Herta Hoffman: Hair & Updo Stylist

Herta Hoffman: Hair & Updo Stylist

Blending Southern hospitality with style and professionalism to make each experience unique and unforgettable! After several years as an elementary teacher and school administrator, Herta checked off her career goals in public education and desired the chance to feel more fulfilled in her career life.

Operating as usual


✨Another happy win with the hand-tied @hotheadshairextensions! What I love about sewing in the hair is that we can layer the wefts of hair to create a customizable blend! Instead of choosing from only two parts of a sandwich to tape together, now, we can blend 4 even more different shades of real hair ✨
Balayage/Color/Cut/Extensions - 💁🏼‍♀️


Defused with no frizz! Want to learn how? We teach all of clients how to replicate the same look we do behind the chair when they’re with us! We want you looking like you stepped out of @tarverhillsalon everyday


Curly Sue over here channeling his inner 80’s and I’m lovin it!! Guess what’s trending y’all?! 👆🏼🌀🌀👆🏼


Have you done all the right things? Follow the regimen/professional recommendations from your local hairstylist, taken supplements and waited patiently for your hair to grow to only have to cut more off at your appointment due to breakage and split ends?
Same!! You are the NORMAL. The pictures you see on Pinterest, the Kardashians, women on TV with flowing, long hair or thickness for days...EXTENSIONS, yall!
I’m now taking clients for #handtiedwefts and #tapeinextensions
I give Free consultations so that we can work together so that I can customize your look!
@tarverhillsalon @hotheadshairextensions


Blended fade with razor on top 👌🏼


Went to drop off the new @arbonne AgeWell samples to my girl @hannahperezhair and she shaped up these curtain bangs of mine - she’s a beast with a razor 🙌🏼

Hannah & I have known each other since ‘15. We’ve never worked at the same salon, but we’ve stayed in touch and supported each other every step of the way!
“Why do you support your ‘competition’,”you say?

Because ummmmm, she ain’t comp y’all!! She’s a #bossbabe and we choose to see each other thrive because we genuinely want each other to thrive. We want the planet to thrive. We want humankind to thrive. So we’re human around each other and I just love that. She’s lifted me up and in many ways; I’m so grateful for you, Hannah!

Being motivated and driven by one another’s success is so powerful. We can rise together and support one another while working apart; be a cheerleader for someone!

Hannah among my coworkers and bosses @tarverhillsalon have been such a light in what can sometimes be a very dark and daunting industry. These women have all given me perspective that I would’ve never gotten had I not gotten comfortable with being uncomfortable. We help each other grow because we share our experiences and gain knowledge from one another. Learn and grow from your past so that you can help others not repeat unnecessary hiccups. Team up, y’all! There’s a reason why there’s the phrase, “the more the merrier”. And I’m totally one of those.




So many 📸📸 taken, so hard to choose!! These 5 will have to do 😆
Love me fade & razor blend.
✂️ moi
💖💙🖌 @emilybdoeshair


shattered fringe bang partnered with a blunt bob 👌🏼
⚔️🎨 by moi


Warm like the weather 🍓☀️


‼️PRO Tip‼️: A lot of you have hair like me. So after a little sweat 💦, and a couple of days without shampooing, you’ll get that beach wave🌊 that I hear so many of you craving. This was air dried, and I used @euforainternational Curl’N Perfect Curl Activator to enhance my wave and remove any odors from my hair! 🙌🏼�
Has anyone ever taken the time to explain to you why (stylists, professionals) advise you not to wash your hair every day? For a few reasons, see below:

1. If you have super greasy hair, then this means your scalp is actually dry! 😱 Your scalp is overproducing sebum (oil) to make up for the dryness. Washing your hair every day strips the scalp of these oils therefore making it dry!! My advice? Commit to not wash your hair after your Wednesday night/Thurs morning shampoo, and do not shampoo again until Monday morning. Use headbands and hair wraps to hide the grease, make a cute top knot, but this help reset your scalp. Then work towards two full days without washing your hair. ✅
2. You can blow-dry sweat out of your hair! Do this! Sweat helps to produce natural oils that are good for your hair too. And as you see in the pic - you get different looks along the journey of not shampooing. 🙅🏼‍♀️🧼I started off straight and sleek, to a top knot to now this!
3. Do you color treat or use a permanent texture service on your hair? 🧪The more you shampoo your hair, the more you prevent the longevity of the service that you paid for 💸💸. Color will fade, or the anti-frizz fighting protection you want won’t stay as long.
4. Not washing your hair gives it a break from heat styling! If you have fine hair, and need to use heat, even a blow-dryer can cause damage to your precious hairs. So give them the break they deserve sometimes 💯🤗


🚨Let’s talk cost of hair y’all, especially when it comes to Pinterest pics! 📸

Let’s say you come to my chair and pull up a picture from Pinterest (yes, we LOVE picture!! Keep em’ coming!!). First and foremost, ✨MY responsibility to you✨ is to educate you about this picture. 👩‍🏫

🕵️‍♀️First thing I see in most pics are extensions, which are a luxury. The tape-ins we use are $175/bag, and most likely you'll need 3 bags. Also, the cost of each sandwich is $10 to put in ($10/sandwich to take out 6 weeks later and $10/sandwich to reapply) and we're going to use about 20-30 of them.

