Massage By Kristen

Massage By Kristen


Our Intro to Thai class is coming up March 28, 29,30 in Cedar Park & is limited to 14 spots. We want to keep our classes small to give students the attention they deserve.

We'll have Table Thai again in June and September in North Austin & Into to Thai again in July & October in Cedar Park.
Registration up asap for those classes.

There is a 3 month payment plan to make classes more affordable. ❤

I had so much fun teaching table thai last month and I can’t wait to see some of you again in our Intro class!
Working to soften and break up an old injury
Texts from my clients get me so fired up! This is why I do what i do.

I always suggest 3-4 appointments, 2-4 hours long, close together before sliding into maintenance mode (once a month) to get the best results. I want to see you feel better, quicker - that is why I switched to thai mat bodywork. ♥️

We are constantly working on ‘s old shoulder injury from his FedEx days
Whew, I am beat!! I just spent the last two days with Robert Gardner Wellness & Danielle Omo, Blend Bodywork & Massage, teaching a 12 hour Table thai class! Our students were quick to pick the work up & were so much fun to teach. I am looking forward to the upcoming Intro to Thai class I will be teaching next month, March 28, 29, 30! Teaching has brought a whole new energy and fire within me! ♥️
Massage so good, you’ll lose track of where you are!
11 days until our upcoming Table Thai class in N. Austin!! We are limiting registration to 10 spots. We want to keep classes small to give students the attention they deserve. We'll have Table Thai again in June and September. Registration up asap for those classes.

There is a 3 month payment plan to make classes more affordable. ❤
Intro to Thai Massage and Table Thai are both listed for February and March. Robert will be there as a TA and filming, along with Danielle TAing, and I am leading both classes as the instructor.

If you're travelling into town for class and want a session with Robert Gardner Wellness, Danielle Omo, Blend Bodywork & Massage, or myself, please schedule well in advance around class.
I love being fully . There are not many locally or across the US that are 100% mat based plus have the ability to weekly with their mentor. I am 3 years into my Thai practice (6years into being a therapist) and I am loving my work! Come try a session

If you have any questions, DIRECTLY text me! 5127693791
Book on


The mountains are calling 🏔 i had to share this beautiful photograph. Happy Wednesday!

Lenticular Clouds over Mt. Rainier, Washington State, USA

Photos from Massage By Kristen's post 09/20/2022

Casa de Luz will be hosting us on Thursday, 10/27 from 5pm to 8pm. We will have some mats, Robert Gardner’s pc set up to film from 4 camera angles, and he will be more ornery and curmudgeonly than ever. 🙂

Robert Gardner Wellness will set up an event asap. He spent a whole hour just looking for older graphics from the jam.😂🤣

The event will be by donation. All proceeds to go Casa de Luz. ❤

Introduction to Thai Massage Austin, TX 9/26-28/2022 09/15/2022

Introduction to Thai Massage Austin, TX 9/26-28/2022

We have two spots left!
Class has relocated more central to 10711 Burnett Rd, Austin, Tx

This is our last intro class for the year & at this price.

Don’t forget we offer payment plans & you get a copy of the class for future study & review!

Introduction to Thai Massage Austin, TX 9/26-28/2022 Learn techniques that ease chronic pain and save your hands. Anyone can take the class but if you’re a licensed massage therapist this class awards 18 NCBTMB and TX CE credits.September 26-28, 2022 9am to 4pm each dayKristen Lumsden and Danielle Omo are your instructors and are co-teaching the cla...


Good morning! I’m still dreaming of my vacation but am grateful to have been back to work for a week! 🌴
What is the point of living, if you don’t live a little more from time to time!!?
I hope youre all having a fabulous Thursday!

Post vacation thoughts- how reasonable is it to get a pet monkey
(Zoom in)


Mentally I’m here too!!

Mentally we’re here.


I am DEFINITELY missing these views, but I am so happy to be back home with my little family & getting back to work today ♥️


After a long wonderful trip full of dives & family time, we are rounding things up to get ready to head back to the states 🥺
I understand how scuba divers don’t want to come back to the land - i am now part sea turtle 🐢


🐡 🐠 The greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories.

Happy Sunday, from my family to yours! ♥️


It’s very flattering to see other LMTS using our videos to promote their work!

