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Hey folks, Charlie and I are hitting up Genuine Joes for a moment before Section 1 seminars. Anyone is welcome to come meet us before it starts at 2
I guess it was only a matter of time before there was a BJJ rap:

cc: Lions Krav Maga
So awesome to have gotten to see my Lions family tonight and witness some truly intense match ups at the Gold on Gold Grapplers Cup! As everyone could tell I was waaaayyyy into it.

I'm so proud of everyone there and can't wait to come visit you all again soon!
Lions Krav Maga is hosting a self-defense seminar open to all this Saturday, January 4th. It's only $10 to sign up, and all the profits benefit Dress for Success Austin! Let's keep ourselves safe this year, ladies!
Super excited to come visit my Lions family tonight at open mat!

Gif it up if you're gonna be there!
Hey guys,

Some thing just came up and I won’t be able to make class tonight. Apologies for the late notice. If you can make it, please let the front desk person know you are subbing for me.


Soooooo....I'm gonna make a thing happen and try to join you guys on the ground tomorrow night!

I wonder who I'll get to see!
I saw this quote today and thought of [all of] us. When I first signed up, Vanessa could tell I was very timid and lacked self-confidence - going through a very tough time mentally and physically. About a month ago she pointed this out to me after class and I thought, "wow, I really did come a long way, mentally". I'm unable to attend class as much as I would like but I'm looking to switching jobs soon so I can do more things that I LOVE to do, like TRAIN! But this quote resonated with me.
Because attacks like the one at the Blunn Creek Greenbelt can happen everywhere, KVUE met with Lions Krav Maga to find out what to do if someone comes after you.
I’m super duper stoked for this! Austin, Texas ARE YOU READY! 3 great events, 1 spectacular weekend! I roll into town Thursday April 25th and am a guest speaker and seminar clinician at the Paleo f(x) Expo Friday April 26th then competing at the Onnit World Open brought to you by 10th Planet Austin April 27th at the Palmer Events Center during the Paleo FX expo as well! Catch me again on Sunday April 28th at Lions Krav Maga for my Dynamic Striking Muay Thai seminar before I head back home to Tucson Sunday night! If you’re interested in registering for my Paleo FX seminar click this link:

Interested in my Muay Thai seminar (Almost Sold Out 10spaces left) click this link:
FYI Your website home page is down. I was still able to login and sign up for tomorrow morning though 👍👍
I am getting the fight on Saturday and have room for 6-8 people to join. Way down in Circle C, if you want to come let me know and I will send you my address.

Get started with the premier provider of reality-based self defense training in Central Texas. Our classes are offered at the most convenient times possible.

Lions Krav Maga offers our members the most effective self-defense, fitness, and fighting training available in the United States. We provide classes and private training options 6 days a week for adults and children. Lions operates out of an empowerment model. This model reformulates self-defense training to prioritize not only survival of violent attacks, but also emphasizes giving each person t


On the first Friday in May, we will gather at Lions Krav Maga at 6:00pm for a conversation about the types of violence or harassment that we, as women+, are more likely to face, and then we will train the solutions together.

No experience necessary, and the event is open to all women+ age 16 and above in the community.

Tickets are $15, and profits go to SAFE Austin to support survivors of sexual abuse, exploitation, and domestic violence.

These events sell out fast, so get your tickets now! Link in bio!


Fantastic work today in 12pm Krav Maga 1, y’all! teaches 3 killer classes a week:
💥 Tuesday Fight Taxtics: Mixed; 12:00- 1:00pm.
💥 Tuesday Krav Maga 1; 6:15- 7:15pm.
💥 Thursday Krav Maga 1; 12:00- 1:00pm.

Timeline photos 04/20/2022

Trust your intuition!!

If your gut tells you to leave, listen to it. You are allowed to get up & peace out for no other reason other than that you feel like it. You’re not obligated to rationalize your actions to anyone. Who cares if someone thinks you behaved strangely or were overreacting as long as you get home safe?

Trust your gut. It could save your life.

Timeline photos 04/19/2022

Now enrolling for our NEW Summer Self Defense for Teens program!

8 weeks of self defense training for students age 13-18, starting June 14th!

Students will learn how to defend against strikes, chokes, grabs both from standing and from the ground, as well as soft skills such a situational awareness, boundary setting, and recognizing red flag behavior.

DM us for more info or to enroll in our new Summer Self Defense for Teens program!

