Whole Body Wellness with Kathleen

Whole Body Wellness with Kathleen

Private Pilates / Yoga Sessions; Massage Therapy; Group Pilates Mat classes. Downtown and Central Austin, Texas. I Travel to YOU! Serving the Downtown and Central Austin, Tx Community with Private and small group sessions in Pilates + Massage and as always ~ Whole Body Wellness.

Operating as usual


Pilates Plus Austin

It's been a long time since I've posted anything for Pilates Plus. For those of you staying home - I hope you are well and keeping healthy! Don't forget to give yourself the space to unplug (yes, stay informed with what's going on - but do unplug and reconnect to your very own body).

Clear out space in your home, turn off the news, turn off your phone, (turn on some quiet restful music if you like), breathe. BREATHE. Do a little stretching, praying, giving gratitude for all that is good! and move your body in ways that feel good to you.

Stay tuned for some AT HOME PILATES / MOVEMENT/ SELF CARE tips and ideas


Ladies and Gents... it is my pleasure to introduce to you... a lovely passion (obsession) of mine... Naked Botanicals!!! Stay tuned Austin peeps for a summertime workshop on the Beauty of Self Care... at Austin's own FlowerSocial. Don't you wanna know what all these colorful bowls are filled with??? You and your face won't want to miss it :) . Stay tuned for dates and times for a lovely and fun filled creative night of self care. #nakedbotanicals #selfcare #lovetheskinyourein #austinwomen #theflowersocialatx #herbsandflowers


Pilates Plus Austin

Whole Body Wellness has MOVED to... Pilates Plus Austin... Same quality wellness with a little PLUS

Pilates + Offers Private and Group Pilates Sessions in the Central and Downtown Austin area. I travel to you! Individuals and Businesses. I also offer services in Massage Therapy. * PLUS we just opened our Virtual Organics Skin Care Shop! See website :)


Love the Skin You're In

pilatesplusaustin.com 03/26/2018

Skin Care Shop - Pilates Plus

My New SKIN CARE SHOP is OPEN!!! Check out some of Nature's BEST herbal organic and gentle skin care for ALL skin types! http://pilatesplusaustin.com/product-shop/

pilatesplusaustin.com SHOP IS OPEN! BEAUTY ~ SKIN CARE ~ LOTIONS ~ EXFOLIANTS ~ EYE CREAMS ALL PRODUCTS 100% Organic & Natural Simple Ingredients for ALL SKIN TYPES. Email me directly for single orders and bulk / Spa orders [email protected] Flower Face Cleansing Grains Natural Oat Almond and Floral Gentl.....


I just published my 2nd blog post!!! Check it out for a Life Enhancing Homework assignment!!!

Are you getting your daily dose of Stillness? Check out my newest blog post on meditation. PS There's a LIFE ENHANCING HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT in this post :) I

pilatesplusaustin.com 12/05/2017

Home - Pilates Plus

New website :) ... still in progress a bit, but come on over and check it out. I'm hoping to get my butt in gear to add some articles... :) http://pilatesplusaustin.com/



It's been a long while since last posting. We've been busy with creating holistic body butter and other medicinal and essential beauty products... coming soon just in time for stocking stuffers :) Stay tuned!


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Redefining Strength

Great effective information for engaging your Lower Abs. FEEL the engagement. Search for the shakiness.

All About Lower Ab Exercises. Get 25 MORE Lower Ab Moves here --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfakoNnri_M

Learn More about the Pelvic Tilt I talk about here --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPaiq9wd7ko


Hey Austin Friends!! If anyone (you or anyone you know) are looking for AT HOME Massage and / or Pilates Sessions Send 'em my way :) I've got a couple of spots open in the coming weeks that I'm saving just for YOU ;) Spread the word


Whole Body Wellness with Kathleen


It's that time again! See you at 5:15pm tonight at Bfree Yoga for PILATES Mat. *image may not represent exactly what we will be doing in class ;) Come out and PLAY with me!!!!


Had a Fun photo shoot this morning on Lake Austin with a wonderful photographer... (my hubby :)) Gearing up for the 5.0 version of my Pilates / Massage Business :) Stay tuned for the REAL photos and my new business website... coming this Fall! #Pilates #MagicCircle #LoleWomen #LoleAmbassador #lolelove #LakeAustin #Yoga #Massage


Profile Pictures


Profile Pictures


Profile Pictures


Whole Body Wellness with Kathleen

vimeo.com 08/26/2016

Kiesza - Hideaway (Official Video)

Well this is kind of FUN!!!! So many ways to move yo body

vimeo.com This is "Kiesza - Hideaway (Official Video)" by on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


Opportunities Knock'n!!!! Tomorrow Morning... WEDNESDAY 7:15am. Rise N Shine with the Rain. We be doin PILATES MAT :) Come join me at BFree Yoga. Register online or just show up. http://bfreeaustin.com/schedule.html


Pilates Mat class today at 5:15pm at BFree Yoga. Come join me Let's Play!

verywell.com 07/28/2016

What Exercises Do PIlates and Yoga Share - and How Do They Differ?

