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This is an attempt to reach Edward T. Martin who presents Jesus in India. During the course of his film, he refers to Mary (Mariam), the mother of Jesus. He states that the Holy Quran describes her as the mother of the prophet Isa (Jesus). In fact, she is noted to be the virgin mother of Isa.

Our studio is centered in Austin, Texas, currently serving clients worldwide. We specialize in marketing videos, documentary films, and animation.

We’re here to help with marketing videos, documentary films, animation, and video consulting. Within each of these specialties, we offer our services in video planning, videography, video editing, and video marketing. Success stories include trailblazing documentaries, memorable music videos, and viral videos surpassing a million views. We create all kinds of videos, ranging from corporate commerc

Operating as usual


Simple Pretty Melody - Live Music Mashup

World peace, verbalized and visualized through 60 live music performances in #unison #globalharmony #singingtogether and #onelove.


Veggie Bros - "Demystify the Mushroom" #animation #comedy


Serenity Kids Grain-Free Puffs

A year ago, exploring our options as a video studio, we turned to animation to open new doors for new work and new fun. Recently, we were blessed by this project, short and sweet, sharing the story of a little girl and her search for the perfect snack: Puffs by Serenity Kids Baby Food. #animation #cartoon #snacksforkids #yummygoodness


What Lights You Up?

Our video studio has big plans for an animated comedy adventure film: "Veggie Bros," starring two eggplants. If you'll "Like" our page, you might enjoy a laugh every week or so. Oh fo sho!

Photos from Arise Video's post 06/09/2021

Documenting this Austin wedding in film and photos was pure joy. These are the meaningful moments that make it a total blast and a blessing being a camera guy. Our studio is now booking new work for the Summer, so reach out and we'll get a film or photo session on the calendar.


"One Eternal Token for Global Harmony" - My NFT Origin Story

If you are an artist or art appreciator, you might like to know about my first-hand experience with NFTs. In this 5-minute intro, you can see the inner workings of an NFT entering the art market. NFT marketplaces are opening new fields of possibility for artists, so be encouraged. Reach out with any questions - I'm happy to help.


2021 Sizzle Reel - Give Your Videos The Wings To Fly.

Happy New Year! We're letting go of the year that tested us all, ready for 2021. Here's a look back at where we've been and a look forward at where we're flying as a video studio. We hope you'll keep us in mind for your Austin videos: documentary films, marketing videos, animations, and family keepsakes. Let's light up the world again.


Cosmic Butterflies

Launching a new music video is such a joy! "Colors Flying" flew this week. It was an epic undertaking, with imaginative storytelling, hand-drawn illustrations, and stellar animation.

Our latest musical offering is an art film about a passionate expression that leads all the way to the heavenly heights. It's a story that reminds us that we are not alone—in fact, we are supported by our natural surroundings, and the supernatural too! 🦢 🕊️ 🌿 🌸

Musicians appearing in this song include: Cabe Lindsay, Kate Lindsay, David Christian, Sarah Martin, Jacqueline May, Vic Wheeler, Shiloh Travis, and Cheryl Gallagher. The song is produced by Matt Meli at Orb Recording Studios. Video by ARISE Video Studio.


Voices of the Grandmothers - Part 4 of 4: Healing Journey

It is said that a true healer is one who reminds the individual of his/her own healing potential. While every person's experience with illness and wellness is unique, it is traditional to seek the elders as wisdom carriers, with their compassion, their kindness, and their care. Grandmotherly advice can help us with our healing journeys as we work to achieve the balance, freedom, and confidence to walk in beauty.

Film by Arise Video Studio (
#healing #wellness #compassion #shadowwork #illumination #enlightenment


Voices of the Grandmothers - Part 3 of 4: Sacred Ceremony

Spiritual support is available always through ritual, prayer, song, and other forms of ceremony. Here, we explore group ceremonies and individual experiences, emphasizing the mystery and wonder of divine intervention. Specifically, we learn how to receive and carry a medicine song, for health and well-being in body, heart, mind, soul, and spirit.

Film by Arise Video Studio (
#sacredceremony #circlegatherings #medicinesongs #songcircles #ritual #prayer


Voices of the Grandmothers - Part 2 of 4: Heart Intelligence

While a healthy mind is essential for interpretation the heart's emotions, the way of the divine feminine is an art in feeling, rather than thinking. Sure, rationality and level-headedness are important assets, and yet we must also develop alternative skillsets at this time in human history. Now, in order to survive and thrive, we must nurture our gifts of emotional expression, creative thinking, and genuine connection.

