Bilinguistics Speech and Language Services

Bilinguistics Speech and Language Services


While there is an ever-increasing need for bilingual services, it is not always clear how current bilingual professionals can provide bilingual evaluation and therapy services to nearby districts, clinics, agencies, and communities. In this free webinar, members of Bilinguistics Speech and Language Services, Therapitas and One Therapy Network will share 7 ways bilingual speech-language pathologists are providing additional bilingual services and increasing their income. Register now through the link below!
Calling all bilingual SLPs! 🗣️

Join us next week for a free webinar we are co-hosting with Bilinguistics and Therapitas to find out how bilingual professionals are marketing their second language skills. Sign up now through the link below! It’s FREE!
This week we are thinking about bilingualism!

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Wrapping up our week on person-centered care with this awesome quote courtesy of Bilinguistics Speech and Language Services. #thingstothinkabout #SLP #OT #PT #therapy


GREAT read from Bilinguistics Speech and Language Services. Thankful for their leadership in research, advocacy, and helping us ensure we do the best for our families.

"Families help their children by speaking their native language. It supports their overall language growth. It also honors their culture, and this is important & meaningful" - Bilinguistics
Have y’all seen the amazing ASHA-approved CEUs offered by Bilinguistics Speech and Language Services ? They have webinars in everything from bilingual therapy to the one I just finished, Maximizing Treatment Effects with VPI & Cleft Lip and Palate. Check out the handouts- example data collection set, the developmental pyramid, AND a sample teacher letter!

Also, you can get one of their courses for FREE for signing up for their email list. Access to all of their courses is only $79 for a year- 46 different courses! They also have pages and pages of FREE resources for SLPs in English and Spanish. Check them out at
Why don't phonology tests include labialization as a process? It's so common to have kids say "teef" for "teeth." I'm talking about kids who speak Mainstream English...
So excited about this!! 👏🏻📚👩🏻‍💻🤓
Great article from Bilinguistics Speech and Language Services about how to Rapidly Improve Severely Low Speech Intelligibility. Thank you for the Articulation Station Pro Español mention!
Phuong packs them in again.
Here's a link to Bilinguistics Speech and Language Services favorite #speechtherapy blogs of 2016!

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Our staff is dedicated to enhancing speech and language services for children and enabling them to achieve their highest communicative and academic potential. In addition, we support monolingual and bilingual speech-language professionals working with bilingual individuals and English language learners through our workshop series and our Online ASHA CEU courses.

Operating as usual

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Thank you for 20 years!

Bilinguistics turns 20-years-old this month and we want to celebrate by recapping some of our favorite milestones and saying thank you by giving you 20% off any one of our books, e-books, or courses. Just use the coupon code: happybirthday20 at the time of checkout.

Find out more here:

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How Hearing Loss Affects Speech

We created an info-graphic listing the 8 most common ways hearing loss affects speech development.

If you see these markers, you may need to revisit the hearing screening and request another test.

Download it here:

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In celebration of Citizen Science Month, we continue with real student answers to real questions. Goes to show that everything is open to interpretation.

Be the best SLP you can be:

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SLPs have long since relied on tired-and-true receptive language disorder strategies to help students increase attention, increase retention, and enable a child to demonstrate learning to a teacher.

But what if they don’t work like in this case?

See how active listening can boost receptive language disorder strategies to help students increase attention and retention.

Read more here:

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CSD Professors!

You can now add Bilinguistics courses to ANY of your courses to increase the culture and diversity knowledge of your students and reduce the amount of work on your end.
How does this work?

Universities are adding our courses as complete classes or to supplement courses that you already have together. Let’s say you have a course on Articulation, Language, or Evaluating. Add our courses to supplement your content showing your students how it applies to diverse populations. They take a quiz and you get a spreadsheet showing completion.

Find out more here:

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How do we manage the increased number of special education evaluations without killing off the speech-language pathologists, school psychologists, diagnosticians, and others who are responsible for conducting special education evaluations?

Here are 3 ways to make an impact on the process BEFORE the consent for evaluation is signed and it’s on your plate.

Read about it here:

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Core Vocabulary Words in Spanish and English
This is our go to chart for core vocabulary words in both English and Spanish!

Download it here:

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Timeline photos 04/08/2022

In celebration of Citizen Science Month here is a great AND real student answer to a real question. Sometimes simple answers are the way to go!

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Navigating Ethical Predicaments In Your Work with Diverse Students
Both ASHA and many of our state licensure boards require us to take ethics courses. For many of us, we feel like we're ethical people. Why do we need to do this?

Think of these courses as tools for advocacy, for what we need in our profession, especially when we're working with clients and students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds . Find out how it applies to you in this course: Navigating Ethical Predicaments

Find out more:

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Children with Down Syndrome are truly unique in the way that they communicate and interact. Speech therapy can often be difficult because Down Syndrome characteristics involve so many different developmental domains.