Photos from Lions Krav Maga's post 04/18/2022

Photos from Lions Krav Maga's post


Birthday punches for the birthday boy! 🥳


Saturday, May 14 • 2pm till they’re done!

Come cheer (and lightly heckle) your training partners as they donate their blood, sweat, and tears to the Orange Belt gods!

BYO-drinks, snacks, and lawn chairs. Party… er, I mean, *test* starts at 2pm & goes till whenever the testers finish or die from exhaustion (it hasn’t happened yet… but there’s still time!!).

As per usual, we will all head over to Nosh & Bevvy (8440 Burnet) afterwards to celebrate those who survived one of the most grueling challenges of their adult lives. 🦾


Are you a Yellow Belt who is considering testing??

Get your Permission to Test forms from the desk, and get them signed & turned in by May 7th!

Get more info at

Timeline photos 04/13/2022

The Section 1 Overview Seminars are coming up next Saturday, April 23rd.

🥊 Stand-up Skills: 2-3:30pm
🤼 Grappling & Ground: 3:30-5pm

$29.99 each. Sign up for one or both.

Space is limited.

Register here:


Y’all!! Go check out ’s new video about his visit to Lions! We really enjoyed having him train with us, and y’all should definitely check out his channel on YouTube. Link in bio!

Wanna come in for a visit of your own? Sign up for a free class at our website – – or DM us for more info!

A special thanks to for all there help in my latest video!



I think the important thing here is not that this is the most beautiful home-made Twister game ever & that you get to play it with us on Saturday night at our birthday party…

The most important thing about this video is that we all get to witness Mark Myers’s strategy to, like, 1-legged Spider-Man plank to reach the green dot instead of just pulling a Michaela & crab walking it to the green dot right next to his other hand. 😆

Party starts at 6pm this Saturday at Lions! Bring socks if you wanna play Twistaaaa!!

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The new class of instructor trainees wrapped up their Krav Maga Certification Weekend today– 14 hours of time intensive instruction to cap off an 8 week course on how to teach the fundamentals of Krav Maga. They have all done a fantastic job, and we couldn’t be more proud & excited for them.

Excellent work, y’all!


Attacked!! 🤣

Saturday, April 9th – It’s time to go to WAR!!!

Who do you want to pillow fight at the party on Saturday?? Tell us in the comments!

Party starts at 6pm!!

RSVP here:

Around the World Beer Tour signup here:

Timeline photos 03/30/2022

So you’re considering testing for your next rank . . .

Congratulations! My first Krav Maga test was one of the best experiences of my life – passing is an accomplishment that I will always be proud of.

As I was preparing for my test, I got a ton of advice from those who have gone before me, so I thought I’d pay it forward & share what tips & tricks I’ve learned along the way.

So, I wrote a little blog post for ya with all the stuff I did to ensure that I had a successful first test experience. Read it here:


Y’all ready to party?

T minus 11 days till the Lions Birthday Party!

Saturday, April 9th, 6pm till late. See you there.

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It always seems impossible until it's done.


We had the pleasure of spending this gorgeous afternoon teaching this fantastic group from the National Charity League about boundary setting & self defense! Couldn’t think of a better way to spend the day!

Interested in setting up a private class for your club or group? Email us at [email protected] for more info! We’d be happy to set something up for you!

Photos from Lions Krav Maga's post 03/27/2022

We had a wonderful night with these kiddos! Parents Night Out was a success. 🎉

Photos from Lions Krav Maga's post 03/26/2022

Oh nooooo!! The pics of didn’t upload correctly on our last post!!

Here’s pics of Mark kicking ass teaching his first solo Krav class! Way to go, Mark!!!

Photos from Lions Krav Maga's post 03/26/2022

Our current class of instructor trainees all taught their first solo Krav Maga class this week, and they rocked it!! We couldn’t be more proud!!

To Apollo, Michaela, Dennis, Timmon, and Dennis — Huge congrats on your first class, yall!!

Photos from Lions Krav Maga's post 03/26/2022

Lioness hangs are the best hangs. Prove me wrong.

Photos from Lions Krav Maga's post 03/23/2022

Photos from Lions Krav Maga's post


Join us Saturday, April 23rd for some Section 1 goodness! We’ve got TWO Overview Seminars for you to get those reps in!