Film by Arise Video Studio (
#heartintelligence #divinefeminine #emotionaliq #creativethinking #expression #connection #rightbrain #love


Voices of the Grandmothers - Part 1 of 4: Sage Wisdom

In this time of global shifts, we must look to our elders for their high level understanding. The grandmothers are speaking. Are we listening? Here are the perspectives of esteemed indigenous elders, offering guidance that is vital at this time of global shifts. With their insights, we will learn to connect with the Guide Inside ourselves, helping us to navigate new territory and hear our higher callings in life.

Film by Arise Video Studio (
#sagewisdom #sageadvice #awakening #indigenous #elders #guidance #connection


Heart Songs by Cosmic Butterflies [And A Bear] Live Concert

Cabe Lindsay is a CBB bandmate, carrying songs on behalf of the band for listeners seeking creative expression and community connection. This special set of songs is made possible by a live music looping station, delivering an energetic vibration much like the music of the full band, while practicing social distancing. It's an inspired musical journey, made with love. Wishing everyone peace and joy on this 4th of July holiday, woohoo!


Cosmic Butterflies [And A Bear] - "Home" (Official Music Video)

Today is the launch of our highly imaginative music video called "Home," by Cosmic Butterflies. Jump in and enjoy!

Into the sea I will go Into the sea I will go Into the sea I'm diving Into the sky I will go Into the sky I will go Into the sky I'm flying Into the stars I ...


Do you ever wonder about life after death? To me, it's like looking at a crow's black feather, and seeing all the colors in it. This is the gift of "shadow work"—facing fears and seeing that there is Spirit (vital life force) in everything, including death. Without knowing what's next, all I have is my imagination and my hope. My personal view will enter the stars this Friday, June 26th.


Our "Home" music video begins with a surreal scene, featuring a guitarist and his guide (guardian angel?) entering the sea. We couldn't fake it with a green screen. We made it happen in reality. Wedding dress, waves, white suit, waves, guitar, waves... it's something like a dream. This dream enters the screen this Friday, June 26th.


Artistically visualizing a song called “Home,” the first imagery I sketched is a scene with two people flying side-by-side. In my mind they are effortlessly leaning forward toward the future together. "Into the sky I will go. Into the sky I'm flying." This dreamy music video will fly this Friday, June 26th.


Voices of the Grandmothers: Film Preview

Imagine growing up with the dream seeds of a wise grandmother, wise elder wisdom distilled within stories, in myths, in songs. And that these stories could serve as a map for you and the future generations to find their way in the world, bring out your gifts, and connect with Nature. The Grandmothers are speaking. Are we listening?

"Voices of the Grandmothers" is a documentary film featuring the voices of world-renowned indigenous elders, along with a selection of supportive orators. Th...


We have a new music video on the horizon, for @cosmicbutterfliesandabear. This one brought @innerhum’s wedding dress and @cabelindsay’s guitar into the sea.
#intothesea #goinghome #lifeafterlife #rebirth @ Mustang Island State Park - Texas Parks and Wildlife


"Eggplants Gone Wild" - Veggie Bros - Episode 1

Veggie Bros is an animated adventure story starring two talkative eggplants. This is a fun side-project, resulting from the economic shifts that (temporarily) flatlined our work as a video studio. Hopefully we can still enjoy some laughter together!


Melissa Gail Klein

Delighted to share a new musical treasure by Melissa Gail Klein.

The first single and title track off the upcoming album by Melissa Gail Klein.

An anthem for the redemption that comes from within.

Produced by Recording Apparatus
Video byARISE Video Studio
Music by Jon Clayton, Jesse Dalton, Much2Much, Molly Claire Cook, and Grant Johnson 04/01/2020

Connecting Through Solitude | ARISE Video Studio

Because clear communication is key, we're now offering FREE consultations to support people with video projects that can be recorded from home, through mobile devices, laptops, and ordinary camera gear. Video communication is vital right now, and we will do all we can to support people in this task. ARISE is a local leader in documentary promo videos. Our Austin video services deliver brilliant videography, video editing, and video marketing services.


Ayn Rand - Her Philosophy in Two Minutes

A superb example of a documentary-style promo video, expressing the Ayn Rand (author of "The Fountainhead") philosophy for living fruitfully on earth through reason, purpose, and self-esteem.