👩🏼‍🎨Next, I'll educate you on the 3-4 different services that happened to create this one look. Crazy, right?! WRONG. Because the person in the picture actually again, paid for the luxury to have their hair done this way and/or the stylist performing this service is highly trained and used them as a model during a class that other stylists were paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars to attend (hours/days depending). In a LOT of pics I’m shown, you've got a partial to full balayage partnered with a babylight highlight and root shadow. Glossed with on average two shades and most likely an added on conditioning treatment service.
Want to know the total of the combo of these services if you were in my chair? Starting at 💸💸$1,214💸💸 Oh, and that doesn't include a haircut.

☯️To those of you, like this client above, who showed me a Pinterest picture, was perceptive to my professional opinion, and was willing to pay the cost of receiving a guaranteed, professional service, THANK YOU 💟 YOU partner with us to create beautiful masterpieces. Did she pay the above total? HELL nah. Why? Because we had a thorough consultation and she did not try to be the stylist or think that my time, skill and education level were beneath hers and we met at an agreed upon service where she could get a style that resembled the one she showed me. You are what client dreams are made of sister friend! ☮️ @ Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail


🔹Click through for the afters and a super fun before of our dear friend, Kevin!

I 🤍🤍🤍 fading and men’s grooming! But I didn’t always...

🔹During quarantine I had friends say ‘how hard can it be?’ when attempting to clean up their husband’s/boyfriend’s/friends’/kids’ hair. They soon found out...it’s not so simple!!
🔹Head-shape, texture, desired style, hairline and the list goes on play so many factors into a men’s haircut!
🔹When I started in the industry I was terrified of men’s cuts, they show every mistake and are very unforgiving! Because of @hairbylalaklosterman & Justin, I learned men’s grooming on a whole new level! They would help me when I was stuck, take time to show me how they faded and blended, and I am forever grateful for their time and talents!
🔹To this day, men’s grooming is in my top 3 of favorites to do at work! @ Amaya's Taco Village


❤️🧡💛💚💜Do you genuinely care for the people at your work? Do you want to push them and help them grow? Do you hurt when they hurt and celebrate them when they have something to cheer for?
I’m competitive as hell but LOVE when my work fam is catching me on the numbers side. I love when we can joke around and be ourselves. And I mostly love that we allow one another to be human, have emotions and genuinely care for each other’s well-being. Coming into the industry I was SHOCKED at the ego, the inability of artists to give their competition a cheer let alone the benefit of the doubt. If you haven’t found a work fam and a product brand that encourages love, growth and prosperity for ALL, find a new one 💜💙💚💛🧡❤️
@tarverhillsalon @euforainternational #pride🌈 #pridemonth #salonfam


💚Not everyone that comes to see me has me dye their hair...and that is okay!!💚

@locknlollgirl has me paint in her balayage and then I apply her first round of deposit only color by @euforainternational

💚On her own, she buys a professional grade deposit only color (which she communicates with me about). This allows us to take that color out of her hair safely, to lighten again or apply another color.

💚When making the conscious decision to dye your hair with #fashioncolor we cannot stress enough to please consult with us first. There are so many brands that claim to ‘wash out’ in 7-10 washes but yet they have ammonia in them, pe*****te the cuticle of the hair shaft and therefore are not deposit only. These colors might never fade from the hair, and using enlightener to lift them out will only intensify the remaining pigment. 💚

💚For those of you that don’t, you have to be prepared to take the bad news and not be mad at us for not being able to ‘fix’ what you’ve done without a chop and some serious 🤑 out ya pocket! I had a client who recently that handled the news with such grace after an at home dye job, but for those of you that know you would freak if I told you we might have to take off 12 inches plus have at least 3 sessions to get your hair as close as possible back to normal? I highly advise you to read all of this again. 💚

💚 If your hair is your most valued asset, then invest in a professional and value our professional opinion. Trust us y’all. We’re not “just” a hairstylist 💚


Why should you shampoo your hair ✌🏼times??
1️⃣: to remove free radicals, environmental pollutants and buildup from your hair and scalp. Do you feel like your hair is super greasy right after you shampoo it? This is because the shampoo you’re using has too many chemicals and fillers such as mineral oil that cling to the hair and are hard to wash away. First use a detoxifying shampoo such as @euforainternational Urgent Hair Repair.
2️⃣ Shampoo your hair with intention. Since I lighten and gloss my hair I want to resolve two issues. 👆🏼I want to heal my hair from the inside out since I am technically stripping my hair of strength (proteins) and ✌🏼 I want to keep the tone lasting as long as possible so I use @euforainternational Bodifying Shampoo
✅ shampoo that hair twice people!


