-efficient lights can put people and animals at risk.

Paid Program: The Future of Sleep 11/13/2016

United airlines is investing in Sleep and sponsored this excellent article on THE FUTURE OF SLEEP …

Paid Program: The Future of Sleep New research is revolutionizing how we get a good night’s rest.

Daylight Saving – What Gives? 11/03/2016

Avoid the negative effects.

Daylight Saving – What Gives? The twice-a-year shift between Standard Time and Daylight Saving Time has serious effects on our health, safety and performance, at least for several days after the shift. But there’s also a benefi…

Daylight Saving - Movie Trailer 11/02/2016

Remember to setback your clocks Saturday night.

Daylight Saving - Movie Trailer This November, they call it Daylight Saving but the thing that needs us! WHAT TIME IS IT?! Check out the Sequel! ► https://w...

Daylight Savings - Fall Back 11/01/2016

Daylight Savings - Fall Back Fall is back! Do't forget to set your clocks back one hour this weekend.

Sleep 101: The Science of Intelligent Sleep 06/21/2016

Tonight's FREE seminar addresses your need for sleep, things that impact your ability to sleep, and Intelligent Sleep’s products & services that help improve sleep & brain function for your better health, safety and performance. TELL YOUR FRIENDS so they can benefit too.

Tuesday, June 21, 7-8:30PM, 7415 Burnet Rd.

Sleep 101: The Science of Intelligent Sleep SLEEP better. PERFORM better. LIVE longer. Now that’s INTELLIGENT Sleep. Here’s how we approach Sleep Fitness. Prioritizing sleep is just plain smart. It improves alertness, atte…

IntelliBED sleeps better than anything you’ve experienced 05/29/2016

SLEEP for SALE through Memorial Day

Intelligent Sleep is having its once-a-year big sale, but rather than discount the IntelliBED, we promise sleep with $800 worth of personalized sleep coaching and RestSpa treatments bundled with each sale. And we're donating 5% of proceeds to Alzheimer's Texas.

IntelliBED sleeps better than anything you’ve experienced IntelliBED sleeps better than anything you’ve ever experienced

Intelligent Sleep Memorial Day Event 05/23/2016

Intelligent Sleep Memorial Day Event Sleep Fitness is way more than a mattress, or a pill, or a fitness tracker. And it’s what we do. Memorial Day Event Saturday, May 28, 10am-6pm 7415 Burnet Road (512) 306-1833 So how d…

10 Things Every Student NEEDS to Know About Sleep 05/21/2016

COMMENT: Because so many people need expert help, our Austin sleep performance center offers personalized coaching, along with natural & holistic products and RestSpa services. ( or 512-306-1833)

10 Things Every Student NEEDS to Know About Sleep “Staying awake for 24 hours is like binge drinking."


Check 'em out. 7415 Burnet Rd. In my view, IntelliBED is the world's best Sleep Wellness mattress for many reasons. It's the ideal balance of support (spinal alignment) and comfort (pressure relief) without toxic chemicals found in most foam and with durability up to 3x better than competition, enabling a 30-year warranty.

IntelliBED of Austin Sleep Wellness and Brain Health

Mindful Intent 05/10/2016

SEMINAR TONIGHT: Mindful Intent, Tuesday, May 10, 7PM (7415 Burnet Rd) 512-306-1833 (It's tonight, not next week)

You’ll learn how to apply intention to everything you do in your daily activities; and with mindful intent, actions and results are much more predictable. 'Hope to see you there.

Buddy Fichera is a master of meditation, professional golfer, business leader, and CEO peer group meetings orchestrator in Austin TX as a Chair of Vistage Worldwide, Inc.. He also serves as CEO of RADYX, a family holding company that offers systems, consulting, and coaching solutions to individuals, groups, and organizations with an emphasis on developing performance, growth, and well-being. In that capacity he developed the Mindful Intent program and the Open Square system to build collaboration, strong minds, and high performance among other business leaders.

Mindful Intent Mindful Intent The next step beyond mindfulness is mindful intent. Attend this free clinical seminar to learn how to apply intention to everything you do in your daily activities. With mindful inte…

Lawmaker Wants to End Daylight Saving Time in Texas 03/12/2016

COMMENT: See for tips to avoid the health impact.

But note that it's "the shift" to DST that causes the problem, not DST itself; and there are significant benefits to having more sunlight during wakeful hours. We shop & spend more, social more, exercise more, absorb more vitamin D, and are in a better mood. That's because sunlight increases serotonin, the "happy" molecule. So, a far better bill would be one that kept DST year-round.

