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I am leaving this review here from my recent visit. I am so happy I just need to shout it out for the world to hear!

Merritt is a multi-disciplined healer with a true focus on whole health. Whether you visit her for a facial treatment, gua sha practice, waxing or massage, she makes sure she is taking care of the whole person. I went in for a microdermabrasion, light peel and gua sha and left feeling like I was floating. One of the most special aspects of her care is that she only uses products that are truly green. Merritt takes meticulous care in regards to which products she uses to treat her guests and distribute through her practice. Every moment you spend with her is a moment that will improve your peace of mind and sense of well-being. I highly recommend this healer!
She is knowledgeable, thourough and thoughtful. Individualizes the session with careful consideration of which products to use for the skin of each client. So glad I found her!
My skin looks and feels better now than it did a decade ago. That's not how aging is supposed to work! I went to Merritt for a microdermabrasion and pumpkin enzyme peel, and came out feeling like a superstar. I have entrusted her with my skin for over a year now and could not imagine feeling as revitalized with anyone else. If you know that it's time to treat yourself right, do yourself a favor and go see this angel. She'll put the sparkle right back on your face!
Just reviewed you on Yelp!!!
Merritt is my skin guru. The cold season had left my face looking dull. As I walked into Merritt's luxurious and serene home spa, I knew I was in the right hands. I had a facial cleansing, microdermabrasion, salicylic and retinol peel, lip mask, and massage. This was not only relaxing, but I could feel my face coming back to life again. I left her relaxing home salon feeling like a billion bucks (adjusting for inflation). A few days later, after the rest of my dead skin cells had sloughed off, I saw it! My face was glowing like it hadn't been in months. It was just in time too, since I was leaving on a trip to see my boyfriend's extended family. I felt great, relaxed, and rejuvenated. Thanks Merritt, for always treating me like a queen, for your love, and your radiance. Shine on!
It has been a week since my microdermabrasion, peel and facial appointment with the gifted Merritt Knize. The first thing I want to say is wow! The skin that was once dull is now brimming with a youthful glow that I recognize again. I feel like I know a secret, but I want to make it public! If you want to treat yourself like you deserve to be treated, look no further and book an appointment! Every time I do, I leave feeling like I am ready to take on the world. Thank you Merritt once again for helping my inner beauty shine through!
This morning, my face completely transformed. I went from having a dry, scaly, weather-beaten face, to a va-va-va-voom face in no time! My session was so relaxing and wonderful. Thank you Merritt Knize for spoiling my face and giving me a greater outlook on my day. You're the absolute best!
Merritt is amazing!!!!
I like your new website. It's beautiful and user-friendly.

Merritt Knize is a Licensed Esthetician specializing in holistic facials, sugaring hair removal, and Licensed Esthetician specializing in facials and sugaring.

Photos from Merritt Skincare's post 06/16/2021

Hello, loves! I am thrilled to announce the arrival of two Laurel Skin products. Essential Lipids: Delicate Barrier (cleanser and serum/moisturizer in one) and Single Farm Hydrosol: Calendula have arrived in response to a need to care for and comfort those with the most delicate skin. Laurel has always been so careful to address all skin and allergy concerns, but there remain people who need products free of common plant allergens such as nuts, rosehip, or essential oils.

In my time with Laurel Skin, I have treated incredibly delicate skin successfully with the products that were already in the line-up, such as the Support Cleanser, Hydrating Elixir II, Unburden Serum, and Recovery Balm, so this is not to take away from their brilliance and abilities. In fact, my own skin is sensitive and reactive, and these have done well for me. That said, we have our allergies and our compromised skin and immune systems, and sometimes we need to start somewhere very delicate, like that gentle hug before the longer embrace.

I am over the moon to have the new products in my possession. If you want to learn more, visit to learn more about Essential Lipids and to learn about the Calendula Single Farm Hydrosol.

If you have yet to try Laurel Skin, and you have concerns about a compromised immune system, allergies, or simply converting to a natural skincare line after doing more aggressive treatments, and you want to start rebuilding your precious skin barrier, these products are likely your answer. If you have any questions about these beautiful creations, please visit my website at and fill out the inquiry form at the bottom of the page. As well, you can simply visit my Laurel Skin online store at I look forward to sharing these beauties with you! xo

Specials — Merritt Skincare 04/01/2021

Specials — Merritt Skincare

Hello, dear ones! It has been a minute, once again. I have a few things to share with you.