Black lives matter. #istandwithyou #blackouttuesday


#tbt to my first photo shoot. I was assisting and learned more than I could’ve ever imagined during these 24 hrs on location. I love these photos, especially.
✨What we do behind the chair starts with planning behind the scenes.
✨We’re not just slapping color on your hair, we’re formulating, mapping, painting
✨We’re not just cutting, we’re sculpting.
✨We’re not just blowdrying, we’re transforming.
✨We’re not just sitting around on our days or hours off, we’re studying, training and working to be better than we were the day before
✨We’re professionals, day-makers and we help you grow to be the best version of yourself because we learn you, and we care enough to do so 🤍
@tarverhillsalon @ Allandale, Austin, Texas


✨Lighting. Is. Everything. ✨
✅Do you notice in the first pic how much warmer my face, the background, and the tone of my hair is? Even the paint looks warmer, like leaning towards a light khaki and the light reflecting looks more golden! And the shades in my hair definitely have that golden feel.
✅Pic 2: definitely icier💠❄️
You see more blue tones, and my hair looks more neutral/ashy (would definitely reflect more of that if I’d be able to get my hair done 🤣 - we on the struggle bus too y’all). You can see my @nikewomen pull over is a diff shade, and again the walls look whiter, right? And even my face! The warmth is lost from it can see that the lighter pieces of hair are definitely whiter here too.
This is all to be said so that when you get home and are in your bathroom, or you’re somewhere that lighting is insane, please don’t forget that diff lights reflect your hair differently 👌🏼



Hi!! We @tarverhillsalon have no real idea or understanding how Covid-19 may be affecting you. Please accept all of our positive thoughts for your health & safety of you and yours.
With that being said, I want all of my clients to know that I support you in your decision to come to the salon but also not to come to the salon. I sincerely want you to be AND feel safe to whatever capacity that may be.
If you so choose to make an appointment, please read the above slides. There are detailed safeguards put into place to protect everyone involved. Please, please stay safe and continue to social distance!! @ Austin, Texas


Here I explain how to use the @usmoothpro Wave Iron using @euforainternational Hair Care products. I absolutely love using this iron for added volume and waves, and just something a little funky and out of the norm. When I wear my hair like this, oftentimes I get comments that people think these are my natural curls 🌀


Do you suffer from greasy hair even straight out of the shower? This is so common and can be fixed! The reasons why are multiple but they can be solved. Watch and find out what you can do to let your hair shine!✨


Do you suffer from hair that’s greasy straight out of the shower? That’s because you have build up on your hair!! This is is common and the reasons why are fixable! Watch now to find out why and how to fix this problem ASAP! Let your hair shine bright, y’all! ✨


In need of a mask? We are so appreciative to have ours and you’ll need yours for when we open back up our doors at the salon! 😷
Please dm @tarverhillsalon or @juju.tarver and you can grab yours for pick up or mail delivery straight to your home!
All 💰collected goes to our digital tip jar for the entire Tarver Hill Team.


That’s one happy #bossbabe 🥳 Happy Friday! Can’t wait to see you again in person, @meaganrusso 🤗🤗


Take me back to the days of painting hair on the reg, y’all! 👩🏼‍🎨 @ Austin, Texas


We are missing our clients so much; not a day goes by that we don’t think of you!! We appreciate all of you that have reached out to see how we are doing.
Because of this, we have a virtual tip jar that is split amongst all team members. If you’d like to donate see the link in bio @tarverhillsalon
⚡️Also!! We are shipping @euforainternational straight to your door! Dm me for details, or text/call 512-766-8943 OR email [email protected] @ Tarver Hill Salon


@juju.tarver has worked hours on end to make these amazing 😷👆🏼
She has set aside several masks for our community. They’re $10 pickup (@tarverhillsalon ) or $15 for mail delivery. Each face covering comes with a filtrite filter that blocks bacteria and virus. There are 3 styles: behind the ear style (cloth or elastic) and also ties for around the head. 100% of proceeds go to help supplement our employees now that our business is closed until May 8 (maybe a week longer? Who knows🤷🏻‍♀️)
Please direct message @juju.tarver if you’d like to support our salon team through these mask purchases 🙏♥️
Since shelter in place began, Julie has already donated over 300 masks to medical professionals but we are now faced with needing to help ourselves as well. ♥️


Here it is! A time lapse of my at home blow dry that you can do too!
For best results, view my igtv vid about what @euforainternational hair care products I use to prep my hair, and how I explain the time lapse.
Also, remember these tips/pointers.
✨always blow dry the hair to seal the cuticle (blow dry from scalp to mids of hair, pull blow dryer away, and go back in where hair goes from scalp)
✨ For added and max volume, pull the hair taught from where it lives.
✨Completely dry your hair from root to mid shaft of hair, and then use your round brush to finish the ends (these should be about 80% dry by the time you begin to use your round brush)
✨ for extra body and/or shine use a finishing product like Gloss (shine spray) or Full Effect (texture spray). Spray up and in for texture spray, and lift hair at the crown and spray around there as well for extra added volume

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