Learn more about Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism—a philosophy for living on earth. SUBSCRIBE TO ARI’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL


A shortlist of top Austin video studios for various video types: music videos, documentaries, commercials…

#Austin #Austinvideography #Austinvideos #bestvideostudios #Texas #madeintexas #madeinaustin 01/22/2020

“Created Here” Premiering at Sundance – ARISE Video Studio

Our studio’s first appearance at the Sundance Film Festival happens this Saturday, January 25th, 2020. It’s a TV series world premiere called "Created Here," spotlighting the arts and the artists thriving in America’s creative centers.


2020 Video Showcase - ARISE Video Studio

The year ahead looks clear and bright!

ARISE is a video studio in Austin, Texas. As Austin videographers and video editors, we help local businesses to reach the world. (https://arisevideostudio.c... 01/01/2020

2020 New Year Special

In case you're interested in sharing your story on video, celebrating the new year, we're offering our professional video services at the same nice price as always, with an additional 10% discount through January. Cheers! Start the new year an impressive video that generates new leads, attracts new customers, and brings new sales. Enjoy a 10% discount through January!


This is one of my favorite annual projects: spotlighting nine of Austin's finest nonprofits, startups, and small businesses for SCORE Austin.

Thanks to Cabe Lindsay of Arise Studios Recording Studio - Audio/Video Production for the wonderful videos of our 9 Finalists! You make the Awards Luncheon special!


Our video studio’s biggest animation project is underway now. It’s a music video, hand-painted with vivid watercolors, visualizing a song called “Brave Spirit,” by @cosmicbutterfliesandabear.


"Imagine" invites us into the awe. The ease. A world at peace. This imagined world is one where people are free to believe, behave, and be just as they are. Without borders; with inclusion. Without religious separation; with acceptance. Without lack, with enough. Aho.
Yoko Ono co-wrote the song with John Lennon. Rolling Stone described its lyrics as "22 lines of graceful, plain-spoken faith in the power of a world, united in purpose, to repair and change itself."
This video segment appeared in an 81-minute film, accompanying the Imagine album. As the music video story goes, Lennon sits, playing piano in a room dimly lit. Ono opens the curtains, allowing the sunshine to brighten the space. In the end, Ono sits beside Lennon. They share a soft gaze, then a kiss.

#inspiration #medicinesongs #medicinemusic #soundhealing #vibrationalhealing #soundjourney


An evolved design for an evolved business. We're happy to announce our video studio is up-leveling. While we continue to provide excellent videography and video editing services, we will also provide specialized campaign management through Google, YouTube, and Facebook ads, in order to generate real value for the videos we create.


ARISE Video Studio

[10/10/19]   Being the documentary filmmakers we are, we study and celebrate the great moments in filmmaking. One of the greatest is this scene here, from the Woodstock [1969] film, featuring Santana and bandmates in all their glory. #rockstars


Working with Xavior Patterson is like working with Einstein, or Gandhi. Remarkably smart and strikingly evolved in his way of seeing the world. Craving the day when we cross paths again.
#austinvideos #lightuptheworld

Brilliant Videos Light Up The World.

ARISE is a video studio in Austin, Texas. We create brilliant documentary-style promo videos for individuals and organizations on the rise. Our marketing videos include documentary films, family keepsakes, educational videos, and creative commercials.

When you work with us, you'll get more than the standard videography and video editing services; you'll get support from start to finish, with strategic planning and advanced marketing support to ensure your videos work for you.

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Simple Pretty Melody - Live Music Mashup
What Lights You Up?
"One Eternal Token for Global Harmony" - My NFT Origin Story
2021 Sizzle Reel - Give Your Videos The Wings To Fly.
Voices of the Grandmothers - Part 4 of 4: Healing Journey
Voices of the Grandmothers - Part 3 of 4: Sacred Ceremony
Voices of the Grandmothers - Part 2 of 4: Heart Intelligence
Voices of the Grandmothers - Part 1 of 4: Sage Wisdom
Heart Songs by Cosmic Butterflies [And A Bear] Live Concert
Do you ever wonder about life after death? To me, it's like looking at a crow's black feather, and seeing all the colors...
Our "Home" music video begins with a surreal scene, featuring a guitarist and his guide (guardian angel?) entering the s...



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