My Flow and Glow Facial Package had such high demand that I extended the expiration date on it twice. As it does not feel right pulling it altogether, I have made changes and released the Spring Edition of the package, available for booking now through June 19th. Check it out here and on my facials page: While I was excited about this offering all along, and delighted with the response to it, I am ecstatic for what is in store for you this time. How self-promoting of me!! If you know me, you know I don't promote unless I am passionate and certain. Come experience this!

Next, I want to share from my heart. This past year has been something else. To add insult to injury, we were served quite the winter storm on top of the pandemic. I kept imagining what others were experiencing, while I was tucked away in my own world of maintaining my business, being a mother, and simply being a human through all of it. I have missed dear friends, family, and clients so much, and I have had moments of excitement at getting to see people again. I have also had moments of thinking, "Will they forget about me? Will I matter anymore?" In the past couple of weeks, people I have not seen in over a year reached out to start planning their return for my services. It is really hard to come up with any words to describe the actual joy and excitement I have felt in my heart. I am incredibly excited to see people again that are so near and dear to me! Thank you for reaching out. Thank you for not only remembering me, but for missing me as a person and someone who cares for you, and for missing my touch and the very things that made you reach out and start scheduling appointments with me again. I am the happiest I have been since March of 2020. I am overflowing with love!

Finally, I do want to inform you that I have received my first vaccination, and I am getting my second one on April 9th. I have been specifically asked by clients when I will be fully vaccinated, and I truly appreciate this open communication. If anyone has been hesitant to book based on not knowing my specific situation, I hope this brings you comfort and a better idea when to book with me, if my being vaccinated is of importance. We are truly in this together, and I care about each and every one of you.

Love to you all! xo

Specials — Merritt Skincare A seasonal offering to restore balance and calm within ourselves and to give our skin the rejuvenation and brightening it deserves. I have combined the beautiful elements of Laurel Skin’s vibrant whole plant skin medicine with the benefits of Gua Sha or Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) to relieve s...


Hey everyone!! Do you know that I love you and care about you? Well, you do now! Mask wearing is still required at Merritt Skincare. Only one client at a time is permitted, and extra time is still being taken to thoroughly sanitize the studio between appointments. I look forward to caring for you under these continued guidelines. xo


Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

I want to share two updates. Due to high demand, my seasonal special, the Flow and Glow Facial Package, has been extended through February 28, 2021. I am thrilled with the response from this offering. It is a wonderful, cozy, rejuvenating treat, especially during this chilly season. It comes with a goodie bag, which has brought much excitement. Between that and the feedback from the treatment itself, I have been beaming.

Additionally, I created a new offering, my Replenish Ritual. My clients really enjoy their longer, more involved sessions, and they love both MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) and Gua Sha. I have been asked if I ever offer a simple, shorter session with MLD or Gua Sha as the focus, so people can come receive a treatment in between their regularly scheduled sessions, and they can alternate modalities if that is ideal. You now have this option! This is nourishment for your skin and your soul and one more opportunity to be lulled by my energy and touch. When did you last get replenished?

Check out my facial offerings at
I look forward to taking excellent care of you as we step into 2021. Happy New Year! xo


Figmint Design rocks! Look how she captured my quote!

Oh, hi everyone!! It’s been a minute. Happy Holidays to all of you!

Guess what? My website now has an online store! I built it myself! Yes, I am clearly excited!! Check it out:

Love and Peace to all! xo

Photos from Merritt Skincare's post 11/26/2020

Happy Holidays, everyone! I have a 20% off Holiday Sale on all products starting tomorrow, November 27th through 11:59 PM Sunday, November 29th. Yes, everything! I have Laurel Skin, Honua Hawaiian Skincare, Apoterra Skincare, and Activist Manuka Honey in stock. I will ship for free domestically for orders totaling $75.00 or more. You may also pick up directly from me (my front porch, if that suits you).

I have the limited edition elixirs from Laurel Skin, including California Rose, Lavender, Frankincense, Rose Geranium, and Calendula. These are so limited that Laurel Skin had to put a maximum on how many each spa partner could order. If you buy three at once, you get a special treat with your order. 💗 Trust me, these are so divine, I almost kept a few for myself.

Hit me up: [email protected] or (512) 514-5767

Love and Peace, your girl Mer xo


Hi, everyone! I want to first acknowledge what seems like a collective need to take a very deep inhale and release it wildly and fully right now. Go for it! I also want you to remember to take some time for self-care. I know we have made many sacrifices for so many months, but when I see the massive positive shifts occurring right under my hands and through my energy during facial treatments, it is all the more compelling to carve a couple hours out of your entire month to give yourself a break and some powerful self-love and rejuvenation. That's right, two hours on my treatment table out of an average of 720 hours in one month.

