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i use ginger to relax my upper-back/neck muscles Dr JW

We educate & empower our clients with tools to reach the goals that are important to them! We fully assess the body as a whole, find the root cause of concern, and work with each individual to provide a program specific to what your body needs!

For our clients' convenience, you can request a consultation in-person at our office in Central Austin, on location at your home, & via our online telehealth platform.

Operating as usual


Annoying wrist pain with push-ups!? No worries, I got you!

Common reasons for pain may include:
📍limited range of motion
📍poor technique
📍not fully warmed up
📍trying to do too much too soon for what your body is ready for

✨Try some of these tips out & let me know which one works best for you!!👇


💥Build Strong Glutes💥

👉keeps not only our hips healthy but aids in neck, shoulder, back, pelvic floor, knee, ankle & foot function as well
👉allows us to stay active longer- ability to walk, hike, run, travel, swim, etc & take advantage of SO many wonderful things in life
👉encourages us to stay disciplined with a resistance training routine crucial for our muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, joints & nerves as we age
👉it’s actually fun!
👉looks good & feels good 😊

Here’s a series I went through on vacation here in Maui using only @committedhp bands. No gym, no excuse 😉

My workout plan typically includes barbells & dumbbells but using bands is 💯 my recommendation when traveling because you can pack em so easily & the resistance you get from them DOES HELP WITH STRENGTH!

✨3x15-20 reps
✨Moderate to heavy bands depending on the move
✨Did these circuit style so it took me about 25 minutes (I also did about 5 mins for warming up & cooling down!)

Save 15% off @committedhp bands with code: DrJess15


Got neck or shoulder pain⁉️
Here are 3 simple self-release options to try for muscles that often contribute to neck discomfort‼️

⚠️Disclaimer: these are meant for short term relief & a quick option to try out. They most likely won’t completely solve your neck pain until the ROOT cause is established.

If these muscles are tight, why is that?
🤔Are other muscles weak?
🤔Do you have poor motor control?
🤔Are you hydrated & do you move your body regularly?

If you’re not sure what truly is causing your pain, I encourage you to dig a little deeper into the WHY!

Often times, neck & shoulder pain can be 💯 resolved but it just takes understanding the real reason why you have it🙂

➡️Save to try out today✨
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💥Pull Up Strength💥
Watch 👇for 5️⃣ great options to help you do your first pull up 🥳

Pull ups are no joke. They are a great test of strength & control, and when done correctly, are an awesome exercise for almost every aspect of your body‼️

You use shoulders, chest, back, core, glutes, hip flexors, etc in order to perform this & luckily there are many options along the way to help you build up strength.

Shown here:
🔺seated pull ups where you use your legs to help
🔺seated pull ups where only your feet can help
🔺unilateral cable lat pull down
🔺band assisted pull ups
🔺eccentric pull ups

These are some of my go-to moves (But by no means an all-inclusive list!) and it’s important to start at a level that’s appropriate for your body & current fitness levels.

Keep in mind, doing a few of these exercises DAILY will be an important aspect to help you get your pull up. If you just did a few sets of 1-2 of these a couple times a week, you probably aren’t going to get very far.

Also, the slower you move, the more challenging. So time under tension can be a useful factor to consider. Make sure as you’re trying these (or other options) that you focus on LAT engagement first rather than arms‼️

You want to pull your shoulder blades down before you bend your elbows to assist 👍

Try it & let me know what you think!


💥Low Back Pain💥
Extension strength series— watch 👇for 3 options using only a stability ball for core, glute, & shoulder strength!

Extension based strengthening is very important for our ability to stand, walk, run & squat. This series focuses on our hip extensors, back extensors & scapular muscles to assist with overall core stability & back health.

Exercises such as these are often used with disc herniations, sciatica, chronic low back pain, hip weakness, postpartum & general core strength programs.

🔹Hip Extension: tighten core, squeeze glutes, & extend hips off ground without arching low back

🔹Back Extension: tighten core & stabilize with legs on ground, then extend back to lift chest up away from the ground

🔹Alternating Leg/Arm Extension: stabilize core, extend opposite leg/arm & alternate side to side without losing balance

Try starting off with sets of 8-12 reps. As it gets easier, hold weight or add 5 second holds to the motions.