👊 Stand-up Skills 2-3:30pm
👊 Wrestling & Ground Skills 3:30-5pm

Come to one or both, train hard, and get your learn on!

Photos from Lions Krav Maga's post 03/21/2022

We’re honestly so bad at taking pics at Nosh Night. 😆 A testament to how much fun was had!!


Lions Krav Maga is 7 years old & we’re having a party about it!!

We couldn’t have made it this far without you, so let’s celebrate!!

🎂 April 9, 2022 • 6pm till late 🎂

Here’s a glimpse into what we’ve got planned…

✨Team pillow fights in our outdoor boxing ring

✨Food from everyone’s favorite comfort Tex-mex restaurant

✨World-record breaking gigantic Twister

✨After-hours games like Slapovitch & Electric Death Match

✨Mousetrap Jenga

✨ Karaoke for the brave

✨And a wading pool full of beers from around the world!

You’re not going to want to miss this. Go to the link in the comments & get your (free!) tickets!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Come hang out at Nosh & Bevvy with us TONIGHT around 8:30 or 9ish (after classes) for snacks & drinks & good times with . Thomas will be bartending & James Young’s band is playing!

Don’t forget to wear green, because otherwise we will absolutely take advantage of the opportunity to pinch you. ☘️

Nosh & Bevvy
8440 Burnet


Omggggg they’re heeeere!!!! Training journals, y’all!!! Get yours at the link in the comments!!

Photos from Lions Krav Maga's post 03/12/2022

Realistic weapons defense training should always include training on trauma first aid skills.

Photos from Lions Krav Maga's post 03/10/2022

“Success isn’t an activity but a process”

Photos from Lions Krav Maga's post 03/10/2022

The pics from the Self Defense for Women+ Seminar are here!!! Go check out the whole album on the Lions Krav Maga page!!



Photos from Lions Krav Maga's post 03/10/2022

Photos from Lions Krav Maga's post

Photos from Lions Krav Maga's post 03/08/2022

Y’all!!! It’s Soph-Soph’s birthday!!!

As everyone on Earth already knows, Sophie is a damn icon. She’s full of energy and enthusiasm, warm & welcoming to everyone, hilarious & kind & brave & talented & hardworking, and a damn good friend. She’s a total badass & we feel so lucky to have her in our sphere!

May you live forever, !!! Happy birthday!!!

3 cheers for Sophie!!! Leave your birthday wishes in the comments!!

Photos from Lions Krav Maga's post 03/06/2022


Photos from Lions Krav Maga's post 03/05/2022

Oh Dannyyyyy boooyyyyy! It’s your birthday!!!!!

Show some love to the greatest hugger, the best human jungle gym, and the incredible Krav Junior assistant & expert noodle tagger— Danny Ladd!! From desk to class, we appreciate you .danny!!
Make sure to leave Danny some birthday love in the comments!! 🥳🍰


Check this noon class concentration! From fall breaks to technical get ups with - they showed up, they worked, they crushed it.


Get out your calendars & save these dates!!

Here’s what we’ve got coming up at Lions Krav Maga:

MARCH 12-13: Defensive Pistol Workshop (Sold out. DM us to get on the waitlist.)

THURS, MARCH 17: St. Patty’s Day Nosh Night! Nosh & Bevvy, 8440 Burnet

FRI, MARCH 25: Lioness Craft Night (RSVP at link in bio)

SAT, MARCH 26: Parents Night Out (RSVP at link in bio)

SAT, APR 9, 6pm: Lions 7th Birthday Party!!! 🎉🎉🎉 (RSVP at link in bio)

SAT, APR 23: Section 1 Overview Seminars

SAT, MAY 7: Mama Bear Seminar: A mother-child self defense seminar for parents of kids age 5-12

SAT, MAY 14: Orange Belt Test & Watch Party

Let’s goooooooo!!!!!!

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Visit to schedule your FREE trial class!

Lions Krav Maga offers our members the most effective self-defense, fitness, and fighting training available in the United States. Lions offers classes 7 days a week for adults and children, and our classes are offered at the most convenient times possible.

Lions operates out of an empowerment model. This model reformulates self-defense training to prioritize not only survival of violent attacks, but also emphasizes giving each person the tools they need to feel safe, strong, and self-assured. Our classes are conducted in an environment where everyone once was a beginner. The unique atmosphere and camaraderie that students experience when training at Lions Krav Maga is unparalleled.

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