It is very telling how many of my clients that have been with me for the long haul have not only welcomed the opportunity to experience traditional modalities, like gua sha, but they have fallen so in love with them that they have become their go-to treatments. With that in mind, I created a seasonal offering for fall, my Flow and Glow Facial Package, which is an exceptional value for all that you get to experience. Check it out on my "Specials" page as well as my "Facials" page under my menu on my website:

Book here:

Please contact me directly if you want to know more about how gua sha or manual lymphatic drainage can benefit you. Your lymphatic system is quite the wonder! Go check out my special, and as always, shoot this girl an email at [email protected] or through my website inquiry form on my main page if you have any questions. Sending you all the love! xo

Photos from Merritt Skincare's post 10/13/2020

Hello, everyone! I have emerged from my cocoon to introduce my new branding. Allow me to share some background with you...

I distinctly remember the day when I received my first set of Laurel Skin treats to dive into and experience. I can still visualize unwrapping the bow, gently lifting the lid off the box, and revealing the beauties inside. I didn't dive in, though. Every Laurel treat was a sight to behold, and I took an extended moment to take it all in, from the design to the materials, and finally to the vibrant ingredients waiting to embrace my skin and spirit. There was no question that Laurel Skin was meant to be in my life and shared with my dear clients. There also quickly became no question that, at the fifth-anniversary point of my business, it was time for me to evolve and have something unique and distinct to represent my brand. I knew without hesitation who I wanted to work with to bring my various attributes, skills, and loved styles together, Maria Valentin of Figmint Design, who is one of the designers behind Laurel's breathtaking design. I have tears in my eyes and such warmth in my heart as I tell you what an absolute beauty Maria is, both inside and out, and how I could never have imagined what a gorgeous connection would grow out of working together. While the purpose behind this project was for my business, I can say it was a labor of love in the most profound sense.

Maria and I could not have anticipated what would develop in our time working on the presentation of my business together. We have witnessed and experienced a global pandemic, racial injustice, great divides between people due to differing views on many important human and life matters, climate unpredictability, other environmental threats and destruction, and so much more. Sometimes Maria and I had to take a long pause out of respect for all that had developed, as well as sharing our heartache for all life forms negatively impacted. We shared disappointment, sadness, and grave concern. And then, our work and time together evolved into hope, a greater purpose, and sharing love and wishes for mass healing and a coming together of our planet and its creatures.

I have now arrived just beyond the sixth anniversary of my business (August), and I share with you today my new logo. I would love for you to visit my website to see many of the gorgeous images that Maria created for my brand, some of which I am sharing here. These are not simply images that bring color and design forward from a blank canvas. There is a deeply positive, loving, healing meaning and purpose behind them, and a powerful story of pushing through incredibly challenging times and still believing in the greater good and the beauty of our world. Thank you to Maria of Figmint Design for not only being an exceptional designer and for bringing my dream and vision to life, but for also being a friend, a teacher, and a source of continuous hope. This entire experience has truly deepened my appreciation of valuable human connections. In case it isn't already obvious, I must wrap this up by HIGHLY recommending Maria Valentin, a most talented, brilliant, exceptional designer. Thank you, Maria, from the depths of my heart.


Hi, everyone! Exciting news: Laurel's limited edition Hydrating Elixir C ~ Jasmine Hibiscus is here!! I can speak all day about the benefits of the ingredients, how they play an especially important role during the summer season, and how creamy, vibrant, and delightful this juice is. Laurel said this elixir transports her to Hawaii, and I feel that 100%!

If you would like to become acquainted with Hydrating Elixir C through Laurel's journal on the website, visit:

I recommend both the gorgeous product and Laurel's beautiful story. Please email me at [email protected] or shoot me a text at 512.514.5767 if you have an interest or any questions.