💥Shoulder Pain Relief💥
Here are some of my favorite ways to combine stability AND mobility using the Swiss ball👍

Our shoulders are the most mobile joint in our body, so that means a lot of muscles work to help it function properly. With the nature of our day to day routines, jobs, and postures, sometimes our scapular muscles aren’t working efficiently enough for what we ask our shoulders to do.

I like these options because not only do they feel good after the fact, but they also force your shoulder blade muscles to dynamically work while you do them, if you do them properly- which is important!

This means increased stability & maintaining mobility 👏

Try them out and share with a friend!


💥First Rib Mobilization💥

Try these 3️⃣ quick techniques if you’ve been dealing with nagging neck (or shoulder) pain that you just can’t seem to overcome.

Options demonstrated:
🔺mobilization with cervical side bending
🔺mobilization with shoulder flexion
🔺mobilization with deep breathing & scalene stretch

Many people are surprised how high their first rib actually is but you can feel it through your upper trap near your neck. There are multiple important structures running through this small area (nerves, arteries, veins, & muscles such as your scalenes) so paying attention to it when dealing with pain can be important✅

This area can be affected by:
🔸working a desk job
🔸carrying a heavy bag (Mtn bikers, hikers, etc)
🔸shallow breathing patterns
🔸stress & tension
🔸extended sleeping in a twisted position

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💥Acute Low Back Pain💥

Wake up with low back pain? Watch 👇 for exercise options to try to get your low back comfortably moving, reduce pain, & get back to your daily life!

Not all of these options may be appropriate for your individual case, but there are multiple options focused on different types of movement so you can find something that works for you.

Move in a slow, controlled range in order to allow your brain to trust your body moving & avoid aggravating pain. Once your body gets used to moving, you can move farther, tolerate more strength & return to daily activities without the fear of injury.

80% of us will get low back pain at some point in our life so don’t worry it’ll turn into something major! For most of us, it resolves in 2-6 weeks.

To be more proactive or to prevent your pain from turning into something chronic, see an orthopedic PT that can provide a strength program specific to your goals!


Did you know there’s more to the pelvic floor than just kegels?
And that for many of us, using kegels at the wrong time can actually be counterproductive for what our body needs?!

Basic tips:
🔺breath work, muscle relaxation & joint mobility
🔺proper muscle activation & control
🔺load & progress challenge

Check out my tips 👆👆 & let me know if you have any specific questions 👇👇

Injury Prevention Tips For Runners 07/08/2021

Injury Prevention Tips For Runners

Attn Runners!

Injury Prevention Tips For Runners Learn some simple tips you can put to use today to help prevent injuries and reduce pain with running.


💥IT Band Syndrome💥
If you’re foam rolling your IT band, please STOP 🛑 & try some of these instead 👍

A few 🔑 things to keep in mind with ITB pain- the IT band of fascia itself isn’t actually the root cause of your discomfort 😲😲😲

👉You may be tight in your quads, glutes, TFL or hamstrings that feed into the fascia
👉You may have decreased mobility in your toes, ankles, hips or spine
👉You may be weak in your hips or quads causing compensation patterns
👉You may be doing too much too soon with a certain activity such as running, hiking or lifting

No need to unnecessarily lie on a ball or sit on a foam roller unless you know that it ᴛʀᴜʟʏ ᴄᴀɴ’ᴛ ᴄʜᴀɴɢᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ꜰᴀꜱᴄɪᴀ ᴀɴᴅ “ʟᴏᴏꜱᴇɴ” ɪᴛ ᴜᴘ. Do it if you like it but just know you’ll need to take a more active approach rather than sit passively & hope for a change 🙃

⁉️Know a runner who can benefit⁉️
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💥Bullet Proof Your Shoulders!💥

Want to prevent (or recover from) rotator cuff injuries⁉️
Sick of nagging shoulder pinching⁉️

Take a look at my top tips 👆👆👆to help keep those shoulders mobile, stable & strong in only a few minutes a day‼️

Mobility is a MUST! Not only should you feel good right away, but you can adjust what you do to fit YOUR body & you can accomplish it with none-minimal equipment.