The good news is that by knowing about the unique development in six areas we can account for specific limitations and still have really robust communication. And after reading this you are going to see that their strengths are MANY!

Read it here:

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So often we see: “Can’t follow directions” as part of referrals. But how many? In what situation? How many components?

This simple table will easily show you how well a children follows directions from 0 Components - 1 Step (sit down) to 3 Components - 3 Steps (stand up, grab your backpack and jacket, and go to the door).

Download it here:

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In asking a veteran SLP how to handle a teacher who did not want to work with me I got a great piece of advice:

Find your common ground.

We both want to see our student succeed. We both have a ton of work to do before the year finishes. But was I framing my speech needs in terms of how it supports the child’s education? No, until I found common ground.

It is a privilege to spend our day working among a group of people dedicated to (fighting for!) the education of the next generation.

Join a community of like-minded SLPs:

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What do we have to think about when we are conducting a bilingual language evaluation to determine whether a child has Developmental Language Disability?

Dr. Elizabeth Peña of the University of California, Irvine shares her thoughts.

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How Do I Have the Most Fun in Speech Therapy and Get the Best Outcomes?

Using storybooks and speech and language intervention is the best way to easily plan therapy for large groups, reduce planning, time, target speech and academic goals simultaneously and modify a single therapy plan to be successful with different ages, goals, cultures, and languages.

We wrote a 200 page book full of templates, explanations, and examples for you to experience the same success we do with our busy, diverse case loads.

Check it out here and watch a video:

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The field of speech-language pathology can surely be mysterious and we get asked all the time from hopeful students what is an SLP and what our job is like. That's why we wanted to write this definitive (and honest!) explanation on what a speech language pathologist is.

So, what is it like to be a speech language pathologist really? As someone who works in a private clinic that also supports school districts and Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) groups, I am privy to a diverse SLP life. I work in a clinic, a school and in people’s homes. Today, I want to give you a glimpse of my job as an SLP.

Find out more:

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SLP Study Abroad Program - Belize - July 2022

Join fellow SLPs in Belize this summer for:
Great Professional Development Workshops.
A Certificate in Cultural and Linguistic Diversity.
30 Hours of ASHA Continuing Education Credits.
And most importantly, a whole lot of meaningful fun!

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Join SLPs in Belize this July and Earn 30 hours of ASHA CEUs.

Therapy and Professional Development were not intended to be done from home!
SLPs, are you ready for a change?

We have 4 questions for you:

1. Wouldn't you rather earn your CEUs in Belize?
Join us from July 17th to July 23rd when we will be taking 30-50 SLPs to Belize for an International SLP Study Abroad Program

2. Wouldn't you rather earn all 30 ASHA CEUs that you need at once?
Attendees will be awarded 30 hours of ASHA CEUs. That means you won't need more professional development until 2025.

3. Wouldn't you rather interact with SLPs from around the world rather than sitting on a Zoom call?
We will spend our mornings learning together and our afternoons out in the community visiting cultural sites, working with local professionals, and having fun in the community.

4. Wouldn't you like to expertly serve your diverse caseload and be a resource to your fellow SLPs?
Attendees will earn the Certificate in Cultural and Linguistic Diversity meaning we will cover how to refer, evaluate, and treat children from any background.

If you answered YES to any or ALL of these questions, come with us to Belize.

Find out more and register:

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We’re going back to Belize in July. Come with us, SLPs!

Therapy Abroad just got back from Belize where they took CSD, OT, and PT students for a week of adventure and learning.

It was a safe and amazing trip.
And now it’s your turn. In July, we’re taking a group of SLPs to Belize for the professional development experience of a lifetime.

You’re familiar with the Therapy Abroad name for our adventures and safety awards for international travel. Bilinguistics now joins Therapy Abroad to provide 30 CEU hours of top notch professional development on this next trip.

Learn more:

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Our Story

Knowing that your child or loved one is not communicating like others their same age can be scary. Thankfully, our Austin speech-language pathologists can help your child progress. Our Austin speech therapy clinic specializes in:Articulation/phonology, language delay, language disorders, auditory processing, stuttering/fluency, resonance/voice disorders, swallowing/feeding, and social/pragmatic language.We also have expertise with special populations such as: autism, Down syndrome, cleft lip/palate, apraxia, learning disability, intellectual disability, selective mutism, hearing impairment, and multiple disabilitiesOur speech therapy clinic in Austin is just our home base. We are international presenters, authors of books and resources for speech language pathologists, and certified intstructors for professionals and university students. So rest assured that if you are in our community and need communication therapy or an evaluation, you are the very best of hands.Our success is in part based on our training and treatment techniques: Social Thinking®; Routines-Based Early Intervention (sign language/baby signs/language enrichment); Literacy-Based Intervention; Alternative and Augmentative Communication/AAC; bilingual services; discrete trial teaching; intensive therapy; maximal opposition; generalization; multi-sensory cues; use of movement and music; oral motor skills. Even if you just have questions or concerns,we would love to be part of your journey and help you in any way we can.

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