🌺 xo

Photos from Merritt Skincare's post 07/20/2020

Hey there! Merritt here, in case you don’t know these eyes. I realize I have not taken the time to create a proper post to inform you that I am equipped to follow the mandate to wear a mask during my services. As well, I have a touchless infrared thermometer. Please know that you have every right to see my temperature when you arrive for a service, so if it makes you feel better, please ask. I am also taking all precautions for sanitizing the treatment room, and my online booking system is automatically putting a 45-minute gap between appointments to ensure adequate sanitation time. I want everyone who receives a service from me to feel completely safe. Please reach me directly if you have any specific concerns or needs. I am open for business! Sending you love and well wishes ❤️ ★︎︎ Patterned face masks by ★︎︎

Photos from Merritt Skincare's post 06/30/2020

I have been dreaming of this day, beautiful people, and it is now a reality. So many of you have fallen deeply in love with the Laurel Skin facials I provide, and that makes my heart so happy. I am deeply in love too! That said, I am over the moon to announce my new Abundant Harvest Facial from Laurel. This unique treatment utilizes highly potent plant medicine, sourced from organic and biodynamic whole plants growing in abundance. This powerful medicine creates cell communication between the plants and your skin. As your skin alchemist, I will custom blend your mask from four raw plant powders, bringing them to life to vibrantly feed your skin’s needs. There are Leaves for cell regeneration, Fruits to speed up cell turnover, Roots for detoxification and balancing, and Petals for inflammation. These beautiful plant powders are exclusive to the treatment room. Additionally, there are three loose tea options to create a loving compress for your skin… Petals, Leaves, and Roots. Compressing is exceptionally beneficial for your nervous system, your lymphatic system, your muscles, and for circulation, and that translates to skin health.

Please visit my website for more details about the Abundant Harvest Facial and all that is included. Be prepared to drift away to a state of deep tranquility and for “abundantly” glowing, well-fed skin. I am so excited for you to experience this!

Photos from Merritt Skincare's post 06/26/2020

Hello, everyone! My second gua sha educator, the internationally acclaimed Cecily Braden, is a brilliant teacher as well as the creator of some of the finest facial massage tools I have ever used. She joined forces with Apoterra Skincare to create the Apoterra x Cecily Braden Gua Sha Tool, which is well loved by many, including my clients. The tool can be purchased on its own with a protective pouch, or in a kit, which includes Apoterra's zippered fair trade organic cotton cosmetic bag, a travel size Neroli Clarifying Toner, a sample size Night Regenerative Balm, and supportive educational materials. The balm can be used as a makeup remover, a cleanser, and as your evening leave-on treatment which helps to facilitate beautiful glide for your gua sha stone. The tool itself is made from Mookaite Jasper, which is physically stabilizing, supporting the immune system and the kidneys, and it helps bring a sense of peace and wholeness during times of stress.

The tool itself is $110 and the kit is $145. Learn more here:

While there are educational materials for the Apoterra x Cecily Braden Gua Sha Tool, I have been asked if you are able to purchase a tool or a kit and then book my virtual gua sha consultation for my personal instruction. The answer is YES, of course you can do that! In fact, if you purchase either the tool or the kit by July 15th, 2020, I am offering a complimentary virtual instruction session so you have my personal support. How about that?! Please contact me directly at [email protected] to make your purchase and schedule your session with me, and to ask any questions you might have.

Love to all! Happy Weekend! xo

In solidarity, I am muting my voice and account today through June 7th. Thank you to @blackandembodied and @jessicawilson.msrd for creating this important challenge. Black Lives Matter #amplifymelanatedvoices 06/01/2020

In solidarity, I am muting my voice and account today through June 7th. Thank you to @blackandembodied and @jessicawilson.msrd for creating this important challenge. Black Lives Matter #amplifymelanatedvoices

In solidarity, I am muting my voice and account today through June 7th. Thank you to and .msrd for creating this important challenge.

In solidarity, I am muting my voice and account today through June 7th. Thank you to @blackandembodied and @jessicawilson.msrd for creating this important challenge. Black Lives Matter #amplifymelanatedvoices


Hello, everyone! Do you remember the beauty writer who included me in her article for Allure, Jessica Defino? If you don't and you are curious, check out my previous post. I admire her so much for being a powerful voice in the self-care and skincare community. She is hosting an event in collaboration with Spirit House Collective this Thursday evening, June 4th, at 5:30 PM PST/7:30 PM CST, her Full Moon Skincare Ceremony.

*Here is an important note! In Jessica's words: "Considering this is an especially heavy time for Black, Indigenous, and people of color, I'm covering the fee for BIPOC who'd like to attend." Yes, there are complimentary spaces, and all you have to do is DM Jessica to claim your spot! These spots are limited, but there have been donations for more spaces. If you know of any BIPOC that might have an interest, please share this with them.

I will be attending this wonderful event. Jessica states, "I think most of us could benefit from slowing down for an hour to connect to our bodies, to the earth, and to the universe and learn from the phases and fullness of the moon." I wholeheartedly agree. Learn more by clicking on the following Instagram link, where you can message Jessica with any questions and/or to claim your free spot, and also to register for paying guests.