Then, stability👊👊👊 To get strong muscles & protect the joint, dynamic stability is important followed by some method of loading your shoulders 👍

Try em out & let me know how ya feel!👇👇👇


Ever feel like your hip flexors – the muscles running from the front of your hips to the top of your thighs – are always tight & no matter how much you stretch, it doesn’t help ⁉️You are not alone 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

I get this complaint SO OFTEN from patients and in my DMs so here are 2️⃣quick tips to try if you haven’t already…

➡️ Focus on strengthening your glutes! The stronger your backside is, the better your hip mobility will be and can help balance out the front of your hip. I like moves such as bridges & thrusts because it focuses on mobility while strengthening, but doing hinges & deadlifts can also be helpful.😊

➡️ Work on strengthening 💪 your core & hip flexors, dynamically! This means they work TOGETHER for hip flexion & stabilization movements rather than your core not properly engaging and your hip flexors trying to pick up the slack.

Other awesome tips:
🔺diaphragm breathing techniques
🔺contract-relax activation
🔺neural, hip & spine mobility

Because many of us spend so much time sitting 🪑 , this can be helpful for us to feel better, move better, & prevent injuries. 🙌

It’s also a solid recommendation for my runners & cyclists 🏃🏽‍♀️ 🚴🏿‍♂️ to help with warm ups & enhanced performance.

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💥Calf Strength Options💥

Need some variety in your leg day routine to keep those feet & knees healthy⁉️ Be sure to SAVE this post & try it out soon!

These demonstrations offer options for all levels:
🔺single leg & double leg
🔺weighted & unweighted
🔺equipment & equipment free

I recommend these for my runners, cyclists, weight lifters, athletes & those traveling who need to be able to walk without restrictions!

Feel free to spice these up by trying without your shoes on 🙃

🏃🏽‍♀️Know a runner? SHARE with them!
✈️Going on a trip? TRY these a few weeks-months before you leave!
✨Find these posts helpful? Please let me know! 👇


💥Upper Body Mobility💥

Here are my six go to upper body stretches - No equipment required 👍

This is a must for anyone who sits at a desk, texts or looks at IG on their phone, uses her arms/hands for extended periods of the day or has “poor” posture or tightness!

I recommend stretching at least 1 minute each muscle and doing it after you’re warmed up or have been moving throughout the day rather than first thing in the morning or before a workout.

Don’t forget to take 5 minutes out of your day to do a few of these, move and stay consistent!
Such an important, simple investment in yourself!

If you don’t have much time during work, try breaking it up into smaller chunks and spread it throughout the day. Movement is important! A little but if something counts!

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💥Lake Day Warmup💥

When I’m not creating content, growing the business or working with patients I’m on the lake 🌊 soaking up some sun & surfing those waves!

Here’s a simple flow to keep your body feeling good AND prep ya for any fun water activities 🙂

When you’re in the water, there’s a lot of twisting, bending & full body movements all directions.
👉I recommend 5-10 reps going through each movement

ALSO! Try not to fall if you’re doing these on a rocking boat like me 🤣

Then, jump in & enjoy!

What are your favorite summer plans⁉️
Let me know if you enjoy the water👇👇


💥Hip Mobility Warmup💥

Here are super simple options to increase your hip mobility ON YOUR OWN using just a band💯

Having restrictions into one or two directions of movement at the hip can cause low back compensations, affect walking mechanics, & make your other hip work harder than necessary to do daily activities.

It can impact how comfortably you squat, how you run, jump & land, and how your knees, ankles & feet feel with walking.

I like showing patients some banded mobility options because it’s a way for them to simulate techniques I perform on them so they can work on their mobility independently at home!

Spend 2-5 minutes before your workout trying these & then be sure to load your hips to strengthen them & help maintain mobility 👏

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💥Nerve Mobility Flow💥

Every.Single.One.Of.You Must Try This🙌🙌🙌

This flow is focused on mobilizing your nerve structures that flow throughout your entire body. 💯This is crucial for long term health, musculoskeletal function & circulation, plus it can make you feel SO good in a matter of a few minutes.

We hear so much about muscle stretching, flexibility & yoga for mobility but not as much about taking care of our nerves.

Nerve “flossing, gliding, sliding, tensioning” etc is essentially the nerves’ version of stretching. But because it’s an active movement & you’re gliding nerves through a few joints & all the muscles they supply it’s actually going to help muscle length, flexibility & mobility all at once!