I cant wait to see Gallae Boutique continue to succeed in their business ♥️


Buenas tardes! ☀️

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.”
- Dalai Lama


I am grateful I use mats in my work ♥️ My neck aches for these ladies out here but I am excited to recieve our first island massage after our dives this afternoon 🐠


🌺 Hola!!

I am out of the country in Roatan scuba diving for the next week!

My next availability is Monday September 12th at 8:30-10:30am

🌊 I hope everyone has a wonderful week 🐠

Take care of yourselves 💛

Business Updates 08/27/2022

Business Updates

Click for updates!

Business Updates - Happy Friday!


Hip work and Advanced Lumbar Pain Relief with Kristen Lumsden Austin, Texas Thai Massage Training

Rocking hips open is my forte

Photos from Massage By Kristen's post 08/23/2022

If you ever need a little extra therapy in our sessions, Journey has been in training & is ready to give you extra support & comfort during your appointment 🙃🤣😂




I’ve heard some western therapist express their distaste for seated compressions. I think visually they are displeased.

I understand that it’s hard to understand why we do seated compressions if you’re just looking at the work.

The biggest broadest Instrument some of us have is our rear end 🤷🏻‍♀️ i lay down a blanket on top of my client, giving us a professional barrier & to make sure my bones don’t sharply compress into them and to keep them feeling safe. I will do a seated compression to allow an area to soften before going in with a standing compression. This is the best way to warm a large area quickly to continue moving through the session.

Half the time my clients say they have to look up to see what tool I’m using, as they get lost in the sensation 💜


Lol, I love this chick ♥️ great tips for ”getting thise fuqrs”


Danielle Omo & I Are co teaching the final two classes of the year that are coming up! We have one table thai and one intro to mat left in 2022.

Get yourself registered to lock in this year’s price!

We offer 3 month payment plans!! ♥️


I saw this original meme made by another therapist. The bottom square originally said “I don’t want to.”

The thing is, once a therapist is asked to give more pressure than they’re comfortably able to give, it’s the time where we as the therapist should recommend another style of work that can accommodate the request, not another therapist to possibly injure trying to make this client happy.

I’ve began to realize since becoming fully mat based is that the clients DO know what they want, they just don’t know what it’s called.

I have heard “this is what I always thought deep tissue would feel like”

My ideal clients are in chronic pain. I stumbled into this work from my own chronic pain so I get it.

We ask for more pressure because we need it, we don’t want an additional injury, bruising, or an elbow pushed through our body. We don’t want to be hurt. We want to FEEL deeper pressure to access & unlock our deep aches and pains, and the table isn’t where I found it.
I found the relief I was looking for on the mat through the use of knees, shins, feet, AND the arms, hands, & elbows.


Kristen Lumsden Private Practice Talk at Lauterstein Conway Massage School

Massage By Kristen gave a talk about being in private practice at The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School yesterday. This is the first of many clips we'll share in coming weeks.


Kristen Lumsden Private Practice Talk at Lauterstein Conway Massage School

Super exciting to watch this video back today! Each time I teach a class or speak in front of groups, I am getting more and more comfortable and confident with my public speaking!
Coming to talk at Lauterstein-Conway was such an honor for me. I am a 2010 grad & am grateful to have had the opportunity to speak and demo for a soon to be graduating class!! I wish I had been shown different styles of work when I was in school but am happy & feel blessed I met Robert Gardner when I did, early in my career.
Thai massage (Next Level Pain Relief style) is my passion. I cant wait to work with students and clients interested in this work in the future


Hip Mobilization and Play around Gluteals and Lumbar Spine Mobility Back Pain Relief Techniques

Hip mobilization, work around the gluteals and lumbar spine, mobility pain relief techniques


♥️ ♥️ I saw this original meme & I HATED IT. The bottom square said “I don’t want to.” 😮

My jobs have always been customer service oriented and so this meme KILLS ME!!! We’ll more of the therapists responses to the meme killed me

But I get it!! Table massage hurts! It hurts to give and it hurts to receive- so why is it still the THING!?

Come try Thai massage (giving and receiving!)

We have our next Intro class in Sept
(We offer a payment plan)

💥 it’s time for a change!!


Welcoming committee 💕


61 days of triple digits this year ☠️ 🔥 Texas is HOT outside, so come cool off in my studio during your 3 hour thai mat session


Adding more space between shoulders and ears, one happy client at a time 🙃


My practice is growing and you need to claim your spot asap. As growth continues there will be less time to squeeze you into my schedule.