Why So Many Are Making Big Hair Changes During Quarantine 04/01/2020

Why So Many Are Making Big Hair Changes During Quarantine

Hi, everyone! I truly hope each and every one of you is reading this in good health. I have shared articles in the past from the amazing Jessica Yarbrough aka Jessica DeFino (her maiden name that she says is easier to pronounce). Her latest article discusses “quarantine hair”. Curious? Check it out!

Oh, and I am included in the article! This was a huge honor, both due to being the girl that remembers when “Allure” magazine first hit the stands and thinking there was finally a magazine made for me, and also because Jessica is such a role model for me and someone I hold in high regard. Look her up sometime. Her articles are truly insightful.

Be well and much love! xo

Why So Many Are Making Big Hair Changes During Quarantine “Even on a good day, it’s never just about the hair.”

Photos from Merritt Skincare's post 03/27/2020

Hey guys! I hope all of you are finding some moments of happiness, clarity, love, fresh air, and sunshine throughout your days. Just wanted to leave a quick note here to tell you that the orders I placed with Honua Hawaiian Skincare and Laurel Skin before we all hunkered down have made their arrival. I also received a shipment of kansa wands. I am happy to do shipments, drop-offs, or pick-ups of products. For anyone thinking about signing up for my gua sha video instruction with a skincare consultation, I am happy to do that with the kansa wand instead. Both gua sha and kansa massage are super soothing and beneficial. Email me at [email protected] with your specific inquiries.

Skincare product orders and gift card purchases are keeping Merritt Skincare (and me) afloat during this difficult time, so I am ever grateful for your support. My gosh, I can't wait to take care of my people again! Sending you all much love and well wishes. xo


Supporting me from a distance is so appreciated! Getting a beautiful review today was so amazing for my soul. So many of us are struggling right now, and my heart goes out to everyone. The number one priority is our wellness and seeing to the protection and care of our loved ones. I am in tears at the outpouring of the sweetest messages and various forms of support from my dear clients aka friends/family. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, and if you know my heart, this runs deep. ❤️ All of you take care, and go listen to the music, watch the movies, read the books, take the walks outside, and do whatever feeds your souls, inspires you, and allows you to daydream about what life can look like on the other side of this. We’ll get there! If you are struggling right now, or if you just want to talk, email me at [email protected]. I would love to hold space for you and send well wishes and healing energy directly to you. Nobody is alone in this. xo


Hello, everyone. I hope you are all reading this in good health and that you are finding reasons to smile. As I type this, I hear birds singing just outside of my window, and there is a gentle breeze making the leaves and new blooms dance about. I smile because of my connection to a wonderful community of loving, amazing people, and that includes you!

We are all making very important decisions right now for ourselves and for our loved ones. My business is still open, and I am certainly taking all precautions for a pristine and clean environment for you, and for my own best self-care.

Self-care is always highly important, and I have spoken extensively about the benefits of manual lymphatic drainage, gua sha, and getting into parasympathetic relaxation for optimal health. This helps with anxiety, our immune systems, our skin, and much more.

While I am still currently providing hands-on treatments in my studio, I understand and respect that some people are taking precautions to feel safe and preserve their own health and the health of others in their personal environments. I am now offering video consultations and gua sha instruction. This is a great way for us to have a face-to-face visit remotely, and for me to customize a gua sha sequence for you to take care of yourself at home. You can use your own tool, if you have one. If not, I have two options for purchase which I will happily ship to you, and I can also make other recommendations. You will have greater knowledge and power for self-care that has multiple benefits, all from the comfort of your own home or anywhere. More details are available on my website under “facials”. Sending much love and well wishes to all! xo

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Our Story

Merritt Knize is a licensed esthetician providing holistic, rejuvenating facial treatments, as well as sugaring and waxing hair removal services. Merritt is certified in advanced, traditional healing methods, which include Gua Sha Facial Fusion (TCM), astecc Connective Tissue Manipulation (CTM), Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), Thai Herbal Poultice Facial Massage (TTM), Ayurvedic Kansa wand massage, and as a Nefeli Gua Sha Facial practitioner. She has additionally had the honor of becoming certified in further gua sha studies and acupressure through renowned esthetician Britta Plug’s Green Beauty Academy. She exudes comfort and caring energy while providing personalized treatments. Come enjoy the local Austin experience with this Texas native who makes you feel right at home from the moment you step into her skincare studio.



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