For example, the first movement shown helps target your sciatic nerve plus your dural mobility (nerve tension throughout the spinal cord). This movement will help the nerve & hamstring muscle. However, if you had an irritated sciatic nerve and you tried to “stretch” the hamstring to make it feel better, you’d actually be compressing the sciatic nerve & making your symptoms worse 😕

Nerves don’t like to be stretched and held! They like to move. So when doing this flow:
⏩move your arms/legs to the point of a tolerable tension (for you), then back out of it.
⏩you can add head movements both to the same side & away to change up tension as well.

As you repeat, you’ll notice improved mobility and the ability to move farther without as much tension.
⏩Try 10-20 reps through a variety of these demonstrationed positions & feel on top of the world 👏 🌎 🙂

Have you tried any of these moves⁉️
Let me know your favorite 👇👇👇


💥Glute Strength For Running & Cycling💥

The glute medius muscle is one of your primary stabilizing muscles for your leg with standing, walking, & running. Thus, you want to make sure you do standing AND especially single leg strengthening to help with your running form as well as hip and knee control if on the bike.

The single leg options also force your deep hip rotator muscles to kick in to assist with control which is crucial for pelvic floor function, low back health & core strength.

👉Focus on keeping knee in line with hip & foot as you work through each single leg option. Also try to avoid leaning one side or the other with your trunk.

👉If the single leg options are too challenging, start with side stepping & work your way up the challenge ladder with lighter resistances & lower steps or higher benches to sit on 👍

👉If you need MORE of a challenge, try some of these with shoes off or eyes closed👊

As a reminder, I don’t know what YOU may need for YOUR body, so these are simply suggestions to try if you’ve been dealing with pain, leakage, or limitations on your runs or bike rides🙂

Find this helpful⁉️
Be sure to SAVE & SHARE with someone that can benefit‼️


💥Feel Good Posture Flow💥

Sit all day for work or planning to travel this summer??
⚡️SAVE NOW⚡️ to keep your body moving well & feeling good 🙂

I just came off a 20+ hour travel day as we headed over to Portugal for Olympic qualifying trials & this flow SAVED me! I did it before leaving for the airport & did more of them between each leg of our flights 👍👍

Arrived feeling pretty good physically, now if only I can figure out my sleep schedule 😆

I recommend going through 5-10 reps of each move in a range that feels good for YOUR body. If certain areas are more restricted, spend extra time working to improve your mobility there.

❓know someone this can help❓
Do me a favor & ✨SHARE✨with them to help me get these and other useful tips out to more people around the world‼️

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy 06/08/2021

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Because we've been getting SO many questions about what pelvic floor physical therapy is, check out our latest blog with an introduction into a very common concern we can help you address!

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Searching for relief for pelvic floor dysfunction? Here's where to start.


💥Reduce Leakage💥

Have you ever felt a little (or not so little) trickle when laughing, sneezing, running 🏃‍♂️ or jumping? It sounds like an embarrassing problem to have but the truth is that many men and women can deal with stress urinary incontinence and it's something that's not just isolated to post-childbirth.

I’ve put this post together to provide you with some tips to reduce stress urinary incontinence and to let you know that you’re not alone! ❤️

➡️There are multiple factors that can lead to stress urinary incontinence like pregnancy, weightlifting, obesity, age, smoking, etc.

➡️I highly recommend working with a pelvic floor PT if you've experienced any of these symptoms. It's something pretty commonly treated and for many, they can overcome it and move forward with their healthy, active lives sans pads, surgery, or embarrassment!

We Strive To Help People In Austin Live Active, Healthy Lives Without Relying On Pills Or Surgery.

PACE Physical Therapy’s ultimate purpose is to help health conscious individuals stay active without needing pills or unnecessary surgery. We Find The Root Cause Of Your Concerns, Empower You With The Tools You Need To Understand Your Body, And Assist You With Reaching Goals Important To Your Life! We specialize in orthopedic, sports, and women’s health pelvic floor therapy with an emphasis on getting you back to your physical and exercise goals asap! Whether it be personal performance goals, returning to daily activities, succeeding in competition, or progressing exercise programs, PACE Physical Therapy is determined to help you get back on track. Our clients include busy parents, traveling business men and women, moms during pregnancy & postpartum, those with chronic pain, athletes of all levels, and people post surgery. For our clients’ convenience we offer both in-person and online consultations! For more information and free tips on relieving pain, check out our website at

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