So What's the difference between Pilates and Yoga? Here are some helpful hints. Oh The Similarities! and Oh the Differences! I love them both so much! I will say, Pilates has helped my Yoga practice IMMENSELY.

verywell.com How are Pilates and yoga different and alike? Explore these exercises that they share and see ways in which they are the same and how they are not.


Redefining Strength

Yes...Squats aren't the answer. Sorry! Try these Glute Activation Exercises!

In case you want my Glute Activation pride and joy:
50% off - Enter code ACTIVATION at checkout


Links to other great b***y stuff:
25 Best Glute Exercises - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3P0o9CyCN4I
Glute Bridges - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9j_DU_4KXs
20 Hip Mobility Moves - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DCHTHo7SxE
B***y Burners - http://redefiningstrength.com/5-quick-b***y-burners-to-build-a-better-butt/
Bodyweight Glute Exercises - http://redefiningstrength.com/target-those-glutes-15-bodyweight-glute-exercises/


Elephant Yoga



LOL For those of you who haven't seen this already... You know those workout sessions you wish would just go by a little quicker... ;)

My first Pilates Video! A fantastic workout in under 1 minute ;) #InternationalPilatesDay #Pilates #SwingMusic #10ksteps #Move #GoPro #Timelapse


GMB Fitness

I used to be a wimp with push ups; until I learned to use my breath and core. Check out this great tutorial to take your push ups to the next level. Great tips!

The way most people practice and teach push-ups is simply bad for the joints, and makes it a lot harder to get as strong with push-ups as you really could. Give it a try with the form we teach in this article, and see how different it feels from your current push-up practice.

[07/24/16]   To You: "If there is something in your mind and heart that you have dreamed of doing all your life, but you pushed it to the back of your mind for various reasons... 'not feeling good enough' 'can't afford it' 'too much stuff on your plate' 'not enough time' "too out of reach and not feeling like you deserve or are worth it"... Just Try. Put in a little effort and Quality effort. It can go a LONG way. Surprise yourself so big that you turn this little effort but Quality effort into a daily ritual and let these efforts take you to the experiences you have always dreamed of and ones that you didn't even consider before." Thank you Ally Morgan for encouraging me to share a message that sings in ALL of us from time to time! Take the steps

[07/24/16]   Stay tuned for upcoming MASSAGE Therapy deals coming this fall (late summer) :) I Knead You ;) get it? haha!!

[07/24/16]   Welcome back to Whole Body Wellness


too beautiful to not share

A little nugget of wisdom from our friend @deepakchopra. "If you obsess over whether you are making the right decision, you are basically assuming that the universe will reward you for one thing and punish you for another.

The universe has no fixed agenda. Once you make any decision, it works around that decision. There is no right or wrong, only a series of possibilities that shift with each thought, feeling, and action that you experience.

If this sounds too mystical, refer again to the body. Every significant vital sign- body temperature, heart rate, oxygen consumption, hormone level, brain activity, and so on- alters the moment you decide to do anything… decisions are signals telling your body, mind, and environment to move in a certain direction."

📷 by the incredible @sandradahdah


Watch out baby! When you be like water... Life flows


Joining up with an AMAZING group of women at BFree Yoga Austin! This week starts a new journey!
Pilates mat classes:
M: 5:15-6pm
W: 7:15am-8am
F: 5:15pm-6pm
*be sure to check out all the other wonderful Core Powerful Body and Soul Nourishing classes at BFree Austin!

"Just act natural" Thanks @sandradahdah for an incredible photoshoot - we can't wait to share!



Ladies and Gents of Austin!!! I'm joining BFREE Yoga Austin!!!! I'll be teaching Pilates classes this summer, so stay tuned :) So glad to be part of this Amazing team!!!

Empowering yogis in north Austin to BFREE since 2011.


But Isn't Everyday PILATES day??? :) Check us out on https://www.facebook.com/10KStepsDaily/

PILATES DAY • Saturday, May 7th

10kstepsdaily.com 04/16/2016

Home - 10,000 Steps Daily

Check out my latest TASTY AND Good for you recipes!! International in the kitchen :)

10kstepsdaily.com 10kStepsDaily is a website focusing on Running, Cycling,Walking and Wellness. Getting in your 10,000 Steps Daily will improve your overall fitness.



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