Grab your spot now.

Photos from Massage By Kristen's post 08/04/2022

I love how they turned out, so I have to show you a sneak peek of the photo shoot I did with Rebecca Brumfield last week creating “stock photos” for Thai massage therapists.

When people think massage, they always think the same thing - table, nudity, cream, & glide.
🗣Well people, massage is so much more than just that!

I challenge you to try a different style of massage ♥️ whether it be thai massage or ashi or to go the complete opposite way, trying craniosacral or lomi!! Explore! Try something new!

Explore all the different sides of massage and you may find yourself loving and craving a style of massage you have never experienced before!!

Life is short, so explore and try new things often


Calling all IT workers, dental hygienists, hair stylists, rock climbers, traditional table therapists, and any other human with arms that hurt!!!

Book yourself a 3 hour thai massage & we will get to work on relieving your nagging aches and pains today!!
❤️ 🦶


I love what I can get done in a 2 hour session. 3 hour appointments are the prime choice but we can work up to that!🙃
Book @ www.vagaro.con/massagebykristen


Good leaders Respond vs React.
Every day is a new day to change the way you take on the day.



I'll post more video as I can and appreciate all of you who've helped build my business and supported me over the years.


The you have been of!!


Arm and Shoulder Work in Table Thai Massage with Kristen Lumsden Austin, Texas Thai Massage Training


Are your shoulders by your ears? Do you need a good stretch? Give me a call!


Opening the Upper Back & Neck Advanced Table Thai Massage w Kristen Lumsden Austin, Texas Training


I am helping this am with one of his Masterclass suspension thai training sessions with an awesome therapist out of Iowa. The client that’s working with the therapist says, “I was having trouble putting my foot in my shoe the sciatica was so bad. This is the only thing that seems to help.”
This is the exact reasoning I quit the table and moved to the mat work!


My studio is clean & ready for you! Book @

Prices just were raised for new clients to $100 an hour - offering 2-4 hour studio sessions & 1-8 hour mobile session @ $150 an hour
Existing clients have until 11/5/22 at current rate before increase and also have option to purchase as many sessions at this rate before 11/5


Thai mat work with Chris w/ l love working with athletes & Boulder bros! FINALLY THE PRESSURE YOUVE ALWAYS WANTED!!


Happy Friday!

I have the mat warmer on & am ready to bust out 8 hours of Next Level Pain Relief for my clients today!

If you’re in pain, Book your session today!

After almost 3 years of no increase in my prices, I have raised the hourly for new clients to $100 an hour for studio work.

Also, I now only offer 2-4 hour apts for studio work.

Mobile prices for new clients are starting at $150 an hour within service area - 1-8 hours available for booking.

Current clients have the last rate locked in for the next 6 months with the opportunity to purchase as many sessions at that rate until 11/5/2022 (no exp)

Thank you for all of your continued support.

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Working out those tight traps, giving her relief from her headaches and neck pain
Lol, I love this chick ♥️ great tips for ”getting thise fuqrs”
61 days of triple digits this year ☠️ 🔥 Texas is HOT outside, so come cool off in my studio during your 3 hour thai mat ...
My practice is growing and you need to claim your spot asap. As  growth continues there will be less time to squeeze you...
I don’t mind being used when it’s for #Thaibodywork #training #austintexas #robertgardnerwellness #massagebykristen #fca...
Working to soften and break up an old injury #repetativestraininjury #austin #fedex #shoulderworkout #thaimassage #stret...
We are constantly working on @robertgwellness12  ‘s old shoulder injury from his FedEx days #backintheday #repetitive #s...
Massage so good, you’ll lose track of where you are! #austintexas #massage #thaimassage #thai #stretch #compression
I love being fully #matbased. There are not many #therapists locally or across the US that are 100% mat based plus have ...
Though this work is #intense - my #clients tend to #fallin & #takeanap #thaimassage #austintexas #massage #matwork
Do #selfcare daily! Take care of that body, mind, & soul!! #tools #massage #thaimassage #massagebykristen
Easy #FootMassage for #Couples with Kristen Lumsden in #Austin #Texas #ThaiMassage Jam for Couples #painreliefrub #runne...



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