Lawmaker Wants to End Daylight Saving Time in Texas State Rep. Dan Flynn (R-Canton) proposes a bill to make Texas exempt from recognizing Daylight Saving Time.

The Health Impact of Daylight Saving Time - Intelligent Sleep 03/12/2016

Here's the scoop, and some coping tips. We also show how to get even more tips.

The Health Impact of Daylight Saving Time - Intelligent Sleep

Timeline photos 03/09/2016

Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday 2am.
As you "spring forward," you'll lose an hour of sleep, so sleep in Sunday.
It may also be harder to fall asleep at night until your body clock adjusts. Melatonin can help. Dim the lights and quit using electronics an hour before bedtime. Upon wakening in the morning, get outside into bright sunlight right away since that also helps regulate your clock.


Timeline photos 03/08/2016

EVENT TONIGHT: Sorry for the late notice, but if you'd like to sleep better, we want to help by digging into the cause(s) and recommending personalized solutions. As part of that, we’re offering a free Sleep-101 seminar tonight to introduce The Science of INTELLIGENT Sleep.
(Details at

Eight raises $6 million for sleep tracking mattress pad 03/07/2016

COMMENT: I ordered the Luna smart mattress cover (now called Eight) in January 2015 and am happy it's finally getting ready to ship. I look forward to testing it at Intelligent Sleep as part of our Smart Bedroom vision, integrated with smart lighting and thermostats, and also featuring it prominently in our sleep wellness center.

Eight raises $6 million for sleep tracking mattress pad Sleep tracking company Eight (formerly known as Luna) raised $6 million in seed funding from Y Combinator, Yunqui Partners, Azure Capital, Cota Capital, Comcast Ventures, Vast Ventures, Stanford University, Galvanize Ventures, Idea Bulb VC, and Scribd co-founder Jared Friedman.

Timeline photos 02/14/2016

Happy Valentines morning.

Timeline photos 02/04/2016

SLEEP 101 is a free seminar-length discussion of man's need for sleep and Intelligent Sleep's approach targeting health, safety and performance.

Learn how to Sleep better, Perform better, and Live longer. Now that's INTELLIGENT Sleep.

TONIGHT: Thursday, 2/4 7:00-8:00pm at Intelligent Sleep, 7415 Burnet Rd, Austin (

Low Back Pain Evans Health Lab 01/19/2016

COMMENT: Dr. Mike Evans' whiteboard videos are always engaging & informative, but I'm surprised that this one fails to mention a poor sleep surface (mattress) as a primary cause of chronic back pain for many Americans, because it's something that's relatively easy to fix.

During deep sleep is when your body restores itself, so if you wake up with back pain that lessens through the day, look at your mattress as a likely cause, knowing that it's hard for manufacturers to find the right balance of spinal support and pressure relief. IntelliBED is different and is promoted as the world's best Sleep Wellness bed, so consider it for replacing your old mattress. Watch the video at, and come try it out at Intelligent Sleep.

Low Back Pain Evans Health Lab Low back pain affects up to 90% of the population, there are some yellow and red flags to keep in mind

Timeline photos 01/19/2016

Donate Blood during the Intelligent Sleep Event
Saturday, January 30
7415 Burnet Road, Austin, TX

Join our Mailing List. You'll be glad you did. - Intelligent Sleep 01/17/2016

Austin's Intelligent Sleep has a newsletter that you may be interested in.

Join our Mailing List. You'll be glad you did. - Intelligent Sleep We’d like to send you an occasional email with new ways to sleep better and invite you to our local events to help improve your health and performance. We’ll send one a month or less, most likely. Related

Timeline photos 12/15/2015

This Year, Resolve to Sleep More ...

Scientific study shows that, “You are 10 times more likely to stick to a change made at the New Year,” and other studies say you’re even more successful if you get the support of others. So now is the time to make those commitments.


IntelliBED 30 percent inventory refresh sale Intelligent Sleep is having a rare sale on IntelliBED floor models as we refresh inventory. IntelliBEDs are made with advanced medical-grade IntelliGEL instead of foam, so they’re non-toxic and provide better comfort, durability and value than other beds. This sale won't last long, so visit us toda…

Intelligent Sleep ADVISOR 08/13/2015

Our latest newsletter issue is hot off the press...

Intelligent Sleep ADVISOR Monthly Sleep Wellness & Brain Fitness News

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